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Danny Heijl
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This is the library of Danny Heijl and Monique Jacobs (mojacobs, deceased 29-01-2015). Monique started cataloguing our books under her mojacobs account on Shelfari and later switched her library to Librarything. I catalogued my Welsh books seperately as dheijl on Librarything. I have now merged our books under my dheijl account since these were "our" books and I have read a very large part of them anyway, and I intend to read a lot of the rest.
About Me
Aged computer programmer who fell in love with Wales and decided to learn Welsh (ar ei ben ei hun) around the year 2000. I now can read Welsh "fluently" and I occasionally will have a (hesitant) conversation in Welsh now.
De Pinte, Flanders, Belgium.
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