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Current Entries

angeljacoby. I love genre fiction & graphic novels - especially fantasy, mystery, & sci-fi. My favorite authors are Neil Gaiman, Tanya Huff, Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels, Jayne Ann Krentz, etc. For nonfiction, I'm into genealogy, puzzles, & cats. I just discovered the Murderbot… — 7 comments
Sujathanath. I love good fiction any sub-genre. Good plot. No eBooks. — 7 comments
booksnesread. My tastes over the years have changed. Where I was once into thrillers, I'm now into Japanese magical realism (e.g. Before the Coffee Gets Cold (have yet to own and read book 3)) and cozy mysteries (e.g. Mia Mananasala). I am also intentional about reading works by BIPOC and… — 4 comments
sirk.bronstad. I like fiction and I'm interested in autobiography/memoir. I'm not particularly looking for new releases, especially critical darlings. Instead I am really wishing for not-currently-lauded work from the 20th century or first decade of the 21st. Think NYRB classics, but I've… — 3 comments
msliz_31. BIPOC authors, contemporary fiction, historical fiction, social commentary, poetry — 3 comments
VenelopeLove. Fiction, science fiction, dystopian — 1 comment
pedro.pessoa for diogop (14 year old son). Anything related with flying and airplanes, maybe from a pilot perspective. He just started looking into what being a pilot means. — 8 comments
rebeccaamax. Epic SFF and epic historical fiction, with female leads and/or queer romance! Recent loves: the Locked Tomb series (Muir), Shadow Campaigns series (Wexler), Strike the Zither (He), Founders series (Bennett), Teixcalaan books (Martine), Taste of Gold and Iron (Rowland). I also… — 4 comments
jaelquinn. This year I would like to be surprised. Please choose something from this list or recommendations generated by items on this list (Librarything's list of the month for August 2022):… — 3 comments
sar96. I enjoy a variety of books. I enjoy books that are engaging and/or with good plots. I love Kitchen Table Wisdom and might need to replace my copy. I enjoy literary fiction, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, bestsellers, and women's fiction. I loved What happened to the… — 2 comments
marblerye. I tend to read thrillers, police procedurals, serial killer fiction, etc. A random list of books I loved: The Alienist/Angel of Darkness, I Am Pilgrim, The Rook/Stiletto. — 6 comments
Kelleyann1997. I really like queer romance and queer ya novels. I also enjoy low fantasy and dystopian. — 2 comments
OnlyWhenPigsFly. Long books, fiction only, mysteries, historical fiction — 4 comments
conceptDawg for Ashley Holland. mystery, historical fiction (e.g. well-researched WW2 female spy novels such as Lost Girls of Paris, Alice Network, The Nightingale), fantasy/YA (Leigh Bardugo - Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom), Fredrik Backman novels — 6 comments
conceptDawg for Kate Holland (daughter, 14). Fantasy and/or murder mysteries. She's just started the mystery genre so selection is pretty wide open. But they shouldn't be slogs since she's 14 and while she has the reading abilities of a college student she doesn't have the patience for Agatha Christie yet. Lighter fare… — 4 comments
timspalding. I'm looking for books published in the last year or so only. I'm looking for something in the topics I read the most of: 1. Ancient history (Greece, Rome, Persia and interaction with cultures that touch them) 2. Early Christian history (to 800 or so) 3. Medieval,… — 10 comments
timspalding for My son Liam. Here's the mission: My son is 16. He's a young 16, but still definitively a teenager now. The goal is to excellent graphic novel(s) published in the last year. I suggest fiction, not non-fiction, but this isn't an absolute rule. He prefers stories with an element of the… — 3 comments
karyberg. I'm interested in environmental fiction and nonfiction, like The Overstory and Entangled Life. (I loved and own both). I've also read and enjoyed food or environmental justice books like Lentil Underground and Healing Grounds. — 4 comments
reluctantm. Literary fiction. smart sci-fi, feminist books — 5 comments
thatbirdmartha. I prefer to read Christian fiction and female authors. You can surprise me though. I do not like mystery or horror books. I also read Sci fi and fantasy. Thank you for being my Santa. — 7 comments
Goofy2by2. Fantasy, M/M, Young Adult, anything shifter, Vampires, romance, true crime — 3 comments
affie. I am a big fan of supernatural horror and horror adjacent fiction. Cosmic horror/horror with Lovecraftian influences are a favourite. Cosy mysteries with some supernatural influences would also be good; a mix of cosy creepy/scary supernatural mystery would be ideal :) I enjoy… — 2 comments
atipsygiraffe. I like a mix of genres, but favourites are horror, historical fiction, generation/decade spanning stories, romance, re-tellings (mythology and folktales mostly). Some of my favourite books are The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, 11/22/63, The Song of Achilles, The… — 2 comments
Northern_Light. I like historical fiction. My favourite author is Diana Gabaldon and have all her books. Like Christian fiction with a good story. — 5 comments
dacejav. Contemporary fiction, memoirs, (witty) romance, historical fiction — 6 comments
mmoj. Mysteries Science Fiction Fantasy Women's Fiction Books with a book, bookstore, library theme in any genre Mythology
darlingmegpie. Looking for adult court fantasy. (Examples: Somaiya Daud, Hannah Whitten, Maas) Fairytale and Myth retellings...LGBTQ+ romance. I'm always looking for new reccomendations I just ask that you check my library first to make sure I don't already have it. Thank you in advance I… — 1 comment
FrankieUS. I love all things fantasy and historical fiction right now! I also love queer stories and world building that envisions a more equitable society, as well as fiction based on non-western societies or mythologies. Spicy content is great, too! — 7 comments
FleetSparrow. Anything queer (prefer queer men written by men), especially featuring trans men! Mysteries! Oh boy, there has only ever been one mystery I haven't liked (Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough, if you're curious). Especially love classic mysteries, Golden Age style/pastiche… — 2 comments
jahdub. I love all kinds of novels that fit the category of horror, science fiction, fantasy, comedic, and classic fiction as well as literary fiction. If the book has made a deep or profound impact on you-especially philosophical novels or actual philosophy books are also welcome.… — 12 comments
BookLizard. I'm in the mood for something light and fluffy. I like books and cats. Just discovered I can enjoy RomComs like Book Lovers by Emily Henry or The Roughest Draft by Emily Wibberley. I also like Alternate Life books like The Midnight Library by Matt Haig or This Time… — 8 comments
sahra for Bill. Bill likes interesting philosophy books. Books that are owned by Bill are tagged "bill" in username sahra's library. — 2 comments
electricfig. A book signed by one of your favorite authors and/or one with uniquely designed content or construction are most welcome. New reads written by acclaimed non-US authors are also exciting! Preferred genres include science fiction/fantasy, humor, literary fiction, historical… — 7 comments
fionaanne. Something hopeful and life-affirming. Funny is good too. Books along the lines of Trevor Noah's Born A Crime or Everything Sad is Untrue by Daniel Nayeri. Otherwise something that you've read recently that you want to make everyone else read too because it was just so damn… — 6 comments
KateBZ. AutoBiographies, travel stories, classics, fiction Book list: — 2 comments
hhwanabie108. Favourite genres are dystopian fiction, climate fiction, smutty romance, and courtroom dramas. Don't try to fit all three of those (sounds impossible lol) but any one is great. Favourite authors are Lou Cadle, Margaret Atwood, J.B. Stephens/Liz Braswell, Jodi Picoult, Sophie… — 2 comments
HeidiRuth. Literary fiction that’s fairly easy reading/a quick read, also very plot driven, mostly realistic - a little magical realism or sci if is fine, though. Favorites lately have included The Vanishing Half and Nothing to See Here. I’m currently reading Less by Andrew Sean Greer.… — 5 comments
clockworkcats. Fantasy, sci-if, classics, mystery, history, I have a massive collection and am very picky (a lot is not logged on LT, and it is not really up to date; most of what I’m reading these days is audiobooks because I’ve run out of space). I also have a post-grad education in… — 6 comments
jenniferhaskin. I LOVE YA. Epic fantasy, sci-fi, and romance, especially. I love Sarah J Mass, Cordelia Castel, KA Riley, Becky Moynihan, Marissa Meyer (comp books of Cinder)... I liked The Hunger games (and comp books), and I am currently into dystopian romance. I could do steampunk. — 7 comments
sundancer. Recently read and really enjoyed "Uprooted" and "Spinning Silver" by Naomi Novik which are both magical Coming-of-Age Fantasy books. I love coming-of-age fiction with a little magic or science fiction involved such as "The Giver" series by Lois Lowry, the "Uglies" series by… — 1 comment
Bookwoman519. Joanne's Little Free Library (11135) wants Holiday books for children. — 2 comments
ChristineLeusch. Historical fiction, sci fi, crime/mysteries, classics. — 1 comment
LivingReflections. I usually like literary fiction, especially Edith Wharton, Toni Morrison, Jami Attenberg, Lauren Groff, Ann Patchett, Elizabeth Strout, but I also adore a good short story, William Trevor or George Saunders, but I am open to trying new things! — 2 comments
deelemmas. Fiction, science fiction and other fantasy, worldbuilding books - big fan of Brandon Sanderson lately, other than that, have read a lot of Tolkien, Robin Hobb, Asimov, Rowling, GRR Martin, Terry Pratchett, J Gwynne, RA Salvatore, Pierce Brown, NK Jemisin, Frank Herbert,… — 3 comments
bell7. I'm an eclectic reader and enjoy a good world-building SFF tale with characters I can root for. I also enjoy historical fiction, contemporary fiction, and some mysteries. The writing doesn't have to be poetic, but I don't like it to be too clunky. For nonfiction, I enjoy books… — 1 comment
msemmag. I'm really into Dorothy L. Sayers's Lord Peter Wimsey series currently (I just finished Strong Poison!) but otherwise, I like my fiction to be genre (usually SF/F) with bonus points for queerness (identity, relationships or otherwise!), humor, or unusual perspectives. For… — 5 comments
