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Current Entries

Morphidae. * Because I read 200 - 300 books a year and I don't get them all entered into LT, your best bet is to use the "LT Recommended" collection as it has over 160 books of many on it. It is made up of books that I have seen recommended here on LT - usually by members I'm familiar… — 2 comments
hredwards. I like historical mysteries, like Caleb Carr type, Noirish mysteries, like 1930s and 40s, Hard Case Crime books, humor and history, like Sam Kean, haunting ghost stories, a new one that I'm interested in is Kim Newman's Anno Dracula series, haven't read any of those yet. I… — 5 comments
bell7. I enjoy fantasy, sf, mysteries that aren't too gory, historical fiction. My Wishlist is up-to-date but is generally books I've already read. — 3 comments
JALCAM. philosophy, peruvian literature, poetry, german literature, LGBTQ+ — 2 comments
JBD1. My LT library will tell you a great deal about the sorts of things I like to read/have read (and there's always my 2021 list for what I've been reading recently: The LT recommendations (https://www.librar… — 6 comments
smileydq. I'm primarily a fiction reader (literary, commercial, historical, you name it) but I also enjoy engaging non-fiction that reads like a story rather than an academic text (e.g., Evicted, The Turnaway Study). For fiction writers, I love Jodi Picoult, Kate Atkinson, Tana French,… — 4 comments
pedro.pessoa for Diogo Pessoa. 13 year old boy that is mostly into football (soccer) and computer games. — 5 comments
pedro.pessoa. Anything, really. Surprise me! — 3 comments
juki2222. horror, lovecraftian and not, Science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, true crime, ya — 6 comments
ankitasa. Historical fiction, unique settings and timelines, stories with ethical dilemmas, and anything a little bit macabre or creepy (love Shirley Jackson). I generally prefer highly plot-driven novels with well-developed characters, but I also enjoy slightly more meandering books… — 3 comments
Veronica.Sparrow. High Fantasy like Lord of the Rings, Guy Gavriel Kay, Terry Brooks etc. I am open to anything but love anything with elves in it. Anything Tolkien would be welcome as I collect anything Tolkien :) — 9 comments
Yervant. Literature in translation, historical fiction, spirituality, theology, languages, mysteries, cookbooks — 3 comments
jrbaker149. I enjoy historical fiction, like James Rollins' works. Gay, recently singled after many years, so also interested right now in self help books about rebuilding self, etc. Gay romance maybe as well. Also went vegetarian, and good cookbooks there are hard to find apparently. — 6 comments
AuroraLee. I'd like to diversify my history and mythology knowledge! So books about those topics outside of Greek/Roman/"western" cultures. (i.e. Indigenous, African, Asian, Middle Eastern). Or, if you'd like to stick to "western" culture, I'd like to learn about groups that have not… — 1 comment
jenssouljourney. I am eclectic. Lately I LOVE Young Adult Fantasy, Vampires, FARIES LARGE SERIES ,HARRY potter. I am up to read anything! I would love to read what you pick for me! I like Chrstian fiction as well. I will read anything you pick for me and love it. — 6 comments
caslater83. My favorite genres: Historical fiction, Christian Fiction (including Amish fiction), and I do like some edge-of-my seat mystery thrillers. I like chick-lit if it's clean enough. It's hard to find really good clean rom-coms these days, but if you can recommend any, I'm willing… — 5 comments
kesla. Interested in thrillers, scary and a quirky romance, self help non fictions, fiction vegan cook books and Harry Potter ♥️ I also love reading books on race and how to be a better ally. Favorite authors are Colleen Hoover, Lianne Moriarty, Riley Sager. — 6 comments
readafew. I like quite a range of items, but lately I've been reading more mystery, humor like Terry Pratchet and graphic novels. — 3 comments
affie. I enjoy supernatural horror, the macabre and creepy. Mysteries if they tend towards the supernatural, weird and creepy/scary/spooky. Eldritch horror are a favourite. I enjoy both serious and more light-hearted books, like horror comedies. Alternately, if you feel stumped,… — 1 comment
EasternFlower. I like books with interesting settings, places that the characters explore and are full of surprises. I also like comfortable books, ones you can read with a cup of tea without spilling your tea. I tend to like British books. — 5 comments
JanieDiane. Historical fiction, intersectional feminism, cats, crafts, art, painting — 5 comments
ReneeSzostek. I enjoy reading classic literature, or volumes of poetry, or books about music, art, history, geography, and science. — 1 comment
caras_galadhon. I love genre fiction: fantasy (of all kinds, not just epic/high), character-based science fiction, mystery (seasonal or otherwise), cosmic/gothic horror, weird fiction, suspense/thrillers (especially with detectives and criminals locked together in twisted relationships), etc.… — 7 comments
CP82. Science Fiction Fantasy Freemasonry Literature/history Mormon History Utah History Generally Anything "censored" US foundation history Traditional Childrens books (family reading) — 4 comments
HeathMochaFrost. I read a lot more literature and fiction than non-fiction. In recent years I've been reading a lot more romance, and I've also found a handful of mystery series that I love. I also have favorites in literary fiction and poetry. Romance has "spoiled" me so that I expect happier… — 1 comment
serendipitina. Books that challenge my point-of-view or that make me laugh or make me think or help me grow. — 2 comments
booksnesread. i like mysteries, short story collections, and books about friendships. would love if they were authored by BIPOC/have BIPOC characters. if there are books that folks think i might enjoy (outside of what i have listed above), i’m open to those as well. — 4 comments
serendipitina. Love mysteries, thrillers, comedy, historical fiction, realistic fiction; I've been focusing on female writers and BIPOC authors more as well. — 4 comments
mmoj. Book-related Fiction or Non-Fiction Mysteries, all sub-genres Contemporary Fiction Women's Fiction Classic Science Fiction Historical Fiction Fantasy World Literature Classics, working on getting Penguin Collections currently — 4 comments
