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SantaThing: Secret Santa for Book Lovers

Current Status

SantaThing is over. We hope your gifts arrived in time! Check out your SantaThing to see all your comments.

Crucial Information

Monday, December 2nd at 12pm EST (18:00 GMT). Sign-up ends. Secret Santas are chosen, profile messages are sent to the Secret Santa, and you can then enter your gift choices.

Monday, December 9th at 12pm EST (18:00 GMT). Gift picking ends. LibraryThing sends the order via eight tiny ponies to the bookstore you chose.

Check out the SantaThing Help page, join the discussion on Talk, or email katelibrarything.com. See the blog post for more information.

See our full Rules and Advice for LibraryThing Secret Santa.

Current Entries

Nica6. I am drawn to books set in other countries/cultures, historical fiction, science/nature/anthropology, YA, science fiction, social issues. Current interests: Buddhist philosophy, chronic illness/pain. I prefer paperback to hardcover when available as they are lighter in weight… — 7 comments
Jenni_Canuck. I like both fiction (fantasy, YA, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, mystery, steampunk) and non-fiction (popular science such as forensic pathology, sociology and anthropology) and I prefer paperback editions. I have an up-to-date SantaThing wishlist. — 7 comments
HuberK. PRINT BOOKS ONLY Paperbacks preferred How to do hand lettering, Dystopian, Historical Fiction mail order brides or wagon train brides set in 1800s. Hand Lettering for Relaxation: An Inspirational Workbook for Creating Beautiful Lettered Art by Amy Latta or any… — 2 comments
Sujathanath. Simplified science Geography non fiction Design Mystery fiction Humour I am from India and love to learn about different cultures through books. My choices are wide varied and a bit inconsistent. I go with a wide range of themes as long as the book is captivating to… — 4 comments
JerryMmm. Sci-fi classics, fantasy classics, woodworking handtools, wish list — 8 comments
TheHappylittlelady. I enjoy fictional historical romances, Harry Potter is my favorite of all time. I love a really good happy ending and to laugh along the way. Comedy and art and classic stories. — 7 comments
teaholic. Every year, I ask my Secret Santa to help me explore a genre I don't know very well. Two years ago, it was fantasy, and last year, it was sci-fi. This experiment has gone so well that I'd love to do it again with historical fiction. Please pick some books that represent the… — 15 comments
KaiDee_Duncan. Favorite Genres: Rom/Coms Mystery Serial Killers Disney stories (Like peter pan, little mermaid, beauty and the beast, and more) Favorite Authors: Janet Evanovich (I have all of the stephanie plum series) Jo Watson Debbie Macomber Kristin Hannah Authors that… — 6 comments
WoodsieGirl. I like most fiction, but am particularly keen on the moment at reading fiction by people of colour, especially by women. I am particularly keen on sci fi and speculative fiction, but am happy to read most genres. — 5 comments
LibraryCin. I read a wide range of books. Favourites, though, include historical fiction, history, biography, mystery/thriller. But, really, anything except what I add into the "Do not Get!" would be terrific! Thank you! — 5 comments
rretzler. My favorite genres are mystery and science fiction - more specifically British mysteries and dystopian science fiction. I enjoy the British Library Crime Classics and am trying to collect them all, so those are a great idea but please check My Library on LibraryThing… — 4 comments
Kuosa. I like a lot of different kinds of books. It mostly depends on my mood. — 3 comments
rretzler. My favorite genres are mystery and science fiction - more specifically British mysteries and dystopian science fiction. I enjoy the British Library Crime Classics and am trying to collect them all, so those are a great idea but please check My Library first - if it is in My… — 3 comments
Matthew.Archibald. I like YA and middle grade fiction (particularly fantasy and science fiction) though I do sometimes read books meant for adults. :-) I also enjoy graphic novels. — 8 comments
OnlyWhenPigsFly. Murder mysteries and police procedurals. I've read all the standard authors - can you recommend some more obscure? One hit wonders (only 1 book published) would be very interesting! — 14 comments
aurorapaigem. I'm having my first child and am looking to build up a library for them. I would love board books and/or picture books for children that aren't mainstream. It could be something that was a favorite of yours as a child, or something that you've enjoyed reading to others. Or it… — 7 comments
babzilicious. The Elements of Style: Classic Edition (2018): With Editor's Notes, New Chapters & Study Guide by William Strunk Jr. (Author), Richard De A'Morelli Paperback: 123 pages Publisher: Spectrum Ink (July 23, 2018) ISBN-10: 1643990004 ISBN-13: 978-1643990002 Cost: $8.95 … — 2 comments
pedro.pessoa. Anything football (European) related either in Portuguese or English. Anything else suitable for a 11 year old. — 3 comments
conceptDawg. An 11 year old girl who reads at about a 16 year-old level. She loves books about fantasy, magic, mythology, adventure, and especially DRAGONS. She still loves Harry Potter and can't get enough but she's read everything put to print about the magical boy wonder. Unfortunately… — 11 comments
conceptDawg. An 11 year old girl who reads at about a 16 year-old level. She loves books about fantasy, magic, mythology, adventure, and especially DRAGONS. She still loves Harry Potter and can't get enough but she's read everything put to print about the magical boy wonder. Unfortunately… — 8 comments
pedro.pessoa. fantasy or computer engineering I'm always in for a surprise! — 3 comments
Jessie_Lynne. Murder mysteries, historical fiction, art and art history, adventures, sci-fi and fantasy. Also, love young adult novels! Favorite authors include: Susan Collins, JK Rowling, Katherine Rundell, Lee Child, Rex Stout, Louise Penny. — 3 comments
library_mistress. Feminist/queer science fiction and social fiction; dictionaries (especially about languages); ancient history; everything forest/wood/timber/trees; (cozy) mysteries related to books, bookshops, librarians, or libraries. But I also like surprises - maybe you think I should… — 11 comments
MelissaLibrarian. I love anything Sarah J Maas, Patricia Briggs... I like fantasy & realistic fantasy. I also love non-fiction books about history; historical fiction like "The Nightingale" by Kristin Hannah or "The Orphan Train" by Christina Baker Kline; and some romance like Jill Shalvis's… — 4 comments
ReneeSzostek. I enjoy reading classic literature and literary fiction. I also enjoy reading mysteries. In addition, I like music, art, and science. I read widely, however, and have eclectic tastes, so I would be pleased with anything. — 11 comments
Ragnell. I'm into horror and spirituality right now. — 5 comments
Northern_Light. Big fan of historical fiction such as the Shardlake novels. Read authors such as Diana Gabaldon, Ken Follett, Jodi Picoult and Patricia Cornwell. — 3 comments
Morphidae. Because I read 200 - 300 books a year and I don't get them all entered into LT, your best bet is to use the "LT Recommended" collection as it has over 175 books on it. "Want to Read" is a *very* small subset of that list of books I'd like to read sooner rather than later… — 3 comments
Morphidae. Because I read 200 - 300 books a year and I don't get them all entered into LT, your best bet is to use the "LT Recommended" collection as it has over 175 books on it. "Want to Read" is a *very* small subset of that list of books I'd like to read sooner rather than later… — 3 comments
lispylibrarian. This is for my library clerk, Michele. She likes YA, rom-coms, Marie Lu & David Lu, and mysteries. She recently purchased the new David Lu book and finished the new Marie Lu, Rebel. She is currently reading the new Jason Reynolds' book Look Both Ways and George by Alex… — 10 comments
agotte11. https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/9353226-amanda https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/17WTPYTACHSEZ?ref_=wl_share https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/17WTPYTACHSEZ?ref_=wl_share — 1 comment
littlegreycloud. I like contemporary and literary fiction, 19th century novels, clever mysteries (not too cosy, not too graphic) in German, English, Swedish, French and (very slowly) Russian. Would love books that I may not have heard of and/or from your country or region. Or a book that… — 9 comments
lispylibrarian. I LOVE YA! I have recently been enjoying adult romance as well. I just finished reading Red, White, and Royal Blue. I also loved The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory and When Life Gives You LuluLemons. I also enjoy celebrities' memoirs IF they are funny. Nothing depressing,… — 7 comments
k_goetz. Recipient is in love with Angela Lansbury on "Murder She Wrote". Perhaps it is the detective genre or the antique typewriter in the opening credits. Recipient loves all things "New England" like Joe Froggers or Election Day Yeastcake. Enough hints? — 2 comments
Cuervo. My library page should give you a good idea of my reading habits. Favourites are science-fiction and books about books. — 6 comments
bgfulton. Graphic Novels, science fiction, non-fiction that reads like fiction and cooking. — 6 comments
Tichy. Puzzle books, Math, Science, economics, Science Fiction and Fantasy (preferably not of the variety "a nobody fulfills longstanding prophecy to become a superhero"), adventure, good novels, history. English language preferred, but German is OK, too. — 3 comments
Daedalus.. I read novels (EN, FR, IT), contemporary and classic (but not too classic!). Calvino and Borges are among my favourites (I have most of their books, but you see the kind of literature :). And Rebecca Solnit. Crime stories and, occasionally, sci­fi, why not. I love art… — 5 comments
elgatoazabache. I would love LGBQ-themed novels, particularly from Africa, South America or Asia - though the rest of the world is fine too! Generally I care more about the quality of the writing than I do about plot. So preferably "lit fic" or well-written genre fic. My librarything… — 5 comments
mpaulsen22. I love adventure, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy. Some books and authors I love are Dresden files, The Martian, Enders game series, Doctor Who books, Lord of the Rings, Dan Brown, A.G. Riddle, Micheal Crichton. — 4 comments
pantsu. I like sci-fi, fantasy, some YA (see DNG), historical fiction/romance, stories about adventurers/explorers, etc. I also enjoy non-fiction about science, scientists (I am one), and explorers, especially if they involve the sea or geology. I sew, so books on historical costume… — 12 comments
Colleen_L_McDonald. My son is soon to be 8 and is interested in many things. Dragons and dinosaurs are good candidates. He's still working on his reading skills and is about level I through K on his abilities. I also read to him and we are reading/listening to the Wings of Fire series. We… — 5 comments
Colleen_L_McDonald. I'm in a phase where I want to read chick lit, travel or foodie memoirs, inspirational and uplifting (but not religious). Stories where people overcome the odds are good right now, as is historical fiction. Places I love are Italy, Paris, England, beaches, wineries, … — 3 comments
caras_galadhon. I really do prefer fiction to non-fiction, and within fiction, I prefer genre literature (fantasy, mystery, suspense, some sci-fi, and some horror). Tolkien's works are incredibly important to me, but outside of the Professor's works, I prefer my fantasy to be more… — 4 comments
NicoleW. Christian Romance, and Science Fiction — 6 comments
BookLizard. I'm in the mood for something funny. I like fantasy (especially urban fantasy), science fiction (especially dystopian or space opera), historical romance (not modern), cozy mysteries involving cats and/or books/libraries/book stores. — 8 comments
Jen_Bartels. Mysteries, thrillers, horror, suspense, bestsellers, true crime, anything really. Send me your favorite book, I love that. My favorite authors are Stephen King, Ann Patchett, Mary Higgins Clark, JK Rowling/Robert Galbraith, and many, many more. — 4 comments
ehough75. Really most anything. Popular Sellers, Lesbian Fiction, Mystery. True Crime — 4 comments
DebbiMack. They're both scientists who work on environmental issues. That'll give you an idea of their interests. He also runs and hikes in Colorado. So, outdoors stuff is good. But I'm also going to make a specific recommendation. "Digital Minimalism" by Cal Newport. A great book for… — 2 comments
Helenoel. I'd like some new ideas - something you really like, a new mystery series, translated books, books set in non-US places ? If you are desperate my wishlist is up to date, but it is a storage spot for books that have been recommended or have caught my eye from reviews. I… — 6 comments
DebbiMack. She likes memoirs, contemporary fiction, and mysteries are okay, if they're not too graphic. I know she likes David Sedaris, but she's read his books. So, anything like David Sedaris is good. Also, I think she'd really enjoy Christopher Moore, because he's funny. — 2 comments
mellymel171328. He likes books about pokemon. He do doesn't know how to read yet and could use any Pre K level books. — 3 comments
mellymel171328. He is getting into chapter books. He likes captain underpants and anything about pokemon. He also loves reading books to his little 5 year old brother. He is getting curious about religions. I wouldn't mind any simple story books that are age appropriate for an 8 year old. — 2 comments
mellymel171328. I'm into YA Distopian themed books. I also really love a good who done it murder mystery. — 8 comments
DeathsHand1328. I am collecting World of Warcraft books. I also am into books about D&D. — 1 comment