vhaskell. I'm mostly interested in contemporary and travel fiction. Also interested in sci-fi, mysteries, graphic novels/manga, romance. — 1 comment
duchessjlh. I read widely and enjoy lots of things. I'm fond of sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery genres in particular, but there's not much that I haven't tried and enjoyed. I've particularly gotten into poetry this year, so if you have a favorite poet that would be an excellent choice. I… — 3 comments
safirefae. My favorite series are A Discovery of Witches, the Pellinor Series, the Shadow Falls Series, and any books by Sarah Addison Allen. I enjoy fluffy supernatural and fantasy books and historical fiction. — 3 comments
yoda1489. YA fantasy. Would love to try your favorite author. Enjoy strong female lead. — 4 comments
cthoma. Mysteries, YA fantasy, British murder or detective stories, Historical fiction — 2 comments
agotte11. I'm a bookseller so I read just about everything. Goodreads Profile - — 1 comment
Danielle91. I like books about fashion history/material culture, women's history, or monarchy's in any country. Recently I started reading Lore Olympus and got hooked on that. So I'm also interested in things like that. — 1 comment
tmcghie. I would love a book that is a favorite of yours! I love all books and would love to read something that has left an impression on you. — 1 comment
dwcofer. Mystery, Horror, Literary Fiction — 2 comments
RidgewayGirl. I'm a solid fan of literary fiction and of well-written crime novels on the grittier end of the spectrum. I'm interested in novels in translation from authors from outside of the US and UK, especially from places we don't see much literature from, specifically Asia and Africa.… — 2 comments
AKA_Kira2. Fantasy books Architecture reference books Tabletop RPG books Most Manga are also good — 2 comments
KimberBarber. Nonfiction, science, medicine; especially new books on evolution topics, medical science or environmental issues. — 3 comments
schwesterbeth. World literature, warm fuzzy romance, much spicier romance (consent is a good thing), history, sci fi, fantasy, travel, nature, cookbooks, German language, hymnology...oh, and am just beginning to learn accordion! — 3 comments
EclecticAli. I enjoy YA and Middle Reader fiction, a nice escape from the adult world for a while. Nostalgia has been strong for the 1980s/1990s fiction lately - and I always enjoy fantasy stories. — 2 comments
lobotomy42. I like European and Latin American literature in translation, especially weird fiction, metafiction, or philosophical fiction that explores ideas for their own sake -- I'm a big fan of Italo Calvino lately, but have also enjoyed Nabokov, Pelevin, Roberto Bolaño and others.… — 3 comments
vtlucania. I tend to read most types of books. I am not a fan of Urban fiction or Graphic novels. At the point, I feel a tad burnout on the mass produce, popular fiction that can be found in abundance. Enjoy Sports Business books, books about writing thesis, literature review and… — 2 comments
smileydq. I read mostly fiction, though a good ethnography (like Evicted by Matthew Desmond) or (auto)biography (like Becoming by Michelle Obama) will also grab my attention. I enjoy contemporary literary and historical fiction; I don't read cozy mysteries but I don't mind a mystery-… — 2 comments
KathleenDonohoe. My taste in books is literary fiction. Some of my favorite books/authors include Bel Canto by Ann Patchett, The Secret History by Donna Tartt. The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells by Andrew Sean Greer. Alice Hoffman, Alice Munro. Jeffrey Eugenides. I also like mysteries in the… — 6 comments
nakasha. I enjoy comedies, such as the books by P.G. Wodehouse, Terry Pratchett, and Douglas Adams. I also enjoy mysteries, fantasy, science fiction, as long as the narration is interesting. — 2 comments
AbigailAdams26 for Mary Ann (84-year-old mother). My mother enjoys suspenseful fiction, by authors such as James Patterson, Barbara Cornwell, John Grisham, etc. She also enjoys biography, particularly historical biography. — 2 comments
ForeignCircus. I read mostly fiction though I also like biographies (especially of cool women). I love mysteries (especially Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, Elly Griffiths) and have recently been dipping my toe back into sci-fi and fantasy after a long hiatus. I read a lot of Regency or… — 5 comments
AbigailAdams26. I read a great deal of children's literature, both vintage and contemporary. Always looking for beautiful picture books. I love folk and fairy-tale retellings. On the adult end, I am very interested in reading El Cid at some point, and would love a good translation. — 4 comments
saroz. Although I consider myself a fairly wide reader, it's become apparent to me in recent years that most of my literary upbringing was focused on white Americans and Europeans. I would really like to read more authors with heritage from other continents and cultures, especially… — 5 comments
Nlandwehr. Social issues/non-fiction, lgbtq+, suspense/mystery, graphic novels, nerdy stuff, cottagecore/homesteading, occult, yoga Buddhism and philosophy. — 3 comments
Brubow. Fiction, fantasy, horror, romance are some of my favorite genres but I'm up for trying most things. I would also like to have your favorite book (unless I already have it ). This is my first Santa Thing so I am excited. — 2 comments
AuroraCH. I'll honestly try anything once, and there's a lot of stuff I want to try that I haven't thought of yet, I'm sure. If that makes any sense. But so the long and the short is I like a lot of stuff, particularly some of the more sincere stuff of the past 50 or so years. I like… — 1 comment
pbirch01. The past few years I have done this I have asked for books originally written in another language and translated into English. I think I will stick to this theme again this year and as always I am partial towards female authors. Thanks! — 2 comments
ReneeSzostek. I enjoy reading classic literature, history, philosophy, poetry, mysteries, and books about math and science. — 2 comments
pedro.pessoa. Surprise me! — 1 comment
neiljonlouie. Non-fiction: - history - science - architecture - language learning (German, Italian, Korean, Spanish) Fiction: thriller, mystery, crime, historical fiction — 1 comment
rebeccaamax. Epic SFF and epic historical fiction, with female leads and/or queer romance! Recent loves: the Locked Tomb series (Muir), Shadow Campaigns series (Wexler), Strike the Zither (He), Founders series (Bennett), Teixcalaan books (Martine), Taste of Gold and Iron (Rowland). I also… — 3 comments
seongeona. I have eclectic tastes & don't know what I'm in the mood for at this moment. I'm always on the lookout for "that one book that changes my world," whether it's fiction or non-fiction. I have my main "Wishlist" here plus a smaller "Wishlist: SantaThing" here to help you… — 4 comments
dadalo. I am looking for crime, mystery, or thrillers as the highest priority. Second would be Historicai Fiction. Lowest priority is Sci-Fi or Fantasy. — 3 comments
poppyreads. My favorite genres include contemporary fiction, thriller, horror, romance, fantasy, and sci-fi. Bonus points on anything with comedic elements. Recently, I've really enjoyed contemporary romance similar to Book Lovers by Emily Henry and comedic horror like Grady Hendrix.… — 4 comments
liao. I'm bad at this sort of thing. Looking at my Librarything page should give some idea. I'm very interested in non-Western art (although some Western art also grabs my attention, like Northern Renaissance). I like city infrastructure, biographies of famous cities, Central… — 2 comments
BornAnalog. Science-fiction and speculative fiction, but especially interested in titles by authors from outside Europe and North America. Graphic novels, books about music, videogames and boardgames. WWII and WWI air warfare, critiques of information technology. History of science,… — 1 comment
Colleen_L_McDonald for Munchkin. Munchkin is a 10 year old boy, reading at early 5th grade level. He's into mythical creatures, dragons, dinosaurs and fantasy. Also likes Minecraft and Breath of the Wild (Zelda). Book 4 of A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying would be appreciated. Has all of Dogman and Cat… — 4 comments
Stevil2001. I am mostly on the look for contemporary or classic sf&f that matches my tastes (I lean sf over fantasy, but enjoy fantasy if it's not quest stuff), or British literature from 1950 to the present. I will list some authors below who I enjoy. Anything by them that I don't own is… — 2 comments
Colleen_L_McDonald. Into lighter stuff these days. Travel memoirs, historical fiction, chick lit, culinary memoirs and lighter fantasy are all good. I've read a lot of Santa Montefiore and like her work. Other authors in my library are Tom Clancy, Sharon Kay Penman, Ken Follett, Ruth Reichl,… — 1 comment
jamcnerney. I love a pretty wide spectrum of books! I read more novels than non-fiction, but I'm always interested in deep dives into specific areas I'm unfamiliar with, works of criticism, or floridly written non-fictions generally. In fiction, I like anything different or unusual,… — 3 comments
sillygwailo. Post apocalyptic fiction Fiction that takes place over the course of a single day (something more recent, to avoid the classics, which I'll get on my own) Experimental fiction (my favourite novel is Remainder by Tom McCarthy). — 2 comments
elusiverica. I read a lot of fantasy and science fiction, and also enjoy historical fiction. I like compelling characters with interesting relationships (not just romance - also family bonds, friendships, alliances, etc), happy endings (though there can be plenty of darkness along the… — 2 comments
holly_golightly. I am reading all of Agatha Christie's works for the first time, in chronological order - so would appreciate any tips about other Golden Age authors. I'm not a general fan of modern crime novels however, I prefer the "puzzle" or sleuth elements in Christie. I've read some… — 6 comments
loafhunter13. Always welcomes new challenges and genres not read before. Most commonly read are modern Japanese authors with a modern twist like Murakami Haruki but also enjoy those with a twist like Murakami Ryu and Murata Sayaka. I have been trying to branch out into introductory works… — 3 comments
shearon. With a couple exceptions, I have been reading/listening to a lot of lightweight trash lately, so perhaps something to perk me up. — 4 comments
