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Current Entries

conceptDawg. mystery, historical mysteries, tech fiction, scifi — 6 comments
timspalding. This year, let's do short stories. Things I'd love: 1. A manageable book of great science fiction stories 2. A manageable book of great fantasy stories Don't get me a single author. I have, for instance, all of Philip K. Dick's stories and Chiang. The main criterion is… — 5 comments
timspalding for Liam. I'm looking for recent graphic novels, comics and so forth for my son Liam, a budding cartoonist. Liam strongly prefers amusing or fanciful things—sci-fi, fantasy, jokes, etc. So no memoirs of life as a teenager, war stories, etc. He isn't particularly interested in violence.… — 8 comments
ilchinealach. Big difficult complicated novels, philosophy, Marxism, world history, musician memoirs — 5 comments
wyvernfriend. Fantasy and SF, light not literary, cosy over military, Hugo nominees not Booker, knitter, calligrapher, student of ancient and medieval history. Love Mercedes Lackey, Andre Norton and Becky Chambers among others — 5 comments
folofjc. Fantasy. Like Brandon Sanderson, James Islington, Jim Butcher, Brent Weeks — 7 comments
Mittens1223. Enemies to lovers Strongly appreciate LGBTQ+ Representation Witchy vibes! Manga is welcome 🫶 — 7 comments
Colleen_L_McDonald for Munchkin. Munchkin is an 11 year old boy (6th grade) - loves all things dragons (we have all of the Wings of Fire series and own all of the How to Train Your Dragon movies/shows) and dinosaurs. Legos and Minecraft are pretty important around here, too. Good age appropriate graphic… — 5 comments
Colleen_L_McDonald. Still sticking with the lighter side of things. Food memoirs, travel memoirs, chick lit, nothing super heavy - I just don't have the bandwidth for it with my life right now. Strong female characters are appreciated and inspiring stories are good, too. Currently reading… — 4 comments
Mittens1223. Fantasy romance Big enemies to lovers fan Strongly appreciate LGBTQ+ representation Witchy vibes I like rocks! — 3 comments
liao. I'm horrible at this type of thing. As you can see from my library, I have wide-ranging tastes. Aside from my primary interest in non-fiction about East Asian art and history, I like books about the history of things, biographies of great cities and books about art crime… — 3 comments
Yervant. Love cookbooks, folktales, storytelling, narrative, spirituality, languages, historical fiction, mysteries. I love learning about different cultures and regions and the stories and foods that arise in various parts of the world. I'm deeply interested in spirituality and… — 2 comments
Kikimonkey. I love mostly fantasy. Some romance and sci-fi but I really love magic and magical creatures, especially dragons. Both YA and adult, and LGBT+ is always fun. For non-fiction I love science, trains, history and mythology. Not huge on war specific history, but if it explains… — 7 comments
Renald128. I love fantasy books, I enjoyed Harry Potter, The Night Circus, A Court of Thorns and Roses, Fourth Wing and Iron Flame, Strange The Dreamer. — 6 comments
indigosky. I like mostly fiction: mysteries, classics, thrillers, fairy tales, etc. I like old books, like Jane Austen, Bronte, Victorian era novels, but I also like modern books, too. — 6 comments
Eliz12. My favorite subject is history, especially anything WWI-1950. But I love good fiction, too! — 5 comments
atipsygiraffe. Love horror (particularly gothic and lovecraftian horror lately), historical fiction, mythology and folklore. I enjoy most genres, but usually not a huge fan of crime. — 8 comments
Jennsbookfix. I love Horror, Extreme Horror and the occasional Thriller — 3 comments
jennoharmo. True crime; murder mysteries, legal thrillers, suspense; any nonfiction related to anti-racism or prison reform. — 5 comments
Macbeth. I am a lover of Ancient and Medieval History both as novels and as histories themselves. This comes about from my long time hobby of wargaming so Military themes are best. But really Santa Thingers - I'm in your hands. — 12 comments
brandilgrosso for Daughter. Pretty copies (gilded pages, etc) I know she had enjoyed: Poe stories Little Women Jeanette McCurdy Rainbow Rowell — 4 comments
bigxstudio. My pleasure reading gravitates towards any alternate realities, especially LitRPG. I have been reading LitRPG series by Aleron Kong and Pirate Aba and would love to find new authors to check out. I also enjoy any weird mashups of alternate history, fantasy, horror, scifi, etc. — 3 comments
saskia17. Make one of the items a favorite of yours, new or old; I read a little bit of everything and would love to see what you love best! My regular bookshelf leans toward fantasy, poetry, books about books, myth & fairy tale, cultural histories, and mysteries. I love a good… — 6 comments
rlb0616. -Magical Realism -British Fiction, especially historical and women's fiction -Anything with a plus sized heroine — 4 comments
Ganawa. Modern Psychology, Social Science, Feminisim, Self-Help, Personal Development, — 2 comments
conceptDawg for Ashley Holland. mystery, historical fiction, fantasy — 3 comments
Ganawa for Lauren Juanah. Contemprary/Modern Romance, Comedic, Mystery, Inspirational — 1 comment
AbigailAdams26 for Mary Ann (85-year-old mother). My mother enjoys thrillers—anything written by James Patterson, David Baldacci, etc. Titles should be more recent, or she might already have read them. She also enjoys historical and political biography. — 2 comments
AbigailAdams26. I love children's books, both vintage and contemporary. Beautifully-illustrated folk and fairy-tales, collections of myths, etc. On the adult end, I would love a good translation of El Cid, or of Roman de Renart. I'm a huge Georgette Heyer fan, and would love a good Regency… — 4 comments
juki2222. I like paranormal, ghost stories, fantasy and science fiction, as well as true crime, disease/plagues, and history. — 3 comments
Mashamo. Fantasy Enemies to lovers Slow burn Mystery — 3 comments
yhoitink. I love history and genealogy. I read both historical fiction and non-fiction. I am interested in medieval Europe but also enjoy more recent history. I would love to discover a new author. — 1 comment
magnetgrrl. I'm trying to get back to my "basics" in 2024 and read more Sci-fi/fantasy, and comic books. My LibraryThing collection is all books I own. I'm a big fan of Neil Gaiman, anything Cthulhu-esque, fiction with a lot of philosophy... I like existentialism and absurd humor,… — 3 comments
jrbaker149. I like science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, gay romance. Really been drawn to some of the gay fantasy romance series recently. — 7 comments
LivingReflections. I enjoy literary fiction (think Elizabeth Strout, Lauren Groff and Jami Attenberg), but also sometimes a thriller to escape (I've recently gotten into the Slough House series, and love Denis Lehane). I also enjoy non-fiction where I learn something. — 4 comments
RRabas. I enjoy historical fiction, classic literature from Britain and Russia, and mysteries (specifically Agatha Christie). I also enjoy reading about European history (social and cultural), European royal families, biographies, memoirs, and music (especially Dmitri Shostakovich). — 1 comment
echarmon. Whatever your all-time favorite book recommendation is. Preferably a lesser-known work. — 3 comments
mice_elf for my 22 year-old sister Lily. Lily likes middle grade and YA graphic novels. She is in school to become a special educator and especially enjoys books that feature characters with diverse identities and abilities. — 8 comments
huyen. I love fantasy/romantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal, romance, and altered fairy tales. Some favorite authors include Kelly Armstrong, Ilona Andrews, Nalini Singh, Patricia Briggs, Shelly Laurenston, Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick/Jayne Castle, Julie Garwood, Penny Reid. Love… — 10 comments
russelllindsey. Looking for great books of short stories and poetry. Ray Bradbury would be great! I'd love some famous poetry in Spanish as well. I'm a Spanish teacher. — 4 comments
laze. My favorite books from SantaThing in the past have introduced me to new authors. I enjoy Japanese fiction (English translation) from the early 20th century until current times, haiku (I've been looking for a good book on Issa), Eastern European fiction (Poland, Lithuania… — 8 comments
karyberg. I'd like to read more about food justice, slow food, environmental topics. I've read and loved Ark of Taste, Soil-A Black Mothers Garden (Dungi) and Braiding Sweet Grass (Kimmerer), Fantastic Fungi, Entangled Life (Sheldrake) — 5 comments
AurumCalendula. I really enjoy historical romance, science fiction, and fantasy books (especially if they include queer romance)! I particularly like books with female protaganists. — 2 comments
Brubow. I love romance, horror, fantasy and sci fi or any combination of those really. I enjoy general fiction as well but it is a broad category. I'm not afraid of darker subjects or novels that hit hard. — 4 comments
caras_galadhon. I love speculative fiction: mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and cosmic/psychological horror. I also love "weird" little books that play with their form, like Nick Bantock's Griffin and Sabine series, where the books are also artifacts, using letters, envelopes, paper and… — 3 comments
HeathMochaFrost. Romance, mystery, literary fiction & classics, poetry. The best way to choose books for me is to see what's in my Wishlist collection, and then the collection I named "Replace." I think a few titles are in both, but there shouldn't be too much overlap. Edited to add: one of… — 2 comments
catalina7. LGBTQ+ (specifically MM and MX) romance/fiction of any subgenre (contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, mystery etc). — 3 comments
ejmam. Please surprise me with something you like. I read a lot of SF but also like everything else. — 1 comment
catalina7. LGBTQ+ (specifically MM and MX) romance/fiction of any subgenre (contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, mystery, humor, etc). — 3 comments
librarylexicon. I like fiction, especially historical fiction, low fantasy, children's fiction, coming-of-age-stories, classics, mystery and contemporary realistic fiction. — 4 comments
innisfree. Women's history, natural history / ecology, historical fiction. — 5 comments
tileen. Classics, World War I, Civil War, classic film — 3 comments
bobleighma. Science fiction, historical fiction or nonfiction, cozy mystery are all good. But favorites of yours are most welcome, too! — 3 comments
