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Jun 7, 2020
About My Library

These books represent the library of our late brother as it remained after the loss of those books thrown out by his caregiver while he was hospitalized (a full case of favorites in his bedroom that she said were “contaminated”), the boxfuls (principally military related) taken by his closest friend (with permission of the family) shortly after his passing, and the abandonment of a few copies left too long in a broken down shed to be salvageable. Those cataloged here are what I was able to retrieve before an absolute falling out with the caregiver in which she stripped the house. Some were likely hers, though she gave no aid and showed no interest in what I was packing at the time, even when asked over multiple trips to collect them. I made this catalog as a memory record so that, when the books themselves are dispersed and gone, I can still look back at this piece of who he was. Though I wasn’t particular at first about specific editions or cataloging (letting amazon do the job where I didn’t want to think), in all cases the titles remain true. In them, I see still some part of who he was, of where his mind reached and the struggles he faced and those things that called to him or occupied his days. Though he was much more than the interests shown here, this record captures the likeness of his mind as well as any poor snapshot could of his physical being. This is his “legacy library”.