laze. FICTION - eastern european (translated), specifically poland, lithuanian; japanese (anywhere from early 20th century through now) with a preference towards the left-field/odd (Murakami, Kobo Abe, etc)... on the American side, I've enjoyed works recently by Robin Sloan, Ruth… — 4 comments
debbie1215. I like a wide variety of books but mostly prefer fiction, historical fiction is great, autobiographies,susupense/mystery/thriller is fine as well - also romance is fine (not harlequin romance though). Think bestsellers - adult fiction — 1 comment
SMCbrownie. I enjoy paranormal romances. Lately, I have been intrigued with magical themed books. I also love a new interpretation of fairy tales or classic children's stories. Also themed cook books and graphic novels. As far as non-fiction goes, I am interested in hearth witchcraft. I… — 1 comment
rodneyvc. If you look at my catalog the technical books are mine. I like family history, travel, space, music. I've updated my wishlist a little. I sing in a choir that performs major choral works. I would like books about writing family history, and DNA, but I'm happy to be surprised! — 1 comment
rodneyvc for Maggievc. General interests are food, travel, gardening. The books tagged 'cooking' in my catalog are Maggie's. Maggie is interested in Australian indigenous plants and bush foods. Maggie also wouldn't mind a cosy mystery — 1 comment
vivirielle. I like middle grade and YA books, especially fantasy books. I'm particularly loving "cozy fantasy" right now. Favorite books include everything by Diana Wynne Jones (especially the Chrestomanci series and Howl's Moving Castle), Peter Pan, everything by Patricia C. Wrede,… — 5 comments
Kuosa for My daughter. I would like something sturdier for my daughter who is only 2. Maybe some picture boardbooks. Either in English or Portuguese. She loves animals and nature (but not only!). — 4 comments
Kuosa. I like many different types of books. Fiction and non-fiction. Classics and more modern ones. I see that I am somewhat drawn to books with characters with strong principles, like righteousness, kindness, and also close relationships between these kinds of main characters (not… — 3 comments
kgodey. I really enjoy "positive fantasy" (or science-fiction) – please see I also like really good non-fiction that helps me learn about the world. I tend to prefer older (pre-2010?) to newer books, unless it's an author… — 3 comments
tottman. I like science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, and thrillers. I don't read much non-fiction, but I do read some humor or humorous memoirs and some non-fiction about television or movies. I like thrillers but not so much domestic suspense. My library is up to date. — 1 comment
MaryKay1822 for Elliot1822. He enjoys American and World history as well as military history primarily WW II especially army air force. He also likes biographies/memoirs about military and historical leaders. In addition he likes alternative reality historical fiction. He does have a wish list on… — 1 comment
davidized. I read a lot of non fiction on a lot of topics. Always enjoy a good productivity book, science/math books, and books about making. Open to fiction books as well. — 2 comments
lowelibrary. I love cozy cat mysteries and beauty & the beast retellings when I need a comfort read. I am open to expanding my reading so anything you enjoyed reading would be great. — 2 comments
andersonden. Somewhat broad, my LT wishlist to read gives a good idea; I tend to avoid western and romance genres. — 1 comment
NikkiMo. I love contemporary novels and historical fiction. — 1 comment
errinstevens. I'm pretty eclectic, was weaned on literary fiction and have recently loved Amor Towles' works etc. But my grand escape/greatest preference these days is paranormal romance. I also enjoy contemporary & regency. — 2 comments
vikzen. I enjoy reading diverse books, especially popular/literary fiction (so many good ones out now!) and thriller/mysteries. — 3 comments
lowelibrary for my husband Mose. Mose loves and collects true crime, even crime scene photo books. He has lately been expanding into crimes committed in the past, pre-1900. He also enjoys non-fiction paranormal books, especially exorcisms and possessions. My husband is Muscogee Creek, so anything that leans… — 2 comments
NicoleW. I enjoy Christian romance (favorite), the Mistborn series (Brandon Sanderson), and historical fiction. — 4 comments
foolsgoldboots127. I love contemporary or fantasy romance fiction. I also love classic fiction, contemporary fiction, fantasy, mythology/mythological retellings, and books with magical realism. Some of my favorite romance authors are: Emily Henry, Ali Hazelwood, Sarah J. Maas, and Tessa Bailey.… — 2 comments
PeytonHammond. Loves manga, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, and horror. Started to explore rom-coms. Favorite books include Jack Reacher, Stephanie Plum, and Riley Sager. — 3 comments
serendipitina. As with most book lovers, too many books too little time! My interests and genres change and my LT wishlist is up-to-date, but also welcome pleasant surprises, too. — 3 comments
jrbaker149. I'm gay and recently singled after a 16 year relationship. I'm reading self-help about recovering from a breakup, regaining self confidence, reliance, and resiliency. I like some gay romance / fiction, recently dabbling in the supernatural stuff there. I love science… — 2 comments
OnlyWhenPigsFly. Love Long books (over 500 pages) mysteries, historical fiction, — 3 comments
mnm123. I have updated my wish list. it can be seen when you look at my books. I like historical fiction, urban fantasy, fantasy and science fiction. I enjoy a good mystery as well as some psychological thrillers. — 3 comments
nikolahall. Japanese authors, 19th century Russian and French literature, Modernist literature, biographies about women in history, adventure fiction, nature/horticulture. — 2 comments
booksaplenty1949. 19th-20thC fiction, social history, travel, mystery — 2 comments
BingeReader87. Really into manga and graphic novels right now. I love Stephen King and James Patterson. Really into true crime and mental health awareness type books, both fiction and nonfiction. — 1 comment
GoldieBug. See my Library Thing Wishlist, and my collection. Lots of things appeal, from space opera to actor biographies to horse stories to pop-up books. — 4 comments
Christiana5. I mostly read to relax and de-stress, so I prefer fiction. I enjoy books with a strong female protagonist, and am partial to historical settings and mysteries - not necessarily together, though it's OK if they are. I also like stories with time travel and/or magic/witchcraft,… — 4 comments
ksteger. I predominantly read graphic novels, manga, queer romance, and fantasy novels. Sci-fi is also welcome! I like books that are character-driven with queer and diverse characters and good world building. I like stories that have a cozy feeling and a happy ending. Magic, witches,… — 2 comments
julienne_preacher. A well written book is a good book. I will give a chance to any book you love! Both non-fiction and fiction are highly appreciated. — 4 comments
Oneironaut. I enjoy weird fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, both larger novels or short story collections. I like books where the authors creativity goes wild. If to the characters previously unknown regions are explored, that's also fun to me. I read to get away from reality. If the… — 5 comments
Midas1273. YA, sci-if, fantasy, LGBTQ, Marvel, DC, Star Wars , Star Trek, mystery Recently gotten into murder mystery, like the Thursday murder club, (read/have first, have 2nd) — 2 comments
juki2222. Horror, sci fi, fantasy, anything similar to Angela Carter, or Elizabeth Hand, true crime, female scientists biographies, archeoastronomy — 9 comments
sheryll. Mystery/detective stories, fantasy, historical fiction, anything off my LibraryThing wishlist. — 1 comment
RRR_. I recently discovered a brand of cozy mysteries - cats, tea, knitting, murder and ghosts, and since we don not have any in my local library it would be a treat to finally get my hands on one, especially if by chance you have a favourite. Other than that, I love any other… — 2 comments
BeTheDance. Metaphysical Spiritual Physics as it relates to spirituality, ie, Walter Russell Spiritism along the links of Madam Blavatsky Philosophy along the likes of OSHO Meditation NDE-related books, but not pop, I read these deeply already History of Spirituality and… — 4 comments
HeroicHatchling. I love graphic novels, fantasy books, sci fi books, steam punk, humor, and romance (and combinations of the aforementioned genres). Historical Fiction can be good at times as long as it sticks to lighter subject matter and doesn't get too embroiled in names and dates. I… — 2 comments
sp-patten. For fiction we like mystery, thrillers and horror (but already own everything by Stephen King). For non-fiction we are interested in psychology and why humans do what they do. We're Canadian, so would appreciate being introduced to international authors. — 3 comments
KWharton. I am interested in languages, popular science, progressive theology, contemporary fiction, maths, social justice and silliness. I will update my library on 24 November! Things on my "to-read" list are probably not books I own. I have put them in my "my books" list if I own them. — 4 comments
JohnChic. My LT library says it all. Mysteries predominate, but have found joy in many genre. Surprise is exciting. — 4 comments
DianeTM. RomCom, mystery, fiction- historical and fantasy, romance, thriller, autobiography — 2 comments
library_mistress. I love books with librarians as characters, cozy mysteries with a book/library aspect, science fiction and social fiction, queer characters, all things forest and trees, foreign language dictionaries, and combinations of all those (like "lesbian lumberjack and librarian… — 3 comments
cassiejay. I like fantasy and sci-fi, both young adult and adult. I'd like to get more into more BIPOC fantasy and mythology. I also like cozy mysteries, especially when they are more magical. — 3 comments
DAGray08. Literary fiction. Authors like James McBride, Louise Erdrich, Luis Alberto Urrea, Toni Morrison, Cormac McCarthy with well-rounded characters and poetic prose. Also, Short Story collections in this vein. — 3 comments
SunshinyShoes. Mystery/thrillers, psychological thrillers, popular fiction, banned books, captivating true stories — 1 comment