neiljonlouie. Fiction: mysteries and thrillers, historical fiction, alternate history. Non-fiction: general trivia, science and mathematics, linguistics and language learning (German, Italian, Korean, Spanish), history, geography, football (i.e., soccer), ABBA, cats. — 1 comment
NikkiMo. I love historical fiction like the Philippa Gregory Plantaganet and Tudors series but I also enjoy contemporary novels. — 2 comments
sallylou61. I enjoy short stories. I would like a collection of short stories by a female author -- either an author I have already read or a new for me author. You do not need to check the contents of a short story collection against my books -- just make sure the title is… — 4 comments
catalina7. My favorite genre is urban fantasy- Ilona Andrews and Patricia Briggs are 2 of my favorites. I also love Terry Pratchett (love good British humor) and Tamora Pierce. I occasionally read humor, historical fiction, and medical non fiction. I like engaging stories with happy… — 4 comments
catalina7 for TJ, age 6. Not yet reading on his own. Likes superheroes and funny books like captain underpants and my big fat zombie goldfish. Also likes Pete the cat, elephant and piggie. — 3 comments
amaranthe. - Books about plants and flowers, especially with pictures. Botanical art, interesting photos, or just really good writing about gardens or natural areas. - Children's picture books with good art and/or interesting stories. If you give me some really beautiful picture… — 4 comments
catalina7 for Jenna, 8 years old. Beginning reader, likes simple chapter books like Princess in Black, My big fat zombie goldfish, dogman. Also loves unicorns, animals, princesses, superheroes. — 6 comments
elgatoazabache. I would like either LGBTQ books from Africa, or anywhere in the world except the US (please do check my catalogue to make sure I don't already have the book). Or I would like relatively easy books in Dutch (written in Dutch originally). I'm studying the language, but I'm not… — 6 comments
pnppl. I'm most interested in science fiction and other types of speculative fiction. I particularly like sentient robots/AI, philosophical themes, and a touch of surreality -- I'm a big fan of Philip K. Dick. Humorous, misanthropic, and lgbt/feminist themes are all bonuses. I am… — 3 comments
jeanie0510 for My sister, Sue. Medical thrillers, legal thrillers, (not John Grisham, I have read them all) contemporary mysteries (not cozy mysteries) — 3 comments
kgodey. I tend to read a lot of fantasy and science fiction, I'm fine with getting books in those genres, but I'd also like to expand my horizons. I'm open to any genre, fiction or non-fiction. I especially like learning about history. I'm a software engineer by trade and I'm fine… — 4 comments
jessa07. I read a lot of contemporary romance and rom coms. I also enjoy YA dystopian & romance, as well as psychological thrillers. — 1 comment
cassiejay. I read a lot of fantasy, some sci-fi and mysteries. Most of these are in the YA or MG categories, except mysteries. I'd like to branch into more adult fantasy books. More diversity would be nice too, especially with authors I don't own or haven't read. — 2 comments
elusiverica. I'm trying to read more books by authors of colour and trans authors. In fiction, my favourite genres are fantasy, science fiction and historical fiction. I like stories with detailed worldbuilding, queer characters and strong relationships (friendships and families… — 4 comments
mellymel171328 for Liam. He really into short stories. I think he would also love books about rocks. Something with a lot of pictures in it. — 3 comments
LittleSambonie. Small chapter books are loved. He does like scary things but nothing too bad since he has nightmares. It's a love hate relationship. Lol he loves pokemon manga. I would be okay with him getting age appropriate manga books. — 3 comments
DeathsHand1328. I'm a very picky reader. I just keep up with my World of War craft books. Some game series books. Thinking about getting into the Cowboy Bebop mangas. — 2 comments
loafhunter13. Asian and Roman History, YA fiction (fantasy/dystopian), steam punk, Japanese modern fiction (i.e. Murakami Haruki), cooking history, LEGO, ice hockey — 4 comments
vikzen. I am open to most fiction offerings at present! I keep my wishlist up to date on LibraryThing for an idea of what I like. I enjoy mostly lit fiction and thrillers, would love to get some adult fantasy themes as well. For non-fiction books, I am interested in history - feel… — 1 comment
laze. I dig Japanese fiction (translated, in the vein of Murakami, Kawabata, Tanizaki), time travel stories, poetry (favs: Roethke, Cummings, Billy Collins), zen Buddhism, Polish fiction (in English), good music writing (fav genres: jazz, hip-hop, reggae, experimental, electronic,… — 7 comments
perfunctory. I would really love to receive books that YOU have read and loved and would highly recommend to me. — 6 comments
DaydreamingBookworm. I love literary fiction, magical realism and memoirs. I'm also a middle grade teacher and I love any new coming middle grade reads. My reading wheelhouses are magical realism books about food and books about multigenerational families. I read a lot of indigenous literature… — 2 comments
masterdeski. Container vegetable gardening is my new hobby, but I also like linguistics, world history and mythology, and adult coloring books with a fantasy or sci-fi theme. For fiction, I think I'd like to try collections like "best xx of the year" in fantasy, sci-fi, or mystery themes. — 1 comment
Midas1273. I’m open to anything. Like sci-fi, fantasy, YA, lgbtia+, Star Wars, Star Trek — 5 comments
littlemuls. I read a lot of romance/chick lit/rom coms. My favorite series is A League of Extraordinary Women. I like the time period combined with the feminist tilt to the stories. I also have a large collection of cookbooks/baking books. — 4 comments
sillygwailo. Zadie Smith and Ellen Ullman, but I’ve read everything by them. I want more novels like theirs. Also, near-future science fiction, especially if it’s set in Toronto and, even better, post-apocalyptic. It can actually be any two of those three, and I’ll be happy to read it. — 3 comments
Kukalaka. I am a one-year-old boy (this account is shared with my big brother). I like animals (especially kitties, doggies, and ducks), wiggling, and dancing. Things with textures are good. So are books with babies in them. — 2 comments