deedee1501. Memoirs (The boys in the boat, The Glass Castle, Educated, Drinking the Rain) Action adventure (James Rollins) Kristin Hannah Magical books: Harry Potter, Lightbringer series, Kate Mortenson Six of Crows Series Wayward Children series — 3 comments
voconnell. I love mysteries! Also good suspense novels! My LibraryThing secret santa last year got one of the best books I read this year, so I am really looking forward to this! If you want to go non-fiction, I love history of science :) You can see the books that I have on… — 5 comments
susanna.fraser. My son is an aspiring artist with a focus on animation and screenwriting. Lately most of what he reads outside of assigned reading for school is fanfic of one kind or another, but in the past he's enjoyed graphic novels in multiple genres, manga, and fantasy. He is a trans… — 4 comments
SNO24601. I love genre fiction: fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. For example, I love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Ray Bradbury, and Edgar Allan Poe. I like both Young Adult and Adult fiction. I also love the classics, especially Victorian Lit, British Lit, and Gothic Lit. For example,… — 5 comments
ateolf. I like literary fiction, primarily modernism and post-modernism. I like surprises and my tastes aren't limited just to that, but I tend to lean more experimental than not. — 5 comments
niadarola. Likes a good romance (historical, fantasy, or sci-fi). Really enjoys fantasy series but maybe not something super dense. Also enjoys some sci-fi/space opera, but again, not something super dense or old school (a la Asimov). — 3 comments
holly_golightly. My library, tags and ratings should give you a good idea of what I like. I have a substantial wishlist as well, which may help you. It's been quite a year. I'd prefer to receive a book that shows a bit of kindness, or that gives me a little bit of hope for the future. — 3 comments
russelllindsey. Looking for some good, thoughtful books on writing. I would also ADORE a full hardcover set of Little House on the Prairie books or Prairie Girl by Pamela Hill. — 5 comments
dwilton. Well-written fiction (any genre) and science-related non-fiction are especially appreciated — 3 comments
susanna.fraser. While my husband mostly reads work-related nonfiction, he's recently developed a taste for diverse, progressive recent science fiction. E.g he's read and enjoyed N.K. Jemisin and Cixin Lu, and I recently introduced him to Martha Wells's Murderbot series. He'd also probably… — 2 comments
LivingReflections. I like smart, witty writing, mostly often with some flavor of social commentary. I just read Lindy West's new book, but possibly my favorite author is Edith Wharton. I also enjoy non-fiction where I learn something. However I am always looking for something new to expand my… — 3 comments
mvr1426. Romance - Historical, medieval, Regency — 4 comments
susanna.fraser. I read a wide variety of genre fiction. My favorites are fantasy, science fiction, and romance, but I'd love to find a new-to-me historical mystery series or two, something like Phryne Fisher or Marcus Didius Falco. I also read a good bit of nonfiction and especially enjoy… — 5 comments
thisstage. I enjoy a wide range of books, but am particularly interested in contemporary fiction, literary fiction and books with LGBT+ themes. I am interested and involved in theatre, and I love photography. — 3 comments
larch100. Hello! I'm a huge fantasy nerd - I read big epic fantasies: Name Of The Wind, Mistborn, LOTR, The Witcher, Game Of Thrones (I also own Lies of Locke Lamora but haven't read them yet), and I really like Neil Gaiman (read Neverwhere, American Gods, Good Omens). I love urban… — 3 comments
dtwoodford. 3 comments
amaranthe. Areas of current interest - Nonfiction: Botanical art (books of, or how-to) Victoriana Queer/LGBTQIA+ studies (no biographies) Paganism/witchcraft/heathenry A good book about knitting? For beginners? I don't know how but might take it up. Only get this if you knit… — 7 comments
chessley. Jacob loves reading and reads around a 10th grade level, but being younger He likes books with a lot of action to keep his attention. He reads a lot of sci-fi and Fantasy recently branching into dystopia, his latest favorite series being the Arc of the Scythe. He's currently… — 2 comments
chessley. Rachel loves dystopia and reads far above her grade level. She loves The Hunger Games (but already owns it). She also enjoys fantasy from time to time and really enjoyed Mistborn. She always loves the getting new books she has never heard of from santathing so feel free to… — 6 comments
catalina7. Surprise me! I want to read something you loved, something that was absorbing and pulled you into the story. — 4 comments
catalina7. I read mostly fantasy and especially love urban fantasy. I also enjoy comedic reads and historical fiction. Some of my favorite authors/books are Terry Pratchett's discworld series, Tamora Pierce's Tortall series, Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels series, Patricia Briggs' Mercy… — 2 comments
sahra. Verity will be 7 in January and attends the 1st grade. She is an emerging reader, and still has her parents read most of her books to her as she often enjoys books that are beyond her reading level. She really wants to be literate. Books other than chapter books should have… — 4 comments
catalina7. TJ is 4.5 and in preschool. He is just learning his letters but is not reading yet. He loves the avengers and super heroes. He also loves Christmas and Santa Claus. He goes through phases of liking all the current popular kids shows, he currently likes Vampirina a lot (but… — 4 comments
catalina7. Jenna is 6 and just learning to read on her own. She would love simple books she can practice reading on her own. She loves unicorns, pinkalicious, and super heroes. She also still loves being read to and we are starting to look for some longer/more complex books to read… — 6 comments
sahra. I’m particularly into cyber sci-fi, graphic novels, historical fiction (especially alternate histories), poetry, short stories, anthologies, edgy humor, travel, and off-the-beaten-path YA. Especially written by women, marginalized people, and those from other cultures and… — 5 comments
gentlespirit512. I have a wishlist on LibraryThing that I hope will give you some ideas. I read books on writing, creativity, and monastic spirituality. I also read a lot of women's fiction. — 4 comments
electricfig. I enjoy uniquely constructed, either physically or conceptually, books. — 7 comments
vivirielle. I like YA and Middle Grade. I love fantasy books. I keep my Goodreads a little more up-to-date, so that may help you: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/24851329-aylea — 4 comments
sillygwailo. Something from this thread would be interesting. I like Zadie Smith a lot, but like the author of this post, I'm not interested in the authors she's compared to most often. https://ask.metafilter.com/226592/Book-recommendations-ZadieSmithish-but-not-Pynchonesque Near… — 4 comments
deelemmas. Fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, historical drama- favorite books are Harry Potter, lord of the rings, storm light archive, gone with the wind, dune series, game of thrones. Also love illustrated books, especially if they are weird and wacky. Have also enjoyed Stephen King, nail… — 2 comments
susiehk. I'm a nonfiction gal. I love great storytelling books, like Braiding Sweetgrass and Women Who Run with Wolves. I also love books about a sense of place, like the geography of the US or a region. I'm a northwest / west coast gal currently doing a stint in Florida - working on… — 14 comments
Dariah. I read a wide range of genres, mostly fantasy and thriller, but also historical fiction, science-fiction, mystery, ... This year, I would like to receive a few of your favorite books. — 5 comments
jessicamhill. I prefer contemporary fiction but avoid mass-market stuff. I try to stay up to date on award winners, best books, etc. — 3 comments
Eneila. Mostly fantasy or historical with a romance in them. Occasionally good biopgraphy books about various subjects. But ready to read any good book. — 4 comments
renardkitsune. Top of the list for me is historical fiction and fantasy. But I really like anything. Truly. I guess I am looking to get books in specific genres that I like but haven't gotten to read very much of. For specifics: Historical Fiction: I like what I call "epic" historical… — 4 comments
CJPG. I am a fan of Historical Fiction, Memoirs, and YA Literature. I also enjoy Graphic Novels, although I enjoy books from authors of diversity. I have a fairly eclectic home library that reflects my diverse reading passion and history - many of which I have yet to read. I'll be… — 6 comments
Allyss. Fairy tale retellings, fantasy books in general where the main character is a smart girl or woman. General fiction about women who have vastly different lives then I do (white, north american), historical fiction or non-fiction set in medieval europe. — 6 comments
brewergirl. I like a wide range -- fiction, history, biography, science, religion. To see what I already have or have read, check my "Personal Library" collection in LibraryThing. — 4 comments
masterdeski. Fantasy and Science-Fiction, Ancient History, Linguistics, Anthropology. Favorite authors are Tolkien, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Anne McCaffrey, Timothy Zahn, Mercedes Lackey, Jim Butcher, and Ursula K. LeGuin. — 3 comments
owlie13. Mystery and suspense (both current and historical), science fiction, urban fantasy, historical fiction, non-dry non-fiction (think Mary Roach and/or Bill Bryson). My library is up-to-date. I prefer new authors, since if I like an author, I binge on their works, and stop… — 15 comments
LizOppelt. For fiction, I prefer fantasy, magical realism and thrillers. I also enjoy young adult fantasy and short story collections. Favorite authors include CE Murphy, Diane Duane, Mercedes Lackey. For non-fiction, I read biographies, world history (especially social history,… — 5 comments
ILuvBookplates. She likes cozy mysteries, lighthouses and beachy things. — 3 comments
karyberg. I enjoy books about food/foodways, the environment, new takes on classics (like Pat Barker's The Silence of the Girls), historical fiction (like Feast of Sorrow-Crystal King), and some fantasy (Game of Thrones, Ursula LeGuin or Winter of the Gods-Jordanna Max Brodsky). — 4 comments
dblue236. I love to read, and often I'll read upward of 200 books per year! I haven't made quite that many this year. I'm really not very picky, and will read nearly anything! Some of YOUR favorites, classics, something entirely outside my wheelhouse... I'm pretty game! — 3 comments
calm. For SantaThing I would like fiction. Genres :- Standalone Fantasy; Alternative History or early Historical Fiction, Medieval or earlier. Specifically pre-historic; bronze age; dark ages or early Medieval. I'm not fond of Imperialism or Colonialism. I read to escape so I… — 14 comments
Garp83. American history, American presidential biographies, American Civil War, ancient history, historical atlases, Big History, world history. — 3 comments
Quati. Fiction, mostly romance, but could be someting related, or light reads. — 5 comments
lowelibrary. I love cozy mysteries (especially those involving cats or the paranormal). I am looking to expand my non-fiction new age collection. Feel free to look at that category to get an idea. I always ask for one true crime or paranormal nonfiction book for my husband who shares… — 4 comments
kendallone. I love to read historical fiction, biographies especially of European nobility, British police detectives (along the lines of Anne Perry and Elizabeth George), natural history and ancient history. I'm more Jane Austen than Diana Gabaldon. — 5 comments
MrsColeman17. I am mostly into thrillers (psychological, YA, doesn't matter). However, I am open to any genre. Sometimes I want to read to a book to take my mind off my work and make me feel good inside. — 9 comments
andersonden. Used to read almost exclusively F&SF or speculative fiction and still enjoy these, but have tended toward either non-fiction that makes me think (eg. Gladwell or Freakanomics) about social, political, or economic conditions and realistic fiction more recently. — 6 comments
Christiana5. I tend to enjoy historical fiction and mysteries the most, but I also like general fiction and some science fiction, especially if there’s a time travel element, and certain non fiction books in the social welfare arena. Favorite authors include Diana Gabaldon, Jodi Picoult,… — 4 comments
xhollishx. She is 8 years old. Reading pretty well for her age, but still learning. She likes Disney Descendants and Babymouse. She likes Disney, drawing, and anything girly. — 3 comments
GarthW. I love rich picture books, Graphic Novels with heartwarming themes, novels geared towards young readers, mysteries, Christian Fiction and Non-fiction, and any kind of books for children just learning to read. — 2 comments
sbene81. I love a long book that I can really dive into. Recently finished This Tender Land and loved it. Big fan of most classics, particularly Russian literature. I also love nonfiction that is challenging in subject matter or covers social issues. I read White Fragility this… — 5 comments
xhollishx. I like YA, thrillers and some romance. My Wishlist is up to date and most of my read books are also. — 3 comments
barefeet4. Some of my favorite authors are Jane Austen, John Irving, Edith Wharton and David McCullough. I read Jane Eyre almost yearly. I like historical fiction and presidential/first lady biographies but will read almost anything that isn't horror or thriller (not really into sci-fi… — 4 comments