libraryperilous for my mom. This is for my mom, LibraryThing member Twylabear. Her favorite authors are Robyn Carr, Catherine Ryan Hyde, Karen McQuestion, Eugenia Price, and Dana Fuller Ross. She likes easygoing… — 3 comments
foggidawn. Lately I've enjoyed mysteries by Elly Griffiths, romance novels by Emily Henry, and historical fiction by Kate Quinn. Anything along those lines would be nice (but not by those authors, as I've pretty much read through all of their stuff). I'm open to memoir and narrative… — 2 comments
Vierran. Urban fantasy, romance, space opera, sf (I love Becky Chambers, for example), faerie. Dark fantasy is also good, but I always want a happy ending. I also like comics and graphic novels like Monstress, Saga, Paper Girls, etc. YA is also fine, since I read about anything. — 3 comments
tiomela. Murder Mystery, Urban Fantasy, Vampires, detective stories. Canadian setting. Character driven. — 2 comments
wifilibrarian. Sci-fi space operas are probably my most relaxing reads for novels but I'm willing to explore more literary or contemporary fiction that has some depth to it. So if you have some favorites you might think I might like based on my library - go for it. — 3 comments
babzilicious. anything about writing and the writing process — 4 comments
sangreal. I really would like some good short story collections, especially from other parts of the world. All genres welcome, except what's noted in Do Not Get below. — 10 comments
jazzyereader. I love dystopian novels, award winning literature, graphic novels, memoirs (especially about food, alcoholism, addiction, dysfunctional childhoods), books about photography, art, design, & knitting. For ideas, my wish list is pretty up to date. — 3 comments
LLoLaguayasaminaj. A good thriller, but currently colouring, but nothing too cute. Portraits, hairstyles, a little fashion. Any Rachel Mintz books from my wishlist. — 1 comment
hredwards. I like history, historical mysteries, mysteries, nonfiction like Mary Roach, Sam Kean, Harold Schecter, etc., scifi, some fantasy, some horror. Steampunk. Old books. — 2 comments
Aris_Library. Scifi, ya fantasy, classic adventure, thriller, horror, dystopian — 1 comment
LibraryCin. Favourite genres include mystery/thriller, historical fiction, biographies. For nonfiction, I also like (popular) science and history. There is more I like than don't like. :-) — 3 comments
NerdForHire. Hi there, dear Secret Santa. I love books about Harry Potter, video games and Ransom Riggs books (I own the first four of them + the stories) I'm currently trying to learn hawaii-pidgin with my cousin, so I was or am trying to find books about that. Something else I love is… — 2 comments
NerdForHire for My mother. My mother loves all things about making greeting cards in 3D with pop up paper crafts. She doesn't or hardly speaks English though, so it should be in german, russian or very easy to read. She also loves "Leben ist mehr" books and has gotten every book from the last few… — 3 comments
Tuke15. Favorite genres: Horror, science fiction, anime, manga, zombies. Witches or vampires are okay. The books should be over 200 pages long. Like George R. R. Martin, some Cormac McCarthy, Brian Keene, and a slew of other authors. If you get part of a series, have it be book… — 2 comments
ilgarcon for son, age 7. He would like to have books about Baby Yoda, Star Wars: The Mandalorian Junior Novel by Joe Schreiber is an idea. This LibraryThing account is pretty good on the books that he does own, except for his Paw Patrol books, which are not all in there. Maybe a beginning cookbook… — 1 comment
HuberK. At least 200 pages per book. I'm looking for science fiction space opera types of books. My Goodreads account has all of the kindle books I've purchased. If you select one of these… — 2 comments
mellymel171328. I'm really into Sarah J. Maas. I really want to start the Cresent series. — 1 comment
KallieGrace for Kennedy, 6 year old daughter. Kennedy has taken to princesses and fairies recently, and has enjoyed the Princess in Black series. She also likes Junie B Jones, but not as much as the magical books we read. Dog Man, Captain Underpants, and Eerie Elementary are favorites as well. Kennedy is a beginning… — 1 comment
mellymel171328 for Justin. He likes World of War craft books. He is also very interested in reading The Priory of the Orange Tree (The Roots of Chaos) Fantasy novels Graphic novels — 3 comments
mellymel171328 for Liam. Is a 7 year old little boy. He has ADHD and loves rocks and insects. He needs age appropriate short stories. — 1 comment
mellymel171328 for Samuel. He is an 11 year old boy. He leans towards liking comics like dogman and captain underpants. He also likes the Percy Jackson series. — 2 comments
KallieGrace. I love mystery, and usually enjoy contemporary, fantasy, and sci-fi. I also really love non-fiction. Non-fiction that works especially well are focused on mystery-adjacent topics like poison, forensics, etc., or natural history topics. The bulk of my reading this year was… — 2 comments
sweetandsyko. Really love exploring middle grade reader books lately, especially fantasy or mystery, am a fan of any fantasy or mystery in general that doesnt give the main focus to romance or bullying. I also love cozy mysteries, any series that are new — 1 comment
misskitty17. Horror, paranormal/supernatural, mystery, thriller, true crime, some fantasy. Open to witchy books and historical fiction. Linking my goodreads since I'm a little more updated there than here. My TBR is lonnnnng if you need ideas! — 3 comments
Familyhistorian. I read widely but prefer books that deal with history (both fiction and nonfiction), mysteries and have been known to crack the covers on romance novels. — 3 comments
Salsabrarian. Been wanting to read "Maid" by Stephanie Land and "Hillbilly Elegy" by JD Vance. Would happily accept either of those or your recommendation for compelling narrative non-fiction on similar theme of real people who are marginalized, invisible, and unheard but have valuable and… — 4 comments
Caitlin.Dionne. Historical fiction (medieval), history (ancient and medieval) — 1 comment
russelllindsey. I'd LOVE some great historical fiction! I love books about biblophiles and librarians. I've found some great lists out there of such books, and I haven't read many. This would be a GREAT place to start!… — 5 comments
katemcangus for Adam Krieger (my husband). Adam is always on the hunt for great literary fiction, but it's tough cause he's PICKY. Books he loved include Let the Great World Spin (but no other Colum McCann novels), Station Eleven, and The Martian (though he doesn't generally like fantasy/sci-fi). If the story includes… — 6 comments
katemcangus. Mostly dark academia (think The Secret History), really good mystery novels (ala Tana French), and literary fiction. I read all of Kate Quinn's books this year and enjoyed them in case you have any suggestions for similar books. — 3 comments
guido47. Modern SF/Fantasy. History - precolonial Africa, South America (including Central America and Mexico) Latest ideas in Physics and biology. Any Literature you really like! — 2 comments
bgfulton. To give you some examples of what I like to read here is what I have been reading lately - graphic novels (Chainsaw Man, A Treasury of Victorian Murders, Pulp Empire), true crime (American Demon) and food/restaurant histories (Hot Dog:A Global History and A History of… — 2 comments
Daedalus.. I read novels (EN, FR, IT), contemporary and classic (but not too classic!). Calvino and Borges are among my favourites (I have most of their books, but you see the kind of literature :). Crime stories and, occasionally, sci­fi, why not. I love art (renaissance and… — 3 comments
James_Knupp. Big into space opera, sci-fi with political intrigue and mystery, The Expanse is my favorite book series so anything like that. I also love good post-apocalyptic fiction. I read more novels than short stories/novellas but do enjoy both, especially short story collections that… — 5 comments
FReads. I would like to read historical biographies as this is a new area for me and have added a few suggested books to my wish list. I do love historical fiction and historical romance. My favorite time periods/settings are Regency and Victorian. — 2 comments
catalina7. My current reading obsession has been MM/LGBTQ romance books- such as Saxon James, Eden Finley, and Onley James. I also like some contemporary romance and fantasy -especially urban fantasy and PWF. I also enjoy books of any genre with laugh out loud humor. — 2 comments
catalina7 for Jenna, age 9. Just starting to read independently. Likes funny elementary age books like Dogman. Also likes unicorns, Jojo Siwa, lol dolls, dancing, princesses. — 3 comments
catalina7 for TJ, age 7. Still learning to read. Likes funny and silly books. Likes Halloween and Christmas, superheroes, Legos. Scary for kids books. — 1 comment
AriadneOliver. I normally only buy used books, new is fine, but would appreciate used if possible. I collect mysteries and detective fiction, knitting and crochet books. Besides that I am interested in science fiction, classics, poetry, nature, and music. I’m not interested in romances or… — 3 comments
xevver. I like speculative fiction and adventure non-fiction. Here are some of the books I most enjoyed in 2022 so far: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow: by Gabrielle Zevin; Sea of Tranquility, by Emily St. John Mandel; Interior Chinatown, by Charles Yu; The Wave: In Pursuit of… — 2 comments
TheDivineOomba. Hmm. I'm eclectic. I'm looking for quirky books that isn't real world dystopian, overtly political or make me sad about the current state of the world :) I have been reading horror books lately, but ones that are more focus on the weird, think books that are equal parts… — 3 comments
Nodecaf. Never sure how to describe mysef in books. I own an insane amount of books, 2k+ which I have only started listing on LT. Classic & gothic literature - art history & technique - cookbooks - gardening / nature - medieval history - language references - classic comic books &… — 2 comments
Amandagil. Humor, beach reads, mystery, self-help, cookbooks! — 3 comments
MaryKay1822. I like fiction and mystery stories, biographies/memoirs and historical fiction. I collect Christmas books, cookbooks and Childrens picture books. All of the books i own are listed in my library on Library Thing and I have a wish list of books on there as well. — 3 comments
