color photographs (49), b&w line drawings (32), color photographs; b&w photographs (13), recipes (12), b&w illustrations (10), b&w photographs (9), color photographs; b&w line drawings (9), color photographs; recipes (9), b&w photographs; b&w line drawings (8), color photographs; menus (7), color photographs; (6), menus (6), menus; color photographs (6), color photographs; color illustrations (6), bibliography (5), line drawings (5), color photographs; b&w line drawings; (4), color photographs; shopping guide (4), color illustrations (4), shopping guide (3), b & w line drawings (3), charts; b&w line drawings (3), b&w line drawings; (3), b&w photographs; (3), breads (3), b&w maps (3), appendices (3), charts (3), color photographs; color illustrations; glossary (3), glossary (3), color photographs; recipe names given in English (3), color photographs; charts; defrosting guide. (2), b&w drawings (2), b & w photographs (2), b&w line drawings; recipes (2), distilled liquors (2), b&w line drawings; mail order shopping guide (2), b&w photographs; b&w illustrations (2), doughs (2), b&w line drawings; appendices (2), b&w illustrations; (2), b&w illustrations; shopping guide (2), color photographs; b&w photographs; (2), glossary; b&w line drawings (2), b&w line drawings; charts (2), bibliography; b&w line drawings (2), COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS (2), menus; b&w line drawings (2), color photographs; appendices; conversion charts (2), recipes; b&w line drawings (2), illustrations (2), drink recipes (2), wine (2), coffee (2), culinary techniques (2), ginger (2), cookery (seafood) (2), pork (2), utensils (2), recipes; b&w photographs (2), food additives (2), dictionary (2), beer (2), nutrition (2), tea (2), uncorrected proofs (2), food chemistry (2), illustrations; wine pairing guide; front door menu (customers) (1), 37th issue; focus on cornmeal (1), menu translator for German (1), color photographs; embossed on the front end paper: From the Library of Kenneth Smith (1), color photographs; what to look for in chocolate; cooking tips; lists of equipment and ingredients; shopping guide (1), appetizers; color photographs; recipes (1), b&w photographs; sidebars; list of New York cooking schools; bibliography; mail order shopping guide (1), 38th issue; focus on cooking with tea (1), b&w line drawings; b&w illustrations; recipes; b&w photographs (1), and low-fat cooking; recipes; color photographs (1), the onion family (1), back door menu (help) (1), menus; sidebars; b&w maps; notes on ingredients; shopping guide (1), 32nd issue; chef Paul mentioned on page 42; color photographs; recipes; focus on modern Englsh cookery (1), vintage chocolate in Hawai'i (1), sun-dried ingredients (1), color photographs; recipes; suggestions for further reading; focus on exotic meats (1), appendix A is extensive list of Chinese ingredients with names in both English and Chinese characters; b&w line drawings; section on using chopsticks; section on utensils and cutting. (1), 31st issue; focus on Hungary and Hungarian food and wine; color photographs; recipes (1), recipes from Cooke City-Silver Gate-Cooke Pass area in Montana (1), Italian and Oriental menus; guide to regional Chinese cooking; restaurants listed by city; restaurants listed by cuisine (1), color photographs; color illustrations; b&w line drawings; seasonal Japanese fish chart; ingredient shopping guide in many states; calories and weights of Japanese foods (1), recipes; line drawings; quotations from Bartlett's Familiar Quotations (1), color photographs; b&w maps; bibliography; sources of cultural information for the Savoie (1), Perla Meyers (1), and The Home Book of Quotations (1), color photographs; b&w photographs; recipes; (1), menus; recipes; b&w line drawings; (1), color photographs; recipes; recipe names given in English and French; glossary (1), color photographs; recipes; historical notes; b&w illustrations (1), b&w illustrations; recipes (1), line drawings; shopping guide (1), Shiraz and Suzy Locke; color photographs; recipes; suggestions for further reading (1), color photographs; calorie counting (1), recipes; b&w photographs; b&w line drawings; notes about seasonal produce in Maine (1), line drawings; contributions by: Simone Beck (1), John Clancy; Julie Dannenbaum (1), Loni Kuhn (1), b & w photographs; history of Oakland Plantation in Natchitoches Parish; genealogy of Prudhomme family; bibliography (1), extensive notes on ingredients; color illustrations (1), glossary; shopping guide; b & w photographs; b&w illustrations (1), recipes; menus; line drawings; glossary (1), recipes; color photographs; chef's tips (1), glossary; shopping guide; b & w photographs; b&w illustrations; photographs (1), recipes; color photographs (1), color photographs; watercolors; (1), b&w line drawings; b&w illustrations and images (1), color illustrations; color photographs; bibliography; color map; (1), color photographs; recipes; glossary (1), color photographs; glossary of ingredients and techniques; bibliography; conversions and pan sizes (1), b&w line drawings; bibliography; shopping guide; list of equipment for perfect baking (1), recipes; color photographs; sepia photographs (1), The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations (1), 40th issue; focus on Venezuelan chocolate (1), Thailand (1), 