Kukalaka. I am a three-year-old boy (this account is shared with my little brother). I love trucks, construction trucks, helicopters, cars, pups, cider, doughnuts, cooking, baking, eating cookies, building things out of DUPLO or magnetic tiles, unicorns, rainbows, and coloring. — 4 comments
Stevil2001. I am typically looking for good contemporary science fiction and fantasy (I lean sf over fantasy, but do like a good fantasy novel if it's not a quest thing), and British literature, especially contemporary. But I like a lot of other stuff too! Here are some authors I am on… — 5 comments
Petroglyph. I’m open to both fiction and non-fiction, preferably by authors that are new to me. I'll just give you a few guidelines that I use to buy books for myself: that should give you plenty to work with. My catalogue on LT is complete and updated. 1) I’m trying to read… — 4 comments
dsnowdon. I mostly read science fiction and fantasy. Crime both modern and historical also good. I have a soft spot for books relating to robotics and ethics around robots and AI (fiction or non-fiction). Some of my favourite books are House of Suns by Alastair Reynolds, Assassin's… — 4 comments
nickdella. I like sci-fi, fantasy and graphic novels - checkout my LibraryThing collection — 2 comments
julyso. I love psychological thrillers, mysteries, and fiction. I also like contemporary fiction, women’s fiction, and some true crime. I’m definitely not into vampires, horror or anything like that. Some favorite authors include Nicholas Sparks, Lisa Scottoline, Ruth Ware, Kristin… — 2 comments
Kplatypus. Recent preference is for historical or paranormal romance, mysteries, or true crime. Recently read authors include Sarah McLean, Julia Quinn, Molly Harper, Kristen Painter, and Penny Reid. I also love cookbooks, classics, and weird fiction like H.P. Lovecraft. — 2 comments
janineknapp. The genres I really love are romance, fantasy, and contemporary fiction, but I have fairly broad taste! Some examples of books that I've read and loved are The Idiot by Elif Batuman, the ACOTAR series by Sarah J. Maas, Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney, The Wind-Up… — 3 comments
Sean191. I keep a list of books I've read each year and a brief I hope that'll help provide a decent idea of what I might like. — 4 comments
kpjackson. Kazuo Ishiguro is one of my recent favorite authors. I’m also partial to fantasy and science fiction (I’m looking to add some Diana Wynne Jones books to my collection) as well as Russian and Irish fiction authors. I have a few things on my Wishlist that I would like, but am… — 3 comments
JMC400m. Fiction and non-fiction, historical fiction, translated literature, current affairs but not really into politics. Like biographies of interesting people. Would love to explore contemporary poetry. Interested in first time authors - the new up and coming talent. Like books… — 2 comments
Helenoel. Eclectic. Mysteries, sciencey science fiction, historical fiction, history(not just war please), natural history(but not popular geology - too close to work). Last year I asked for books set in interesting locations, that had a sense of place and my Santa did a wonderful… — 2 comments
purpleblueccat16. Classics, Lemony Snicket (unfortunate event series), Tamera Alexander, Agatha Christie and The Books of Pellinor (Series) by Alison Croggon, Historical fiction, Mystery Romance, Eloise Jarvis McGraw — 4 comments
jr231. Mystery, science fiction, contemporary fantasy, magic, amazing female protagonists, diverse books, alternate history, magical realism, dark fantasy — 3 comments
sheryll. Mysteries, thrillers, fantasy, dystopia. I do have a wishlist here on LibraryThing. I just discovered Bill Bryson and loved Lost Continent, so anything of his would be great. — 2 comments
Mlphipps1991. Fantasy, realistic fiction, memoirs, some romance, click lit, poetry, classics — 4 comments
BookLizard. I usually read Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, some Science Fiction (Dystopian or Space Opera). Lately, I've enjoyed some magical realism books or cozy mysteries about cats, books, libraries, etc. I want something light or funny, not dark or depressing. — 2 comments
karyberg. Interested in retellings of myth and fairy tales. I also like nature books along the lines of Entangled Life and The Overstory. — 5 comments
shotwell. Science Fiction or Fantasy is my preference. I’ve already read most of the classics, though, so prefer more modern novels. Historical fantasy is okay. — 3 comments
VictoriaGD. I would like adult mystery, sci-fi, or fantasy! Hardback books are preferable, but I do not mind paperback if it is easier. I have recently read and have Moonflower Murders by Horowitz, The Man Who Died Twice by Osman, Murderbot by Wells, Rabbits by Miles, When Sorrows Come by… — 2 comments
lowelibrary. Cat mysteries (trying to complete my Sofie Kelly collection), trivia and odd facts, books about animals (especially elephants). I also enjoy books about witches and vampires. Trying to finish my John Grisham, Mitch Albom, and Dan Brown collections. — 4 comments
lowelibrary for my husband Mose. True Crime (the more obscure the better, crimes that not everyone has heard about) Non-Fiction Paranormal (faves Hans Holzer and Ed & Lorraine Warren), Graphic Crime Photo Books (think crime scene photos and things disturbing like that), Stephen King, and books about Muscogee… — 2 comments
ScienceandNature. I enjoy adventures in the real world - tremendous hikes, amazing voyages... I also enjoy environmental themed books that describe important issues of the day or new ways to conserve. I'm a big fan of the NOBA award books and winners of the John Burroughs award books. Anthology… — 3 comments
AllyMichelle. Young Adult fiction, supernatural, urban fantasy, LGBTQ+ fiction, OwnVoices fiction — 3 comments
Tabasco2003 for Juno Noel. My other granddaughter lives in the Boston area. Juno is 9 months old and loves books. She is developing into a very curious young lady. Her mom and dad enjoy reading books with her. Her mom's theme for her bedroom is "Space". And, she takes swimming lessons. — 5 comments
Tabasco2003 for My granddaughter. She is 3 years old. We are helping build her library. Every night she reads with her mom before she goes to bed. She loves books! — 2 comments
CatTaylor. Young Adult New adult romance Supernatural Crime Low Fantasy — 2 comments