abbytuttle for my mom :). My mom has a lot of hobbies and she’s back around to reading. She loves strong, independent female leads and fantasy, her favorite movie series is Underworld, she likes action and female revenge type stories. She’d also be interested in mysteries and thrillers. When she was… — 4 comments
VickySaintAnge. I love LGBT books, LGBT romance and cosy mystery (and both would be perfect). I want to write more women, LGBT people or people of color. I'm into Gail Carriger, Agatha Christie, Arnaldur Indridason, ... I read both in french and in english. I don't have problem if it had… — 3 comments
Savedbygrace04 for My Son 13 yo reluctant reader. He use to enjoy Diary of a wimpy kid, has read many middle school classics. But I would like to find something that would ignite the joy of reading again. — 6 comments
majkia. sci fi, fantasy, mysteries — 9 comments
Allyss. I enjoy books with folklore and creepiness, as well as fantasy, especially urban or fairy tale-ish. Also women/girls being the main character. I recently finished The Hazel Wood and Mexican Gothic and enjoyed them. I also really like Naomi Novik's books. YA or adult is… — 3 comments
ehough75 for My Wife. EVERYTHING — 3 comments
ehough75. I have read everything from Project Hail Mary to stupid romances this year — 2 comments
micksbooks99. I love film noir and hard boiled detective novels, but haven't read many modern ones (just the classics like Chandler, Cain, Hammett). I like urban fantasy especially Patricia Briggs, Charles de Lint, and Simon R Greene. I also like lgbtqia fiction, but not queer romance… — 7 comments
R3dH00d. These days, I'm mostly looking for comics/graphic novels/manga and science fiction, especially cyberpunk and afrofuturism. — 8 comments
MagpieReadsStuff. I'm on the 2023 Newbery Award committee, which means all I've read this year is youth literature. While I adore kidlit, I'm super craving some books that will just ruin me. All my travel souvenirs this year have been books that booksellers have recommended to me based on that… — 8 comments
shortwaveboy86. I almost exclusively read non-fiction, usually in modern history and technical fields. I am particularly interested in Soviet and Soviet-bloc history, World War II histories, the history of the book and libraries, and amateur radio and shortwave broadcasting. I've made a… — 9 comments
Kanst. Science fiction, dystopian YA, stories about politics/economics in a science fiction realm. Likes Vernor Vinge & Timothy Zahn — 3 comments
Kanst for My son. 2 year old boy, limited vocabulary, loves ducks, cars, dogs, babies, wolves. Loves Bear Sleep Soup currently. — 3 comments
Savedbygrace04. Fiction -Surprise me! Trying to branch out. Something that made you want to read it again or share it with someone. I want something that will draw me in where I can't put it down. I am getting away from watching TV and need something I enjoy reading. Open to most types of… — 3 comments
Savedbygrace04 for My daughter . Fiction. She is 16 yo and had read a lot of the classics. She is trying new fiction authors. Some authors she has tried and liked are Brian k. Vaughan and Taylor Jenkins Reid. Sally Rooney she has some interest in. — 3 comments
Daphinie. Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction — 3 comments
mookie86. horror, British crime, highly-rated science fiction, highly-rated thrillers (not domestic); paperbacks preferred — 2 comments
ianhastings. History in general. US Civil War, Presidential history. Also biographies. I have a wishlist in my library
HaidenBaier. LGBTQ, mystery, horror, dystopian, true crime, social justice — 3 comments
yunique. Speculative Fiction with a preference for science fiction. I'm also learning to crochet, thus am very much a beginner. — 3 comments
ConantheLibrarianJr. I like urban supernatural, science fiction, fantasy, cozy mysteries, and young adult science fiction. I also like James Butcher ( Dresden files). — 2 comments
Eneila. Mainly adult fantasy, could be very good YA fantasy, also like to read good biography, historical fiction and good fiction and science. — 3 comments
iamnotabookworm. I would like a Haruki Murakami. I’ve read only one and would like to try his other books. If not, surprise me. I can read anything fiction. I love mystery and suspense the best. I read young adult, romance and would love poetry too. — 2 comments
AdventuresnAbbyland. love young adult, memoirs, manga and holiday reads. — 1 comment
Jen_Bartels. Some of my favorite genres are mystery, thrillers, horror, cozy mysteries, psychological thrillers, true crime, contemporary fiction and humor. — 4 comments
marymuse. I am really wanting to explore horse racing and/or music related mysteries. I know this is niche. I have not read any of Felix Francis' works; I have read older (probably pre-2005) Dick Francis books and own quite a few. Also would love music-related mysteries. I'm just… — 5 comments
alpacaherder. Tie-in novels to science fiction series, classic science fiction (i.e. Heinlein or Asimov), murder mysteries in Oceania, titles in the Rumpole universe, titles related to the Worlds of Gerry Anderson such as Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet — 3 comments
EDirector. I like novels with a strong sense of place -SF, fantasy, HF, with mature protagonists. Anything set in Europe, or in space! — 2 comments
jrpmcafee. I've been reading a lot of science fiction (Beggars in Spain, Parable of the Sower), but love a good magical realism. I will read anything, which is unhelpful for this exercise. I didn't like the Goldfinch, but I like If We Were Villains. I'll try and update my librarything… — 2 comments
mswelchpac. I’ve been very into YA, diverse authors and LGBTQIA+ lately. I enjoy fantasy such as The Gilded Ones and Children of Blood and Bone. I love reading fictional books about libraries/books. My favorite book is Ready Player One — 1 comment
NataleeGarner. Right now I’m really loving TikTok Romances, but I love an excellent crime, mystery, thriller with a good twist (Karin Slaughter, Riley Sager, Lisa Jewell). Other authors I’ve been loving are Ali Hazelwood, Tessa Bailey. I have also been collecting all of Reese Witherspoon’s… — 2 comments
aurorapaigem for My 2 year old daughter. My daughter doesn't know how to treat books nicely yet so we would love it if you could pick mostly board books for her. Content is more important though. She is really into dinosaurs and monster trucks right now so if you could find a book with girls playing with "boy toys",… — 2 comments
jkorrin. Anthologies like: Ghost Stories & Creepy Local Lore/Stories is also something I’m interested in.. Paranormal(ghosts demons, fae, vampires, werewolves).. Say Her Name by James Dawson is one of my favorites.. Anything in that same vein is great.. YA fantasy.. I’m also obsessed… — 1 comment
ritchgirl. Non-fiction, unless it’s folklore Cultural studies (especially eastern) History, world history, ancient history Psychology, sociology, behavioral studies Astronomy, biology, 101 sciences — 2 comments
JOAMurphy. love everything Irish. — 2 comments
Joules_Vc. Mysteries — 2 comments
bardbooks. Cookbooks with a strong storytelling component in addition to recipes. Historical mysteries, fantasy (see wish list). Thanks! — 3 comments
keepfitz. satire, legal thriller, science fiction, survival horror(zombies), techno thrillers, philosophical fiction, spirituality, — 2 comments
Prairiegirl1986. I love Historical Fiction (Kate Quinn, Kelly Rimmer are a couple of authors that I really like), I also like Christian Fiction (a couple of authors I like are Tracie Peterson and Jody Hedlund), Fantasy (, YA Fantasy, Mystery (Agatha Christie), Science Fiction (Brandon… — 2 comments
rb2040. I am drawn to cookbooks, children's picture books, science-fiction fantasy, and historical fiction. Cookbooks with lots of pictures (and not a lot of storytelling) are preferred, as are ethnically specific cuisines, baking, and historic foodways. Strong female and African… — 3 comments
igilbert. I enjoy psychological thrillers, medical thrillers, horror, mysteries and post apocalyptic sci Fi. Also enjoy British and Russian authors. — 3 comments
Tabasco2003 for Granddaughter Juno. Her favorite book right now is Where the Wild things Are. In fact she was one of the animals for Halloween. She will be 2 in February. She knows how to swim and loves it. — 2 comments
Tabasco2003 for Granddaughter Audrey. She just turned 4 and is interested in learning to read. During one Facetime session with her she enjoyed me reading a book to her and showing her pictures. We read Dog Loves Books. She loves animals - her grandfather is a former Zoo keeper. She has a vivid imagination, too. — 4 comments
SamaV. Fantasy, mythology, horror, fiction, crime — 1 comment
Tabasco2003 for Grandson Lincoln. He will only be a year on December 8 - classic and old time children's books - We seem to be ignoring the wonderful stories from the past — 4 comments
witchescastle. YA, light romance (not erotica), thrillers, cookbooks (baking and vegetarian), paranormal, ghost stories, literary fiction, historical fiction. Favorite authors include Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, JK Rowling, Jennifer Egan, Sarah Addison Allen, and Katherine Howe. — 4 comments
ablachly. I'd love to get some fiction that *you* really enjoyed. My tastes are pretty varied, from literary fiction to historical fiction, some mysteries, sci-fi, fantasy. Check out the books I've tagged as the best reads this year for a snapshot of what I've liked recently: — 2 comments
mggardner. historical fiction fun romance (like Mary Kay Andrews) fantasy (like Nora Roberts) women's lit some mystery I've liked Where the Crawdads Sing, A Man Called Ove, Never Have I Ever, The Bear and the Nightingale, Scythe, When the Crickets Sing — 2 comments
mggardner. historical fiction fun romance (like Susan Mallory or Mary Kay Andrews) women's literature (realistic) fantasy (like Nora Roberts) Some mysteries I've liked Where the Crawdads Sing, When Crickets Cry, A Man Called Ove, Never Have I Ever, The Bear and The Nightingale,… — 3 comments
ilovemaine14. I love books set in New England with kind of an old school feel (generally fiction, but sometimes memoirs are good too). I would also love Christmas/Winter mysteries. I generally prefer "cozy" mysteries, but sometimes branch out a little. Here are two on my list just to give… — 2 comments
ccatalfo for juliancatalfo. 12yo boy into realistic fiction, loves history (e.g. american history, world wars, 19th century), loves soccer (favorite team: Liverpool, favorite player: Ronaldinho), loves harry potter, loved the rick riordan series and associated books.