ForeignCircus. I read mostly fiction though I also like biographies (especially of cool women). I love mysteries (especially Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, Elly Griffiths, Viveca Sten, Judith Flanders) and have recently been dipping my toe back into sci-fi and fantasy after a long hiatus. I… — 4 comments
renardkitsune. My current interests are historical fiction, fantasy and folk horror. Any of those set in Eastern Europe would be neat, if possible, though not necessary. In history I enjoy from the Renaissance backwards even to prehistory, though I love a good witch story in any era. I also… — 4 comments
MyFathersDragon. I especially like fantasy, hard science fiction, physical sciences, and reference books, but I read on a lot of topics. — 5 comments
affie. Supernatural horror books, eldritch horror or along those lines are a favourite. Folk horror, mysterious and creepy is also something I enjoy. Comedy and Fantasy are usually safe bets if horror isn't your thing. — 7 comments
sillygwailo. I recently finished Loving Frank by Nancy Horan, and enjoyed it. I'd be interested in reading more historical fiction, especially if it takes place in the 20th century. I think I'd gain a lot by reading it, taking notes on what to look up, and then learning more about the… — 3 comments
neiljonlouie. For fiction: murder mystery / thriller / adventure, preferably with a historical and/or scientific context (The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco and Angels & Demons by Dan Brown would be the perfect examples) For nonfiction: history (Asian, European, warfare) / science… — 4 comments
woody1221. Historical Fiction - especially Medieval and Renaissance time frames. As an example I really enjoyed: - Sarah Woodbury (recommended from SantaThing 2021!) - Michelle Moran’s books (the Nefertiti series was awesome!) - Laura Morelli’s books (art + fiction!) - Stephanie… — 3 comments
mahsdad. I am a pretty broad reader, I like Scifi, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, or Narrative Non-Fiction. Anything off my wishlist collection in my profile is fair game. But I am definitely open to any favorites that you have that might broaden my horizons. — 2 comments
lowelibrary. What is a book you would recommend to others? A book that brings a smile to your face just thinking of someone else reading it? I have recently been reminded of how much I enjoy YA books. My newly read YA books are The One and Only Ivan, Witchlings, and Percy Jackson and the… — 6 comments
woody1221. This is a bit of a different request. I'm a high school teacher and I am part of the student book club at school - many of our faculty are part of the club to model reading for our students. Each semester we are asked to set a "reading goal" and I would like for YOU to pick a… — 4 comments
lowelibrary for my husband Mose. Mose loves true crime books - he is looking for lesser-known crimes that do not take place in the USA and books on cannibals. He also loves non-fiction books about haunted houses and ghosts - again, he prefers other countries' haunted stories. He also enjoys books about… — 3 comments
sallylou61. Please order me a novel(s) by a female Black Renaissance author. — 2 comments
davidized. I read a lot of non fiction (science/math, making, outdoors, amateur radio) normally, but I've been trying to get back into fiction recently. Generally I'm a fan of YA, mysteries, sci-fi, fantasy, and the occasional gay romance book. I prefer books that have a happy ending. — 3 comments
Docjmh. horror & fantasy, cozy mysteries — 3 comments
jen_meier. Fiction, I love books by Kristin Hannah, Harlan Corbin, John Grisham, Michael Connley. I loved the books Where the Crawdads Sing, The Great Alone, The Silent Patient, The Woman in Cabin 10, Ready Player One and Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow. I am always pleasantly… — 4 comments
masterdeski. For non-fiction: archaeology, anthropology, linguistics, mythology, world/ancient history, For practical: plastic canvas pattern books, adult coloring books, candle/soap making, vegetable container gardening, D&D 5e beginner campaigns For fiction: sci-fi, fantasy, dragons,… — 3 comments
XRayBlaster006. I love Brandon Sanderson books, especially his Cosmere and Skyward series. I also love Star Wars The High Republic. I am currently reading through The Wheel of Time and am enjoying it. I also like Ender's Game, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Story Thieves and I… — 3 comments
smileydq. I love fiction with strong characters and an engaging plot (some of my favorite authors recently include are Jennifer Close, Kate Atkinson, Chris Bohjalian, and Jodi Picoult). I also love a good light beach read as long as it has at least a little substance! I don't read much… — 4 comments
Tuke15. Prefer paperbacks. All things Horror. The scarier, the better. Science Fiction, Space Opera. Zombies, blood & guts. Manga by Reki Kawahara, — 4 comments
paulusm. classic or modern literature; science fiction (not really space opera); nature or science non fic. — 2 comments
abbytuttle for my 28 y/o sister Jordan. She likes story, characters, and good writing. She likes all fiction genres. Surprise her :) Her favorite books are Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir, Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler, The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix, and The… — 3 comments
DestDest. Stories with Black leads (preferably female) in the following genres: lighthearted contemporary, fantasy, African-inspired fantasy, sci-fi, romance, comedy, adventure, etc. Other racially diverse leads in the same genres. YA graphic novels, comics, and shoujo manga. All age… — 4 comments
gortavoher. History, politics, sociology, fantasy, fiction — 2 comments
shearon. Surprise me, please !!! I prefer fiction, female authors, generally. But I'd love for you to broaden my horizons. — 4 comments
elgatoazabache. I would love LGBTQ-themed fiction from around the world - novels or short story collections from Africa, Latin America, Asia would be perfect, but not necessary. I prefer literary fiction, but don't mind genre fiction as long as it is well written. — 2 comments
Petroglyph. I’m open to both fiction and non-fiction, preferably by authors that are new to me. I'll just give you a few guidelines that I use to buy books for myself: that should give you plenty to work with. My catalogue on LT is complete and up-to-date. 1) I’m trying to read… — 2 comments
Tuke15. Prefer paperbacks. All things Horror. The scarier, the better. Science Fiction, Space Opera. Zombies, blood & guts. Clarification: All books need not be horror. I do enjoy Science Fiction or Space Operas, that are not horror. — 7 comments
sar96. I have a wide variety of book tastes. I work as Library Assistant at my local library. Some favorite books and authors include Kitchen Table Wisdom; A Child called It trilogy; LM Montgomery; The Last Unicorn Books must be interesting or have good plot Most importantly, I… — 4 comments
rodneyvc for MaggieVC. Food, travel, cosy crime mysteries. She enjoys Lewis, Shetland, Endeavour, Annika, Vera TV shows. Check out Maggie's wishlist at — 6 comments
rodneyvc. If you look at my catalog the technical books are mine. I like family history, travel, space, music. I'm happy to try a Richard Osman mystery, or maybe something about the history of African enslavement and its impacts, the history of Nigeria. — 7 comments
fa3tality. - Love sci-fi, especially comedy sci-fi - Like fantasy (not romantasy) - Any book with sci-fi / fantasy / dragons / cats with satisfying storylines and characters, I'm not that hard to make happy - Absolutely willing to read others favorite books — 4 comments
thulemander. Heavily visual books! (As in- image based books with lots of quality prints/photos/illustrations of the particular topic.) Subjects I enjoy: folklore & mythos (creatures/animals/beings/deities), anatomy & physiology (human, animal or otherwise), clothing & costuming, and… — 5 comments
LoTanz. Poetry (I like Mary Oliver, Ellen Bass, Andrea Gibson, Langston Hugues, Jericho Brown, Ross Gay among others). Historical fiction, coming of age stories, stories with strong female leads, multicultural literature. Non-fiction interests include outdoor escapes, travel,… — 4 comments
jenniferhaskin for Zachary, my writing partner. Zach has read everything fantasy, so you might have to dig on this one. He reads web serials like, "A Practical Guide to Evil" and anything by Wildbow. He's also reading books by Gareth Hanrehan, "Berserk" by Kentauro Miura (very long manga series, he's on his 6th reread of)… — 5 comments
jenniferhaskin for Alisha, my writing partner. Alisha would like Lucy Foley's "The Guest List." She reads anything mystery, thriller, or creepy. Maybe not Sherlock Holmes mysteries with the sluething, but that's not off the table. Add some women's fiction to it, and wham! You've got her. She likes "the psychological… — 6 comments
jenniferhaskin. I'm a mom who reads and writes pretty much just YA. I love fantasy and sci-fi; throw in a romance and a mystery, and I'm great. This year, I am looking for something with big emotional impact. I wanna feel all the feels, right? I got great books last year and I just read "The… — 4 comments
andersonden. Library is up to date including wish list to read books; tend toward spec fiction and non-fiction, however also enjoy surprises! — 4 comments
saroz. Every year with SantaThing I find myself reaching for some kind of "secret sauce" of what I want to read. This year, I just don't know, so I'm going to focus on the aspects of books I tend to enjoy most. I often like books that merge or cross genres: modern lit with… — 4 comments
Mcoldwell23. Love self help books-anxiety, making goals,overall bettering ones self. I am learning Spanish and have been enjoying beginner Spanish books. Also enjoy spicy books. Also don’t mind receiving something you absolutely love and want to share. — 2 comments
JALCAM. German philosophy, German literature, LGBT+ history/literature, biographies of scientists, programming, linux, photography handbooks — 5 comments
IceQueenTN. I love cozy mysteries and historical romances. I am the type of person who likes to collect the entire series before reading the series, so I have a lot of older books. It would be best to get me newer books. I usually find my books at used bookstores, Goodwills, thrift shops,… — 2 comments
sarahj202. I am a teacher so all my children's books are on Library Thing but I would love a wonderful book for myself. Thank you. — 2 comments