jkhernca. I love creepy books and thrillers. Dark and twisty seem to be a vein of books I have been into for a while. Other types of books I have really enjoyed include, The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, Warm Bodies, Crazy Rich Asains, Say Her Name.. I also enjoy classic retelling a… — 5 comments
sp-patten. Canadian literature, mysteries, thrillers and horror. We also like non-fiction focused on psychology. Science fiction also a favourite. Interested in authors outside of North America. — 3 comments
hbfj. Non-fiction: Sciency non-fiction. Women in science. Baseball. Women in baseball. History. Knitting,.Atheist lit, True Crime. Fiction: humourous sci-fi/fantasy (Adams, Pratchett, Gail Carriger, Christopher Moore). My favorite book ever is Good Omens.. — 11 comments
bcrowl399. I really like suspense/mystery. That's my favorite, but I also love historical fiction, biographies, poetry, fantasy and history. I'm open to religion, philosophy, anthropology. I'm not a fan of true crime. I've delved into some Cozy series and Westerns. I'm pretty open… — 4 comments
Bowerbirds-Library. I have just been to see Tutankhamen: The Golden Pharaoh exhibition in London. It was amazing! and so I have developed 'Tutmania'! Therefore I would like anything to do with Ancient Egypt - fiction and/or non-fiction is fine. I have dabbled with some Amelia Peabody novels, so… — 5 comments
booksandbutter. I enjoy most genres. Historical fiction, Mystery, Dystopian, New Fiction, Romance, Cookbooks Some of my favorite authors are Diana Gabaldon, Clive Cussler, James Rollins, Jodi Piccoult, JR Ward, Paullina Simons, Jane Green PRINT BOOKS ONLY My library is not at all up… — 2 comments
Petroglyph. I’m open to both fiction and non-fiction, preferably by authors that are new to me. I'll just give you a few guidelines that I use to buy books for myself: that should give you plenty to work with. My catalogue on LT is complete and updated. 1) I’m trying to read… — 6 comments
kaliwrites. I'm currently addicted to mystery/thrillers! I also love contemporary YA and literary fiction. Especially stories that deal with the hard things in life for example What Unbreakable Looks like was an amazing read because it was so real. Some of my favorite reads as of late… — 7 comments
gortavoher. Fantasy and good stories. Technology and business. Startup, devops, security. — 2 comments
aspirit. Varied! Big names, mid-listers, obscure authors-- of picture books, chapbooks, novellas/novelettes, novels, non-fiction, anthologies, collections, and graphic novels. I especially enjoy science fiction and fantasy. Within those genres, the queerer, the better. On my own,… — 4 comments
camelama. Fiction, biographies, history (especially of specific items - like I loved the history of the color red, and mauve, and rope). Also love knowing how things were developed - like the first spacesuits, and mapping the ocean floor. Love PG Wodehouse, Thirkell, Arthur Ransome,… — 2 comments
Anamcha. Fantasy, strong plot and character romances(Ie Nora Roberts, Debbie Macomber), coming of age, YA, romantic mysteries(ie JD Robb) , thrilling mysteries(ie Dan Brown), prehistoric fiction, historic fiction, humorous memoirs (ie I can’t believe this really happened) Fictional… — 2 comments
pigs_and_books. I like YA. Adult fiction, romance, contemporary, and thrillers. — 2 comments
janineknapp. I really enjoy contemporary fiction. I like coming-of-age, modern stories about a character’s life, struggles, relationships, etc. For example, my favorite book in recent years was “The Idiot” by Elif Batuman. I like themes around empowerment, romance, fantasy, and mythology… — 4 comments
LoveOfMuffins4820. I really enjoy books about food--the history, cultural rituals, sociological observations, etc. In terms of fiction, I enjoy a good mystery, historical fiction and I have a particular fondness for Canadian authors. — 5 comments
GoldieBug. Horses, Thoroughbred horse racing, dogs, cats, mystery, Superman and Supergirl, science fiction, fantasy, pop-ups. See wishlist, or surprise me! :-) — 4 comments
3bythesea. I like a good surreal of fantastic twist, but that is not to say I don't like enjoy keepin it real (realistic fiction). Think more a splash of surreal/sci-fi flavor, not as much full on fantasy. I fall for girl meets alternative universe over girl meets boy. I don't need… — 3 comments
evaalice. Love foreign mysteries - Fred Vargas, Louise Penny, Arnaldur Indridason, Ellie Griffiths, Sujata Massey and Magdalen Nabb are favorites (read them all - looking for more like them) Love autobiography - especially female-authored, travel or literary like Isak Dinesen Out of… — 3 comments
TxYanky. mysteries, biographies, history books about old closed lunitic asylums, — 2 comments
Alendor. As in previous years I am interested in broading my literary horizons and read authors from around the world past and present. I love beautiful designed books and have a preference for literary fiction, scifi, fantasy and graphic novels. I have also a wide interest in… — 4 comments
TBones. Graphic Novels - Mad Cave Comics (Battle Cats) - Image Comics - DC Vertigo - Marvel Regular Comics As Well Horror, Fantasy, SciFi, Adventure Bizarro, YA Dean Koontz, Carlton Mellick III, Paul Sating, Jeff Strand, Joe Hill, Jack Ketchum, Richard Laymon, Neal Shusterman — 1 comment
dadalo. Psychological Thrillers Medical Thrillers Suspense-Thriller-Crime Historical Fiction Action-Adventure — 3 comments
Momgoth. Horror, fantasy, science fiction. — 2 comments
pmarshall. Mysteries: police procedurals like Peter Robinson, Quintin Jardine, Deborah Crombie’s : P. I./sleuths like Marcia Muller, Laurie R. King (Mary Russell), Viveca Sten, Gail Bowen, Legal Procedurals like John Lescroart, Alafair Burke, Sujata Massey: Misc. Dick Francis … — 4 comments
serendipitina. I love a great story. My reading tastes cover a wide range. I do have a wishlist of books on LibraryThing: https://www.librarything.com/catalog/serendipitina/wishlist I like Irish writers, thrillers, contemporary drama, ethical fiction, social issues non-fiction, epistolary… — 5 comments
SweetReaderMA. I like thrillers, psychological suspense, and mysteries. — 3 comments
trojanpotato. I confess I haven't been the most active on LibraryThing, partly due to moving and partly due to... life, I suppose. But to the books! I'm always here for sci-fi: I literally would not stop recommending A Memory Called Empire to everyone I talked books with last year!… — 11 comments
jeshakespeare. I'm wishing for Poison by Charlot King, Foul Play in Vouvray by Noel Balen, Out of Body by Suzanne Brockmann., and any Erle Stanley Gardner Perry Mason mysteries. (The last are not in my public library for some reason.) Dig Deep My Grave by Cheryl Honigford would work too. I… — 3 comments
lisamiller86. I read many things but especially like sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and comedy. I enjoy dark futuristic tales with interesting premises. I like books with twists or surprise connections. I’m fine with profanity and graphic scenes if they come in a well written book. I enjoy some… — 3 comments
TheFlamingoReads. I love historical fiction and non-fiction, mysteries (the cozier the better), and I'm starting to read a lot more contemporary fiction. My historical tastes seem to be mostly set in Victorian England but I'm not adverse to other time periods or places. The best place to start… — 5 comments
AoifeT. Harlequin Presents books. I'm new to Santa Thing and currently I am reading a lot of Harlequin Presents books. I am in treatment for cancer and I discovered one of these left by another patient. I picked it up and found that not only is it a fast read but very silly, in an… — 2 comments
BloodyMaryShelley. I like healthy cook books, books about the tudors, Harry Potter related books and books about crafts like 3D card crafts. I'm also interested in books related to Dragon Age and The Red King Series. (Read all, own none) I should probably mention that I definitely prefer… — 2 comments
BloodyMaryShelley. Mario loves fantasy books. His favourite would be the Charlie Bone Series by Jenny Nimmo. He's read most of them in his own language, but has been learning english for a while now and is definitely getting good at it, so those would be cool. His second love for books are… — 2 comments
michelynn2016. Choosing from my wishlist is best bet. Physical copy The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern is #1 pick. — 2 comments
AmberTew. My Santa Thing wishlist up to date! So browse that wishlist and find something great! Thank you! — 4 comments
fionaanne. At the moment: YA. Contemporary preferred; ideally mystery/thriller. Bonus points for award winners. I have updated my LT wishlist so feel free to make use of that. — 2 comments
reedread. Female main character-based mysteries, historical fiction, literary fiction, family sagas, biographies. Special interests are art, British royals, and novels set in England, Ireland and Wales. Favorite authors include Louise Penny, Susan Vreeland, Deborah Crombie, Elizabeth… — 4 comments
ahef1963. *Booker Prize winners and works by Nobel laureates in literature *19th century literature *crime novels *good biographies/autobiographies/memoirs *dystopian fiction *books that make me laugh *Canadian fiction *paleoanthropology and linguistic development — 4 comments
huyen. Love Urban fantasy: read all of Kelley Armstrong, Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, Nalini Singh, Lynn Viehl (have not read her other pseudonyms yet), Laurell K Hamilton's Merry Gentry series and most of Anita Blake series, Carrie Vaughn, Jayne Castle/Amanda Quick/Jayne Ann… — 3 comments
tmbookluvr. Mystery, thrillers, sci/fi fantasy are what I read the most. I will sometimes read literary novels, but not as often — 4 comments
elizabethanne80. I read a pretty wide variety of things and am open to trying most things. My favorite authors are Jasper Fforde, Connie Willis, and Kate Morton. I especially enjoy historical fiction, historical mysteries (e.g. Elizabeth Peters and Laurie R.King), high fantasy,… — 6 comments
Faintdreams. Sewing and tailoring clothes for yourself History of: - Literature - Feminism - Vampires - Witches - Modern Fandom Mythology: Chinese. African, Japanese Retelling or re-framing of traditional European Mythology/Fairy Tales Deconstructing or critical… — 4 comments
sheryll. Fantasy, mystery, history — 3 comments
Ennas. Fantasy in all colors, shapes and sizes. I'd like to try something new within the fantastic genre. I like characters with good friends. — 4 comments
EllsieFind. Thank you in advance Secret Santa for picking my books! I enjoy new literary and/or speculative fiction. I like a well-written mystery, if it isn't gory or cozy. I like nature writing and books about going back to the land. I would love to read something that you really… — 7 comments
smileydq. I read mostly fiction, though I also enjoy some non-fiction relevant to my professional interests in women's health (e.g., The Zero Trimester by Miranda Waggoner). I love good literary fiction and historical fiction, and some mysteries. Some authors I love: Jodi Picoult… — 2 comments
pippamontague. My taste ranges from psychological thrillers to chick lit! Take a look at my books read in 2019 in my library to get an idea of what I like :)! I love books with a good twist! — 2 comments
pippamontague. Elodie is 9 months old! She loves board books and bright colors! She also loves animals! — 2 comments
shearon. You can look at my library to see what I like, although I have been reading too many light mysteries lately. But I would love to discover new fiction authors. — 3 comments
LinaMP1822. I read a pretty wide variety of books, but I have enjoyed several fantastic historical fiction novels (The Scribe of Siena, The Silence of the Girls, & In the Time of the Butterflies) in recent months and would love to read more from that genre. But again, I have read and am… — 4 comments
BingeReader87. Thrillers, Romance, Contemporary, Comics, Graphic Novels. I love Stephen King, Dean Koontz, James Patterson, Karin Slaughter, Kimberly MCcreight. — 3 comments
JacobsBeloved. I read a ton of fantasy - both young adult and adult, and I also enjoy historical fiction. Check my "Read" lists for what I like, and my "To-Read" list is specific titles that I want. If you can keep your picks within those genres, I will be happy. :) — 2 comments
aventinus. If I had to choose only one genre, it would definitely be literary fiction. In the past, I had a clear tendency towards German and Russian authors in translation. However, over the last few years, I have started to appreciate more and more novelists coming from… — 3 comments
InsightsintoBooks. I like pretty much anything, but especially historical fiction and books on religions specifically judaism, Islam, or eastern religions. I also like self help books and books that teach you lessons in story form such as The Alchemist. Some of my favorite authors are M.J. Rose,… — 3 comments
kkelm22. Books in Rylan's wishlist this year are all books that have something to do with animals/dinosaurs. Rylan is an animal/dinosaur fanatic. He loves the books with a 3D type model of the animal so you can see all of its organs and skeleton. Anything to do with Jurassic Park/World… — 3 comments
clue. I like most fiction including mysteries, historical fiction and fiction revolving around art. I like "light literary fiction" if there is such a thing. In nonfiction I like books on nature and biography. — 5 comments
seaweedotter. I would really love to re-read the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey, so the first few books of that would be awesome. Also, I love almost anything Doctor Strange. I've listed the things I have in the Do Not Get, but I'd love a graphic novel. Also, I cross… — 2 comments
witchescastle. Ghost stories, historical fiction around 1890s-1930s, stories about shipwrecks or The Titanic, stories about carnivals or fairs, light romance, poetry, literary fiction, mystery, YA with magic, vegetarian cookbooks, baking cookbooks. — 7 comments
