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I own too many books of different genres, but mainly lit fiction, rom-coms, and fantasy in English and Portuguese.

About Me

Currently working as a content writer (who also writes a lot about children's and middle-grade books), I spend at least 50% of my spare time reading a diverse set of genres, primarily graphic novels and YA/NA fiction (mainly rom-com, and fantasy).

For example, three of the books I've read this year that I've loved the most are The Ex Talk, by Rachel Lynn Solomon; Game of Strength and Storm, by Rachel Menard; and Hollow Fires, by Samira Ahmed. I'm also currently obsessed with anything written by Holly Black and Ava Reid.

I'm multilingual (I read mostly in English and Portuguese, but also can read in Spanish fairly easily) and read both in physical and digital formats, but rarely consume audiobooks. As a consumer reviewer, I publicly share my opinions and ratings on Goodreads, BookBub and StoryGraph.

My bookstagram journey began in January 2022 and most of my audience is from the USA and Western Europe. I'm also part of international book clubs on Discord, where I share my readings and do recommendations.

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