ccatalfo for elliecata. 15yo girl into YA realistic fiction, some sci-fi, loves sea creatures and especially jellyfish, interested in being a marine biologist and a writer. — 3 comments
Mommagoose09. teen/young adult diverse authors poetry horror art/crafts LGBQT teen books — 1 comment
kalafudra. Always looking for books that are by marginalized authors (BIPOC, disabled, queer, neurodiverse, fat and any combination thereof), that have characters who reflect those identities, and that ideally take a critical (feminist) look at society, though it does not necessarily… — 4 comments
mvo62. I love “Golden Age” mystery authors, but also very much enjoy books by Ann Cleeves, Deborah Crombie, Richard Osman and similar. Just check out my profile - and my catalogue Am re-reading… — 2 comments
Kisajtoo. Anything urban fantasy,paranormal fantasy with some romance. I prefer trilogies over single books. I luv books with magical realms, witches , Fae,angels and demons. Strong female characters coming into their powers. I read adult and young adult. Kindle is fine but prefer… — 4 comments
SassySnail. Cozy mysteries, especially with cooking or knitting theme, fantasy in the line of Piers Anthony orTerry Pratchett(I've only got Good Omens, but love his writing), or LOTR/ Wheel of Time, historical fiction, anything Christmas. I'm also into family history, my roots are deep… — 3 comments
Rhody. graphic novels of all genres; mysteries including detective stories, hard-boiled crime, and NOIR; science-fiction; fantasy — 2 comments
ARaw. New here - haven't loaded many of my books yet. But I like all sorts - contemporary fic, quirky romance, historical mystery, historical crime, thriller/mystery, true crime, offbeat capers.... — 1 comment
reedread. I’ve updated my wishlist to make it easy. Favorites are mysteries with strong female characters, historical fiction about women, US and UK settings, and history of British royalty. — 2 comments
TammyPatrick. Medical thrillers, psychological thrillers, suspense, mystery, historical fiction, cozy mysteries — 1 comment
sushiguineapig. Verity will be 10 in January and attends the 4th grade. She’s into chapter books, particularly YA. She only wants fiction. She identifies heavily with the LGBTQ+ community and loves reading material with LGBTQ+ characters and themes. She likes books with… — 1 comment
sahra. Cyber science-fiction, graphic novels, historical fiction (especially alternate histories), poetry, short stories, anthologies, edgy humor, travel, and off-the-beaten-path YA. Especially written by women, marginalized people, and those from other cultures, races, or parts of… — 4 comments
sarahbest. I love cozy mysteries, Agatha Christie or Miss Fisher style whodunits, novels about witches, arts and craft books with a hipster or vintage aesthetic, and books similar to Thalia Hibbert’s Brown Sister trilogy. — 14 comments
DebbiMack for My sister. She likes memoirs, humor, mystery (if it isn't too violent), unique fiction (in terms of point of view or story structure or theme). — 3 comments
mirryi. Fantasy (Tolkien!), linguistics, anthropology, literary criticism, Old English, or a surprise! — 1 comment
brewergirl. I enjoy a variety of books -- history, biography/memoir, science, psychology, mystery, pop culture general fiction. i'm open to just about anything. — 1 comment
ronia.rd. Here are some of the book series that I have loved: Discworld All of R.F. Kuang's works Murderbot series All of Becky Chamber's works All of Casey McQuiston's books All of Alexis Hall's books All of Talia Hibbert's books I've read most of Seanan McQuire except the… — 3 comments
abbytuttle. I love: * Fantasy and science fiction with a subplot of romance, but really, there's not a genre I won't read, so anything you loved from your favorite genre I'd love to give a try! * Any kind of Christmas-y holiday romance * Cozy taverns and magical adventure stories *… — 6 comments
Keith_Voogd. Take a quick look at my library and surprise me. Always looking for something new and interesting! — 4 comments
hamlet61. Short Stories Sci Fi Poetry Cookbooks — 5 comments
noodle_brain. Fiction - fantasy, science fiction. Non fiction - philosophy, natural history, leadership, biographies. Spirituality - druidry, celtic history, shaminsim. — 2 comments
greenleaf for my friend Elise. She's a forensic psychologist who lost her personal library in a house fire during COVID. Reads fiction and non-fiction and will read almost anything anyone else recommends loving, especially if well written. Books about strong women, food, and travel are particular… — 4 comments
KeithChaffee. Fiction: light comedy; mystery novels (favorites include Mayor, French, Muller, Westlake; locked room mysteries, courtroom drama); SF (favorite authors include Scalzi, Willis, Chiang; and I love a good time travel story). Nonfiction: American politics/presidential history;… — 2 comments
dlathrop. My favorite genres are historical fiction, Christian romance (especially 1800s Westerns), and biographies. I am especially interested in Asian cultures. I'm currently studying about the Korean culture as well as learning Hangul and can speak just a little bit of… — 4 comments
KarlaC. I don't read a lot of best seller books. No horror, business, kids books. Not a big fan of fantasy. I read literature and classics. Reading All the Lights we cannot See, and the Sun Also Rises by Hemingway. Don't usually do WWII or Holocaust. No romance. Mystery. Suspense I… — 3 comments
AmyM3317. I love books that leave me with a hopeful or happy feeling at the end. There can be struggles and difficulties, but in the end, I want things to be worked out. While it doesn't have to be the main focus of the story, I want some romance in there somewhere. I like a slow-burn… — 2 comments
gypsysmom. See my wish list for ideas. Generally I like mysteries, science fiction, classic literature (especially if it is on the 1001 list and I haven't read it), historical fiction, science fact. — 1 comment
CryBel. Anything Fantasy or Science Fiction. If that is too broad then any fantasy or science fiction that focus on books or booksellers or academics. I also enjoy off-beat non-fiction books like books about history that people don't really know about. — 7 comments
AurumCalendula. I would like something with queer main characters (especially queer women) and a happy ending! Some of my favorite genres at the moment are historical romance and fantasy. I'm also fond of capers and mysteries. — 2 comments
Garp83. Big history, American history, American Civil War, classical history, anthropology, archaeology, science. I prefer nonfiction, although I also like fiction & literature but only something that is especially spectacular. — 1 comment
TexLiz19. Love Fantasy, YA, Historical Fiction (European, Egyptian, Ancient), classics, paranormal, fairy tales, some cozy mystery and romance — 7 comments
seaweedotter. I have very specific tastes for books, so I am making a list here. Please choose from this list. I will make it nice and long to give you a lot of choices. The ones at the top are the ones that I would like the most, but I'd love anything on this list. Thanks! … — 2 comments
Aula. I like dark humor - in fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary fiction, etc. Recently read books I've really enjoyed: Martha Wells' Murderbot series, Jonatha L. Howard's Johannes Cabal series, Sebastien de Castell's Greatcloaks series, Naomi Novik's Scholomance series (and all her… — 1 comment
ang0310. I love fantasy! dark urban fantasy and/or high fantasy with heavy worldbuilding cant go wrong! bonus if its lgbt+ if you arent into fantasy im also looking to expand my collection of books on pandemics (specifically the flu of 1918!) — 3 comments
duckturnip. I love cozy mysteries - nothing too violent. I read a lot of mysteries. My favorite authors for cozy mysteries right now are Vivien Chien, Leslie Meier, and Laura Levine. I also enjoy reading mysteries by British authors. Favorite authors are Ann Cleeves, M.C. Beaton, and… — 1 comment
bcrowl399. This past year I've been more interested in uplifting and hopeful books. I'm not opposed to Cozy's if they're really good. You can see some in my library that I enjoyed. I wouldn't mind romance if it's more romance and less sex. My tastes are pretty varied. My wish list… — 4 comments
AngelClaw. I love fantasy, literary fiction, history (especially micro histories), women's fiction/chick lit, and essay collections. Good writing and fleshed-out characters are the most important thing for me. — 5 comments
lorax. See my library. Sort by date added to get an idea of what I've been reading lately. — 4 comments
Ashlyn07. Mystery/Suspense, True Crime, Romance See Wishlist — 2 comments
Rosa_Saks. I have a tendency to fall for European classics and critically acclaimed contemporary fiction, for instance books that are nominated for the Booker prizes (both in the English and international categories). I also enjoy biographies and autobiographies, especially connected to… — 4 comments
willoughby. Non-fiction, especially well-written history books, always a solid choice. Historical anything, really, as long as it's not romance (ooh, or US Civil War stuff - no thank you). Other than that, whatever you read this year and couldn't put down. Love sci-fi, especially fun… — 3 comments
MBMG. Recent released books especially Christmas themed ones I read over that time of year. — 3 comments
susanna.fraser. I'm an omnivorous reader of genre fiction and nonfiction, especially fantasy, science fiction, romance, and in non-fiction history, popular science, biography, and memoir. Favorite authors include Lois McMaster Bujold, Naomi Novik, Becky Chambers, Martha Wells (Murderbot!),… — 4 comments
InsightsintoBooks. I love thriller, mystery, anything to do with witches, Wicca, historical fiction. — 3 comments
N1na. I’m looking for literary fiction written by and about women. I also enjoy short story collections and historical fiction that lines up with my nonfiction interests. I’d like to read more Italian fiction (in translation). I have Elena Ferrante pretty well covered, but I… — 1 comment
elorin. I read mostly sci-fi and fantasy but have been known to enjoy a little of everything. L.E. Modesitt is a beloved author and after a recent re-read of his Recluce novels I have all of them but am looking forward to reading the Imager books. I could probably use a few more… — 2 comments
thebookmagpie. I'm really into literary and classic fiction, but I also like sci-fi and fantasy. I like historical novels. I also like young adult a lot, both contemporary and fantasy. I tend to care more about quality of prose and characterisation than plot (though all are important, just… — 5 comments
theodarling. I am really interested in arts & crafts books (visible mending, slow stitching, modern hand-quilting, tapestry weaving...) and graphic novels with weird/unusual/interesting art right now! — 4 comments
tileen. Non-fiction books about World War I and classic Hollywood. I have a large collection of Civil War books but I am always willing to have more. I am trying to build my collection more of World War I books. For fiction books, I like historical fictions of the Regency era… — 3 comments
Amy_Webb. I love horror books, the scarier the better! Psychological thrillers, emotional twists (think Jodi Picoult), I like pretty much anything with a great story and purpose. I loved Sally Hepworth's Mother in Law and The Good Sister if she has others you recommend or similar… — 3 comments
murfman. Pretty wide range really, British mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, weird fiction, classics, horror, medieval history, ancient Greek & Roman history and analysis, almost anything. — 2 comments
pippamontague. Romance, dark romance, thrillers, rom coms. 1st person narrative! Looking for holiday romance! I have kindle unlimited so preferably books that aren’t from there. — 5 comments
bexaplex. Lighthearted, humorous fiction or sci-fi. Past books that I have found amusing can be found here: — 2 comments
kageeh. True crime, Psychological thrillers, Medical thrillers, Legal thrillers, Memoirs — 1 comment