relativelybooktastic. Thrillers- suspense romance- some science fiction - nonfiction (memoirs and true crime) Contemporary fiction. poetry and classics. inspirational reads and christian non fiction and fiction. Some favorite authors: BA Paris, Lisa Scottoline, riley sager. Recent Reads that… — 4 comments
timspalding. I'm buying this for an 11th grade student I know—he's helping me run a small church library. Also "I love fantasy I like fiction the most also historical fiction is always good I'm also into mythology some of my favorite books are The Outsiders, Hatchet, Lord of the Flies,… — 2 comments
juki2222. Science fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance, science and history books with a narrative, young adult — 3 comments
robertwmartin. I currently read lots of contemporary authors from the UK and tend to read more speculative fiction than any other genre. I have also read a few biographies and "big idea" books in the last year. A gap in my reading is female authors and from authors from outside North… — 3 comments
neiljonlouie. * Sciences and mathematics * Foreign languages, in particular: German, Italian, Korean, or Traditional Chinese * Geography, history, and historical fiction * Mystery / thriller / detective novels * Football (or soccer, if you're from the United States) — 4 comments
RidgewayGirl. I like well-written fiction, like the kind found in the shortlists for awards of various kinds. I'm trying to read more diversely, and so would prefer novels written by authors from outside the usual places, works in translation or from immigrants or members of minority… — 13 comments
Marlane. Historical fiction like David Liss and Sharon Kay Penman, character driven mysteries like Louise Penny. Also interested in food history. Enjoy reading old cookbooks. Active hobbies are quilting, succulent gardening, and quilling. — 2 comments
interference. The tags in my library at lt say a lot about me, I presume ... A present for me doesn't have to be a novel, but I would prefer a traditional book (with paper or so) in German or English. — 3 comments
kgodey. I read a lot of fantasy and science fiction. I'm also very interested in meticulously researched non-fiction (tending towards academic works rather than popular non-fiction). I care more about books being good than specific genres and would love to get books that I am not… — 3 comments
niadarola. Honestly, anything from from my wishlist would be amazing. I love good science fiction and fantasy. It's been a while since I've read mystery/thriller, but something really with good prose and engrossing would be welcome. I also like the occassional non-fiction book that will… — 6 comments
Nevillesmom. I like academic mysteries, Gothic, Patrick Taylor’s Irish Village series, Craig Johnson, Tony Hillerman, Janet Evonovich’s Stephanie Plum, and Hangman’s Daughter series, and Libba Bray’s The Diviners. I teach college and high school English, so good classroom methods books are… — 4 comments
literatefool. As I say each year- surprise me! I love to read just about everything-see the next section. I love mysteries from noir to cozies; I love biographies; I love autobiographies; I love history; I love..books. — 4 comments
jazzyereader. I love memoirs and literature. A few of my favorite books I read this past year were Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, A Gentleman in Moscow and Bad Blood: Secrets & Lies in Silicon Valley. I also love food books like Blood, Bones & Butter. And humor such as Let's… — 2 comments
ValiantGinger. I love YA and adult, particularly speculative fiction. My favourite genres include all variations of fantasy (urban, fairy tale, etc.), mysteries, science fiction, and contemporary. As an author, I maintain an active Instagram account dedicated to books, so I especially love… — 3 comments
ForeignCircus. I read mostly fiction though I also like biographies (especially of cool women). I love mysteries (especially Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, Elly Griffiths) and have recently been dipping my toe back into sci-fi and fantasy after a long hiatus. I read a lot of Regency or… — 6 comments
DominiqueMarie. I have eclectic taste when it comes to books. Really I'm up for almost anything. I particularly enjoy literature, fairy tale retellings, fantasy, books featuring animals and nature (especially Dogs and the ocean), mysteries and suspense (but not gory/horror), historical… — 2 comments
mmargironsidemcgean. Biography or Autobiography, Old Hollywood, Police or Murder Mysteries, Comedy Mysteries, Scotland and Ireland, Espionage, Gardening, Ancient History — 3 comments
wd40sw. My Library Thing account is strictly for books that are for my classroom library. So everything here must be Elementary School age appropriate (K-6). I understand that's a big age range but if it falls in that range it will be useful to me. I am currently a Permanent… — 3 comments
Familyhistorian. I read lots of fiction and nonfiction and enjoy history and mysteries in both. Good graphic novels are also welcome. — 5 comments
purseproblm. I read a lot of thrillers, historical fiction, mysteries and YA. A little bit of literary fiction thrown in too. — 3 comments
sallylou61. I would like to receive novels or autobiographies/memoirs by women authors, many of whom published in the early 20th century. Authors I am particularly interested in reading include Edna Ferber, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Jessie Redmon Fauset, Elizabeth von Arnim, Christa Wolf,… — 3 comments
mrsandersonut. Any books from my wishlist would make me very happy! I enjoy reading wholesome Amish mysteries and romances and I have read most all publish in the past 10+ years. The Amish novels on my wishlist are the ones I haven't read yet! By profession, I'm a high school U.S.… — 2 comments
Peace2. I like fantasy and science fiction. I read a fair amount of crime & thrillers (although a fairly large number of these tend to be audio versions borrowed from the library). I like readable history and books about other places (as in not too heavy duty or formal). Taking a… — 5 comments
borderdad. Sci Fi, Fantasy, history. Anything but poetry. Makes my head hurt. — 11 comments
ForkMcSpoon. I love Fantasy especially (as you can see by what I've so far uploaded of my library), but am open to most other genres of Fiction and Biographies. Stories and characters are important to my reading taste, and if there's a dragon or two in there, I'm usually sold. — 4 comments
DMS1962. My library is open, and contains the books I have read from 2002 through today. I love: Psychological thrillers with good twists, WWII fiction, and any good fiction with well developed characters - think Kristin Hannah, Elizabeth Strout, Joshilyn Jackson. I also like… — 3 comments
tarshaan. general literature, fantasy, science fiction, poetry, short stories - anything with lyrical writing and/or excellent worldbuilding and characters. Would love some non-western based fantasy or some poetical or epistolary novels. — 3 comments
Jenxy21. I love YA!!! Fantasy is the best! I also love murder mystery, thriller, Southern Gothic, special editions and Chic Lit — 2 comments
ILuvBookplates. I have a wide variety of bookish interests. While I have signed up for ebooks this year both my Wishlist and Wishlist-ebooks here on LT will give you an idea of what would always be appreciated. — 2 comments
bexaplex. At the end of the year I like light-hearted humorous books: see my 'Amusing' collection. — 3 comments
Goodlit. Fiction, social causes, social justice, compelling stories, historical fiction — 5 comments
bragan. My tastes are actually really broad. Fiction-wise, SF and fantasy are my first love, but I've also been reading a fair amount of literary fiction these days, and I regularly dip into other genres, such as mysteries, thrillers, horror, humor, etc. I also love non-fiction. … — 3 comments
camillemiko. I love crime books and MM romance. I'm a big fan of Agatha Christie, JK Rowling, Gail Carriger, ... I'm french, but I read too in english. — 7 comments
aarchamb. mystery/thriller, horror, historical fiction, non-fiction (like Malcolm Gladwell, Freakonomics, etc.), Neil Gaiman/Alice Hoffman type books (magical realism???), biographies, etc. I like books that make me think if you are leaning towards non-fiction. Some recent books… — 2 comments
Limelite. First off, pls ignore bookstore choice. I prefer USED "like new" and "very good" categories. Hard cover or trade paperback is great. I have an extensive library, but still am interested in Asian authors. Ck. out my LT library under Chinese Authors & Lit collection. … — 1 comment
jamieschecter. I love romance, young adult, history, horror, mysteries, thrillers, food writing, great memoirs, and european history, especially Romanov and Tudor history. — 2 comments
Tabasco2003. Well, she is only a year old, but has an active mind and likes to know how things work. — 4 comments
Sheila1957. Fantasy, historical fiction, non-fiction, debut authors, — 1 comment
joyjohnston. I'm a big fan of personal essays, memoir, and short story collections. Also enjoy history, especially anything about Ireland. In fiction, I like thrillers and horror. — 4 comments
erinclark. I recently lost most of my books in the Kincaide Fire here in Northern CA so I'm pretty open to most genre's. I love historical fiction, psychological thrillers and mainly just a good story. I read mainly for entertainment. Check out my library and you will see what I enjoy. I… — 3 comments
bagejew. I’ll read just about anything, although I would prefer not to receive fantasy or sci-fi at the moment. Best Sellers, Crime, Thrillers, Mystery, and Romance are all good choices, as are beach reads and NC authors. — 2 comments
Sheila1957. Romance, erotic romance, erotica, history, historical fiction, cozy mystery, mysteries, political thrillers, religious thrillers, conspiracy thrillers, French mysteries (in English), biographies, memoirs, science, historical romance, older published books, 1920's, WWI, unusual… — 4 comments
TheDivineOomba. This is a very good question - I like learning, I like graphic novels, and I like wacky genre bending books that don't quite fit anywhere. If you take a look at my added books for the last two years, you'll get an idea of what I read. If you are unsure, get me YOUR favorite… — 3 comments
ericbell35. Classic literature, history and historical fiction, GLBT history, science and mathematics, cooking, Peanuts (the comic strip), bridge (the card game). Not averse to the occasional surprise. My two favorite books I read in 2019 (so far) were Garrard Conley's Boy Erased and… — 4 comments
twolfe360. Like fantasy, science fiction, books about older Hollywood and nonfiction paranormal..I have most of the major old school fantasy series covered so looking for more recent authors of fantasy or good science fiction. I mention the series being covered since I haven’t logged in… — 8 comments
stephivist. I read a lot of nonfiction - American history, medical history, women's history, bio and memoir, humor. With fiction I'm all over the place and would love to be surprised with something you love. I've never met a dystopian novel or collection of short stories that didn't get… — 3 comments
deireadh. Fantasy and scifi! I also enjoy crime fiction and military nonfiction. I've been on a huge fantasy kick lately though. Some of my most recent favorites have been Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter, the Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb, and Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo. — 4 comments
pammab. She loves mysteries and has worked her way through all or almost all of Sue Grafton, Lilian Jackson Braun, Nevada Barr, and Tony Hillerman (loves the sense of place and introduction to Navajo culture). You might notice that these are all mystery series that started in the… — 4 comments
EmilyYoung211. I love fantasy and science fiction, but also read realistic and historical fiction pretty regularly. I have a tendency to pick up YA books, but it's not really intentional. I lean towards female authors, but am open to all. I love a good series that lets you stay in the… — 3 comments
Kukalaka. By Christmas, I will be 17 months old. I like picture and/or board books of all sorts; see my library to get a feel for what. Favorites of me and/or my parents include Anna Dewdney, Sandra Boynton, Extra Yarn (by Mac Barnett), They All Saw a Cat (by Brendan Wenzel), This… — 3 comments
Stevil2001. I am looking for contemporary and classic science fiction, and twentieth- and twenty-first-century British/Commonwealth literary fiction. I will list some authors I'm targeting below, but they're just to spark ideas. Anything that you like that you think I will like is fair… — 4 comments
lovelyshortie52. I love non-fiction that reads like fiction and fiction that focuses on people and their relationships with others. I also love thrillers. — 3 comments
peterbmacd. (All books in my shelf are read and owned already) I like fantasy (but more focused on characters than worldbuilding or magic systems), children's books that are just as good when you're older, books about moviemaking (big fan of movies too, specifically in the realm of… — 6 comments
wd40sw. My Library Thing account is strictly for books that are for my classroom library. So everything here must be Elementary School age appropriate (K-6). I understand that's a big age range but if it falls in that range it will be useful to me. I am currently a Permanent… — 5 comments
whitecatxx. This is my first SantaThing and I’m super excited for it! So I apologize in advance if I ramble too much! I really love mystery and thriller books. Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are my favorite series to read over and over again. I’m a sucker for mythology and fairy tale… — 2 comments
griFFin4067. Literary fiction British mystery Historical biography — 3 comments
