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I'm mainly a Sci-Fi/Fantasy junkie, but will read just about anything that's given to me. I'm still working on cataloging my books, but need to get my cue cat back from a friend so I can finish scanning them all in. Lately I've been hitting the Teen section at B&N, both because many of my favorite authors are crossing over into that section, and because I'm a teacher.
About Me
When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat which doesn't go, and doesn't suit me.

Then again, why wait until I am old? I shall wear purple now, and enjoy it, dammit! Of course, I will probably pass on the red hat as red isn't my favorite color. I'll stick to my floopy purple patchwork hat. ;) At least that will match my hair.

Me? I'm that oddball purple-haired computer teacher you wish you had when you were in school. ;) I can be either incredibly shy, or the Queen of TMI, depending on my mood and how much caffeine I have consumed. I'm a voracious reader, a tech-toy loving geek, and an animal lover. I share my home with assorted cats, ferrets, reptiles, fish, a wimpy greyhound, and assorted other critters. When I'm feeling anti-social, I can usually be found out in my kayak exploring the local ponds, lakes, and rivers.
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