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Lisa Hager
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I love lending my books but I stress the word 'lend' and always expect them back. I really wish I could spend an entire month just reading what I want. I have to do a lot of reading with work but still manage to make time to read what I want to read every day. I have books on a lot of topics and would probably have 3 times as many but have donated some over the years. I haven't catalogued them all yet.
About Me
I am a college professor and teach psychology at a Jesuit college in the south. I have a major book thing. Well actually not just books but magazines too. I try to be environmentally conscious and sometimes feel guilty about all of the books and magazines I have. But reading electronic copies doesn't let me make notes, highlight, or ready anywhere so I try to make up for going paperless in other ways. I live in Mobile, AL with my husband of 22 (almost 23) years and my cat Roxy. Roxy loves to chew the corner of my books which doesn't make me very happy but I still love her.
mobile, alabama
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