SimoneA. I read a lot of different genres and am always happy to try new authors. Lately, I've been trying to add some more diversity to my reading. I have a collection called Favorites, which might give you some inspiration. I also keep my list of recommendations up to date, so… — 2 comments
tigerlily_lady. Art (ancient, impressionist, arts and crafts movement), folklore/mythology, biographies, classic fiction, adventure fiction (Dan Brown), JRR Tolkien, cookbooks, science/physics/math for the layperson (eg, Brian Cox), occasionally a vampire romance novel. — 2 comments
jms429. I'm all about Mars / Space flight at the moment, so just finished a few autobiographies of the Apollo Astronauts, and hard SciFi from Kim Stanley Robinson, Neal Stephenson etc. Other fiction I enjoy is stuff like Raymond Chandler, Joseph Heller, Douglas Adams, Terry… — 4 comments
crazy4reading. I love BOOKS!! I prefer a book that grabs you from the beginning. I read mostly fiction. I will read non-fiction books but I am not a huge fan. I read mystery, romance, historical romance, fantasy, paranormal, YA. My favorite series is the Harry Potter Series. Some of my… — 3 comments
Capybara_99. I prefer fewer rather than more books. Get me anything you think I would like, based on my library, which is complete for the past 10 years or so. If you want further suggestions, I'd be happy to get a book from any of the following categories: * Interesting… — 6 comments
bettyetters. I love reading. Favorites are cozy mysteries, fantasy (favorite author is Tolkien), Doctor Who, and sff. No wishlist - looking forward to trying something that is a surprise. — 8 comments
mcfitz. My wish list here on LibThing is up to date, thanks! Historical fiction, historical mysteries, fantasy, light sci-fi, history. My Amazon Kindle wish list: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/FZY3AHIYKRQG?ref_=wl_share — 1 comment
amybooklover45. Cozy mysteries (especially Craft or book related), contemporary romance, contemporary women’s fiction, celebrity memoirs (especially Tina Fey, Reese Witherspoon) — 2 comments
Lisa.Domke. I really enjoy most genres! I read both fiction and non-fiction. In fiction, I especially enjoy fantasy, science fiction, and non-romance historical fiction. Graphic novels are a new and growing interest. In non-fiction, I read a lot of memoirs and history. — 2 comments
akbookworm33445. I prefer fantasy and sci-fi. Mystery/thriller is always a good choice. Been into reading other worldly and dystopian as well. — 3 comments
mnm123. Mystery, Urban Legend, Historical Fiction and Spy and Espionage. I love to read about vampires and werewolves as well as crime solvers and murderers. I love to delve into the past and discover things I didn't know. I wonder about the secrets behind keeping our world safe. — 5 comments
Ayouhouse. I've been reading a lot of new fiction lately. I typically like long, involved family sagas, or fiction that covers an intense/important topic. I also do love a good fun novel every now and then. Some books I love are 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Philippa… — 2 comments
mishgajewski. ♡♡ speculative fiction & gothic/horror, historical oddities, left-wing political theories, stories about catholic mystics & lesser-known medieval figures, MAGICAL ReAliSM, all the weird & wonderfuls, latin american & russian literature, paperback > hardcover, UFO witness… — 3 comments
agreggo. anything but contemporary, I really like fantasy and stories set in space, open to non-fiction and memoirs as well — 3 comments
slmr4242. I read widely (I am a library worker), but I particularly enjoy speculative fiction, horror/gothic, mysteries, graphic novels (of the non-comic book variety), classic literature, and historical fiction (particularly when it involves speculative fiction, horror, or mystery). In… — 2 comments
fobgirl12. Pride and Prejudice is my all time favor book. I’m a middle school teacher so I read a lot of books so I can recommend them to my students. They love graphic novels and I’ve read a lot of those for them. I read a lot of ARCs so I would love to be surprised by some lesser known… — 3 comments
rhian_of_oz. My preferences are science fiction, speculative fiction, urban fantasy, mystery, historical fiction, and YA. — 3 comments
sjgoldben. I love YA, fantasy, science fiction, and new adult! Things like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, A Court of Thorns and Roses, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter, Altered Carbon. Horror is good too! I’m not a big fan of straight up romances or mysteries. I also don’t like nonfiction or… — 2 comments
shedgeco. I'm pretty ecumenical in my tastes -- currently I'm reading "Fall of Hyperion" and "Outlander", the last book-for-fun I finished was "Misery", and next up is probably "Lincoln in the Bardo". I'm also a grad student in religious studies, and this is my comps year, so I'm… — 5 comments
HeatherMoss. I prefer well-written contemporary literary novels with protagonists who are women/girls (or at least not straight white North American/European/Australian men). I also love language-related reference books, really long cookbooks, and memoirs/biographies of interesting… — 4 comments
KayjayBotticelli. Romance Anything on my Books wishlist — 2 comments
BonnieLymer. Enjoy bios, memoirs, general fiction, sci fi — 1 comment
TheoClarke. My Favourites collection is representative of my taste but what I would really like is your favourite book that I do not already own or have read. I like both fiction and non-fiction. I prefer hardcover to paperback. My Wishlist is extensive but I have been delighted by… — 1 comment
GeorgianaM. Historical fiction, suspense, crime thriller, classic short stories — 2 comments
CKarson1963. I enjoy suspense theillers — 2 comments
KWharton. I have been reading quite a bit of non-fiction this year, and I've joined Emma Watson's "Our Shared Shelf" and am enjoying diversifying my reading. I enjoy literary fiction, pop science, Christianity/theology, feminism, pop history, biography, linguistics... I live in New… — 1 comment
riida. I like reading a mix of things, and i love getting a mix of genres from previous secret santas :) i just finished 'the age of miracles' and currently reading du mauriers 'rebecca'...and it has put me in a mood! i think id like to explore 'intelligent romance' (a term i just… — 3 comments
saskia17. I love fantasy, mysteries, poetry, literary non-fiction, linguistics, books about books, children's books, photography, and just about everything ... I realize that doesn't narrow it down much. So, my most current topics have been: WWI poets, classic golden age style British… — 6 comments
INTPLibrarian. I love twists, the unexpected, and books that make me think about them when I'm not reading them. This goes for both fiction and non-fiction. Best bet, I think, is to take a look at my 5 and 4.5 stars. I rarely write reviews, but I *think* I'm kind of stingy with my stars. — 4 comments
SouthernKiwi. I enjoy books that bend genres. Think Diana Gabaldon’s Cross Stitch series, George Martin’s Game of Thrones, Susanna Kearsley’s books or Marie Brennan's Lady Trent series – these are all favourite authors. I really enjoy historical fiction, especially with regency England,… — 3 comments
SunshinyShoes. I collect banned books and like to learn about why a particular book was banned. It's intriguing (and sad) to me to read them and learn about them. I like a good suspense, thriller book; books that leave you guessing. I enjoy historical fiction, too. The Nightingale… — 3 comments
joyfulmimi. Classics; Memoirs; First Person Narrative; Psychologically intense — 12 comments
AlexandraTome. philosophical literature/fiction - stuff that makes me think but is also enjoyable. I enjoyed books like Unbearable lightness of being and Illusions: the adventures of a reluctant messiah. — 3 comments
seascape. I mostly enjoy reading contemporary, historical fiction, and chicklit. I love authors-Jodi Meadows-I love her Incarnate trilogy books. I've read them but I would like to own them. The first is called Incarnate. Sarah Woodbury-her time travel romances are amazing. I have… — 9 comments
raj89er. Fiction: Harry potter, Dan Brown, Michael Scott. Sci-Fi: Brent Weeks, Mythology, Brandon Sanderson Comics: Sandman, Green Arrow, Doctor STrange — 1 comment
AurumCalendula. Genre-wise, I love science fiction, fantasy, historical romance, and mysteries. — 2 comments
jamcnerney. I'd just be happy to get something weird that you love! I like novels with unique form, structure, or prose from any time, as well as nonfiction that explores little known subjects in interesting ways. — 7 comments
vikzen. Hi there! I never know what to put here, but I had an amazing Santa last year so I'm sure you'll figure it out! I like most genres...not opposed to anything really (except horrors!). I also enjoy a bit of a mystery/suspense. I mostly go for fiction... I think you might be… — 2 comments
Midas1273. I’ve recently gotten hooked on YA genre. Also sci-fi & fantasy stories. Love Christmas and Christmas themed stories but not to romance. Also recently started political suspense like Jack Ryan stories. Authors in my list include Koontz, Brandon Sanderson, Maas, Rowling,… — 3 comments
lindapanzo. I'm developing an interest in basketball and would love to get books about college basketball, history or biography. I'd also be happy to receive social/cultural history books, particularly involving 20th Century America. Books about books, whether fiction or nonfiction, would… — 7 comments
pbirch01. I have been reading a lot of translated fiction lately. Not sure why but it has been striking a chord with me, please continue in this vein. I prefer female authors and appreciate the eclectic. If there is a book you have enjoyed that may have not been a crowd favorite, I… — 3 comments
KallieGrace. I love a wide variety of things, the only genres I don't regularly read from are romance and YA. All books in my library that are rated are ones I have read. I'd love to read something about linguistics again, I loved Sense of Style by Pinker. Mystery is always a safe… — 1 comment
AngelaMaryJohnson. I love Action adventure, Horror, Supernatural, Fantasy, Crime, thrillers, mysterys, paranormal ghosts. I love Shifters, werewolves, Vampires, Angels, demons, strong heroes. I love doing Adult dot to dot books. — 1 comment
ladyoflorien. I love SciFi, Fantasy, Mysteries, and Thrillers. My books I've read this year have been all over the map from new to old and various genres. Mysteries and Thrillers are newer genres I've been reading. I also like non-fiction (science, technology, psychology, sociology, etc)… — 3 comments
Arifel. I'm a very big reader of science fiction and fantasy but this year I'd like to branch out and try something different! So I'm looking for anything in the vein of diverse literary or historical fiction and/or non-fiction that's to do with interesting politics, history, social… — 3 comments
igorken. I'll always be a scifi lover but my tastes have evolved more and more towards general literature and non-fiction. Similarly with comics I much prefer creator-owned stories, limited series or one-shots rather than unending superhero series. Something light but… — 2 comments
WeeTurtle. Thought I'd keep it fairly simple and keep to my wishlist, or things closely related to it. I'm interested in non-fiction books on video games, Dungeons and Dragons stuff, Weird/Gothic/Classic Horror fiction, and select things on my list. You can see what I've already got… — 1 comment
AngelClaw. I read a lot of fantasy, historical fiction, nonfiction (essays, history, memoir/biography), and contemporary/literary fiction. Strong/interesting characters and good writing are a must. Book doesn't have to have a happy ending, but it at least needs to be satisfying. — 7 comments
emquixotic. I prefer and am looking for good literary fiction--I loved The Goldfinch, Gentleman in Moscow, White Noise (Delillo)-- and I also like magical realism, like Aimee Bender. Looking for some good books that I can really dive into and get absorbed by the language and the… — 2 comments
BerlinBibliophile. I read mostly a lot of fantasy and sci-fi, pretty much any kind. I also like historical fiction, particularly about English history. Crime novels are good, though I'm particular to female investigators not written by men. Recently I've been branching out more into… — 7 comments
fields.steph. The recipients are my niece and nephew. Penelope is 3 and Benjamin is almost 2. They love books and I'd like them to have a more diverse selection. — 2 comments
OnlyWhenPigsFly. Fantasy - This is a new interest of mine. I like to get lost in a book, forget the world and burdens around me. Fantasy is great for that. I've read the usual suspects: Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Outlander, Stormlight Archive, The First Law Trilogy, Mistborn, The Rook,… — 3 comments
meacoleman. I LOVE History and Historical Fiction! Also LOVE baseball stories and books about Catholic spirituality. I don't mind a good mystery. I read to escape my everyday life. If you read a book that kept you up late turning pages (and that book is not in my catalog), please get… — 8 comments
julienne_preacher. I love a good story, and will be impressed by wordsmiths. I have soft spots for food, heroines, coming of age, one day novels and obsessions. — 1 comment
Cariola. I have a wish list here on LT and a Kindle wish list on Amazon. Both are up to date and fairly extensive, so that's the place to start. My favorite genres are historical fiction (NOT historical romance) and contemporary literary fiction. I enjoy the occasional work of… — 4 comments
boblinfortino. All of the books I have read since 1998 as well as all the books I own are in my catalog. You'll see what I like to read there. In a nutshell, I love a great thriller...espionage, terrorism, brilliant but dastardly criminals. Nelson DeMille, Ken Follett, John LeCarre,… — 1 comment