Dylvi. I'd really like a fantasy novel I can sink into! I'd quite like an adult novel, as opposed to a young adult fantasy novel. I really enjoyed "The Legend of Nightfall" by Mickey Zucker Reichert. It was so thrilling, and had a strong friendship between a thief and a prince. I'd… — 2 comments
Allyss. I like fantasy books with folklore or urban elements. Adult or YA works (YA where romance is not central.) — 4 comments
katster. I'm a big science fiction and fantasy fan. A few of my favorite authors are John Scalzi, Marsha Wells (love Murderbot!), Lois McMaster Bujold, Robert Sawyer, and I also love non-fiction books in general If I'm to list quick categories: obscure historical events, natural… — 4 comments
ang0310. I love fantasy!!! Mainly high fantasy with heavy world-building or urban. Recently I've been on the lookout for more books written by and/or about lgbt+ characters! Art books are also welcome! — 5 comments
Nodecaf. I am never sure how to describe my reading interests for this exchange. Dark, bizarre, classic, medieval, Paganism, magick, eclectic, cooking & cats would be an attempt I suppose. Whew. I live in an actual Cabinet of Curiosities / Library that is my warehouse studio.… — 2 comments
bothwa. I prefer well written books with a strong sense of place and well developed characters. I gravitate towards historical fiction and enjoy books with unusual narrative techniques or anything told in an original way. — 6 comments
BornAnalog. I read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy but I'm increasingly interested in works in those genres by authors from non-English speaking countries (in translation). I read a lot of US and New Zealand history and also a lot of biography and autobiography. Books about science and… — 2 comments
HeroicHatchling. Cozy fantasy is my favorite genre, and I am so pleased that it is gaining popularity right now. I really enjoyed the recent books by both Travis Baldree and Rebecca Thorne and plan to re-read them. I love humorous fantasy and sci fi novels. Terry Pratchett, Anne McCaffrey,… — 4 comments
_missnomer_. Mostly fiction, but I've liked historical nonfiction, particularly about astronomy, women's involvement in history, or past scandals. I like Agatha Christie, John Grisham, and Rick Riordan. Some favorite books are None Of This Is True, When You Reach Me, Long Way From Chicago,… — 1 comment
xevver. I like speculative fiction, adventure non-fiction, and otherwise really interesting stories. I've been really into science fiction lately, but open to most genre's. — 3 comments
Daedalus.. Mostly novels, contemporary or classic. I read in English, French and Italian. Poetry also very welcome! Oh, and I love architecture, modern & contemporary. — 1 comment
inpariswithyou. Well-written LGBT (particularly gay male) fiction, especially fantasy and romance. Unique fantasy and science fiction, generally not written by cishet men. Books that make me feel magical or otherwise elicit strong emotions. Japanese literature (cishet men are okay here!),… — 4 comments
avanders. Lately, I’ve really been into ghosts and gothic, horror (not hardcore, just regular is fine ;)), techie (cyber or science) sci-fi, cozies & thrillers — 4 comments
JennSomerset. Cozy mysteries, fiction, science and history non fiction, science fiction, YA — 1 comment
NikkiMo. I have been enjoying novels set in the 19th century lately and would like more in the same vein. Some of the authors I like are Jane Harris and Sarah Waters. I like contemporary novels as well. — 2 comments
libraryperilous for my mom. My mom, LT member Twylabear, likes non-gritty mysteries, historical novels about female doctors or nurses, and middle grade animal adventures. She also likes happy nonfiction about bears, cats, dogs, and… — 3 comments
Lisanne624. I love London, so anything connected to London is a hit with me — history, culture, mystery, modern or classic novels set in London, travel guides or memoirs, etc. I also enjoy cozy mysteries (cat-focused!), psychological mysteries and thrillers, and true crime. — 5 comments
libraryperilous. This year, I'd like any of the following: Victorian novels Folger Library paperback editions of Shakespeare’s plays British Library — 3 comments
LibraryDragoneer. Time travel sci fi, fantasy, adventure, mature main characters (40+), apocalyptic fiction, vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, graphic novels, historical fiction (pre 20th century), magical realism, pagan — 1 comment
Salsabrarian. #1 choice! "Cast Iron Skillet One-Pan Meals: 75 Family-Friendly Recipes for Everyday Dinners" by Jackie Freeman, paperback. If not available, "Murder and Mason" by Mia P. Manansala plus any cozy mystery or rom-com novel of your recommendation to help fill out my $30. — 1 comment
msemmag. If it's queer or SF/F, odds are I'll probably like it! I'm also a fan of natural history and food science stuff too. — 3 comments
mlstweet. YA fantasy Rom com Cozy mysteries Diversity and queer representation — 4 comments
bigcurlyloz. I’ll give most things ago and am not tied to any specific genres, but favourites tend to be Sci-Fi, modern fantasy, well-written fiction (literary or popular), popular science, crime and I’ve recently enjoyed more nature writing. Books I’ve read/listened to and really enjoyed… — 1 comment
NicoleW. Love Inspired Romance, Historical Fiction, Love Inspired Suspense, Fantasy and Sci-Fi — 3 comments
zengringa. Mystery Bio Cooking ethnic — 5 comments
marcusg231. My tastes vary, but include a lot of nonfiction, some romance when I want to enjoy some fiction (Emily Henry, Susannah Nix). I like to read about self improvement (Atomic Habits), contemporary issues (the shame machine, the future is analog), some philosophy (Ryan Holiday,… — 2 comments
SarahTB. Fairy Tales/retellings, fantasy, YA, mythology, books with adventure, action, or romance. — 3 comments
Sheila1957. Erotic romance, BDSM, age play, cozy mysteries, history, 1920's, Regency romance, political thrillers, odd subjects, magical realism, graphic novels, Mysteries, Young Adult, — 3 comments
SouthernKiwi. I love historical fiction, fantasy, romance. Crime, sci-fi or general fiction are also good options. I particularly enjoy genre benders like Diana Gabaldon, Susanna Kearsley, or George Martin. My non-fiction reading now tends toward interesting women blazing a trail,… — 2 comments
alpacaherder. Military science fiction, Critical Role as well as Star Trek and Rick & Morty, reprints of early comic editions, omnibus comics editions like the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Archives. I’ve been fascinated by the Dan Dare reprints that I’ve found at the library, too. — 9 comments
fulner. I read science fiction, T.V. tie-in fiction, Christian books, Politics, Sports (including Pro-Wrestling) — 4 comments
susanna.fraser. I'm fairly omnivorous--I read a ton of science fiction and fantasy, a good amount of romance, and the very occasional mystery or work of literary fiction, plus a wide variety of nonfiction, heavy on history, memoir, and popular science. — 4 comments
greeneyed_ives. I read mostly romance, history, and general non-fiction, though I am willing to try most genres. I prefer titles on the lighter side, as reading to me is a form of escapism, but don't mind heavier subjects when reading history or non-fiction. In romance and fiction, I like… — 2 comments
DianeTM. I love all types of books, right now my favourite is romcoms. Lucy Score, Emily Henry, Tessa Bailey or Christina Lauren. I also like anything by Amanda Quick or Jayne Anne Krentz. — 1 comment
chessley for Jacob (12 yo son). Jacob really likes fantasy and some sci-fi. He is open to branching out from those for the right books. Some books and authors he has liked include: Dune, Brandon Sanderson (the Cosmere), the Dresden Files, The name of the Wind. He would especially like it if you could… — 6 comments
chessley for Rachel (15 yo daughter). Rachel likes very deep books that make you think. She prefers fiction and some of her favorite books include A Series of Unfortunate Events (when she was younger), The High House by James Stoddard, and The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. She doesn't have many genre… — 4 comments
VenelopeLove. Nonfiction, sci fi, — 2 comments
balbs. Classical music, biographies, popular science, murder mysteries — 3 comments
Sarah.Couchman. Anything fantasy. I really enjoy strong female leads. I'm a harry potter fan. As well as Laurell K Hamilton. Give me magic, action and intrigue and I'm happy. — 5 comments
Garp83. American history, presidents, Civil War, ancient history, archaeology, evolution, plate tectonics — 2 comments
katemcangus for Alex and Joey Krieger. Alex (my son, 8) and Joey (my daughter, almost 7) are both really into graphic novels and have read all of the following series: Dog Man, Cat Kid Comic Club, Captain Underpants, Calvin & Hobbes, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Big Nate. For Alex, I'm hoping for a book or graphic… — 5 comments
katemcangus. I love a good mystery (ala Tana French) and most dark academia titles (see: The Secret History). I also enjoy everything from literary fiction (Rebecca Makkai-ish) to dark fantasy (Leigh Bardugo's Alex Stern series). Surprise me! I'm dying to get lost in another world right now. — 4 comments
glowyone. Still working my way through Louise Penny's Gamache series. Thumbs up. Like Fantasy, historical fiction, Mysteries are a relatively new to me genre and are growing on me. Am willilng to try something new. Knitting/crochet books. My Goodreads is the most up to date source of… — 2 comments
mswelchpac. I enjoy books by diverse authors, the queer community and books about books/libraries/bookstores. I am frequently reading books geared toward young adults and any book that is a great escape from everyday life (even if it's into someone else's everyday). — 3 comments
ChrisFord1013. non-fiction: law, politics, political ideologies, criminal justice, true crime, history, religion, mythology, science (Physics, chemistry, astronomy), mathematics, and world cultures Fiction: Horror, mystery, and teen drama (like Hunger Games, Divergent, etc.). — 2 comments
Keli_B. Just about anything. I am a children's librarian so I love getting children's books as presents - especially middle-grade fiction and graphic novels. I am also going through a murder mystery phase (Agatha Christie, Thursday Murder Club). I've also really enjoyed all the new… — 1 comment
HaidenBaier. LGBTQ history LGBTQ fiction Graphic novels True crime Queer memoirs — 2 comments
NataleeGarner. I enjoy most contemporary romance/romcom (ie-Tessa Bailey, Ali Hazelwood) But I also love a good mystery/thriller (ie-Karin Slaughter, Alex Michaelides, Lisa Jewell, Riley Sager). Any book that can make me laugh out loud is a book that I will read as well:) — 1 comment
