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Sep 14, 2009
About My Library
My own library collection is really just a collection of hopes and loves and maybe still-to-come hobbies. I find myself drawn to some classics that I aim to read one day, but that inevitably end up collecting dust. But, I'm not distraught because I probably only paid 25 cents for it anyway. So it can wait for another 5 years more.
About Me
A nerdy librarian who just wants to get her hands on anything and everything. I'm dangerous around the non-fiction because there are entirely too many topics to choose from. The cookbooks are especially tempting, and often a weak spot for me. The children's books always draw me in with the incredible talent and art that goes into some... and the others appall me for having the audacity to sit next to the beautiful ones. I laugh to think that they even thought they had a chance I would read them. And then the fiction. I do judge books by covers. And cover art is getting so good these days that for the really good ones I'm left with no other choice but to read the brief synopsis. In short: when I'm in a library, I have major A.D.D.
Charlottesville, VA
Local Favorites

Bookstores: Barnes & Noble Booksellers - Charlottesville, Oakley's Gently Used Books, Read it Again Sam

Libraries: Fluvanna County Public Library, Jefferson Library, Jefferson-Madison Regional Library: Central Branch, Jefferson-Madison Regional Library: Northside Branch