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Bridget Crowley
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My library is more virtual than physical. I pared down my physical collection a few years ago and I've tried to keep it low. However, I've been trying to read more now that I'm retired. I actually finished more than 100 books about 2 years ago. This year, I might break 100, or not. Either way I love to read.
About Me
I'm a retired federal employee and former teacher. I love reading and books. I love the feel of books, but I also love the convenience of digital books. I am spending my retirement reading, traveling, visiting friends and the beach. This year, 2020, has changed my life in drastic ways. Fortunately for me I have lots of interests to keep me happy solo in my home. I can't socialize like I'd like to, but my books are always faithful companions.
Laurel Maryland
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