Oneironaut. I like sci-fi, horror, weird fiction, fantasy, exploration, epistolary novels or ones written like journal entries, and so on. I like creative stories that are based less on tropes but where the authors build their own worlds that you can dive into. With or without some humor… — 3 comments
mgbw1214. Fantasy, science fiction, mystery — 2 comments
akbookworm33445. I’m very much a fantasy reader. Anything otherworldly or magical. Mystical creatures and the such. I like anything witchy even the cutesy rom-com ones. I do own a lot of the more popular series so try to go a little more obscure. — 5 comments
micksbooks99. I like reading noir and neo-noir mysteries (I own all the Ross Macdonald, James Ellroy, and Dashiell Hammett novels and stories), I like reading high fantasy books and urban fantasy books especially series like The Dresden Files and Mercy Thompson and Tanya Huff's Blood Lines… — 5 comments
Northern_Light. I have an eclectic taste in books. Enjoy historical fiction especially if based on real life. Also crime fiction.Christian fiction especially Amish fiction which is not very available where I am. — 3 comments
Daphinie. I love Horror! Cosmic horror, Sci-fi, Possession, and Haunted House books are favorites but I love just about it all unless it's just shock/splatter horror. I also love Fantasy and Scifi! They can be epic, cozy, comedic, romantic, YA, or cross-genre it's all on the table. — 2 comments
tmbookluvr. Mystery, thriller,fantasy, sci-fi/horror. Looking for some less know authors/books Usually read stephen king, Riley Sager, James Patterson, lianne Moriarty, Ruth ware. Have some fantasy books such as GoT series — 2 comments
mnm123. Fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, mystery and political intrigue. — 3 comments
Goofy2by2. Fantasy, Pagan, MM, FM, mystery, shifter and willing to try new genre — 2 comments
dacejav. Surprise me!!! What was the last WOW book for you? The book you think everybody should read? A book you think deserves more attention? Last book you enjoyed a lot? I'm especially interested in books flying under the radar. All genres allowed except self-help and religion. — 5 comments
Nica6. I am drawn to books set in other countries/cultures, historical fiction, science/nature/anthropology, YA, science fiction/fantasy, social issues, personal development. Current interests: Buddhist philosophy, chronic illness/pain, writing. Just finished reading: The Fourth… — 5 comments
Destiny_Morna. Horror, mystery/thriller, dark romance, college sport romance (esp hockey). I’m interested in reading Elsie silver, Avery keelan. I just finished fourth wing and iron flame which is out of my usual reading genres but I loved them!! — 3 comments
Bookfairyandpup. I like LGBTQ books, preferably with lesbian, ace, or nonbinary characters. I typically read romance however, I have been branching out into other genres as well. I usually read fiction however, I have also been looking for and reading nonfiction books on being ace. — 4 comments
Vierran. I like sf & fantasy, comics, romance, urban fantasy. LGBTQ+ themes okay. I rate what I’ve read on Goodreads ( and from this year’s reads thus far I’d pick as the best Alexandra Rowland’s A Taste of Gold and Iron, Spy x Family… — 3 comments
Some1LikeYou. I’m into Eric Sloane books, Mr. Daniel’s and the Grange has been on my wishlist for a while. I love books about Vincent Van Gogh Art, and Hermetic philosophy, Rocks and Minerals especially in the Pacific Northwest, Clouds, the astrological of the Moon. I also love to journal.… — 2 comments
AzureSasha. Lately I have been mostly into discovering classic Sword & Sorcery fantasy (stuff like Moorcocks Elric and Rober E. Howards Conan). I also really enjoy all kinds mythology and folklore, and being an artist im also into artbooks. Also open to history books regarding the life,… — 1 comment
Jill.Parker. will read almost anything - romance, historical fiction, biographies, non-fiction, magical realism. love stories that take place in foreign countries or with an emphasis on travel and multi-culturalism — 2 comments
Dminrenee. I love fantasy and sci Fi and am willing to give a fair amount of things a shot. I've got an ever growing collection of the star wars extended universe novels so can't really go wrong there and I've been interested in getting into the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett. — 2 comments
Neverwithoutabook. Any kind of romance, thrillers, mystery, cozy mystery. Newer releases in the past four years as I haven't bought anything new but have been filling in gaps in series. My wish list is pretty safe. — 3 comments
Kuosa. I like different genres of books, so I couldn't pinpoint what I would like for Christmas. I 'd like a surprise. — 3 comments
JopLee1. I am interested in nonfiction books leading up to the start of the US Civil War, Lewis & Clark, and journals of Hernando DeSoto. I would like books with genuine US history, the earliest explorers. I prefer paperback, where possible. — 3 comments
ilgarcon. This is for my son Jaxon, who's 8, but all of the LibraryThing books and the wishlist are his. He loves to read. He's reading chapter books now. He'd really like books of Charlie Bone or The Wingfeather Saga. Another interest includes bicycles, which he loves to ride. — 5 comments
ccatalfo for LT member juliancatalfo. Is into history and historical fiction and sports (basketball in particular). Also enjoys YA fiction. — 4 comments
ccatalfo for LT member elliecata . Enjoys YA realistic fiction, historical fiction, popular science: biology, marine biology. — 2 comments
Capybara_99. Get me something it seems I would like. My current interests include: narratively playful fiction; Australian fiction; Scandinavian fiction; narrative history, including of oddly specific subjects; diaries; readable reference books. Do not feel bound by these… — 3 comments
foolsgoldboots127. I mainly read fiction. I love romance/romcoms, contemporary fiction, literary or classic fiction, and fantasy or magical realism. Some of my favorite romance authors include Emily Henry and Tessa Bailey. Other favorite fiction authors of mine include Haruki Murakami, Elif… — 4 comments
Shanderpp. I enjoy history of any era, horror and thrillers. You can get weird with it in the vein of Cryptids, Aliens, Ghosts, and X-files. I really am all over the place and love most everything as long as it isn't romance, Christian or country western. — 5 comments
HuberK. I prefer Paperback books. My wishlist is current. If you're looking through my other books, assume that I have read the rest of the books of any series listed. My favorite genre is Science Fiction-space, I like Seed Ships or Generational Ships, space operas, and some… — 4 comments
baystateRA. I would love a paperback novel to take on a trip to Blackpool in the Northwest of England this winter. I like to read books set in the area I'm traveling to! — 4 comments
NB_Knight. I love LGBT books, I prefer fiction but also read nonfiction. I'll read any genre as long as it has LGBTQ+ characters in it. No real preference between paperback and hardcover books. — 6 comments
Quadkbarnett. Christian fiction including (murder/mystery/romance), historical fiction, autobiographies — 5 comments
wolfeyluvr. Books featuring, or about, animals or dinosaurs for an adult audience please :) — 1 comment
Kuosa for My daughter. My daughter is 3 years old. She loves books, animals, nature, music, dances etc. Some of her books appear among my books tagged as 'Chiddren's" — 3 comments
PersephonesLibrary. It's probably easier to mention what I don't like. But in general, I'd be interested in the one book you think everybody should have read at least once in their lifetime. It can also be a children's or YA book. I like poetry and short stories, novels and novellas, but… — 2 comments
foggidawn for my nephew Joseph. He's five, and a strong reader for his age. He's deeply interested in space, dinosaurs, and mathematics. Age-appropriate nonfiction on those topics would be great, or fiction with some nonfiction elements. — 1 comment
Eneila. Mainly adult fantasy (good if there's romance), good biography or historical fiction books. — 3 comments
Nikolenawen. Historical Mystery Fantasy Dystopia Twist Ending New Releases — 3 comments
chrisynthia for Santee. 1 comment
greeniezona. I like fantasy, science fiction, poetry, marginalized histories, science/medicine history, science & nature. Bonus points if the book is queer, translated, and/or from a small press. I tend to prefer shorter books (I love novellas!) to door-stoppers. I also prefer paperbacks… — 1 comment
Dylvi. I’ve been really delving into thriller and detective novels. I really have been enjoying Blackout and Dead of night by Simon Scarrow (Berlin Wartime thriller). I’m quite enjoying those that are set in the past. Another genre that I've enjoyed is royalty books. I have been… — 1 comment
TheDivineOomba. Surprise Me - or send me a copy of you favorite books! But to help you get started, I've been reading books that are quirky, either mystery, science fiction, or just general reading. The two series I've recently reread are the Dragaeran Novels by Steven Brust, and the… — 2 comments
lottpoet. I'm a big audiobook fan, so for SantaThing, I'm looking for books I would prefer to read on paper: graphic novels, manga, poetry, art books, books with innovative text (e.g., House of Leaves, The People of Paper), books with moveable parts (e.g., Nick Bantock, pop-up books). … — 2 comments
hepzibah59. Literary prize winners, crime & mystery, historical fiction, biographies of famous women, either contemporary or historical, Australian authors. — 1 comment
Christiana5. I enjoy fiction, particularly historical fiction, cozy mysteries, and time travel. I prefer strong female protagonists. I am politically liberal, and not easily offended. I'm always looking for new series. My favorite authors include Diana Gabaldon, Connie Willis, Mary Doria… — 3 comments
EerierIdyllMeme for my mom. I thought this would be a fun way to get something that's new to her and bring some random, so I'm hoping for a hidden gem rather than something mainstream that's she's already heard of. She's interested in overlapping combinations of the following: - memoir - graphic… — 6 comments
greenleaf. Fiction-- escapism whether mystery or historical fiction, it's all good. Nothing too challenging to read level-wise. I'm also a genealogist, so anything that tempts my appetite there is good. — 6 comments
vgshamo. I mostly read fantasy, science fiction, and modern fiction. I prefer fiction to non-fiction. I enjoy romance novels, but generally not historical romance, more like the ones with cute pastel covers all over the internet right now. I just finished the Rook and Rose series and… — 2 comments