43rd issue'; focuson risotto (1), with English secondary; background information given on neighborhoods; (1), sepia line drawings; mail order shopping guide; extensive background notes at the beginning of each chapter or section (1), color photographs; shopping guide for ingredients; seasonal market lists (1), b&w line drawings; history of the pig in North America; glossary; list of ham festivals; shopping guide (1), b&w line drawings; notes on using the books; list of favorite shops (1), color photographs; information on how to store spices (1), how they're grown (1), culinary and medicinal uses of spices (1), b&w line drawings; sidebars; fish nutrition chart; line drawings of fishes used in recipes; wine recommendations with seafood; fin and shellfish profiles (1), b&w illustrations; recipes names in French (1), under English name; extensive notes on herbs at beginning of book (1), color photographs; shopping guide for ingredients; personal notes on most recipes from both authors (1), color photographs; color map; glossary; recipe names given in French (1), color photographs; glossary; extensive sidebars (1), color photographs; glossary of tropical ingredients (1), menus; b&w line drawings; sidebars (1), color photographs; recipes; list of literature cited; chapter on chiles in New Iberia area (1), recipes; (1), color photographs; bibliography; shopping guide; extensive notes on the Labauve Family from the New Iberia area; each chapter begins with a story of the Labauve family members (1), color photographs; glossary; menus; cooking tips and equipment; shopping guide (1), history of Bellevue Farmers market; bibliography; color photographs; table of equivalents; tips on how to choose and store fresh fruits and veggies (1), b&w photographs; family trees of Cushing and McWilliams families. (1), color photographs; b&w line drawings; US (1), Canadian and English shopping guide; vocabulary and pronunciation guide; (1), glossary; shopping guide; online resources; b&w photographs; b&w line drawings (1), vocabulary; b&w photographs; recipe contributors; (1), color photographs; glossary; guide to fresh and dried chiles (1), b&w photograph; sidebars (1), color photographs; illustrated maps; extensive historical background material on NE and Atlantic Canada (1), and the five flavors; suggestions for further reading; recipes; color photographs (1), recipes; selected readings; (1), 44th issue; recipes; color photographs; bibliography; focus on Pot-au-Feu (1), 45th issue; color photographs; recipes; bibliography; focus on meringue (1), 83rd issue; color photographs; recipes; bibliography; focus on tarte tatin (1), chefs who cook (1), South African wines (1), Gallicano (1), Kilimajaro (1), Vietnam; glossary (1), menus from central London restaurants; recipes (1), sidebars with historical notes (1), color photographs; shopping guide for ingredients; IACP Book of the Year - Julia Child Cookbook Awards (1), recipes; b&w photographs; color photographs (1), bibliography and further reading; recipes; line drawn maps (1), beautiful USDA Pomological Watercolor Collection illustrations; b&w photographs; bibliography; buying guide for Old Southern Apple trees; Index of Apple Names and Synonyms (1), colored photographs; recipes; metric equivalencies (1), color photographs; sidebars; individual quotes at the beginning of each chapter; appendix charting game meat flavors; (1), sepia illustrations; individual quotations at the beginning of each chapter (1), b&w illustrations; extensive list and description of equipment; glossary; metric equivalents; menus (1), color photographs; reipes (1), color photographs; b&w photographs; shopping guide; (1), color photographs; notes on native Australian flavours; brief biographies of chefs and food writers; (1), b&w illustrations; cooking charts; Latin names of specific beans; shopping guide for ingredients (1), color photographs; b&w line drawings; color maps; white wine and food chart; red wines and food chart; menus; glossary (1), land-mark cookbook of West Coast - southern California up through Washington state - cuisine. Great notes on indigenous ingredients and wine pairings. (1), background and explanatory notes at the beginning of each chapter; b&w line drawings (1), b&w line drawings; b&w maps; b&w photographs; recipe references; (1), color photographs; sidebars with information about each farm; serving suggestions; no recipes; bibliography; list of online resources (1), color photographs; extensive notes on pantry items; list of equipment; shopping guide (1), color photographs; b&w photographs; color illustrations; recipes; bibliography of books and articles; online resources (1), Chicken with hot chili sauce) (1), uncorrected bound galleys; b&w line drawings (1), Pierre Franey (1), online shopping guide (1), Creole cooking (1), dieting tips (1), Irish Coffee (1), b&w photograph (1), ice wine (1), and procedures (1), b&w line drawings; recipes; galley copy (1), glossary of ingredients; glossary of cooking terms; charts; Chicago area shopping sources uncorrected galley proofs (1), bibliography; b&w line drawings; charts; b&w photographs; tables; appendix (1), covers and edges of pages badly stained and damaged. (1), Helen McCully (1), color photographs; b&w photographs; tables; glossary (1), color illustrations; b&w illustrations; color