Real Name
Alisa M. Libby
About My Library
My library is heavy on young adult, children's fiction and poetry. I love historical and fantasy/magical real fiction. I'll admit that I haven't read all the books in my possession, as I also love our local branch library and visit it frequently. But that doesn't stop me from buying more books.
About Me
I am the author of The King's Rose and The Blood Confession, both published by Dutton Children's Books. I am on a constant search for the muse/daemon/inspiration in books, movies, music, art, whatever I come across. I am chronically behind on my reading and experience late-night paranoia about all the books I want to read. I have frequent detailed dreams about walking into a library full of the books - the perfect, eclectic collection of books - that I need to read in order to make whatever project I'm working on great. Because that's how I learn about writing. I also enjoy sewing, knitting (I made myself an oddly-shaped hat), going to concerts (David Bowie was awesome), going to art museums, and staring at a computer screen until small drops of blood form on my forehead.

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