reedread. I enjoy historical fiction with strong female characters, and intelligent mysteries such as those by Louise Penny and Deborah Crombie (I have read all of these authors’.) Books set in the UK are of special interest to me. — 3 comments
elbow_and_biggs. I love fantasy with complex world building and character-driven scifi. But, I read pretty broadly, so I'm open to whatever you recommend! Extras I love in fiction: - LGBTQ characters (especially own voices!) - Anti-capitalist & Anti-imperialist Themes - Spanish or… — 3 comments
ltbxf4. eclectic I enjoy fantasy and science fiction, history, historical fiction, medieval life and times (fiction and non-fiction), buddhism, stoicism, philosophy, nature writing — 3 comments
leximarolf. True-Crime, Murder Mystery, anything Stephen King (I have only read The Outsider and Holly so far, so I am looking to read more of his older books.) — 2 comments
solarbarmamaise. Well-researched historical fiction, anything taking place in medieval Europe and England, Mystery/Thrillers especially set in the UK, cozy mysteries, page-turning series. I would absolutely LOVE a cozy holiday-themed who-dunit set in the UK with a female sleuth/detective. — 3 comments
sblock. contemporary fiction, narrative nonfiction, mystery — 1 comment
litwitch. Lately I'm really into fantasy like A Court of Thorns and Roses, Fourth Wing, the Crescent City series and other books in that genre. My taste is pretty eclectic, though, as you'll see from my wishlist and the books I've already read this year. I'm a huge mood reader and enjoy… — 4 comments
kristilabrie. I love fantasy, historical fiction, and thrillers, especially with LGBTQ elements, as well as non-fiction science or self-help books. I'm also getting heavily into sustainable gardening and herbalism of late. You can have a look at my Wishlist at h… — 3 comments
kristilabrie for Finnegan (4.5 yo son). Finn is 4 1/2, so he likes most things. He loves books with animals, dinosaurs, or anything with a motor in it. I love to read him picture books with nice rhymes at bedtime, anything with good lessons in it about being kind or sharing, being brave, etc. Some books where he… — 6 comments
library_mistress. I love language dictionaries, books with librarian/bookseller/bookbinder/archivist characters, books with LGTBQ* characters, science fiction, forest-related books, and cozy mysteries - especially in combinations such as in "Queer lumberjack-turned-librarian goes to space and… — 5 comments
sippan. Cosmic horror, weird fiction, short stories, the occult, dark academia — 4 comments
Rakketytam. Literary fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, nature/ecology, science, travel — 3 comments
readergirliz for Nathan, aged 3. Nathan would probably appreciate books about outer space (fiction or non), any of the classic Magic School Bus books (except for the dinosaurs, we have that one already), or any of the Eyewitness books (not Trains or Universe- we have/are getting those). Any kind of search… — 2 comments
readergirliz. I love stories that are well-told, regardless of the genre. Some of my favorites this year are: Tom Lake, Rebecca, Lessons in Chemistry, Attack of the Black Rectangles, I Am I Am I Am, and The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi. — 1 comment
ablachly for Petra (age 15). This entry is for my teenaged daughter, Petra. She's looking for romance, but the funny more contemporary romcom side of the genre. Note: she reads both YA and adult books. We don't care if there's sex in them, so don't worry about that. She likes books with queer or trans… — 8 comments
Jenxy21. I love fantasy, murder mystery/thriller in both adult and YA. I have only a few Sarah J. Mass or Jennifer Armentrout so you can't go wrong with those! I also love good Southern Gothic stories. I prefer mass market size rather than trade paperbacks. — 2 comments
ablachly for Sara. This entry is for my wife, Sara. Generally she's looking for dark mysteries. She loves dark academia (Donna Tartt's The Secret History is probably her favorite book ever). She loves — 3 comments
LynnEnz. Epic Fantasy; non-fiction history/biography typically middle ages in England/ western Europe/ Russia; Urban Fantasy; Historical romance (ie Julia Quinn/Lynn Kirland); favorite authors include Kim Harrison, Antonia Fraser, Dan Jones, Alison Weir (non-fiction), Weis & Hickman,… — 2 comments
pippamontague. I love psychological thrillers and romance. Recently discovered I don’t like reading about college age characters. Prefer characters in late twenties to late thirties. Christmas romance books would be lovely! Take a look at my library to get a taste of what I like :)! It’s up… — 3 comments
bearette24. I like romance, cozy mysteries, historical (I’m a bit of an anglophile). I also like a good memoir, but not the Matthew Perry one. — 5 comments
tlclaw06. I like Classical fiction, fantasy & sci-fi, award-winning fiction, YA, political non-fiction and memoirs. — 1 comment
GoldieBug. Science fiction (more toward space opera than hard SF), fantasy, horses (fiction or nonfiction), mysteries (especially with dogs or cats or horses, or humorous mysteries), pop-ups on any subject, biographies of certain actors (see my Wishlist). — 4 comments
littlemuls for Ali. Likes romances and light reads, nothing too serious. The world is serious enough. Likes Emily Henry, Abby Jimenez, Christina Lauren. Really enjoyed Katherine Center's The Bodyguard last year. — 2 comments
littlemuls. I mostly read romances, some of my favorite authors are Emily Henry, Abby Jimenez, and Christina Lauren. I don't always love second chance romances (Happy Place was my least favorite Emily Henry book) but all other tropes are fair game. I just got into fantasy/romance this… — 9 comments
skurinch. I like classic literature, but have also been exploring modern literary fiction. I like poetry too. — 2 comments
Pat_Bunk_Malecki. Mystery, sagas, strong female characters , legal drama, Victorian mystery, instructional books on knitting and embroidery. How-to books on organizing household. Travel book helpful hints on packing etc My books are eclectic, however, I favor sagas, and good mysteries (Anne… — 3 comments
PatriciaNewman. fiction literature fantasy scifi cookbooks — 4 comments
bcrowl399. I like mysteries, history, thrillers (not too dark). Art and artists. Cozy mysteries. Fiction and non fiction. Books with strong women characters. My tastes are pretty varied and I love surprises. I'm not afraid to try something new and different. — 3 comments
LibraryCin. There's more I like than don't like. Favourite genres include mystery/thrillers and historical fiction. I also like nonfiction: history, science, biographies. — 1 comment
rb2040. Particularly interested in strong female characters and people of color in lead roles. Well research historical fiction; Science fiction fantasy; Well-crafted and illustrated children's picture books; Cooking science, cooking history, and ethnic or regional cooking. … — 4 comments
CayceOsborne. I would love to receive your favorite books with an element of mystery—no matter the genre. I love page turners that you can't put down, with great characters and skillful writing. — 2 comments
msliz_31. Contemporary fiction, dystopian and fantasy, African and African-American literature, BIPOC authors — 3 comments
belladonna624. I enjoy mystery, suspense, romance, horror and magical realism. I would love to find a new series. I particularly enjoyed Ellie Griffith's Ruth Galloway series. Some of my favorite authors are Nora Roberts, Sarah Addison Allen, Justin Cronin, J.K. Rowling, Kate Morton, C.J.… — 3 comments
belladonna624. I enjoy mystery, romance, suspense, horror and magical realism. I've particularly been enjoying Jane Harper's books that take place in Australia. I'd love to find books by other Australian authors and/or books that take place in Australia. — 4 comments
belladonna624. I enjoy reading magical realism. Some of my favorite magical realism authors are Sarah Addison Allen and Heather Webber. I'd love to find new authors with similar writing styles. I also enjoy romance, suspense, horror, and mystery. — 4 comments
ukusprof. British mysteries (both cozy and otherwise), historical fiction, humor, literary fiction — 4 comments
buckeywe74. I like mysteries, or books about ghosts and hauntings. Thrillers are good too. — 3 comments
parrishs8. I enjoy suspense or true crime type books. I enjoy books from the 1950's to present time. — 1 comment
marquis784. My book shelf is pretty eclectic with several books I never imagined enjoying. On that note, when it strays from my "typical" genre I prefer to choose those selections. My book shelves have a mixture of historical fiction, contemporary fiction, mystery, thriller, true crime,… — 5 comments
Ishtar42. Romance! Fantasy romance are my favorites, followed closely by sci-fi and dystopian romance. — 2 comments
MaineDruid. Nonfiction for me: nature, ecology, and consciousness are at the top of my list. — 2 comments
secondhandrose. I have very eclectic taste so I’ll share what I like with a few books I’m interested in that are in stock at Readings the designated bookstore in Melbourne Australia. These are only a guide. If you want to go rogue and choose something else entirely you are more than welcome. … — 9 comments
literatefool. I think I write this every year but- I'll read just about anything. I love history, poetry, historical fiction, art, mysteries of all kinds, fantasy, sci fi, etc. I'm learning French, so something about learning French. I look forward to you finding me books that I… — 3 comments
ehough75 for For my Wife. She has been reading book club or reading group stuff lately. Also any medical non-fiction. (She is a nurse) — 4 comments
ehough75 for For my Wife. She reads a lot of books that are used for book clubs and reading groups. Also likes historical medical non-fiction. (She is a nurse). — 9 comments
ehough75. Anything on best sellers list. Your favorite book. I have been doing SantaThing since the begining and have yet to get a book I did not enjoy. — 2 comments
bgfulton. I enjoy reading true crime, food history, American history, music history/musician memoirs, historical fiction, graphic novels and food-related manga. — 3 comments
AmyLesemann. Historical fiction Fiction World War II fiction, mysteries biographies of interesting people missed in history books about traveling to unusual places — 3 comments
sahra. Cyber science-fiction, graphic novels, historical fiction (especially alternate histories), poetry, short stories, anthologies, edgy humor, travel, and off-the-beaten-path YA. Especially written by women, marginalized people, and those from other cultures, races, or parts of… — 3 comments