Nodecaf. Modern art history, classic fiction, Mediterranean cooking, and anything where the cat is the hero. I have a huge personal library of which I have only added less than 10% to Library Thing. I actually prefer used books to new ones. — 4 comments
jaggedhorizon. I read widely, including being a loyal patron of a number of Little Free Libraries where you never know what you might find. Lately I have been losing myself in novels with elegant plots and thoughtful things to say about the world, the kind that end up on the Indie Next list.… — 2 comments
apeagan. Poetry Biographies Autobiographies — 3 comments
sangreal. Interested in new to me international literary fiction, all countries and sub-genres welcome! — 6 comments
OnlyWhenPigsFly. mysteries, long mysteries that I can get lost in and escape from the daily grind. — 3 comments
Artoriarius. I’m very fond of fantasy and science fiction; I also like reading about history and archaeology. — 4 comments
karmni. Generally prefer thought-engaging and well-written fiction. My favourite genres are women's fiction, detective and mystery, and historical fiction. Since I own or have read a lot of classics, I prefer modern. — 3 comments
amilligan. Check my Librarything 'shelves' for most of the books I have read. I enjoy Historical Fiction especially WW2 era and 19th Century era. I like dystopian novels. I like to read YA novels(Particularly diverse books: LGBTQ, or INdigenous, etc) too so I know what type of books my… — 4 comments
amilligan for a female friend. She likes Literary Fiction. She has just become a high school English teacher so Young adult fiction would be great too. This would help her understand what teenagers are reading right now. Dystopian, historical fiction, etc. — 1 comment
liao. I don't know how to describe my tastes--they're very wide-ranging. I work in pre-20th century China and East Asia so it's a little risky to get me something about those regions and times (but kudos to those willing to try). Interesting non-fiction books about infrastructure… — 3 comments
moviegirl3000. Historical fiction with female protagonists (e.g. Outlander), Margaret Atwood-esque novels, Jon Krakauer-style non-fiction; generally prefer fiction, ideally written by female authors and/or with female badass leads. Would also love a fun, light-hearted, humorous novel. — 2 comments
holly_golightly. I like thoughtful non-fiction or immersive, well-written fiction. Anything by Muriel Spark, apart from The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. I loved it and need to read more! Anything by Mavis Gallant, as I've heard great things and am curious. Forgotten or modern… — 3 comments
HarleyGambit. Adult Fantasy, Adult Sci-Fi, some YA Fantasy, Middle Grade, Holiday Contemporary Romance — 4 comments
Prairiegirl1986. Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, YA Fantasy, Fantasy, Mystery — 3 comments
Jrbooklvr. Historical fiction, Biographical novels, new release reads — 2 comments
drsyko. I love cozy mysteries, historical fiction/romance, science fiction and fantasy, history of women, ancient Egypt, and the Old West, and general fiction. I enjoy funny romance books or books that are about older women starting over. I also like quirky, off-beat history or… — 6 comments
Sheila1957. Romance, Erotic romance, Cozy mystery, History, Science/Natural World, YA, Graphic novels, actually a little bit of everything — 3 comments
xevver. I like literary fiction, science fiction, and non-fiction. I like stories that have an interesting twist to them and non-fiction about adventures or adventurers. Some recent reads I really enjoyed were The Martian, Ancillary Justice, and Nomadland. — 3 comments
ScottyBoyP. Pretty open to every genre; I like classic literature quite a bit though. Poetry and philosophy are nice as well. My library is fairly organized, so if it is not listed on there, I have not read it. — 2 comments
sp-patten. We enjoy crime, mystery, spy thrillers and horror. Also history and human psychology (why do we do the thing we do?). Science fiction is also a favourite and we are always looking for new authors and series. — 6 comments
kalpanabook. cookbooks/books about food and drink, historical fiction, speculative fiction with unusual characters/settings, nature, geography of the British Isles, cozy mysteries — 2 comments
emmettwilson for Marisa. She mostly reads fiction. She likes British early 20th century mystery novels (she read Agatha Christie when she was younger, and has been devouring the Maisie Dobbs series of late). She also likes sci-fi/fantasy, often YA. Nothing too heavy in those genres (more of a Broken… — 2 comments
abby16. YA dystopian/fantasy Huge Harry Potter fan Want to read more romance, but not erotica. Loves Caraval series — 2 comments
JPMarshall. 3 comments
frannyor. Good writing. Eclectic. YA. Mystery. Books about books. Current affairs. Writers with clear vision and voice. I’ll love whatever you send. — 1 comment
DMS1962. Love a good psychological thriller, coming of age story or something to make me laugh out loud. Character development is key. — 1 comment
duckturnip. I love cozy mysteries the most. I also enjoy books about Orthodox Christianity. Young adult novels are always good too. I love reading series the most because I like to follow characters. — 3 comments
liveshipvivacia. I love fantasy, especially epic fantasy. I'm currently reading The Wheel of Time series. I've read Brandon Sanderson (he's one of my favorites) and also love space opera. C.J. Cherryh is one of my favorite sci fi writers. I've read the whole The Stormlight Archive series so… — 1 comment
lpmejia. Surprise me! Send me a book that moved you, kept you up reading till dawn, or just took your breath away with its beauty. Send me the book you'd pack if you were shipwrecked on that mythical island. — 2 comments
shefferstroke. Fantasy is my favorite genre but I enjoy a variety of books and am open to surprises, especially if it's something you've read and loved. BIPOC / LGBTQ+ / neurodiverse rep appreciated. Some areas I would enjoy: - a character that has to hide a part of their identity (or some… — 3 comments
queenofthebobs. I am making an effort to read books by and about people from marginalized communities. — 1 comment
michelynn2016. Psychological thrillers, historical fiction(WWII mostly), whatever catches n keeps my attention. Added wanted books to my wishlist — 2 comments