greeneyed_ives. I mostly read historical & contemporary romance, history, general nonfiction, & some literary fiction. I love books with strong women as central characters, history & nonfiction concerning the American south & all of its complexities, history about European royalty, &… — 4 comments
kbarber58. My favorite reads are nonfiction. Especially fond of the biologic sciences. I like to keep up to date with evolutionary topics. My home library is full of Richard Dawkins books. I also enjoy historical nonfictions. Latest read was the Indigo Girl and I enjoyed it immensely.… — 4 comments
bigcwigum. I love fantasy, paranormal fantasy, urban fantasy. Getting into sci fi and other types of fantasy. Some of my current favorites are Pierce Brown, Darynda Jones, Brent Weeks, Ilona Andrews and more. YA is okay as long as it's not too cheesy :) My LT Booklist should be up to… — 9 comments
moniabegum. I love mystery books and romance! I also enjoy a bit of scifi. My favorite series is series of unfortunate events. — 2 comments
CarolineMCarrico. I enjoy most books--fiction and nonfiction alike. You'll see a lot of history books in my library; that's because I'm a museum curator. While I love reading history at work, I prefer reading other genres at home. — 3 comments
thornton37814. Jonah will be 7 months old by Christmas day. I've mostly been purchasing board books for him since I know he'll keep "chewing" on books for awhile. — 4 comments
thornton37814. I was disappointed in Santa's picks last year so this year I'm asking my Santa to please stick to my Christmas 2019 wish list here on my account or to use my Book Depository wish list (https://www.bookdepository.com/wishlists/WF2YT4) to locate something I will enjoy. … — 2 comments
GothicTink. Horror, witchcraft, pagan, Celtic, astrology, — 4 comments
lpmejia. Contemporary fantasy written by diverse authors. Fairy tales, science fiction, and urban fantasy are some of my favorites, but I'm open-minded, and I love to be surprised by a new author or genre! On the non-fiction side of things, I love history (any and all periods &… — 5 comments
ccatalfo. A 12 year old girl who is in 7th grade. She likes realistic fiction, fantasy, young adult books. Liked Click'd, Swap'd, Akata Witch, Furthermore, Merci Suarez Changes Gears, Are You There God? It's me, Margaret, The First Rule of Punk, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Full Cicada… — 10 comments
xevver. I enjoy quirky, interesting fiction. I this year I really enjoyed reading the John Dies at the End series, The Philosophers Flight series. I also really liked the Water Knife, Artemis, and the Southern Reach Trilogy. I also enjoy nonfiction books about adventure or true… — 3 comments
unico76. I love romance, fantasy, and paranormal. I really enjoyed The Kushiel series by Jacqueline Carey and the All Souls series by Deborah Harkness. And anything by J.R. Ward is a winner, especially the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. But I am also open to in-print keto and instant… — 4 comments
dms12880. I am a book lover. I mostly read young adult and historical fiction. I love a good thriller/mystery or a light romance. I'm open to new series or a great recommendation. This is my second year participating. — 2 comments
guido47. History, always SF (but something new, original) Look through my library and see what I like :-) Oh and humour!. If you can find something really NEW i will love you forever. ETA. Recently posted on LT, looks good. https://www.theguardian.com… — 1 comment
Talisker. Please surprise me with your all-time favourite book. I like to step out of my comfort zone and find new worlds. — 2 comments
Charli333. Magic, mystery, light fiction, fantasy, historical fiction. Favourite books/authors are Deborah Harkness and the All Souls series, the Shades of Magic series by VE Schwab and Mhairi Macfarlane. This year, I've also really enjoyed the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and the… — 2 comments
reading_fox. Varied genre fiction, plus a select mix of non-fiction:See my library! Genre fiction - SF and Fantasy, crime, adventure and thriller....mostly. Non-fiction: I do read some. I like travel and adventure, especially caving related (not many available - although there's some… — 3 comments
jbuskermolen. I like to read books about the following topics: - biographies - management - strategy - modern history - travel stories - horror and (psychological) thrillers - recent popular novels My library is up-to-date and should give you a good idea of the books i buy and read. — 4 comments
MaggieGrinnell. I am really into Nancy Drew both the older hardcover books and the diaries. I am on #6 in the hardcover series and #9 of the diaries. — 1 comment
ejmam. I like SF, fantasy and science fiction, but I also like lots of other things: YA, Romance, history, biographies. I'd love to try new things, so picking your favorites that I haven't read is a great system! — 11 comments
maribou. Pretty broad. Eager to read just about anything for any age :). — 2 comments
mellu. Crime fiction and mysteries except for cozy mysteries. Contemporary and historical fiction. Literary fiction. I would like to get standalone books that are well written and from authors new to me. I am not faint-hearted so gritty stories are perfectly ok. — 2 comments
drsyko. History, especially the history of the American West, Women's history and Egyptian history. Mysteries (cozy, with animals, set in small towns, or similar--nothing with a lot of violence or sexual assault), romance, historical fiction or romance, sci-fi and fantasy,… — 5 comments
Aula. Fiction: Well-written and with a dash (or more) of (dark) humour - fantasy, young adult, alternative history, fairy tale retellings (see my library for more ideas) Non-fiction: Well-written and with a dash (or more) of humour (see my library) — 1 comment
misskitty17. I love thrillers, true crime, mystery, fantasy/sci-fi. Also enjoy the occasional "chick lit" or romance novel. I love Harry Potter. Recent books I enjoyed include Anatomy of Fear by Jonathan Santlofer, The Seven and a Half Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton, Crash by… — 4 comments
Roses84. Prefer non fiction, memoir, travelogues, fiction with character driven plots, Mystery, True Crime — 1 comment
BurlingtonNorthern. I like contemporary literary fiction that is evocative of a certain time or place. Maybe something by a living author from where you live. — 2 comments
tileen. Nonfiction- anything World War I or film related for sure. I love all things history but those two topics in particular. I would like to build my collection of film books about musicals, women, and horror. Fiction- I would like to build my classics collection. I love… — 3 comments
jeanie0510. Contemporary fiction, suspense, thrillers, psychological thrillers with plot twists — 4 comments
meliarose. I mostly read fiction and tend to like fantasy novels. Will read adult or YA and have even been enjoying some of the up and coming middle-grade novels - anything with an original and meaningful plot! I also have a soft spot for historical fiction, especially WWII content. I… — 3 comments
Greatbuys4less. Loves mysteries and authors like Nevada Barr, Karin Fossum. Psychological mysteries. — 3 comments
ceilmary. Sci fi, fantasy, murder mysteries. Favorite authors: Tolkien, Jack McDevitt, Stephen King, Louise Penny, Sue Grafton, Charles de Lint...to name a few — 4 comments
faerywings. I love love love graphic novels. Been a bit obsessed with them lately. I have a wishlist chock full of them, so feel free to use that for ideas, or just grab something there: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/13ZRPTR4LGG95 If you feel you want to gift something on… — 2 comments
mountainsandlace. Love fantasy, and enjoy some historical fiction and chick lit with a bit of romance, a dash of whimsy, and good strong friendships (a la Cathy Lamb). I'm also trying to be more intentional about broadening the diversity of what I read in terms of where authors are from, so… — 3 comments
jburlinson. I love photo books! I have a photo book wish list at Amazon.com -- https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/34SOMQ2P1O8FT?&sort=default Any would be wonderful. Thanks -- and happy holidays. — 2 comments
revsusan. I enjoy a good mystery, science fiction, historical fiction, and youth and young adult. I love being carried away to another land or universe. Good descriptions of food in the novel are always enjoyed. — 2 comments
strongstuff. I prefer literary and historical fiction, but I’m also open to other genres and good non-fiction. Some of my favorite reads from 2019 were This must be the place by Maggie O’Farrell, Rules of civility by Amor Towles, and titles from the Lady Sherlock series by Sherry Thomas.… — 1 comment
alo1224. I like short stories, poetry, and graphic novels. I'm interested in the Holocaust and Jewish subjects generally. I also like non-fiction about very specific things, like "The Big Oyster: History on the Half Shell by Mark Kurlansky". I also really like reading plays. — 2 comments
laze. I love... * time-travel stories (I thoroughly enjoyed Jack Finney's "Time & Again" and Connie Willis' "To Say Nothing of the Dog) * fiction from Japan and Eastern Europe. I am particularly interested this year in diving into Lithuanian fiction from the late 1800s-early… — 2 comments
Morteana. Fantasy, anything girl power is always good. While I actually love books that discuss social issues, for the holidays this year... I'd love something lighter and humorous instead of weighty. Of course if you see one of your personal favorites on my wishlist, I'd love to add… — 2 comments
saraswati27. I absolutely love anything odd, experimental, or obscure. I also love people's personal favorites. If you have a little-known favorite, or an odd book on your shelf I'd love to read it! I've tagged all my books so if you look at my Tag Cloud you'll see my favorite… — 7 comments
pammab. Highly rated books, genre fiction (especially science fiction, spec fic, YA), educational and/or surprising non-fiction (like memoir, anthropology, lay science). More details: For fiction, I've been trending toward but not exclusively on lighter/happier variants. I… — 5 comments
Romonko. I love mysteries, literary fiction, CanLit and historical fiction. Some of my favourites are A Gentleman in Moscow, Where the Crawdads Sing and Through Black Spruce. I love the Rebus series, the Inspector Banks series, Maisie Dobbs and Armand Gamache for an idea of some of… — 2 comments
bostonbibliophile. He loves science fiction and fantasy, also edgy literary fiction. His favorite authors are Terry Pratchett, China Mieville, Iain Banks and Douglas Adams. He also loves Murakami and Christopher Priest and Calvino, Robert Jordan, George RR Martin and Borges. He already has all… — 2 comments
dogkisser. Books about dogs, books about crafts, books about Buddhism — 8 comments
seongeona. Dear Santa: I have eclectic tastes. I love both fiction & non-fiction, fun & humorous novels as well as dark & scary mysteries/thrillers (esp. Scandinavian), women's issues & religious studies, poetry, biographies, paganism, chick lit, etc, etc, etc. I have both a (large)… — 1 comment
DAGray08. Jim Harrison Louise Erdrich Kurt Vonnegut Patricia Smith poetry Jericho Brown poetry Elizabeth Bishop poetry Jack Gilbert poetry James Baldwin Pat Conroy — 1 comment
Myckyee. I like mysteries (but not cozy), thrillers, and historical thrillers. I really liked The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Also really liked books by Ann Cleeves and I own only the first 3 in the Shetland series. — 1 comment
IMBOS. I enjoy popular fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction, women’s fiction, psychological thrillers, memoirs or non fiction books about quirky topics. Prefer female main characters. I like books about different cultures, family sagas, social issues. Mostly I just love a… — 3 comments
AzureMountain. Would prefer one nice hardcover that would find a home in my library over several books. I read a lot of history. Mostly English. 1066 to 1603. With a little modern thrown in. I also read a lot of politics, current events. I read a lot. I've got a comparative religion… — 1 comment
brandilgrosso. Building my vegan cookbook library. Would love to add titles: Mississippi Vegan, Wicked Healthy, Vegan Comfort Cooking, Sweet & Salty. While not a fantasy reader...I twas immersed in Holly Black’s The Folk of the Air Trilogy and The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert. When… — 1 comment
kkelm22. Rylan's Library - Rylan is autistic. He is a loving, caring little boy, that can't seem to get enough dinosaur/animal knowledge in his little head fast enough. He loves people (to a fault), wants to make sure everyone knows his name and what is going on in his world. Friends… — 1 comment
genesisdiem. fic: cozy mysteries, retro book series (like N.Drew or C.Ames), romance, female leads;.... non-fic: etiquette, victorian era histories, field or travel diaries, women's histories, gardening, crafts or sewing, fashion history, basic programming or data management for… — 6 comments
rodneyvc. Food, travel, gardening. The books tagged 'cooking' in my catalog are Maggie's (https://www.librarything.com/catalog/rodneyvc&tag=Cooking). Maggie's wishlist is at https://www.librarything.com/catalog.php?view=rodneyvc&collection=422332. — 7 comments
homeschoolmimzi. I'd love books from my Amazon wishlist! https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/UQJ0RW5SSUWH?&sort=default — 2 comments
Powderfinger69. I enjoy reading many kinds of books, so I strongly encourage you to check my Library. — 3 comments
rodneyvc. If you look at my catalog the technical books are mine. I like family history, travel, space, music. My wishlist is current. I sing in a choir that performs major choral works. I'm happy to be surprised! — 3 comments