sushiguineapig. Verity will be 11 in January and attends the 5th grade. She’s into chapter books, particularly YA. She only wants fiction. She identifies heavily with the LGBTQ+ community and loves reading material with LGBTQ+ characters and themes. She likes books with… — 5 comments
ChristieLong. 1. Murder mysteries--Historical mysteries like Elizabeth Peters (my favorite), Tasha Alexander's Lady Emily series, and Shelley Noble's Lady Dunbridge series. 2. More modern mysteries like Ellery Adams's Secret, book, and scone series 3. I've read most of Agatha Christie's… — 1 comment
bexaplex. Light-hearted fiction or nonfiction. Things you'd see in the "staff favorites" section of your local indy bookstore (e.g. The Broken Teaglass by Emily Arsenault or The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman), picaresque novels (e.g. The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the… — 2 comments
slugmanor. I like a lot of things! Experimental fiction, spy novels, contemporary poetry, books about books, western esoterica, etc. Feel free to look through my library, but don't worry too much, and find something that you like! — 2 comments
olegalCA. I'm a huge fan of young adult, mysteries, history, politics, biographies and basically anything similar to what I've already read. I keep librarything up to date and anything on my wishlist is fair game. This year I'm going to ask especially for things that are light... it's… — 3 comments
DVDwhynot. Gay lesbian history comedy autobiographical of fascinating humans witches knitting — 2 comments
lpmejia for Cara Chance. Biography, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Strong female characters — 2 comments
disnelyse. I like young adult, fantasy, horror, thriller, adventure, mystery, LGBTQIA+, and historical fiction. I don't mind the occasional memoir. — 1 comment
allicat16. I can't get enough of anything sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, or any of that good nonsense. However, I'll never say no to a strong memoir or intriguing book of poems :) — 1 comment
dawnkarry. Domestic thriller, quirky mystery, coming of age mystery/thriller, historical mystery/thriller. Basically mystery/thriller. However, I've come to realize from my Wishlist that I'm into some of the genres that I have listed in "Do not get!" Ha! I'll at least try reading a book… — 5 comments
fionaanne. Rediscovering my love for science fiction right now, so recently published (2015 or later) books in that category is what I would like. Preference to women and BIPOC authors. ETA: I have added a couple of things to my wishlist that are available for cheap at Kenny's, cause… — 3 comments
josephtristan. Literary Fiction, Crime, Thriller, Paranormal, Fiction — 1 comment
sheryll. Detective stories/mysteries, fantasy, anything off my wishlist — 2 comments
rehme for daughter. Especially enjoy books that follow the Heroine's Journey. Found family is a favorite. Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Romance, Literary Fiction are top genres, but really anything, especially books that people love that are by lesser known author's or fly under the radar. — 2 comments
ChristinaDunn73. My collection includes: Cookbooks with themes (ie She Came In Through The Kitchen Window is a cookbook with Beatle song food names), Stephen King, books made into film, preWWII printed books, historical homes. — 2 comments
Lorinda1004. Mystery Crime — 2 comments
DarthDeverell. Graphic Novels, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, History, Biography, Popular Science, and Detective Fiction are all favorites. — 2 comments
wyliem. I like weird/slipstream fiction, socialist/leftist non-fiction, history (especially bronze-age and pre-history), noir, science fiction, film, and literary fiction. I like things with a sense of humor and things that are cynical. I'd especially love a strange book that only you… — 1 comment
jdigilio. Horror, Buddhism, Historical Fiction, History, Japan, Italy, Gothic Literature — 3 comments
CryBel. Anything Science Fiction or Fantasy. If that if that is too broad then any Science Fiction and Fantasy that has characters who either work in bookstores/libraries or just with books. I also enjoy interesting biographies/autobiographies/memoirs. Also books about interesting… — 6 comments
Nikkinic01. I love books to movies and the biggest books that everyone is reading. I enjoy most genres including YA, mystery, romance (as long as it's not cheesy), true crime, biographies. I'm really interested in trying Fourth Wing and Court of Thorns and Roses. — 1 comment
NerdForHire. I love fantasy books like Harry Potter,and everything related to disney. Currently eyeing the disney villain series — 2 comments
thejadefox. General genre: sci-fi, fantasy, magical realism Past authors I've loved: Naomi Novik, Tamora Pierce, Terry Pratchett, Marie Brennan, Seanan McGuire — 1 comment
MannumInstitute. Anything that is a mystery, but open to all kinds of genre. — 1 comment
TonyaJ. George RR Martin-type fantasy, trenchant, verisimilitude strong writing. Same with horror: Dan Simmons (Drood!), Stephen King, Mark Frost (currently reading The List of 7) Dean Koontz can be good, Preston & Child co-written novels, along those lines. Adventure novels are… — 2 comments
DBev. My interests are wide (from my profile): Biography, American and New York State history, European medieval and Renaissance history, costume history, design and construction, photography, architecture, art and artists, mystery, urban and historical fantasy, theater, classic… — 5 comments
loafhunter13. Asian fiction (murakami etc.), comedy/humor books, dry British fiction (ex Douglas Adams), sports biographies, Republican and Imperial Roman history, Canadian history. — 3 comments
Yells. I read a little bit of anything and everything - fiction or non-fiction. What I really enjoy is seeing what favourites other people have. I have discovered a lot of interesting stuff over the years through Santathing. I live in Canada so generally read a lot of… — 3 comments
zengringa. Mystery Biography Culinary — 3 comments
IMBOS. I love contemporary fiction, historical fiction, memoirs, thrillers, quirky non fiction, poetry, cookbooks, middle grade (think Newbery type) interesting characters, good story telling. — 2 comments
hamlet61. I Like Short stories; poetry; cookbooks; history, but anything you choose will be appreciated, read, and reviewed — 2 comments
witchescastle. This year, I'd like to receive some romance novels! I typically do not read in this genre, so I don't have many books (low risk of doubles). I'd love for my Secret Santa to send some recent and best-selling romances that are quirky, fun, and have a HEA for the couple. Unique… — 4 comments
Stevil2001. I am looking for contemporary or historical science fiction and fantasy (I like character-driven space opera, but lots of other stuff too), and 20th-21st-century literature (especially British or anything with some postmodern playfulness). I include a list of authors below--… — 2 comments
Ashlyn07. Suspense & Mystery — 1 comment
bward1. My go to genre is mystery/thriller, however, I will read almost anything. My least favorite is romance. I read both fiction and nonfiction. Some of my favorite authors,: Agatha Christie, Fredrik Bachman, Linda Castillo, Mauve Binchy, Mitch Albom, Jodi Picoult, but always… — 3 comments
MidnightRose966. True crime, biography, horror, short stories, medical non fiction — 3 comments
Marlane. Historical fiction and historical mysteries are my favorite, but I'm tired of books set during WWI or WWII. I like books with details about food, clothing and everyday life. I like character driven novels and want to be learning something new as I read. — 2 comments
adprice22. Well-written mysteries, all types. Contemporary literary and historical fiction. Nonfiction genres: history, natural science and psychology. Literary sci-fi (e.g. Atwood, Bradbury). 19th and 20th literature. — 5 comments
myst1399. The older the book the better! Historical Fiction, Sci Fiction, cookbooks, fiction, young adult… — 2 comments
TaylorFarnham. Psychological thrillers, mysteries, romance, beach reads, lifestyle improvement type things, like how to do something better, etc, John Grisham type, James Patterson, Janet Evanovich, fiction, historical fiction, like the Nightingale, Colleen Hoover….. etc… — 1 comment
fishcasa. I like sci-fi, fantasy, horror, creative design/art, business productivity, and occult topics. — 3 comments
add901. I like variety of genres, but especially mystery, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy. I’m always open to try something from new authors. — 2 comments
AriadneOliver. I love mystery and detective fiction from the 1930s and 40s. Also, am very much a fan of science fiction that’s heavy on the science like Kim Stanley Robinson or Andy Weir. I like graphic novels and started reading The Sandman after reading several of Neil Gaiman’s excellent… — 3 comments
milljd. Literary Fiction, Memoir, Mystery, Thriller, True Crime, Horror, Fantasy, Comedy, anything that is really good! — 3 comments
weisbrary. A Library to surprise and delight, with the most fascinating collection of eclectic niche titles you can identify (and/or books about where you're from!) — 3 comments
kquille2. I love thrillers, biographies/memoirs, mystery, romance, and spicy novels. I love anything from Christina Lauren and Sierra Simone to creepy crime novels. (Quite a range!) I’ve recently read Iron Flame and Fourth Wing and would be interested in similar fantasy books.… — 2 comments
ARaw. Very wide - I like most things that are well written, complex, witty, colourful characters and a compelling plot. Currently favouring mystery, suspense, historical fiction, biography, books about books and writing, struggles to transformation, uplifting. — 3 comments
SarahSnyder. spirituality, self help, poetry, mystery, romance ( like nicholas sparks- I like books that make me cry). I also love true crime books. — 3 comments
JacobsBeloved. Historical Fiction, Fantasy in both Young Adult and Adult genres. I love long series, too. I also love fiction books about books, if that makes sense. My Wishlist in my Catalog lists some books I would like to receive. — 3 comments
Tzctlibr. SciFi Popular Science Classical music (biographies). Films and filmmaking. Chess. Origami. Graphic novels (not superheroes, no manga) UK politics. — 3 comments
mookie86. Looking for good horror, British crime/mystery, crime noir, science fiction. — 2 comments