Darrynflame. I'm an eclectic reader. I like True Crime, history, fantasy, and science fiction. I'm slowly getting into YA, although I'm not a fan of heavy romance plots. I adore Cozy mysteries, especially those that have cats! Fairytale retellings are always a winner! Mermaids- love… — 1 comment
sushiguineapig. Verity will be 9 in January and attends the 3rd grade. She’s really into chapter books. She can read them herself, but prefers to have her parents read to her. She also often enjoys being read to beyond her reading level, and would likely prefer YA and “teenager books.” She… — 3 comments
sahra. Cyber science-fiction, graphic novels, historical fiction (especially alternate histories), poetry, short stories, anthologies, edgy humor, travel, and off-the-beaten-path YA. Especially written by women, marginalized people, and those from other cultures, races, or parts of… — 1 comment
JanuaryNext. hoping for historical cookbooks/cocktail books, good quirky cookbooks, or vegetarian/vegan cookbooks--particularly from cultures that aren't covered often — 3 comments
iewi. I love fantasy and science fiction. I'm open to other genres too: poetry, Greek and Roman classics, and mystery. I enjoy books that make me think and wonder, books whose prose is well-constructed. I love short stories! — 2 comments
brewergirl. I gravitate towards historical fiction, classics, history, and memoir/biography, but I am open to most anything. — 2 comments
debbie1215. Historical fiction, Biographies, Romance — 3 comments
jburlinson. My wish list for ebooks can be found at — 2 comments
BristolStreetPress. Paranormal -- a good ghost story with no gore Magic -- carnival, circus, underground magicians Cookbooks -- baking or vegetarian — 2 comments
Jenxy21. I love mysteries, fantasy, and YA. I haven't read Jennifer Armentrout, Cassandra Clare, or Sarah J. Maas. Fantasy is my favorite but I love a good whodunit but not a fan of teen romance though. I also like gritty, urban, current event stories. — 2 comments
Astrotrain. Cookbooks, Imperial Russian history, travel — 2 comments
NicoleW. I enjoy Christian Romance, Inspirational Historical Romance, Inspirational Historical Fiction, Inspirational Suspense. I enjoy: Joy Ohagwu, Brandon Sanderson, and Binti by Nnedi Okorsfor is on my wishlist. — 6 comments
Kcscott. Cozy mysteries, history, science, biography — 2 comments
Ashleigh_Catterm1171. Ecclectic mix. Loves quirky cookbooks, fast-paced stories, books about the craft of writing — 3 comments
PeytonHammond. Horror Mystery/Thrillers Holiday romance Historical fiction Fantasy Stephanie Plum series — 3 comments
alonereed. Literary fiction that is not unbearably depressing; commercial fiction with strong character development; well-written/compelling (mostly non-celebrity) memoirs; funny nonfiction. — 1 comment
cbl_tn. My favorite genre is mystery, especially historical mystery. I also enjoy literary fiction, history (I'm particularly fond of Colonial and Early Republic U.S. history), social history, literary travel, and art history. — 8 comments
WriteNowCoach. I love mysteries. I'm a big fan of series (really enjoyed The Thursday Murder Club, Louise Penny's Gamache series, the Truly Devious series). I'm happy to read adult or YA. I also like stand alone mysteries, some women's fiction, and any historical novel that's a really good… — 2 comments
trcovell. Looking for romance genre - historical or contemporary. Any heat level, diversity of characters or relationships appreciated, but must have traditional happy ending. — 3 comments
GDassa. Philosophy, European and Middle Eastern history, classics, 19th century Russian and French novels — 4 comments
lansum. Mainly I'm interested in 20th and 21st century well-written novels and memoirs. Think Pulitzer and Booker Prize winners and nominees. I like well-developed characters and plots that keep you wondering what's going to happen next, which is why I loved A Gentleman in Moscow. I… — 2 comments
jamcnerney. I've been delighted by surprising SantaThing gifts in the past, and would love to receive a book you feel passionate about! In particular, I enjoy novels with unique structure or prose, deeply researched nonfiction on highly specific subjects, and a somewhat guilty pleasure of… — 6 comments
sweetandsyko. I have a wishlist on here, but i also love young adult horror books, especially game like, and susie dent books! — 2 comments
aoifekerr. I love fantasy, sci fi, YA, fiction — 4 comments
mybookshelf. I feel like I never have time to read any more! But I enjoy Young Adult, and strong female protagonists, and books that make me think about things I never thought of before, or in ways I never thought of (it is not necessary for all of these characteristics to be combined in… — 7 comments
ValiantGinger. I read a lot of YA, but I also enjoy adult, especially adult with twenty-something-year-old protagonists. I read mostly fantasy, but also enjoy contemporary, mystery, historical, thriller/suspense, science fiction, and I like books that fit in multiple genres too. Here are a… — 3 comments
RebeccaLMello. I enjoy reading mysteries, fantasy, true crime, and young adult. — 1 comment
DBettenson. True crime, history, WW1 &2… surprise me! — 3 comments
folk.athena. Favorite genres are fantasy and science fiction. Authors include Robert Jordan, Neil Gaiman, Nix Garth, Frank Hubert, J. R. R. Tolkien, and the like. — 4 comments
EsraTasdelen. Love historical fiction, literary fiction, world literature, women authors. Check out my Goodreads account to see what I have read so far! (username is esratasdelen) Some of my favorite authors are David Mitchell, Haruki Murakami, Elizabeth Strout, Kazuo Ishiguro, Karl Ove… — 3 comments
R3dH00d. My LT library is up to date. I'm trying to read more afro-futurist novels (and graphic novels) these days, as well as any fiction by writers of color. — 2 comments
LieslC. I read quite a wide range of books (open to anything that has a good story and is well written). :) I tend to gravitate towards crime fiction, true crime and fantasy novels but I read other genres as well. — 4 comments
mnm123. I love historical fiction, urbane fantasy, spy and espionage and mystery. I am very picky about romance and usually only like the ones with an historical aspect included. — 3 comments
beccatraber. I like a lot of things! Unfortunately, I'm not awesome about cataloguing non-academic books here, so while I do love political theory, philosophy, history and all that, I love a lot more as well! Poetry: I love all sorts of poetry collections. Some of my recent favorites… — 4 comments
