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Nov 11, 2009
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Zeera (Zee) P. Charnoe (just call me Zee)
About My Library
My library is shared with my wife, S. Jennifer Gray Charnoe.
Jennifer's username at librarything: ecohealth2003.
Most of the books, in our library, are mine,
from many years of academic work, completed
at the Universities of Waterloo and Guelph, in the '80's,
and from research and consulting work completed,
in Canada, since 1980.

Professor Kiyoshi (Kiyo) Izumi was my academic supervisor.
He also became a director of our research foundation in the '80's.
He gifted me his library, when he retired from his position, as professor,
from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning,
University of Waterloo, Canada.
This sub-library of our library, is still to be catalogued
and uploaded to librarything.
It includes his work in sociology (he was a professor in Saskatchewan, Canada), architecture, particularly in the areas of hospitals for patients with mental illness, or therapeutic facilities for people with environmental illness. As well, he was involved in therapeutic research into the use of LSD, conducted by Dr. Abram Hoffer and Dr. Humphrey Osmond.
Many of the papers we have were shared amongst researchers, developers, etc. Though we don't know the current status (yet), many of these papers at the time, were not published.

With my prior wife, I have developed numerous libraries, in the past,
in multiple countries, but when we have moved,
the books did not usually come with us.
I have started over and over again, many times.

I have read most of the materials in our current library.
Some books I have read two or more times.

At present, on site, we have:
- 4,000 books, journals, which we hope to eventually catalogue here;
- 800+ video cassettes: nature and the environment, news, academia,
health, medicine, conferences;
- hundreds of CD's, DVD's (of similar genre)
(with over 1,000 hours of listening time, from my lectures alone);
- tens of thousands of pages of my own writings
which cover a wide range of subjects and are cross-disciplinary
books, writings, transcriptions, scripts,
that I have presented, in a number of countries, since the 1960's.

The materials I have personally presented are available, for FREE,
at my website listed below.

If you are interested in more details about my materials,
and their availability, or anything else we are involved in,
please contact Jennifer: (Jennifer) (either of us, both of us) (related to group:
Harbinger '67 - '69 Revisited) (last resort back-up)

Four books that I have written, and self-published, via ECOhealth, are:
1. Anaclysm (2004)
2. What Life Is and What Life Is For (2005)
3. The Soul of a Poet-Philosopher (2006)
4. Language, Literacy and Intelligence: Made For Each Other ! ? (2006)

It is my hope to also catalogue, here, all of the books
that I have read in the past, that we don't have in our current library.

Since July, 2009, my wife, Jennifer,
has begun hosting a two-hour radio program,
called ANACLYSM, at
ANACLYSM is webcast every Sunday afternoon,
beginning at 1:00 p.m. EST.
Lectures and meditation / deep relaxation recordings are played.
Each program is archived at blogtalkradio and at iTunes.

Please Note: To see the contents of my library,
see Jennifer's catalogue of "Your books" at her homepage: ecohealth2003.

About Me
Here are my links:

1. My wife's username is ecohealth2003.
Her site contains all of the books in our library.

2. Our website:
ECOphysics - ANACLYSM - ECOhealth (Zee Charnoe)

If that doesn't work, try this link:

3. Our radio program, ANACLYSM Radio Program,
also contains all of our links:

4. Our newsletter: "the GREATER BODY", free sign-up:

5. Our newsletter ARCHIVE:

6. Our groups:
Zee Charnoe - Thesis, 1986

7. Our groups at facebook, primarily as PHOTO REPOSITORIES:

I am pseudo-retired:
my mind is very keen, my body is rather tired.
At present I read, research, and write.
I enjoy exchange with people, who share similar interests and concerns, preferably by e-mail.

Throughout my life, I have had many roles and many varied situations
for extensive learning and creativity in my life:
as a child, as a student, as a teacher, and as a parent,
as a physicist, a poet, an author of writings and books, a lecturer,
an architect, a minister in the Church of Christ (not since the '50's);
as a professor (Optics and Acoustics, in Denmark),
as a researcher, inventor, head of scientific labs, CEO of many companies,
and as an avid cross-disciplinary reader and writer.
(further details are included at my website:
ECOphysics - ANACLYSM - ECOhealth (Zee Charnoe))

There are two ways of knowing: that of the scientist, and that of the artist.
In a way, scientists and artists make their explorations and create,
using similar methods.
We need to be both the scientist and the artist.
Jacob Bronowski, Ph.D. demonstrated this in his book and video series:
The Ascent of Man.
I attempt to shatter superstitions, shatter the "ologies" and the "isms".
I attempt a synthesis beyond what is regarded as scientific
and what is regarded as spiritual.
While some say that God is the frontier of science,
For a physicist, I make a pretty good poet.
For a poet, I make a pretty good scientist.

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