Plemmdog. Southern literary fiction, literary fiction set in the Southern Appalachians or Western North Carolina, medical history, Chile (the country), contemporary Japanese authors, — 8 comments
gentlespirit512. I’ve been keeping a SantaThing list for a couple of years on Kindle. I’ll update it before the deadline! Poetry, chick lit, some literary fiction. — 2 comments
Shadow123. I own like 900 books I haven't read yet, but I love books and am always looking for things that aren't on my radar. I especially love: narrative non-fiction, literary fiction (I'm not a plot or character person, I especially love an interesting or beautiful turn of phrase,… — 3 comments
mice_elf. I love reading contemporary literary fiction with magical realism elements, social satire, graphic novels, poetry, fairy tales and folklore. I enjoy cookbooks and reference books as well. — 2 comments
MBMG. I love chic lit, biography, fantasy eg Paula Brackston but I’ve read all hers so far so anything similar, cozy female sleuths, I also read Christmas stories every December but it needs to be recently published as I read a lot each year. I missed out last year due to health… — 1 comment
UseHerName. I like books with explicit language, swear words. Or comedies and parodies. Other genres you'll find on my bookshelf are fantasy or supernatural and sci-fi. I used to read manga, but now prefer reading webcomics instead, at least once a day. — 9 comments
leisjenn. I like a variety of genres but my go to is usually fantasy. Love Terry Pratchett, TJ Klune, R. A. Salvatore, Genevieve Cogman. Also don't mind getting a little spicy; I loved the Mead Mishaps series. I've also been reading a lot of sci-fi lately too. Obsessed with Martha… — 2 comments
misskitty17. I like mysteries, thrillers, true crime, dark romance. But I'm really open to pretty much anything. — 2 comments
DAGray08. Literary fiction. I read James McBride and Louise Erdrich a lot - lit fic that is often anchored in history. Just got turned on to fiction based on ancient epics - enjoyed Madeline Miller's Circe and Song of Achilles. Poetry. Have read most of Jack Gilbert, Jericho Brown… — 3 comments
jeshakespeare. I love romances, mysteries, and fiction. The only books I am specifically hoping for are in my Wishlist Collection on Librarything. Otherwise, if a book is in my Librarything catalog, it's already accessible or read by me. I also really like reading books in order so I want… — 2 comments
crazy4reading. I love just about anything. I love fantasy, mystery, thrillers, true crime, romance, historical romance, dystopian, just to name a few. I give every genre a try. Here are a few of my favorite books: Harry Potter Series The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton Hunger Games Series A… — 3 comments
KateBZ. Literature, Well-written fiction, books you read and cherish, Classics that are off the beaten path, Biographies, and autobiographies (historical figures, celebrities, etc.) — 1 comment
KallieGrace. I read widely, but especially love nonfiction (microhistories or just niche topics, as well as disaster nonfiction - The Wager was great), mystery (especially Japanese mysteries), sci-fi and speculative fiction (climate fiction works well for me - Venomous Lumpsucker was a… — 2 comments
brewergirl. I like a variety of books -- history, biography, general fiction, historical fiction, mystery/thriller, classics. I love discovering an author who has a back catalog. The "personal collection" in my LT account shows what I own or have read. I keep a separate LT account… — 2 comments
bardbooks. This holiday season, I'm wishing for historic mysteries along the lines of Barker & Llewelyn, two of my favorite fictional detectives, but I love surprises and will truly enjoy mysteries chosen by my Secret Santa! — 2 comments
nakasha. I enjoy comedies, satires, and mysteries. I also like books with an interesting narration style. Some of my favorite authors are Terry Pratchett, P.G. Wodehouse, and Neil Gaiman. Anything similar to their works is preferred, or anything similar to other books in my library.… — 3 comments
ScottyBoyP. Generally enjoy all genres, but most interested in classic literature. Poetry, sci-fi, philosophy are all good too. I've taken a recent interest in Don DeLillo, but have so far only read Cosmopolis, so if anybody has a favourite DeLillo book to recommend, that would be a… — 1 comment
mellymel171328 for Justin. He collects and reads video game books like his World of Warcraft collection. I'm thinking about getting him started in thr forgetten realm series. The drizzt series is good. Comic book series about dungeon and dragon shows are a big plus too. He likes critical role and… — 1 comment
mellymel171328 for Liam. He is a 9 year old boy. He likes simple comic books like dog man. He doesn't have any cat series. — 1 comment
mellymel171328 for Samuel. He likes Rick Riordan . I think he'd enjoy goosebumps and five nights at Freddy books. — 1 comment
mellymel171328. I've been getting into dark romances. Sports romances. I'm very open to new authors. — 2 comments
LadyoftheLodge. I like cozy mysteries that feature lady sleuths, quirky careers, unusual locations, librarians or libraries, bookstores, and cats, and I like classic mystery novels. I also read historical novels, Regencies, biographies of historical people or authors, travel narratives, pop… — 4 comments
andejons. Varied. Some senres I tend to enjoy are essays, historical fiction, historical non-fiction, classics, comics and fantastical fiction. — 1 comment
kkelley13. I like a lot of things, but especially history of marginalized and oppressed people, sociology, books about queer history, fantasy, contemporary fiction, especially featuring strong women or genderqueer people. I enjoy memoirs (but generally not by famous people) and love… — 3 comments
nellyoo. Hi, I love fantasy at the moment. There's vampire books I'm in love with and wizarding world books. At the moment I'm obsessing over vampire academy and harry potter, because i was introduced to those series by my cousin. I also really enjoy history thrillers. or… — 3 comments
queenofthebobs. Anything works, but I am making an effort to read more diverse books. I tend to prefer SFF and YA. — 2 comments
Tabasco2003 for Juno Noel. She loves Harvey Potter's Balloon Farm, but she doesn't have her own copy. Also, she is liking Clifford the Big Red Dog and we just started reading Madeline. And books in Spanish are good! — 3 comments
jburlinson. I have a kindle wish list on Amazon at this link: — 2 comments
reading_fox. Varied genre fiction, plus a select mix of non-fiction:See my library! Genre fiction - SF and Fantasy, crime, adventure and thriller....mostly. Non-fiction: I do read some. I like travel and adventure, especially caving related (not many available). Wildlife and Nature.… — 2 comments
paulkellis. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Noir, Thriller, Police procedural — 1 comment
DominiqueMarie. I have pretty eclectic taste. A few of my favorite genres are fantasy, mystery, and literary fiction. I love to read about animals as well. My library isn't updated entirely correctly, but my wishlist is, and I like surprises, also. — 2 comments
LieslC. I am open to reading most genres, but I tend to gravitate towards crime fiction (especially noir crime) and fantasy romance. I'm also a big fan of true crime. Open to anything that you think is an awesome read. :) — 4 comments
Aula. Well-written (I have a tag for that, so you can see what books I consider in that league, as it is a matter of personal taste); fantasy (with a little or a lot of humor is perfect), horror, albeit only with a lot of (black) humor... dystopias (again, a bit of humor goes a… — 2 comments
keepfitz. Zombie fiction books, AI fiction stories, Korean Fiction stories — 3 comments
fobgirl12. This year, once again, I would like a good celebrity memoir. I’ve asked for this the past two years and have received Kate Couric’s, Matthew Perry’s and Busy Phillips. In the past I’ve read: Jessica Simpson, Holly Madison, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Shonda Rhimes, Michelle Obama,… — 1 comment
lmm831. I enjoy romance, contemporary, ya, light fantasy. A little bit of a lot but mostly romance. I enjoy checking out what others like and new authors. I use goodreads my user is lmm831 of you want to see what I have read. — 2 comments
seaweedotter. I know that is is more fun to get a surprise, but I am very picky about what I read. I would really appreciate if I could get any of the books on this this, thanks a ton! R.A. Salvatore- Archmage- ISBN: 9780786966134 R.A. Salvatore- The Companions- ISBN: 9780786965229 … — 4 comments
Sensory. I like mysteries and thrillers, and police procedurals. Creepy is fun, but nothing horrible with children or pets. I loved The Historian. I really prefer softcovers. — 3 comments
joyjohnston. Enjoy poetry, memoirs, short stories, psychological thrillers. — 1 comment
Tabasco2003 for Lincoln DeSantis. He is just turning two on 12/8, so he is not reading yet. However, he is following in his sister's footsteps and loves Bluey, The pigeon, and Pete the Cat. He also has "boy" interests such as trucks, cars, motorcycles, and other boy things. — 3 comments
Tabasco2003 for Audrey DeSantis. She loves Bluey, stories about overcoming adversity, fantasy, books about the zoo (her grandfather used to be the zookeeper at the local zoo) (living in CA her favorite thing to do was feeding the giraffes). — 3 comments
strongstuff. I think about Santathing like I do book clubs: a great opportunity for someone else to recommend something I would never have thought about. What were your favorites this year? I read a lot of fiction, but am open to memoirs and narrative non-fiction as well. Some of my 2023… — 2 comments
thebookmagpie. I'm really into literary and classic fiction, but I also like sci-fi and fantasy. I tend to care more about quality of prose and characterisation than plot (though all are important, just that my tastes tend to skew more towards the former). My favourite authors are Terry… — 6 comments
QueenAlyss. I love fiction books that make you question, are unique, or quirky. These could be who dunnit, Books based on new ideas for a mystical landscape, Or even Victorian novels that challenged the status quo. Writers with powerful or unique writing styles usually grab my… — 2 comments
realityshowgirl. I will read pretty much anything. My favorite genres are romance, mystery, fantasy, and true crime. I do read horror when I am in the mood for it. I do like to be surprised. — 1 comment
ethompson011. I love sci-fi, fantasy and quirky authors like Douglas Adams and Kurt Vonnegut. — 2 comments
