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Huibert-Jan Lekkerkerk
About My Library
Large collection of Nautical books / Marine Geodesy / Hydrography. Not included in this library are my e-books / e-reports.

Also large collection of F&SF and comics together with my wife.
About Me
I've been a compulsive reader since I was able to read and have not stopped ever since. After having read about anything in my home libraries that I found interesting (and I have a wide interest...) I switched to buying and from there to collecting.

I have a degree in hydrography, electronics and geographical information management. My collection also consists largely of those category of books as I've made my hobby out of my work (or vice versa, i really cannot see the difference anymore).

As I am an author of books and articles on the subjects I collect about, a large part of my library doubles as reference library. I also use these books for my teaching and consulting practices.

Lelystad, The Netherlands
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