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Jan 21, 2023
About My Library

Read the two section preceeding my booklog on neocities.

tldr: in no order, I read: (extreme) horror, true crime, thrillers/suspenses, 'popsci', philosophy, commentary/essays. I judge material both sub- and objectively, with the former weighing more; I don't think unidimensionally, and don't think any piece of art, however simple, can be described well along only one---I think of a phrase space, so reducing my system to linear, 10-elment one is iffy: 2* ~ m, 3* ~ M, 4* ~ ✓, and 5* ~ ✔, .5* for inbetween ratings, and negative ratings: akpg♀ all subtract. I'm repeating my website myself. Anyway.

About Me

Regarding books, I enjoy novelty (new ideas, opinions/worldviews, ways of thinking, etc.), unpredictability (if I can precisely and accurately predict what words a writer will use for a certain character, their wording, or just the way he thinks, the what he will say, more often than not, then it's unlikely to be as enjoyable, though there's something to be said about rereading then...), skill (can't easily compare Lolita with an airport paperback). I read a lot, comparatively, though not as much as I'd like to due to unresolved issues.

I'd like to meet a person worth conversing with, I'd like to learn something new, or worthwhile. Peruse my site, if you'd like to learn more.

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