watson11. I'm a big fan of mysteries, thrillers and contemporary literary fiction. — 4 comments
babzilicious. I'm taking a Sci-Fi/Fantasy intro class this term, so I would be happy with books from either genre - a classic like Asimov's "I, Robot" or something more current like "Paper Girls: The Complete Story": — 6 comments
tweetybugshouse. Enjoy fantasy novels in middle grade, young adult and adult. Here is my goodreads profile it will give you an idea of what i read or want to read. I also have a blog if you want to see what i reviewed. … — 3 comments
kalpanabook. Cozy mysteries, books about the history of weaving (my new hobby), science fiction and fantasy with great characterization, travel memoirs, history of music (classical in particular), historical fiction — 6 comments
erinclark. I really enjoy fiction, contemporary fiction, historical fiction, psychological thrillers, coming of age, humor and the like. I'm pretty open and my library is up to date so you can see my taste in books. I try to rate or review every book I read so I don't try to reread a… — 2 comments
James_Knupp. Really into science fiction (working my way through all the Hugo and Nebula winners for best novel), especially space operas. I really enjoy sci fi that deals with geopolitics, lost colonies/worlds, ships, etc. "The Expanse" is my favorite series of all time. I'm also into… — 12 comments
margaretirene. I really love historical fiction. Recently my tastes have moved into fantasy and history. I LOVE the All Soul’s trilogy. Also detective and mainstream fiction. — 1 comment
Goodlit. contemporary, literary fiction, stories about relationships (of all kinds), social justice, mystery, political criticism, social commentary, reflections on humanity — 2 comments
mooingzelda. My tastes skew towards literary fiction, SFF, historical fiction, memoir, and books by writers of colour in general. But all I want from my Santa this year is the best book you read in 2023! — 2 comments
Romonko. I love all things Canadian. I do want fiction books and my tastes are literary fiction, mysteries with an emphasis on international, spy thrillers and police procedurals. My favourite authors are William Kent Krueger, Louise Penny, Amor Towles, Frederick Backman and a lot of… — 3 comments
knerd.knitter for My almost-6-year-old daughter, Sara. Sara says she wants books about cats! We also enjoy books about adoption, books with LGBTQIA+ themes, and books written in Spanish. — 4 comments
knerd.knitter. My favorite authors are Haruki Murakami and Wally Lamb. I love character-driven stories. I also enjoy graphic novels, particularly memoir and classic literature. — 4 comments
vhaskell. I like contemporary fiction the best, but read other genres, too, such as romance, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, suspense, biographies, graphic novels, short stories... Besides novels, I also like books about art and travel. — 2 comments
dacejav for my daughter. My daughter is 11 years old and she likes horror and scary books now. She has read and liked Coraline by Neil Gaiman, Small Spaces series by Katherine Arden, Doll Bones by Holly Black. She would appreciate something along these lines. She also enjoyed Wonder by R.J. Palacio… — 8 comments
Artoriarius. In fiction, I tend to prefer genre fiction over literary—I’m a big fan of both Star Trek and Star Wars, so almost anything that’s from or is similar to one of those would be good. In nonfiction, I like reading about history—particularly Roman, but anything’s good; and… — 3 comments
elorin. Science fiction and fantasy are my jam. Favorite authors include Robert Heinlein, L.E. Modesitt, Jr., Anne McCaffrey, Rachel Aaron, Lois McMaster Bujold to name a handful. Interested in new authors and series and willing to give most genres of fiction a try. — 1 comment
Powderfinger69. Classic lit/Western Canon; Ambler, LeCarre, Kanon, Downing, Furst; American history from the Revolutionary War era; fiction involving books--see Pearl, Zafón, Lovett, Dunning — 1 comment
camelama. I would appreciate books about how things work, how they came about, such as (i have read these): “Salt: A World History” by Mark Kurlansky, or “Mauve: How One Man Invented a Color That Changed the World” by Simon Garfield, or “Red: The History of a Color” by Michel… — 8 comments
faerywings. I am all about collecting graphic novels. All my other books are ebooks or audiobooks. I've got an Amazon wishlist, so you can get an idea of what I like. Feel free to pick something listed there, or use it as a jumping off point. https://www.ama… — 5 comments
ateolf. I love literary fiction! I especially love stuff that gets called "Modernism" and "Post-Modernism"! I like a pretty good range of things and I like surprises. — 5 comments
normandie_m. My reading tastes are as listed in my profile. As far as my reading in 2023, I've leaned an increasing amount towards fantasy and women-driven narratives. Some of my favourite reads this year have included: A Psalm for the Wild Built/A Prayer for the Crown Shy, Becky… — 2 comments
catgirl_luna. I'm currently really into horror, lesbian/wlw stories, queer fiction, poetry, adult fantasy, science fiction, translated works from any country in these categories as well and nonfiction about the ocean and it's inhabitants. Any books about unicorns are also a plus. For Manga… — 4 comments
bagejew. I love mysteries, thrillers, romance, best sellers. — 2 comments
KateBaxter. I am a huge fan of well crafted/well researched historical fiction. Historical mysteries, regular mysteries, espionage, and suspenseful reads are also favored in our home. Here is where you can find more about my reading taste and also my wishlist, should be you be at a loss… — 8 comments
deelemmas. Loves epic fantasy like brandon Sanderson, Tolkien, Robin Hobb, Rowling, Brent weeks, etc. would be interested in trying out some historical fiction too- haven’t tried much! — 7 comments
ritchgirl12. Brandon Sanderson (I have the Cytonic series, open to starting other series of his!) Cozy mystery, not into a lot of gore World/global History - Eastern culture especially Astronomy Psychology/self help (mindefulness, self-awareness, perspective changing, stuff on the… — 1 comment
debbie1215. I read many many things but primarily I love contemporary fiction, historical fiction and recently have been enjoying some mysteries as well. I love things that are set in the past 1920's-1980's. I also love biographies especially musicians, rock stars, actors (no… — 4 comments
AngelClaw. I love fantasy, historical fiction, women's fiction, and narrative nonfiction. I've been looking for a good series to get lost in too. — 2 comments
alo1224. Poetry. Classics, newer stuff, but not Instagram poets (nothing against Rupi Kaur and the like, its just not my taste). Or something that really must be read as a physical book (like a graphic novel, or similar that won't render as an e-Book) — 1 comment
dianeham. Literary fiction, science fiction, poetry. I am especially drawn to books about: time travel, cults, post apocalypse… — 5 comments
tealadytoo. My tastes are fairly wide ranging. Romance, classics, mysteries, suspense, sci-fi, history, biography are all appealing. I don't mind spiritual content and I don't insist on it either. — 4 comments
xenophon. Literary essays or literary history — 4 comments
KeithChaffee. I enjoy SF (especially time travel stories), mystery (especially locked-room and Golden Age), the history of presidential/Supreme Court politics, LGBT+ history. The books with star ratings in my library will give you some idea of what I've enjoyed. The crazy large "TBR… — 5 comments
shedgeco. I only use LibraryThing for books I actually own, but you can check out my StoryGraph for everything I've read or put down as to-read: But what I really love about SantaThing is getting books that my Santa loves but that I… — 2 comments
majkia. sci fi and fantasy and complex mysteries. See my wishlist. I'm okay with new authors/series, if you think I'll like them! — 4 comments
revsusan. I enjoy science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, children's books that are unique, youth and young adult fiction. I love books that capture a different point of view, a unique way of describing the world. — 4 comments
Susannah14. I like mystery, thrillers (psychological, medical, legal etc…) — 4 comments
mrsandersonut. Amish fiction is my top interest! I would be thrilled with any books chosen from my LT Wishlist (I've already read most other Amish works published). Also, interested in historical nonfiction and biographies, currently focusing on the early American Republic through World War… — 3 comments
Peace2. I like fantasy and science fiction. I read a fair amount of crime & thrillers. I like readable history and books about other places (as in not too heavy duty or formal). Taking a look at my 'finished in 2023' or 'completed' collections will give an idea of things I've finished… — 2 comments
SunshinyShoes. I like a wide variety of books! I've been into thrillers and mysteries more lately, with some interest in true crime as well. I really like Riley Sager, Stephen King, Kate Morton, etc. I've also enjoyed Kristin Hannah books lately, too. I'm open to any good read you'd recommend! — 3 comments
TooLittleReading. I read just about anything! I usually enjoy graphic novels, manga, mysteries, urban fantasy, noir, modern fiction, YA, classics and more. I love taking chances on books. If you're not sure what to pick, you can always check my catalog here to see what my tastes are like… — 6 comments
bragan. My tastes are really very broad, and I will happily read almost all kinds of genres and subject matter. Science fiction/fantasy and science-y non-fiction are particular favorites, but mostly I just encourage you to pick out books you personally think are good, regardless of… — 3 comments
mmoj. Might be easier to say I'm open to most things except do not get list. But in case thats too broad most of books are: Mysteries, thrillers, women's fiction, classics, science fiction, fantasy, crime, cozy mysteries — 5 comments
cassiejay. I like fantasy, cozy mysteries, mythology. Lately, I've been reading some manga amongst my rereads this year. I especially love Sailor Moon and Percy Jackson. I honestly would love to read more mythologies from other cultures. — 5 comments
Nlandwehr. Lately I've been enjoying fantasy and science fiction! This has been fun for me especially because this is not a genre I've read much of, historically. I always appreciate reading and owning books from Queer, BIPOC, and Indigenous folks, and desiring to have a more diverse… — 5 comments
Carrieida. historical fiction, historical mysteries, women's history (print editions only) — 2 comments