photographs (1), food exchange lists; bibliography; nutritional information from product labels (1), b&w line drawings; shopping guide; suggested reading; (1), color photographs; b&w line drawings; menus; appendices (1), menus; line drawings; (1), color photographs; chef biographies; (1), color photographs; b&w photographs; spice chart (1), b&w line drawings; b&w portrait of the author (1), color photographs; menus; bibliography (1), uncorrected proof; menus; mail order sources (1), color photographs; sidebars with chefs (1), Andre Soltner (1), Maurice Moore-Betty (1), b&w line drawings; maps (1), cutlery (1), tools (1), honey (1), rice (1), sandwiches (1), vanilla (1), Sydney (1), Jutland (1), terms (1), Jacques Pepin (1), Barbara Kafka (1), sausage (1), Craig Claiborne (1), sewing tips (1), Leon Lianides (1), melons (1), Marcella Hazan (1), Sangiovese (1), rum (1), Mexico (1), advance uncorrected proofs (1), sidebars (1), Bali (1), Madhur Jaffrey (1), Prarie (1), Baltistan (1), French (1), color photographs; glossary; shopping resources; recommended pairings with food and beverages (1), b&w line drawings; menus; recipes (1), recipe names given in English and language of origin (e.g. Chicken Arrabiato (1), color photographs; glossary of Creole and Acadian food terms; wine pairings; ingredient shopping guide (1), b&w photographs; descriptions of bistros (1), brasseries and wine bars (1), b&w line drawings; color illustrations (1), b&w line drawings; color illustrations; sidebars (1), glossary; sidebars; illustrations; notes on equipment and technique (1), b&w line drawings; sidebars; 3 appendices (1), b&w photographs; bibliography (1), charts; recipes; b&w photographs; glossary; bibliography; shopping guide (1), notes on ingredients and equipment; color photographs; sidebars; shopping guide; websites (1), b&w line drawings; charts; mail order sources; recipe names given in English and French (1), color photographs; notes on becoming a better cook; shopping sources for food and equipment (1), color photographs; b&w line drawings; conversion and equivalency tables; high altitude adjustments for cake baking; extensive definitions of ingredients; (1), recipes; b&w photographs; color photographs; b&w line drawings; glossary; bibliography (1), color photographs; chart (1), charts; recipes; b&w illustrations; (1), color photographs; b&w photographs; b&w line drawings; sources of unusual ingredients; notes on ingredients (1), charts; b&w line drawings; trouble shooting tips; cautionary notes; shopping sources for canning and preserving equipment (1), b&w line drawings; notes on ingredients (1), with shopping guides (1), b&w line drawings; charts; glossary; extensive chapter reviews (1), charts; color illustrations; recipe; glossary; bibliography; shopping guide (1), b&w line drawings; glossary; bibliography; form for tasting notes (1), b&w line drawings; recipes; menus (1), b&w line drawings; notes on high altitude baking; table of equivalents; table of substitutions (1), b&w ; illustrations; charts; menus; shopping guides; bibliography; common name and Latin name given for mushrooms; uses of edible wild plants (1), sepia photographs; sepia line drawings; map; glossary; recipe names given in Vietnamese language (1), b&w photographs; b&w maps; b&w illustrations; bibliography (1), charts; recipes; bibliography; festivals; seed sources (1), b&w line drawings; charts; synonyms; extensive bibliography (1), b&w line drawings; charts; extensive notes; list of helpful agencies and organizations (1), IACP Cookbook Award Winner; James Beard Foundation Book Award Winner; menus; b&w line drawings; sidebars; pantry essentials; equipment essentials; shopping sources; inspirational reading (1), b&w photographs; maps; glossary; sidebars; bibliography; wine terms from various countries (1), color photographs; glossary; wine pairings with desserts; equipment recommendations (1), b&w line drawings; extensive notes on the culture of Moroccan food (1), cooking and eating. (1), b&w drawings; menus; glossary; section on rum drinks (1), b&w photographs; bibliography;maps; charts (1), color photographs; recipes; color reproductions of paintings by Valentino Cortazar (1), glossary; shopping sources; tips and techniques; b&w drawings; sidebars (1), color photographs; b&w line drawings; equipment recommendations; ingredient explanations (1), original languages notes (1), charts; recipes; exercises; b&w photographs; bibliography (1), color photographs; color illustrations; table of cheese (1), b&w drawings; recipes; shopping guide (1), b&w line drawings; recipes; recipe names given in Chinese characters; extensive glossary (1), color photographs; color illustrations; shopping guide; bibliography (1), color photographs; recipes; shopping sources (1), b&w photographs; menus (1), menus; b&w photographs; essential ingredients (1), b&w photographs; sidebars;basic glossary of ingredients; shopping sources (1), charts; recipes; b&w line drawings; color photographs; glossary (1), color photographs; tools and equipment; glossary; bibliography; resources (1), color photographs; color charts; color maps (1), color photographs; shopping resources; equipment recommendations (1), color photographs; recipes; b&w photographs (1), bibliography; recipes (1)
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