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May 31, 2006
About My Library
My library reflects the most important things about me: that I have taught American History for over 25 years; that I am a political conservative; that I am a follower of Jesus Christ.
The core of my library and what I think makes it unique is its emphasis on the American Founding (1763-1799) I have organized it around the following tags:

Roots of the American Founding: these works are the philosophical foundation of the Founding. Some ancient - what Jefferson called "the elementary books of right" that contain the intellectual well from which the Founding drew to define their rights and establish this country on a solid basis. It also contains more modern works about these ideas.

War of the American Founding: containing books abut the American War of Independence in which these ideas were refined, defended, and secured.

Men of the American Founding: contains biographies of the men who were leaders in the Founding divided into four classes - revolutionaries, warriors, nation-builders, and statesmen. Revolutionaries were those who had the vision to both understand the principles of liberty and sense the threat to them. Warriors obviously were the military men who won the battles that secured our independence. Nation-builders were mainly the men of the Constitutional Convention that met in the summer of 1787 to form a government that would best protect these principles. Statesmen put the new government into effect and were faithful in fleshing out those principles.

Collections: Refers to books that discuss the lives and contributions of many men in one volume.

Principles of the American Founding: Here are works primarily defining and discussing the principles of liberty and freedom (there is a difference) especially by modern authors.

Threats to the American Founding: This section includes books that examine ideas that have developed in opposition to the princiles of the Founding such as fascism in all its manifestations, Marxism, the Southern Confederacy and socialism. Some that I have included might be controversial but I have tried not to cast the net too widely.

I have recently have been studying historic disasters as well as attending Indiana Department of Homeland Security seminars in anticipating a change in professions from teaching high school U.S. History/Government to some function relating to emergency management.
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