duchessjlh. I love all kinds of books, but I have particular fondness for mysteries, fantasy, science fiction, and speculative fiction. I also read my fair share of literary fiction and non-fiction (food history, maritime history, urban planning and medical history are particular areas… — 3 comments
Tropical-Library. Always looking for new authors similar to the ones I already know, even though I can barely keep up with the ones I already love; I'll retire one day and can read them all then, right?? Also happy to receive books I'm missing by my favourite fiction writers, my LibraryThing… — 1 comment
lucienspringer. This year I'd love to receive something that fits into the speculative fiction category but has strong crossover appeal. I'm thinking along the lines of John M. Ford's The Dragon Waiting, Robert Irwin's Wonders Will Never Cease, Kingsley Amis's The Alteration, and Sylvia… — 8 comments
CryBel. I like Fantasy and Sci-Fiction. I also enjoy interesting memoirs/biographies. I also enjoy books about weird parts of history. — 2 comments
libraryperilous. Please select some titles from my wishlist account, GoodShipTBR. The ISBNs cataloged are the editions I want. — 3 comments
kjgormley. This is for my friend Oliver, who I don't have a lot to go off of but I know really liked "The Sparrow" by Mary Doria Russell. Some recs off the top of MY head would be "Station Eleven" and "The Book of Strange New Things" Michel Faber. — 2 comments
jen_meier. I am always looking for a good book recommendation. I love things written by John Hart. I just recently read, and enjoyed, The Silent Patient and The Whisper Man, but I also love books like The Davinci Code or The Pelican Brief. I am currently reading The Woman in the Window… — 1 comment
trcovell. Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance — 3 comments
smasler. Rural Noir Apocolyptic Fiction (or non fiction if there is such a thing) Disasters at Sea Political History — 4 comments
BookCentric. This year, I would like a history book (or two, if budget allows) about a subject that happened after the year 1000BC and before the year 1900CE. Not about the American Civil War. I would prefer not a biography, but it would be ok if you have a really great one you want to… — 4 comments
neskapolita. I'm a 3rd grade teacher looking to grow my classroom library. I need series and Spanish books. On a personal note I would like to read the following: Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen Reckless: My life as a Pretender by Chrissie Hynde Just Kids or M Train or Year… — 3 comments
dianeham. Pico Iyer I have a couple already. Lately I've been interested in Chinese and Japanese fiction - in English. I probably have all or almost all of Murakami's books. Books about the Amazon although I have many now. Meatball cookbook Irish mysteries. True life… — 1 comment
LadyoftheLodge. I like cozy mysteries that feature lady sleuths, quirky careers, unusual locations, librarians or libraries, bookstores, and cats, as well as classic mystery novels. I also read historical novels, Regencies, biographies of historical people or authors. I enjoy "books about… — 3 comments
thebookmagpie. I'm really into literary and classic fiction, but I also like sci-fi and fantasy. I like historical novels. I also like young adult a lot, in particular well-written contemporary. I tend to care more about quality of prose and characterisation than plot (though all are… — 3 comments
Karen.Holding. love horror, in particular zombie, fantasy, scfi, mystery, crime, true crime (i love true crime podcasts like crime junkie, true crime all the time, trace evidence) can be YA or adult books — 1 comment
LadyoftheLodge. I like cozy mysteries that feature lady sleuths, quirky careers, unusual locations, librarians or libraries, bookstores, and cats, and I like classic mystery novels. I also read historical novels, Regencies, biographies of historical people or authors, travel narratives, pop… — 10 comments
N1na. I like literary fiction, historical fiction, and short story collections. I prefer books written by women, POC, and LGBTQ authors. My nonfiction interests are European monarchies (emphasis on scandalous historical queens!), books about books, the evolution of the English… — 3 comments
erthom02. Thriller (Riley Singer, Karin Slaughter) Mystery (James Patterson) Historical Fiction (Amy Tan, Lisa Wingate) Women's Fiction (Elin Hildebrand) I just moved to a new apartment - cookbooks! Paperbacks are great! — 3 comments
toast_and_tea. What I read/would like to have: - books about books or about bookplates - the history of old radio shows - golden age mysteries - the British Library Crime Classics series (don't own any yet) - reference for book repair - literary biographies & history - anything… — 2 comments
watson11. I'm a big fan of mysteries, especially cozies and humorous mysteries. I also love literary fiction. — 3 comments
amilligan. Ari is 3 years old. She loves forest animals and books about strong women. — 2 comments
cbl_tn. My favorite genre is mystery, particularly historical mysteries. If the mystery has an art, archaeology, travel, genealogy, or music theme, that's even better! I also enjoy literary fiction, literary travel, history (especially U.S. colonial & 18th century history), social… — 11 comments
missylc. Love books on homesteading, foraging and gardening. Will try to update my library with all the books I currently have. Also like mysteries. Interested in "Furious Hours" by Casey Cep. — 2 comments
kristilabrie. Board books are super tasty, also books with interesting discovery elements (flaps, textures, lots of colors). — 3 comments
Ashlyn07. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/AN9COE24YBYY?ref_=wl_share I have attached my Amazon Library Thing Wish List to make the process easier. — 1 comment
graceless880. I like a lot of YA and fantasy. My favorite writers are Leigh Bardugo, Laini Taylor, Holly Black, Neal Shusterman, and Neil Gaiman. I like stories about magic and circuses (Carter Beats the Devil and The Night Circus are two of my favorites). I'll read almost any fiction that… — 3 comments
laurak. Some of my favorite authors are (in no particular order, including some recent great reads): Connie Willis Jasper Fforde Michael McClung Iain M Banks Tad Williams SA Chakraborty Patrick Rothfuss N K Jemisin Martha Wells George RR Martin Elizabeth George PG Wodehouse — 5 comments
kjgormley. Right now (see: all my life) I'm on a "literary sci fi" kick. Eg Severance, anything Carmen Maria Machado puts to paper, my eternal fave Station Eleven, Alice Sola Kim's short stories, Saga, etc. More along these lines appreciated. Barring this, scifi with queer/trans… — 3 comments
alyrohu. Mostly into science fiction and fantasy. Also love Historical Fiction. I would love to start a new series. I'm trying to read more books by women writers and non-white writers. Books of short stories or short poems are always appreciated. I like witty, funny stories;… — 5 comments
Kplatypus. Fairly diverse but I've been enjoying a bunch of themed romance novels lately - supernatural, regency, steampunk etc. Some authors I particularly enjoyed are Sarah Maclean, Gail Carriger, Molly Harper, and Jennifer Ashley. I've also read a few YA series lately (the… — 2 comments
kristilabrie. I read mostly fantasy/high fantasy novels for enjoyment, but I would also love some great feminist books or books related to human rights: either historical or current reads are great. I also enjoy books with mystery, adventure, travel, and thrillers. — 8 comments
Rosa_Saks. I am a huge Shakespeare-fan, so anything by/about/concerning/inspired by him is most welcome. I would also appreciate contemporary fiction from Europe outside the UK, South America or Asia. Or if there is a great novel from the UK or US that I don't already have in my… — 6 comments
amilligan. I enjoy reading a variety of genres. I love historical fiction above all. I am also a high school English teacher so I like to read books that are popular with teens, so I get an idea of what they are reading. The best way to get an idea of what I like, is go look at my book… — 4 comments
Oneironaut. I like the following genres the most: - weird fiction, where the authors creativity goes wild and I don't know what happens next - good sci-fi - exploration novels, where people traverse into unknown areas, fictional or not But I'm also open for other stuff. — 3 comments
Kristelh. literary fiction, SFF, 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. I have a wish list here on LT and I have a wishlist at Book Depository. — 3 comments
sundance. suspense/thriller.I've read Child, Baldacci, Flynn, Berry, Thor, Khoury, Perry, Armstrong I just discovered Kate Morton and have only read Forgotten Garden and The Distant Hours. Mysteries, some favorite authors I've read all of: Grimes, Francis, Dams, Malliett. I haven't… — 3 comments
olegalCA. I especially love mysteries, young adult, biographies, and history. My library is reflective of what I've read for the past 10 years or so. My wishlist is up to date if you need ideas. I"m crazy about books that have the following themes: boarding schools, dance, and… — 4 comments
TexLiz19. Love historical fiction and fantasy, paranormal and period romances, and some mysteries / thrillers. Also love European history books. Link to my amazon wishlist for ideas, etc: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3VA62OW2E62MR?ref_=wl_share — 3 comments
Daniel.Estes. Let's do something different this year: Poetry. I'm a complete novice on the genre but I feel like branching out into unexplored territory. Wow me with something remarkable to pique my interest further. Otherwise, check out my LT account, specifically my "5 stars" and "4½… — 6 comments
Cfraser. I enjoy literary fiction, science fiction and fantasy, crime, classics. I like discovering new books — 9 comments
andejons. Varied. Essays, classics, mythology, comics, history, poetry are all interesting, but my interest is not strictly limited to these. Especially enjoys good essays on literary topics, and other writing on literature. — 6 comments
KateBaxter. I am a huge fan of well crafted/well researched historical fiction. Also enjoy historical mysteries, regular mysteries, espionage, suspense, knitting, fine art, European travel, baroque and classical music. Possible ideas from wish list: Penny For Your Secrets by Anna Lee… — 7 comments
tealadytoo. My tastes are pretty wide ranging. In enjoy classics, mysteries, romances, science fiction/fantasy, history . . . . — 4 comments
saroz. I haven't read a lot in the last two years, but what I have that I've really enjoyed have been "cultural history" books, including a couple of biographies: Bill Bryson's "At Home," Mark Harris' "Pictures at a Revolution" and "Five Came Back," Yunte Huang's "Inseparable: The… — 10 comments
Pat_Bunk_Malecki. I love sagas, mysteries, books that continue to another book (1, 2, 3 etc.) — 1 comment
liznorell. I generally read popular fiction and thoughtful memoirs or nonfiction. Here are a few books I recently read and loved: * If You Could See Me Now, by Keris Stanton * Three Women, by Lisa Taddeo * The Fifth Risk, by Michael Lewis * The Overdue Life of Amy Byler, by Kelly… — 4 comments
ScottyBoyP. Pretty open to most genres; particularly interested in older literature, poetry, philosophy and sci-fi. I've also been interested in reading some Jonathan Franzen or Haruki Murakami, so if you are familiar with the works of either, you could include your favourite. My… — 3 comments
EclecticAli. My current collection in LibraryThing doesn't totally reflect what I read - as I'm still undertaking the SLOW process of cataloging. I like Fantasy (not scifi so much) and realistic fiction (historical or modern), and have really been enjoying a stroll down middle-reader and… — 2 comments
readergirliz. I read widely and voraciously! My favorite genres include: magical realism, young adult fiction, narrative nonfiction, and intelligent romances. My top 5 books of the year are: 1) The Library Book by Susan Orleans 2) On the Come Up by Angie Thomas 3) The Kiss Quotient by… — 3 comments
majkia. sci fi and fantasy, historical mysteries, regular mysteries. I read some YA but dislike books that get all teen angsty. Check my Most Wanted category to see what I most want. I enjoy surprises, so if you think you know of some author I should read, go for it. — 3 comments
mooingzelda. I love a lot of different genres and authors, so hopefully I'll be easy to pick for! My favourites are fantasy, science fiction and historical fiction, but I also like classic and contemporary literary fiction, too. Favourite fiction authors include Robin Hobb, Michel Faber,… — 3 comments
katemcangus. Literary fiction, new feminist essay collections, complex characterization, mystery ala Tana French. — 4 comments
ablachly. Jasper is 11, and is looking for realistic fiction or graphic novels targeted for Middle Grade or YA (bonus points if it's LGBTQ+). Books he's liked recently include: Alan Cole Is Not a Coward, — 6 comments
Autolykos. Fan of Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Historical Fiction. Books about books. Favourite Authors include- Pat Rothfuss. Brandon Sanderson. Brent Weeks. Christopher Moore. Jasper Fforde. Have everything from these authors, but something along these lines. Just now getting into Ken Liu and… — 4 comments
andrewzschwarz. Mainly into horror (literary, psychological, supernatural), short story collections/anthologies, mystery/thriller, conspiracy/cult fiction, and literary fiction.… — 1 comment
ph9k. Narrative nonfiction. Areas of interest: food systems and politics, ethnographies. Have already read every book of this kind about fish. — 2 comments
bellprincess6. LGBTQ+ lit, science fiction, historical fiction, religious lit(fiction and non), fantasy, and mysteries. — 5 comments