css16. I like light-hearted and funny stories with tidy endings. I read a lot of light-hearted fantasy (i.e., Gail Carriger, Kim M. Watt, Mark Cain) and sci-fi (i.e., Terry Pratchett, Christopher Moore, Barry J. Hutchison, Heide Goody & Iain Grant), but also stories about middle… — 4 comments
Tropical-Library. My LT is up to date but anything not in "Your Library” is not necessarily reflective of my tastes. Always happy to try new authors similar to the ones I already read, even though I have a hard time keeping up with the ones I love. Also happy to get books missing from my… — 5 comments
rendages. fantasy, paranormal, queer, mystery, romance, horror, steampunk, middle grade, YA, adult — 3 comments
bexaplex. Light-hearted any genre. I like to read before I fall asleep, so nothing that would give anyone bad dreams. — 2 comments
Docjmh. Read in many areas - fiction, non-fiction. Horror, fantasy, YA. — 2 comments
ForeignCircus. I read mostly fiction though I also like biographies (especially of cool women). I love mysteries (especially Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, Elly Griffiths) and have recently been dipping my toe back into sci-fi and fantasy after a long hiatus. I read a lot of Regency or… — 4 comments
Babs.2021. Memoirs, history, classics, psychological thrillers — 5 comments
Kdichard09. Psychological thriller, historical (both fiction and non fiction), and horror are my favorite genres, but I am hoping this swap will help me expand my interests. Sci-fi, fantasy, or comedy sound fun to me, but I'd have no idea where to start when choosing one of these. … — 4 comments
jaelquinn. YA, sci fi, fantasy, fiction, humour, poetry, some philosopy (epistemology, philosophy of science, feminist theory).... That said, if you have a favourite book in almost any genre that you are eager to share, surprise me! I also like graphic novels and I have very few. — 1 comment
oacevedo. Fiction: Historical, literary, poetry Non-fiction: History, New Age, social justice — 3 comments
vivirielle. I really love middle grade and YA books. I also enjoy high-quality picture books. A few new releases I've loved this year have been The Hawthorne Legacy and This Poison Heart — 2 comments
ilgarcon. I had this marked as my son as not the owner of the account, but figured out, that unless it's considered as his account, LibraryThing can't check his wishlist to prevent duplicates, so I marked it as him being the recipient. Sorry, we learn. I am in charge of it, but the… — 4 comments
Tuke15. Horror, science fiction, & select non-fiction, but I am well-read in these genres. Check out my wishlist for books that I really, really want. Prefer paperback, can be hardback if paperback is not available. If a less expensive book is needed, I've updated my wishlist, to… — 2 comments
upatree. Hello there, Okay I did make a list, but it sure is more fun to get chosen some books by you. I'm interesting in books about mystery, fiction about someone overcoming something or a pressing social issue in our zeitgeist. — 2 comments
relativelybooktastic. thrillers, rom com, suspense romance, prompted journals , mental health books and books about inner child work . — 4 comments
DominiqueMarie. I'm a nerd for sure. I love fantasy and fairy tales are my comfort reads. I do have eclectic taste. I've been reading a lot of Star Wars this past year My profile page isn't quite updated, but the wishlist is. There are a few books on grief in particular that I'm wanting to… — 1 comment
jonnijones. I have an Amazon SantaThing wish list of books I would really like. If I could have any one of these books I would be so happy. New trade paperbacks are a nice choice. I also don't mind being surprised. This is the link to my LibraryThing bookshelf so you can see what… — 3 comments
paulusm. scifi, literature, travel — 2 comments
woody1221. I've been on a run of reading "cozy, light, escape - sometimes funny" stories - from all different times/eras (Modern/1800s/Renaissance/Viking)- Some of the authors have included: Jenny Colgan, Jen Turano, Sonali Dev, Sara Desai, Jasmine Guillory, Melanie Dickerson, Talia… — 1 comment
CassMama. Contemporary fiction, light fantasy, time travel based historical fiction, suspense but not horror, rom-com if it’s not too eye-rolly — 2 comments
SamanthaDunn-Miller. Historical Fiction, YA, Psychological thriller — 3 comments
SBell060112. Psychological thrillers, mystery thriller. I like twisted stuff. Crime but still thriller — 4 comments
sakawa. I like dystopian/sci fi, classics, nonfiction, and good YA/middle grade. — 1 comment
UseHerName. Manga, sci fi, fantasy, vulgar self help books that contain swear words and profanities, comedy or even DIY/crafts books. — 1 comment
marquis784. Historical fiction, contemporary fiction, women’s fiction, women’s romance, mystery, thrillers, true crime, nonfiction, — 2 comments
ceeaye. I love: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Science Fiction I'd love to read books from: Lee Child, Lorraine Moriarty, David Baldacci, Andy Weir, Laura Dave No horror No romance — 3 comments
FleetSparrow. Queer books! Mysteries! Queer mysteries! Japanese mysteries and horror! Interesting trivia-type histories! Also, I love love love middle grade books! But, generally, I'll be happy with anything, but those are some preferences. — 4 comments
mitch78536. I read a lot of classic literature. Mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, or crime are also good. Historical non fiction and philosophy, too. — 2 comments
darlingmegpie. I have a pretty large collection of historical fiction mostly center around European courts and monarchy. I'm trying to dip my toes into different genres. I've really enjoyed the twisted tale series and retelling of myths (ex. Lore Olympus) and I'm currently on the second… — 2 comments
libraryperilous. This year, I'd like a Mary Stewart readalike. I love her novels of plucky heroines who go on holiday abroad and find adventure and intrigue. I also am interested in trying a title or two from the Dean Street Press… — 5 comments
paulkellis. Noir (Classic & Modern), Thriller (particularly Techno-Thrillers), Cyber-, Steam- & Diesel-punk, Science Fiction (all subgenres), Adventure (Classic & Modern), Detective (Classic & Modern) — 4 comments
DebbiMack. Mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, YA, thrillers, historical fiction. Memoirs, humor, satire--good examples include Terry Pratchett or Christopher Moore. Creative non-fiction. — 2 comments
