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May 20, 2007
About My Library
These are my books, and books I want, and books I've checked out, and books I want to read, and books I've read (well, some of them, at least).

That means that not everything on this list is *owned* by me. To keep them straight, I use a set of special tags for books that I don't currently own, including library books:

* Library -- a library book I've borrowed, whether currently or previously
** MSO Library -- borrowed from MSO local library
** UM Library -- obviously, borrowed from UM's library
*** Law Library -- particular section of UM library
*** Boyce Library -- Phil Dept's library
*** CFE Library -- Center for Ethics user library
** CCO -- "Currently Checked Out" a book I currently have checked out from a library

* RO -- "Read Only" This is for books that I've read and enjoyed but do not own and were not checked out from a library. This tag is by definition incomplete, because I'm always reading more and will never remember all the books I've read in the past.

* borrowed -- books that were borrowed from someone (see comments for lender)
** NTR -- "NEED TO RETURN" Important! This is a book that was borrowed from someone and that I still have -- it needs to be returned eventually. Kind of like the "CCO" tag.

*ON LOAN -- A book that I've loaned out to someone. (Remember to get it back someday!) See comments for to whom and when...

*Own -- This is for books that I physically possess in some format (hardback/paperback/in a compilation, etc). Because duplicates are not always a good thing.


Also, I sort of have "to do" list tags for books that I want in some way. There's more than one list, and they're different in important ways-- see [brackets] for more info.


* Wishlist -- a book I want to own. This can be either a book that I have not yet read, or one I've read already. [Does not imply read status.]
* Readlist -- a book that I want to read. This can be either a book I own and haven't had a chance to read yet, or one that I don't own but want to borrow/acquire for at least long enough to read. [Does not imply owned status.]


Because LibraryThing is supposed to be a *library* -- a list of books that I am connected to -- I have made one rule, defined as follows:

"If a book is on this list, it must meet either condition A or contition B.

* A: The book is a book that I own (has the "own" tag).
* B: The book is tagged with one of the following tags:
** Library
** RO
** borrowed
** wishlist
** readlist

If the book does not meet A or B (that is, is not owned by me and does not have one of the specified tags), then it should not be listed."

However, I am bad about consistently doing this; also, a lot of books that should be listed just aren't. Oh least I'm working on it.


About Me
The makings of a bibliophile:

When I was four, my grandma would take me to the library almost every day, and she had one rule: I could only check out 10 books at a time, and one of them had to be non-fiction. We'd get home, and she'd sit with me on her lap and read them to me, plus a stack of my favorite books that I had at home. Over the course of my childhood, she spent countless hours reading to me, along with my grandfather and my mom.

I think they realized that there was something a bit different about me when they figured out that the best way to persuade me to do something was to promise to read more to me. For example, when I was in the "stubborn food" phase of childhood, they could get me to eat just about anything with the "bite per page deal" -- they'd read a page, I'd eat a bite. They'd read another, I'd eat another. I suppose one could literally say that books nourished me.


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