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I lost my original library to disaster and I've been slowly rebuilding it in ebook format because I went from PTSD to CPTSD and I need my books to be permanent. But my favourite books get purchased as both ebook and physical so I can do the "my precious" thing to them.
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My name is Maggie (劉įžŽå„’) and I am a veteran book reviewer and lifelong book lover who's recently started a book blog (December 2017) to make a go of it. I publish reviews as often as I can due to health issues. I publish my reviews on BookBub, Goodreads, LibraryThing, and on my blog, Once Upon a Time, I Read a Book. I also publish my reviews on as many bookselling sites as their character/word limits permit. Amazon and I have a love-hate relationship, so as long as we're not fighting, I'll post reviews on their site. I also try to post on non-US sites, if an author or publisher has a sales site in mind, they can definitely include a request and I can see what I can do about it.
Each review includes as many links to bookselling sites as I can track down (I have a two-page list of sites to check!) and I also include library links (because not everyone has the ability to buy all the books they want to read and libraries are amazing facilitators). I like my readers to have options.
I also maintain a back-up blog on a different platform and update it shortly after I post on my blog. Extra exposure.
In each review, I will include the author's bio, public social media links, their website, and their goodreads page.
Each review will be 100% honest and uninfluenced by others.
I currently read books in physical format and in ebook (epub or mobi) format. PDFs make me much with the confused.
If a publisher, author, or another member of the literary realm needs to contact me, I'm always available at My review FAQs are available on my website! Thanks.
All the links to my accounts can be found on my LinkTree page -
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