Feb 14, 2010
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From the day I can remember myself, the biggest and heaviest cabinet in my room has always been the one with books. The shelves were packed with so many books, that the board underneath kept bending and needed extra support. My modern study is equipped with industrial grade extra strong office shelving units. The board does not bend anymore, but shelves are still packed with several rows of books and there is never enough space!
About Me
I believe in art and ideas.

One of my most loved authors is Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. I admire not only his literary works, but also his personal achievement as a great human being. Chekhov continued to work as physician and kept treating poor patients free of charge throughout his life, even at times when his own family experienced financial hardships. His style of writing is one of the most unique. He invented “stream of consciousness” technique and made such immense contribution during his fairly short life, that his works can described as truly immortal. His work is full of inspiration, wisdom and wit which shines so bright, that it can be seen quite possibly beyond the boundaries of our small planet.
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