IMBOS. Current fiction, women's fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction (especially enjoying the eras from the 1950s to 1980s lately), memoirs, thrillers, family sagas, feel good books. Mostly I love good books with great stories and characters. Please check my library… — 2 comments
libraryperilous. Science fiction! I also like classics, historical fantasies, and mysteries with Gothic overtones. Across genres, I like: political intrigues; found families; descriptions of food, fashion, and furniture; locked room mysteries. In sci-fi, I like both hard… — 4 comments
LVStrongPuff. I love T.J. Klune, V.C. Andrews, Laurie Halse Anderson, Jenny Trout, Grady Hendrix, Rachel Smythe, and Jeaniene Frost. I just got into horror books more. I like Jack Ketchum, Clay McLeod Chapman, Joe Hill, James Tynion IV and Adam Cesare so far. I love the Heartstopper series… — 3 comments
saskia17. Make one of the items a favorite of yours, new or old; I read a little bit of everything and would love to see what you love best! My regular bookshelf leans toward fantasy, poetry, books about books, myth & fairy tale, cultural histories, and mysteries. I love a good… — 2 comments
woody1221. This is a bit of a different request. I'm a high school teacher and I am part of the student book club at school - many of our faculty are part of the club to model reading for our students. Each semester we are asked to set a "reading goal" and I would like for YOU to pick… — 3 comments
woody1221. Historical Fiction - especially Medieval and Renaissance time frames. As an example I really enjoyed: - Sarah Woodbury (recommended from SantaThing 2021!) - Michelle Moran’s books (the Nefertiti series was awesome!) - Laura Morelli’s books (art + fiction!) - Stephanie… — 4 comments
woody1221. I've been on a run of reading "cozy, light, escape - sometimes funny" stories - from all different times/eras (Modern/1800s/Renaissance/Viking are favorites)- Some of the authors have included: Jody Hedlund, Jen DeLuca, Jenny Colgan, Jen Turano, Sarah Morgenthaler, Bree… — 2 comments
woody1221 for My 73 Year Old Mom! :) . Historical fiction - especially WWII. But it needs to be very light (if at all) with romance. She really doesn’t like that! - She also specifically asked for a focus of the historical fiction books to NOT be British WWII (she had received some with British characters last… — 2 comments
ejmam. I like reading! I like new things! I read a lot of SF, mystery, romance, but I also like getting nonfiction, middle grade stuff, or whatever was your favorite read of last year. Once I got a cookbook and that was really fun. — 5 comments
Pat_Bunk_Malecki. I love mysteries, book sagas and books that are in a series, legal drama. I love Ann Perry, books that would help me on gardening. Books about traveling on cruise. (California). — 5 comments
joyjohnston. Memoir, poetry, psychological thrillers, non-fiction (history/true crime), short stories, nature/animals, death/dying. — 3 comments
fasterhorses for Laura Brush. Fantasy, romantic fantasy, heroic fantasy Classic magic fiction Science fiction YA that works for adult readers Biographies and memoirs Narrative history — 9 comments
jeshakespeare. I love historical/thrilling/mystery romances & mysteries. I love Shakespeare adaptations/retellings. I prefer reading series in order so if you want to introduce me to a series start with the first one. I have a Wishlist Collection on Librarything for Santathing and this is… — 1 comment
reneeg. I am a very eclectic reader but really enjoy dystopian, speculative, sci-fi, and fantasy. I also have a slight addiction to cozies :) On the nonfiction side, I like science, sociology, and history. — 2 comments
ejj1955. My favorite genres are science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and history (including historical biographies). I would love to own Becky Chambers' books, especially the first set of four. I very much enjoy Erik Larson's books (have already read The Devil in the White City, The… — 2 comments
jamieschecter. I love romance - historical, contemporary, YA, LGBTQIA+, sports, some fantasy/paranormal. I do not like romance with military/law enforcement themes, spiritual romances, or suspense romance. Favorite authors include Cat Sebastian, KJ Charles, Alisha Rai, and Lisa Kleypas. … — 7 comments
gentlespirit512. Poetry — 1 comment
jburlinson. I have a wish list on Amazon for ebooks. Here's the link. Please let me know if you have troubles. — 2 comments
tmbookluvr. Horror, fantasy,sci-fi thriller. I would love to read some books by some less mainstream authors, some "hidden gems" — 1 comment
shedgeco. My favorite thing about SantaThing is getting books my Santa loves that may not be on my radar! For guidance, my StoryGraph profile is here: I use it to keep track of book I’ve read and specific books I want to read.… — 1 comment
literatefool. My book tastes are pretty varied- mystery (cozy to noir), fantasy, sci fi, general fiction, biblio books (mysteries, stories, etc), European history, American history, LGBTQ history and fiction, and probably a few that defy genre. I'm also learning French. I say this… — 2 comments
missbri0305. Mystery Horror Cozy Mysteries Food — 1 comment
ScottyBoyP. I like most genres, but have a preference for classic literature and poetry. My LibraryThing library is all up-to-date, so if a book is not on there, I do not own it and have not read it. — 2 comments
JacobsBeloved. My Wishlist on my LibraryThing account is the books I want first. My favorite genres are historical fiction and fantasy in both young adult and adult. I also love books in a series. — 1 comment
nellyoo. I like all things fantasy nowadays. Especially Harry Potter. I'm really into the lore books of Harry Potter, but also other games and movies. Lore books is where it's at for me. What I also enjoy doing, especially with my cousin right now, is learning Pidgin, I think that's… — 1 comment
Capybara_99. My LibraryThing library should give you a good idea. Complete as to what I've read over the past 10 years or so, but I did have a life prior to that. Anything you think I'd really like would be great. This year my mood tends towards, biographies, fine art, history and… — 3 comments
strongstuff. I read a lot of literary fiction, historical fiction, occasional fantasy, and narrative non-fiction. I’m in the market for good stories, interesting characters, evocative settings, and atmosphere. Some of my favorite 2022 reads were: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, This is… — 4 comments
JMC400m. Please see my Library for my reading tastes. I am really open to almost anything. I love historical fiction, international authors and non-fiction. I would describe my reading taste as more high-brow than popular. I would love to read something that don't have listed in my… — 4 comments
Kplatypus for Louie. Louie is my father-in-law and is forever borrowing books from me. He loves young adult fantasy/romance geared towards young women. Some of his favorites include The Girl in the Steel Corset series and Robin McKinley's The Blue Sword and sequel. I recently got him started with… — 3 comments
Kplatypus. I mostly listen to audiobooks these days (mostly mystery and/or romance) so I would prefer books that have added value as physical books. Cookbooks, reference, and books with illustrations for example. No kids in the house but I can enjoy quality children's books. — 5 comments
DominiqueMarie. I have pretty eclectic taste, and my wishlist is up to date. I'm kind of hoping for something fun this year, nothing too heavy. — 1 comment
Sheila1957. Like erotica, erotic romance, romance, cozy mysteries, unusual topics (usually science or something on an odd topic. I have books on the history of home economics, why people like pain, the history of Zabar's), history, political or religious thrillers, children's books, YA… — 4 comments
Marlane. I love character driven novels. My favorite genres are historical mysteries and magical realism. I like any good mystery so long as there's not too much focus on the violence. Being 68, I'm especially happy when I find a good book with characters over age 50. My book list… — 2 comments
AngelaMaryJohnson. Im an indie author who really needs some non fiction for research purposes .....resin, Tunisian crochet, witchcraft, embroidery, crystals, chakra — 2 comments
andejons. I enjoy classics, history, essays, poetry, comics, science fiction, fantasy — 2 comments
Macbeth. Ancient and Medieval History and Historical Fiction - this includes Historical Detective Stories — 2 comments
drsyko. I enjoy all of the following: mysteries (especially cozies and British), historical fiction, romance, history (Egyptian, American West, Women's), sci-fi/fantasy, humor, chick lit, and books about quirky subjects. I also enjoy novels that are somewhat philosophical. I like… — 2 comments
normandie_m. You can look at my profile to see what I like, but this year I've read a lot of Japanese lit, and some great fantasies. Last year my Santa got me 'The Golem & the Djinni' and 'Luckenbooth', both of which I loved. In addition to these, other favourites this year have included… — 2 comments
Powderfinger69. Classics. Spy books like Ambler, Le Carré and Furst. Early American history (Ellis, Ferling, Cunningham, Morgan, Wood, etc). Medieval Europe history. Peter Straub. — 3 comments
revsusan. I love fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, fiction related to bookstores or libraries, youth/young adult fiction. I especially love things that are surprising in some way, taking me to new places, new worlds, new ways of seeing life. — 4 comments
Daniel.Estes. Literary fiction, non-fiction, science-fiction, biographies, etc. My LibraryThing is up to date so check out my 5 stars and 4½ stars collection groups for ideas. These are my all-time favorites. Have a look at my tags too if that helps. The gift I'm most excited about is for… — 6 comments
catgirl_luna. I really enjoy Fantasy, Horror, Short Story Collections, Poetry, Graphic Novels, Mystery, Science Fiction, Translated Works from Japan and other countries, LGBTQIA+ Stories, Classics, Middle Grade and Young Adult, Fantasy Romance (this includes monster romance). For… — 3 comments
faerywings. I collect physical graphic novels over regular books (otherwise read those as ebooks or audiobooks). I keep an Amazon wishlist of books, but not in any particular order, just adding interesting books as I find them. Feel free to get something from there, or use as… — 2 comments
KateBaxter. I am a huge fan of well crafted/well researched historical fiction. Also enjoy historical mysteries, regular mysteries, espionage, suspense, knitting, fine art, European travel, baroque and classical music. — 3 comments
Romonko. I love historical fiction, mysteries, espionage, literary fiction, suspense. Some of my favourite books I've read this year are The Lincoln Highway, South of Broad, Ragged Company, My favourite book of all time is Middlemarch, and second is Lonesome Dove. — 3 comments
alo1224. Poetry. I'm pretty open to try anything. — 4 comments
relativelybooktastic. I love thrillers, fiction, and books that make you cry. I have read some good memoirs lately. Last books i read were From Scratch ( it was adapted on netflix) , Im glad my mom died and The therapist from BA Paris. I love the bromance book series and dazzling heights as well.… — 3 comments
BerlinBibliophile. I like sci-fi and fantasy, especially if it's about found family or has a political aspect. Characters are the most important aspect of a book to me, so if you love them (or love to hate the antagonists) it's probably a good bet. I also like microhistories and well-written… — 4 comments
joshnyoung. I have a healthy wishlist on LT that hopefully will provide some good ideas. — 2 comments
Yells. I read a little of everything - pretty much everything that I own or read is logged so if you don't see it, it's a safe bet. I am really interested in is what other people are reading. So for the last few years, I've listed what I don't like and left it up to my Secret… — 3 comments
