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Sep 30, 2013
Real Name
Susan May
About My Library
I read a lot and I have an eclectic taste. I judge a book on whether it delivers in its genre and I can ignore little errors if the story is great.
About Me
I was four when I decided to be a writer. For forty-six years, though I suffered from life-gets-in-the-way-osis. Cured in 2010, I now write in the speculative thriller genre (horror, science fiction, thriller, psychopaths, mystery, in the style of Stephen King). Since then I've published several novels including conceiving and co-project managing the Amazon #1 best-selling anthology "From The Indie Side".

I'm passionate about the art of writing the short story, and have written dozens of stories and novellas-many published award winners in Australia, USA and UK. I also pen book and film reviews and author interviews for US Suspense Magazine, as well as other popular Australian and International sites.

Most days I'm your average mother and wife living in Perth, Western Australia. The dark thriller storylines I blame on my imagination constantly venturing, unbidden, into the crevices of strange worlds whether I want to go there or not.
I hope you enjoy my stories, if you do please spread the word.
Perth, Western Australia
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