Sep 27, 2011
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MaryAnn Oprea
About My Library
My library is a minagerie of everything. Primarily Young Adult novels, but all genres.
About Me
I've always been an avid reader. Even in my younger school days, I would sneak any opportunity to read a chapter under my desk, even though I got caught every time, and spent the remainder of the class with my head on my desk. Even now, replace the school desk with a work desk, and I still do what I (minus the head on the desk for getting in trouble and more like taking a cat nap from staying up late the night before reading).
I'm known by my friends as the "walking bookstore". I'm used to being asked if I've read a certain book and if I would recommend it to them. They also ask for books I would recommend to them.
I've never introduced them to a book they've hated, but I have introduced them to worlds in books they adore...which was my reason for starting this blog. I wanted to share my love/hate relationship with books with whoever is interested, outside my circle.
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
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