Karen.Holding. horror, crime, true crime, scifi, fantasy, mystery, dystopian, i love anything zombie related but I'm pretty sure I've read most of the zombie fiction out there, it will be on my library thing wishlist if i haven't read it, manga/graphic novels, light novels based on anime, i… — 1 comment
camelama. Eclectic! Go crazy if you have ideas already, but suggestions: graphic novels with main protagonist women that aren’t major downers or horror/gore/zombies or violent. Last year i was sent persepolis & maus. I cried by 9am Christmas day, so dismal! I don’t like gratuitous… — 1 comment
fobgirl12. This year I would like something from the celebrity memoir category. I've been eyeing Tom Felton's and Matthew Perry's. One of those would be great. I would like my Secret Santa to also choose another celebrity memoir from someone unexpected. For example, I've read Jessica… — 3 comments
LieslC. I read books of most genres, but my favourites are crime fiction and fantasy romance. :) I'm open to anything, though! The most important criterion for me is that it's a good story. — 3 comments
xenophon. literary essays and literary criticism — 2 comments
heyjude. SciFi (Lee & Miller, Nathan Lowell, Becky Chambers, Martha Wells, etc.), Mysteries (working my way through Martin Walker's "Bruno" series now; cozies are ok as long as well written), some general fiction, interesting NF ( a la Mary Roach, etc.). — 2 comments
Jessie_Lynne. I love YA novels and children's lit! Anything with a good story, science fiction, mystery, and dystopian stories are preferred for YA novels. I also love graphic novels for younger readers so I can share them with my son. We love to read together so something I can share with…
Tafadhali. Love genre fiction (SF, fantasy, horror), especially focused on LGBTQ* people and women! Happy to read YA/middle grade in addition to books for adults. I enjoy graphic novels and graphic memoirs. — 5 comments
Goodlit. Literature, fiction, relationships, family, politics — 1 comment
dianeham. Literary fiction, Canadian lit, science fiction, Japanese authors, post-apocalyptic, cults — 4 comments
Docjmh. Horror, especially written by women and/or queer authors. Fantasy written by women and/or queer authors. — 4 comments
leisjenn. Prefer fiction, favorite genres include fantasy, romcom romances, cozy mysteries, recently been trying a few sci-fi but still getting into that genre. Favorite books include Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree, The Invisible Library series by Genevieve Cogman, Madeline… — 2 comments
voconnell. I really love reading mysteries and thrillers, fantasy and sci-fi. Anything in those genres that I haven't read & don't have that you would recommend would be great! Everything I own is on LibraryThing, and everything I've read is on GoodReads: h… — 3 comments
bearette24. Romance, chick lit, light/funny/quirky — 2 comments
ABlueBunny. A lover of poetry or children's lit! — 4 comments
fields.steph. Love folklore and urban fantasy. Love nature memoirs, witchy stuff, and weirdly fascinating topics (For example, I've read a lot of Mary Roach's stuff). Prefer paperbacks because they're cheaper and take up less space, but I won't say no to a good hardcover without a paperback… — 5 comments
bagejew. I like best sellers, thrillers, mystery, romance, PI, Southern Lit — 1 comment
TheoClarke. My Favourites collection is representative of my taste but what I would really like is your favourite book that I do not already own or have read. I like both fiction and non-fiction. I prefer hardcover to paperback. My Wishlist is extensive but I have been delighted by… — 3 comments
littlemuls. I read a lot of romance and chick lit. I don't read a lot of heavy, or difficult type stories. Reading is my escape from the world, so I like it to be the light and fun. I do enjoy reading fiction set in other cultures though. I particularly enjoy Evie Dunmore, Kerry Winfrey,… — 3 comments
mooingzelda. I would love to receive one of the books you enjoyed the most this year, whether fiction or non-fiction. If you're stuck on which one to choose, my preferences are below, but honestly don't worry if your options don't fall into one of these :o) In fiction, I read very… — 4 comments
glowyone. Fiction, Sci Fi/Fantasy, historical fiction, some mysteries, craft books (KNITTING/CROCHET are my current skills, but always up for trying something new), magical realism, ALWAYS UP FOR A SURPRISE! My Goodreads is the most up to date list. CURRENTLY READING- Louise Penny… — 2 comments
Babs.2021. Memoirs, classic literature, travel — 3 comments
TxYanky. Love mysteries, thriller, , true crime and biographies. — 2 comments
Susannah14. Thriller, suspense, historical fiction — 2 comments
kb-t for My school classroom. This year, I have students who love adventure, YA romance (lots of Colleen Hoover flying off the shelves), and non-fiction history. I always love adding some quality graphic novels and books with more diverse representation to my library. — 1 comment
watson11. Big fan of thrillers, mysteries (including cozies). Also like literary fiction and some contemporary romance. — 2 comments
battlearmanda. Loves thriller, true crime and horror novels. — 1 comment
sflores81. historical fiction, drama (John Grisham, Tom Clancy, David Baldacci, etc), realistic fiction — 2 comments
Sensory. I like mysteries, thrillers, police procedurals. Love creepy books like The Historian (which I have) and books with great plot twists. I already have Carol O'Connell, Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Agatha Christie and Ann Greeves books, so please don't get any of those. — 4 comments
tealadytoo. I enjoy most genres, from mystery to romance to fantasy to history and beyond . . . . — 3 comments
readergirliz. My favorite books tend to skew toward fabulism/magical realism, speculative fiction, retellings of fairy tales/legends/mythology, and any book with a story that's well told (almost regardless of the genre). When it doubt, I would love one of your favorite books! Some of my… — 2 comments
readergirliz for Nathan (2 year old son). Nathan is big into things that go: trucks, trains, tractors, construction equipment, airplanes, etc. He also enjoys books with animals and has been on a bear kick recently. I love fun alphabet books (we just read A is for Axolotl) and children's books that are also fun for… — 3 comments
Artoriarius. In fiction, I tend to prefer fantasy or science fiction, particularly steampunk/gaslamp fantasy and post-apocalyptic. In nonfiction, I’ll read just about anything, but I particularly like history and archaeology. — 3 comments
reading_fox. Varied genre fiction, plus a select mix of non-fiction:See my library! Genre fiction - SF and Fantasy, crime, adventure and thriller....mostly. Non-fiction: I do read some. I like travel and adventure, especially caving related (not many available - although there's some… — 2 comments
SouthernKiwi. I read reasonably broadly. I love historical fiction (especially regency England, Jacobite Scotland or settler USA/Canada settings) and fantasy with great world-building and strong characters. With sci-fi I generally prefer a near-future setting. Romance, crime/mystery or… — 3 comments
Peace2. I like fantasy and science fiction. I read a fair amount of crime & thrillers. I like readable history and books about other places (as in not too heavy duty or formal). Taking a look at my 'finished in 2022' or 'completed' collections will give an idea of things I've finished… — 3 comments
belladonna624. I like magical realism, romance, suspense, historical fiction, mystery, horror, some non fiction if the subject interests me, some true crime, some middle grade and young adult. My favorite authors are Nora Roberts, Sarah Addison Allen, C.J. Box, J.K. Rowling, Cathy Lamb and… — 2 comments
olegalCA. As you can see, my wishlist has grown to become the largest "list" in my library... a product of being interested in a lot of books but lacking money and time to read them all! So this year I would only like to receive books from my wishlist. It is quite broad so hopefully you… — 3 comments
crazy4reading. I love books. I have an obsession with books!! I read mostly fiction books. I enjoy, historical fiction, literary fiction, paranormal, fantasy, romance, historical romance, and mystery/thriller. I also enjoy some biographies. My library is up to date. My library… — 5 comments
ateolf. I mostly like reading literary fiction and especially what falls into Modern and Postmodern umbrellas. I like things that lean weird or experimental, but I have a broad palate and I like surprises. — 8 comments
markon. I read a variety of things. You can check out my Club Read thread to see what I've read this year at I've put a few on my wish list to give you options. In genre fiction I read science fiction, fantasy, and mysteries. — 1 comment
erinclark. I really just love a good story but some of my favorite genre's are historical fiction, psychological thrillers, coming of age, mysteries and literary fiction. My library should be pretty much up to date so take a look there and hopefully this can help narrow it down. Thank… — 3 comments
mrsandersonut. Amish fiction is my top interest! I would be thrilled with any books chosen from my LT Wishlist (I've already read most other Amish works published). Also, interested in historical nonfiction and biographies, currently focusing on the early American Republic through… — 2 comments
bragan. My tastes are really broad! I have a particular fondness for science fiction/fantasy and science-y non-fiction, and I'm reading a lot more literary fiction these days, but, honestly, I enjoy a good read in almost any genre, including non-fiction that's engrossing or quirky… — 4 comments
LadyoftheLodge. I would like Regency novels, since I have started reading them again lately. Sweet ones, not steamy ones though. Anthologies or novellas are fine. Suggested authors: Cheryl Bolen, Jennifer Ashley. (I already own Georgette Heyer novels, the Queen of Regencies, so I don't need… — 6 comments
AfroFogey. African American History, British History, Caribbean History, New England History, Loeb classics, Traditionalism, Ancient History, Romanticism, and Fascism. — 3 comments
elphie93. I would like non-fiction books please. I would love a historical biography on a woman - i've previously enjoyed reading about Charlotte Bronte, Agrippina, Agatha Christie, Henry VIII's wives, Jane Austen, Queen Victoria and Coco Chanel. I also enjoy adventure… — 5 comments
majkia. sci fi, fantasy, historical fiction, mystery — 2 comments
TooLittleReading. I am open to just about anything! My particular favorites are noir, steampunk, fantasy, mystery, manga and short fiction. If you are interested in what I read, please feel free to look at my book catalog here on LibraryThing! — 5 comments
genesisdiem. Teach me something new! Non-fic or biography. Recommend a book about a subject that you like. Cozy mysteries also work in a pinch. — 4 comments
ablachly for Petra (14 year old daughter). Petra is 14, and she's looking for YA books, preferably realistic fiction, maybe also featuring trans or queer characters. — 6 comments
kristilabrie. I love fantasy (NOT sci-fi), thriller, historical fiction, dystopian novels—including LGBTQ+ versions of all of these genres—and scientific non-fiction. See my wishlist for ideas: … — 3 comments
kristilabrie for Finn (3.5 yo son). Finn loves anything with a motor in it and animals. He's getting really interested in learning how to read: identifying letters, small words, etc. Any EARLY readers that can get him learning to read small words and phrases would be great. He's also started to fall in love… — 3 comments
knerd.knitter for Sara (4.5-year-old daughter). She really enjoys Berenstain Bears books as well as Sandra Boynton (we have a lot of both, so check my catalog. She's also into Disney princesses and Mickey and Minnie lately. — 2 comments
knerd.knitter. I'm really into magical realism lately having just finished reading all the works of Haruki Murakami. I also love a good dystopian story! I very much enjoy graphic novels, especially memoirs and adaptations of classic works. — 4 comments
smurfette2580. There's very little I don't like. Seriously, my reading range is wide. — 8 comments