Kelim24. I love fantasy, both young adult and adult, and also historical fiction and thrillers! — 3 comments
ang0310. I love fantasy books! urban fantasy, high fantasy, dark fantasy - anything goes! I love a book with good worldbuilding and/or a cool magic system. I'm currently looking to get more books with LGBT+ rep! — 3 comments
fobgirl12. I usually read romance (for me), YA and Middle grade (for work, I’m a teacher). For this year’s Santa Thing I want something from the humor and/or celebrity memoir category. I’ve liked everything by A.J. Jacobs in humor. Recent celebrity memoirs I’ve enjoyed are Open Book by… — 4 comments
Carmendarcangelo. creative non fiction, memoir, graphic novels, indigenous and BIPOC authors, papercrafts — 4 comments
graceless880. I particularly love YA fantasy and scifi. Anything with a circus. I'm pretty good about rating books I have read. When in doubt, my wishlist will give you an idea of things I want to read but don't own. — 1 comment
cksegarra. Nonfiction, historical, adventure, journalism are favorites. Historical novels are good too. I’m from the southwest US, so books about the region’s environment or history are good too! — 3 comments
New_Society for Samantha Watkins. historical fiction, non-ficiton, sociology, political, environment, humour — 1 comment
Vierran. I like urban fantasy (in both the old and new definitions), sf, paranormal romance, space opera, ya versions of these, adventure, psychological mysteries, romantic mysteries, crossgenre stuff generally, danmei, comics. Strong women or woman centric stuff preferred. — 2 comments
Danielle91. I love romance novels, historical fiction, anything non fiction about any royal family, historical fashion or musicals. — 1 comment
Kimmyssong. 3 comments
Bimpnottin. Looking for something delightful! It's been a stupid hard two years in the world, so I'm looking for something fun/whimsical/magical--lovely read(s) to finish the year. I read widely, though much of my reading this year has been cozy mysteries. I love fiction, young adult,… — 3 comments
DGirl318. Christian Fiction, Suspense & Mysteries, African American Authors — 2 comments
themorriganmw. 95% of what I enjoy is Fantasy or Science Fiction. Can't really go wrong there! Feel free to browse my collection to get an idea of my tastes and favorites. — 1 comment
HatchieLibrary. My LibraryThing library is my professional collection, so it doesn't represent my tastes in reading, but I am a librarian and read everything so I can recommend anything. I tend toward the literary. I love Patrick O'Brian and Diana Gabaldon, but also classic authors such as… — 1 comment
Susannah14. Mystery Suspense Thrillers Romance Historical fiction — 2 comments
battlearmanda. YA Fantasy and Sci Fi Science Fiction Horror Thrillers — 2 comments
rokkGombert. Science Fiction, Science, Biograhy, Mystery — 3 comments
Nlandwehr. fiction, mystery, LGBTQ+, young-adult, mystery, graphic novels, some non-fiction in topics of social sciences, social justice, occult & psychology. — 2 comments
reneeg for Daughter. Her favorite books are The Book Thief, Beneath a Scarlet Sky, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. — 2 comments
danathall. Young Adult literature, historical fiction, mystery, non-fiction — 1 comment
reneeg. Varied! Some of my favorite authors are Neal Stephenson, Luke Smitherd, Terry Pratchett, Dean Koontz, Stephen King. Some recent books I have finished and enjoyed: the Hidden palace, Wayfarers Series, Witcher series, House in the Cerulean Sea. I also enjoy nonfiction on topics… — 4 comments
InsightsintoBooks. I love books on spirituality and new age. I love books on Wicca and Shamanism. I love historical fiction and LGBTQ books. I'm open to trying new things and would love to read your favorite book. My wishlist on LT is up to date. Also on Litsy my to read shelf only has books I… — 3 comments
Colleen_L_McDonald. Munchkin is a 9 almost 10 year old boy, who loves dragons, dinosaurs, Breathe of the Wild (Zelda), Minecraft, animals, rocks, bees and ants. He's also a big fan of the Wings of Fire, Menagerie and Eragon/Inheritance series. — 2 comments
Colleen_L_McDonald. I'm still at a spot where I would like uplifting or entertaining. Not really into depressing or heavy. I enjoy historical fiction, current literary reading, chick lit, foodie, travel and memoir. Heavy is okay if it is uplifting in the end - overcoming something major. I… — 1 comment
Bridad. I like horror, sci-fi, and mystery. I would even try fantasy if it was stand alone (not in a series). — 2 comments
Kuosa. I like many different genres, so feel free to pick something you really liked and found special. I love to find out about great books this way. But if you feel lost, there are some options on my wishlist. — 2 comments
Kuosa for my daughter. I would like something for my 16-month-old daughter. — 3 comments
captainsunbeam. I love natural histories and pop science, literary fiction, and comic books. My Favorites and Wishlist collections are good places to look. If there's a book you absolutely love to share, I'm down for that too! I prefer paperbacks to hardbacks, and I read ebooks as well. — 3 comments
cyandron. Witchcraft (not Wicca) Witchy cozy mysteries Historical fiction (before 1500’s and/or Asian setting) Art Fantasy — 4 comments
joshnyoung. I like philosophy, history, scifi, and graphic novels (mostly japanese/scifi). If it's on my wishlist, I'll DEFINITELY enjoy it. While I prefer hardcovers, sometimes those can be a little expensive and I'm a big fan of buying used. Story in the book and of the book. — 2 comments
tmbookluvr. Scifi, fantasy, psychological thrillers are some of my go to genres. My library should be updated shortly with read, want to read, and owned to assist. I would love to find some new authors based on some of what I've read or want to read on my list. — 2 comments
Sleader1992. YA, Graphic Novels, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery — 1 comment
AliceLoweecey. Horror, fantasy, historical fantasy, paranormal — 2 comments
LeslieMyself. I read a lot of international crime fiction and books in translation. Recently, I was on a Japanese crime fiction kick. Love Andrea Camilleri, Alexander McCall Smith, George Simenon, Pascal Garnier, and, generally, the books published by Bitter Lemon Press and Pushkin Vertigo. — 3 comments
CGHogan. Dark fantasy, horror, cookbooks, sewing and knitting, folklore, magic & witchcraft — 5 comments