shanaqui. I like a little bit of everything, but my main genres are SF/F, mystery and non-fiction about science and history. I tend to look for diverse protagonists. I love dragons, books about books, non-fiction about things I don't know yet... I would love to be introduced to more… — 2 comments
BarkingMadRun. Anything but science fiction and non fiction, I’m pretty easy! — 2 comments
Elaha7. Fiction, Feminism, Biographies, Poetry, and Self help books — 3 comments
ncayea. Stuart Woods James Patterson Janet Evanovich Dean Koontz — 1 comment
Special_K. True crime Suspense Nice romance Thriller Holocaust books Women's fiction Cooking — 7 comments
mngraham. I love horror, thriller, true crime, mystery, memoirs. Really just anything that is good. — 1 comment
JenlovesJT47. I like a wide variety of books. I love historical fiction, true crime, murder mysteries any biographies/memoirs (especially those about the classic movie stars!) — 1 comment
quietjenn. Literary fiction, mysteries (literary and cozy, not so much with the thrillers), memoirs, microhistories, and graphic novels. I like rediscovered gems, like things published by NYBR, British Crime Library or Persephone. — 3 comments
LiljaPleasant. I most recently discovered the Sci-Fi genre for me. (Things like The Store or the Bobiberse I enjoyed... Nothing too technical) Like Fantasy but already read a lot there... My Goodreads Wishlist, just to give you an idea what I like. https… — 1 comment
LapReader. 1 comment
fuzthepoet. I read everything — 2 comments
Tertubotn. Mysteries, graphic novels,fantasy, classics, fiction, history, biography. Foreign authors are good too! : ) — 1 comment
MaGoose. I love mysteries. Some favorite authors are Anne Perry, Jacqueline Winspear, Spencer Quinn and Will Thomas. Favorites in other genres might be Nathaniel Hawthorne, Nick Bantock and Edith Wharton. My list of to-be-read books is also a good place to find books that I might like. — 3 comments
pyjamaviking. I love SFF. YA, middle grade, adult. I am an avid reader. I also like poetry. I lean more towards fantasy than SF. I've read a lot of the major series. — 1 comment
Betterthanasharpstickintheeye. Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural. Favorite authors include Terry Pratchett, Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey — 4 comments
Madhu5. I love historical fiction, women's/current issues. Not a fan of romance or fantasy. — 7 comments
Reading_E. Fiction, Science Fiction, Biographies, Micro-history, Travel Writing, Food Writing https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1DUG3QHAGGZTB?ref_=wl_share — 1 comment
imyril. Science fiction, speculative fiction or fantasy please — 1 comment
StellarDoc. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1XULQYRBWI7X8?ref_=wl_share To give you an idea of what I'm interested in. — 1 comment
Gillyreads. Any genre but I quite like a mystery. Any age level is fine as long as it’s a good story. Diversity is good. — 2 comments
TheRiehlDeal. I have quite a few genres that I like: - Fiction - Historical Fiction and Non-Fiction - Mystery/Suspense - Horror - Non-Fiction (Memoirs and Auto-Biogrophies) - Fantasy — 1 comment
Lizthompson07. I love sci-fi, fantasy, and in generally quirky writers (think Douglas Adams, Philip K Dick, Kurt Vonnegut), but I also like general fiction and science books. You can get a sense of what I like from what I have in my LibraryThing library (see link in other box). — 1 comment
Jari-chan. - sci-fi - classics - horror - Terry Pratchett, Stephen King - Star Wars, Warhammer 40K — 2 comments
Sapphire. Mid list fiction; love books in translation, but not Ferrante (hated those). Things I am reading now: The Western Wind, Starless Sea, Smilla's sense of Snow and Molokai. Enjoyed Bachman, Towles, Murakami, and Mary Doria Russell but have read pretty much everything by those… — 2 comments
Lizpixie. I love crime, mystery, thrillers, scifi, fantasy, magical realism, horror, true crime & some memoirs & biographies. Fave authors include Karin Slaughter, Peter Robinson, Dame Agatha Christie, Stephen King, Sarah Addison Allen, Alice Hoffman, Robert Jordan, Seanan McGuire,… — 3 comments
Born.A.Reader. My favorite genres are historical fiction (typically with a female protagonist), general fiction, YA Fantasy (like Sarah J Maas), and thriller/suspense. I also enjoy burning scented candles and sweets munching while getting lost in said book. I also am obsessed with British… — 2 comments
BooksbyBJThompson. I live for well-written literary fiction, historically based and serious WWII historical novels, style along the lines of Michener, James Jones, Hemingway. — 2 comments
Allylu. I like family sagas - real or fictional; historical fiction; fairy tale retellings; romance, especially time travel romance - not too spicy; classics; graphic novels; cozy mysteries; Christmas novels - again, not too spicy and I don't mind if they involve God or religion;… — 3 comments
vegasjellyfish. Mitch Albom, JK Rowling, VC Andrews, Serena Valentino, Charlaine Harris, Shel Silverstein, Stephen King, Jay Asher, Roald Dahl, Gena Showalter (Not her YA books), Jeaniene Frost, Jenny Trout, Michelle Moran, Dr. Seuss, Alice Walker, Kevin Richey, Suzanne Collins, Steven W.… — 1 comment
AmyM43. I like mostly romance or anything with at least a romance as a secondary element. YA or Adult, I enjoy both. Sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, contemporary, etc. Favorite authors include Ilona Andrews, Leigh Bardugo, Chloe Neill, Kristan Higgins, Jill Shalvis, Christina Lauren,… — 3 comments
ShelfAddiction. I enjoy reading adult, new adult, and older feeling YA. I like thriller/mystery, fantasy, magical realism, horror, "lite" science fiction with some romance. — 3 comments
lover.of.the.classics. I enjoy Historical Fiction, some Fantasy, I love anything Peter Pan, Christian Heroes Then and Now is one of my favorite series. C. S. Lewis is probably my all time favorite author. — 2 comments
CBee. Love mysteries, thrillers, suspense. Really into YA right now (specifically Neal Shusterman's Scythe series), dystopian fiction. Oh! And I am LOVING Nigerian writers right now - the Akata series was awesome. Really want to read something by Adichie. My TBR on Litsy should be… — 1 comment
barbwire. Well-written, above all else! I like cozy mysteries, cookbooks, historical fiction, biography, history (esp. US, English, and Danish), languages, product design, satire, and a bit of fantasy a le Douglas Adams and Jasper Fforde. — 2 comments
Lara.Tomme. Contemporary fiction, who done it's and other detective books. Young Adult, fiction. — 2 comments
Kelican17. literary fiction, humor, graphic novel adaptations (example- i own GN adaptations of Fahrenheit 451 and Beowulf), and I have recently started reading nonfiction/memoirs. — 3 comments
Juliwyant. Here is a nice cross section of what I like (my Amazon wishlist) https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/23BFMIDQTJQAN My favorite genres: mystery, sci-fi, horror, dystopian, ghost stories, fantasy, certain non-fiction -- about disasters like Chernobyl, famous strange events… — 2 comments
Scheherazade. I love literary fiction that’s not too abstract. Almost anything written by an Iowa Writers workshop grad. Most recent loves: The Dearly Beloved, The Most Fun We Ever Had, Ninth House, The Dutch House, Nevermoor (but I don’t usually read middle grade). Love high fantasy but… — 3 comments
BeautyandtheBookish. I love ya, fantasy and spoopy books. I loved Ninth House and the Raven Boys. I'm a HUGE fan of cute and wholesome things and graphic novels, and witchy books. Some of my recent favorites are Mooncakes, Witch Boy and the Prince and the Dressmaker. I also love books like the… — 2 comments
emz711. I like a good magical realism book, something with a little old, creaky house but not too much horror. I just finished The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern and it was right up my alley. Can't ever go wrong with a quirky fiction book, think Douglas Adams, Jasper Fforde. — 3 comments
bookgeek117. Little bit of everything. Love humourous books like Shelly Laurenston, Molly Harper, or RJ Blain. But also like serious books like Anne Bishop and Maria V Snyder. — 2 comments
plemmdog. This list is rather eclectic. Don't stress about it! All books eventually find good homes. My tastes range from literary fiction (particularly those based in the U.S South and Appalachia--think Faulkner and Ron Rash--but also international writers--translations are fine!). I'm… — 5 comments
sungoddessava. I most enjoy reading travel essays, outdoor adventure stories about hiking, water sports,etc, nature non-fiction, creative inspiration for artists, and books relating to the subjects of psychology, feminism, wilderness exploration, etc. — 3 comments
dariazeoli. Contemporary, memoir, self-help, humor — 3 comments
Alfrazier21. I really enjoy mystery/thrillers and fantasy books. Some of my favorite authors are Riley Sager, Sabaa Tahir, Samantha Shannon, Stephen King and Tomi Adeyemi. Some of my favorite reads this year: The Priory of the Orange Tree (LOVED THIS ONE), The Last Time I Lied, The Chain… — 1 comment
StayCurious. Romance! I love all romance, including YA and New Adult. I also like celebrity biographies/memoirs - preferably when written by the celeb themselves. I'm a big fan of Jane Austen and I like anything about her, her time period, spinoff books or sequels written by other authors. — 2 comments
Dvd. Fiction with nuance of a life lesson Mystery similar to Striker series by JK Rowling Harry Potter esque David Sedaris Amy Sedaris Andres Vidal Mark Childress — 3 comments
KatieDid927. I like literary fiction, classic novels, short stories and fantasy. I read both new releases and books that have been around for awhile. I'm not too picky! — 4 comments
nelehelen. Literary fiction, mystery/thrillers, non-fiction, true crime, memoirs, and fantasy! — 4 comments
JodiPM. I enjoy Science fiction/fantasy, thriller, mystery, Young adult (even though I'm an adult). I also like anything Disney related but I also like the original "fairy tales" that were darker. Marissa Meyer has some good books like "Cinder", "Scarlet", "Winter" etc. — 2 comments
BethM. SFF, YA, romance, cozy mystery, historical fiction — 1 comment
Deardaze. I enjoy Fantasy & YA fantasy the most, with some historical/scientific nonfiction and baking text books sprinkled in. I love anything with fae or otherworldly creatures and magic, adventures, ect. Strong female leads is always a plus. I love Greek mythology (read Circe it’s… — 4 comments
julesG. I enjoy fantasy, romance, Sci-fi. Like YA books, as long as they are not fairy tale retellings. Thrillers, detective stories, and a bit of horror is fine, too. Non-fiction like "Stiff" is also appreciated. — 3 comments
Foxnorth. A 9yo boy who is into sports and biography. Enjoys reading about historical figures as well as sports -- soccer being his favorite. Also loves the Percy Jackson series. — 3 comments
LittleBug. I read pretty much everything, except YA. Favourites are Epic Fantasy, PNR, Steampunk, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian... However, I also like to be surprised and read outside my comfort zone. Oh, and I prefer paperbacks :) — 2 comments
jenniferw88. Love fantasy, historical mysteries, crime, classics, non-fiction — 2 comments
Littlewolf1. I enjoy books in general, but specifically fantasy, fiction and romance. I do like to Dabble in mystery and horror, And I really love a paranormal vibe, Especially if that vibe includes shifters or vampires. — 3 comments
alisonrose. I love literary/contemporary fiction written by and about women, with a focus on marginalized identities (WOC, LGBTQ, disability rep, etc). Historical fiction that is NOT set during WW2. Love fantasy of all kinds, classics by women (and Dickens is cool, too), and hard-hitting… — 2 comments
sblbooks. Historical fiction, Time travel, Christian fiction, Non-fiction (historical, medical, natural disasters) Christmas Reads, Middle-grade — 2 comments
Lynnsoprano. History, historical fiction, cozy mysteries — 2 comments
Meghan1. Young adult, thriller, books about animals, especially horses — 1 comment
Kangaj1. I love mystery, literary fiction, historical, sci fi/fantasy, YA...most genres! Some recent favorites include The Bird King, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore (though… — 2 comments
Booksnchill. My goodreads page is best indicator- I have lists of what I own and I have a wishlist of books I do not own. Love nature, art, adult fiction, british and scandi mysteries and my sense of humor is David Sedaris, The Hollow Kingdom and I am currently loving the Dance to the… — 2 comments
LMJenkins. I like lots of different kinds of books, but I own TONS of books so my Litsy TBR shelf is the best one to shop from. I also like chocolate/peppermint combos and fun little gift items. — 2 comments
Grrlbrarian. I love mysteries (not cozies) with a strong sense of place, sci fi & fantasy from diverse authors, esp. non-Americans or with elements pulled from non-Western cultures. Huge fan of layperson’s science (especially biology) & archaeology with a particular interest in… — 6 comments
ShookBelf. Historical fiction (not WW1 or WW2), literary fiction, true crime, police procedurals (not British), any non fiction. — 3 comments
Bibliotekate. Alex: Vehicles (esp. monster trucks) and dinosaurs and nature and sports, oh my! Joey: Pink (so she says) and nature and animals and babies. — 2 comments
ablachly. Literary fiction, some historical fiction, really good mystery/police procedurals (like Kate Atkinson's Jackson Brodie Series or Robert Galbraith's Cormoran Strike books). — 5 comments
TimSpalding. I'm looking for interesting non-fiction titles about Polynesian history and archaeology, classical history, archaeology in Turkey, the ancient near east, or the early church. — 2 comments


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