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Aug 24, 2007
Real Name
Michael S. Wallack
About My Library

(Yes, I've been absent for quite a while... I hope to begin the process of updating my library in the days to come.)

I'm a book collector focusing primarily on thrillers (leaning toward espionage) and some fantasy/sci-fi series. I am a huge James Bond fan (focusing more on the books than the movies) and I think that Quiller is the best espionage series that nobody has ever read. While I enjoy hardbacks, I tend to limit my physical collection to paperbacks. These days, I mostly read books on various eBook devices (I'm a sucker for eBook hardware). Presently, I've been using my Kobo Sage (having recently switched from a Kindle Oasis). In the past, I've read on other types of Kindles, iPads, a few different models of Sony Reader, Palm eReader on a Sony Clie, and even an old RCA REB 1100 (eventually upgraded to a GEB 1150). And just for yucks, I bought an RCA REB 1200 on eBay (cool device, but boy is it heavy...). Somewhere I've even got a Franklin eBookMan. My wife uses an iPad mini and a Kindle Paperwhite (which replaced her Kindle 3 which replaced her Kindle 1) and my son & daughter each use a Kindle Paperwhite.

The date started and date finished fields in my library are approximations included primarily for the purpose of helping keep track of the order in which I've read books (though I'm trying to do a better job of keeping track of that information these days).

About Me

A few years ago I started the 52-in-52 challenge. COVID made my first year pretty easy (lots of time at home to read). I was also able to achieve the goal in 2021 and 2022, but so far 2023 is starting out slowly...

For many years (in the dark ages), I kept my own mini-review site ( before I found LibraryThing. Please visit my blog ( and the Big Country Book of Lyrics (

Carmel, Indiana, USA
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Bookstores: Barnes & Noble Booksellers - Carmel, Barnes & Noble Booksellers - Clearwater Crossing

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