Stickers. I like science fiction, fantasy, mystery. I will read pretty much any fiction if it is interesting, though. — 2 comments
dwcofer. Thriller, mystery, literary fiction — 3 comments
bogopea. Suggestions: All on Kindle: Hilda Hopkins (Machine Knitting Serial Books) Book #s 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 by Vivienne Fagan A Room Made of Leaves by Kate Grenville, ASIN ‏ : ‎ B084RSFH8F Silence in the Library Lily Adler Book #2, by Katharine Schellman, ASIN ‏ : ‎ B08L5W9VH7 … — 2 comments
tileen. Classics, history especially World War I era, Regency era. I am looking more into the importance of embroidery, so anything about the history of embroidery would be great. I also love popular culture, so non fiction books about popular culture would also be great. — 2 comments
EvaUsher. I'm easy! I like mystery, thrillers, fantasy, fiction, classics, history, science, travel etc. — 2 comments
ClaireMulhern for Loraine Sundberg. This person reads everything. She has read the classics like Jane Austen and Jonathan Trollope. Sophisticated literary fiction is good for her, but she also will read smart commercial fiction. Non-fiction, she likes current-events, without heavy partisan politics. She… — 2 comments
ClaireMulhern. Fiction, psychological thrillers, intelligent fantasy (like George RR Martin, but I have all of his books already), women's fiction, British settings, Victorian - contemporary. I loved the Elena Ferrante My Brilliant Friend series, which I finished. — 4 comments
Amy_Webb. Mystery and Thrillers, I've read all of Karin Slaughter's books for example. But I also enjoy thought provoking books like Jodi Picoult's style. I've read every book by Janet Evanovich and most of Stephen King, so I guess you could say I have a wide range of taste ha! — 2 comments
belladonna624. I enjoy magical realism, fantasy, horror, mystery, historical fiction. My favorite authors are Nora Roberts, Sarah Addison Allen, Maggie Stiefvater, J.K. Rowling, Cathy Lamb, Karen White, Kate Morton, Rick Riordan. I tend to find an author I like and read everything they… — 1 comment
elphie93. Love historical biographies on famous women (Charlotte Bronte, Queen Victoria etc). Would love to read your favourite non-fiction book in general or favourite biography. For fiction I'm willing to try most things - i'll read everything from Crazy Rich Asians, to Lincoln in… — 5 comments
shortwaveboy86. There's a lot of specialize ideas to follow but (believe me) I'm willing to try anything - that's why I do this. Soviet history (especially in the late 1920s-1960s period; radio broadcasting; propaganda, technology, publishing, libraries, merchant shipping; and urban… — 4 comments
bagejew. Culinary mysteries, Southern literature, beach reads, thrillers, mysteries, romance (but not Harlequin style - must have some substance0. — 5 comments
Menagerie. For mysteries; Julia Spencer Fleming, Archer Mayor, Jane Harper, Tana French, Ely Griffiths. For Cozy mysteries, Julia Blackwell are all favs to give you an idea of what I like. Fantasy favs are Patricia Briggs, Anne Bishop, Kaylana Price, Suzanne Collins. Literary fiction,… — 2 comments
JacobsBeloved. Historical Fiction - specifically about females. My "To-Read" list has some books that I would like. I also read a lot of fantasy series in both adult and young adult genres. My library shows what I have read before. — 6 comments
WeeTurtle. This year I would like something contemporary. I'm not good at keeping on top of what's new, aside from looking at awards and book lists like Giller Soctiabank or CBC radio, and I find the general fiction and literature section in any bookstore to be daunting. I've got three… — 5 comments
julienne_preacher. I like a good story, but experimental novels tickle my brain. I'm into female point of view, but male centric books aren't a turn off. I've been in a totally escapist reading mode these past two Covid years, and am now craving for something current and substantial. Still,… — 4 comments
GoldieBug. I have a WishList on LibraryThing--horse racing, dogsledding, horse and dog fiction, pop-ups, Star Wars, board game history, library-related stuff. I also love mysteries set in any of those worlds. — 4 comments
Garp83. Nonfiction: history, American history, presidential biography, African American history, ancient history, ancient civilizations, archaeology, paleontology, big history, science, geology Fiction: contemporary fiction, magical realism — 4 comments
AriadneOliver. I collect mystery and detective fiction, especially from the Golden Age. Authors that I am looking for include Georges Simenon, PD James, Margery Allingham, Baroness Orczy, and Michael Bond's books about Monsieur Pamplemousse. Other favorites are science fiction, classics,… — 3 comments
AuroraCH. Honestly I'll try anything once, just as long as I don't already own it. If you'd like something more specific, just send me your favorite non-fiction book—essay collection, philosophy, criticism, biography, history, expose, reportage, memoir, whatever. — 5 comments
gentlespirit512. I made a wishlist for SantaThing on Amazon of books that I would love to get this year. This is the hardest part of the year for me. I have lots of other wishlists if none of the books on the SantaThing list sounds like something you'd want to get. … — 1 comment
renardkitsune. First, if you have something you are really excited about right now, I would like to read it. I am willing to read anything, especially something that someone is really excited about. I love historical fiction, especially novels that take place in the Medieval period, I… — 5 comments
TooLittleReading. Mystery, fantasy, humor, noir, history, YA, graphic novels. I am really open to anything except Harlequin Romances (long story, don't ask). If looking for suggestions or are unsure what I read, check out my library on LibraryThing! — 3 comments
PatsyMurray. I would like to receive books about Shakespeare and books based on the plays. I hope to read through the plays this coming year and would love to receive books that would complement that experience. — 4 comments
Plemmdog. Literary fiction, particularly set in the Carolinas, Tennessee, or Mississippi--in the vein of Faulkner or Welty. Quirky medical history. Anything by Wendell Berry (I'm just building my collection). Fiction or nonfiction about Appalachia (including history and nature writing). — 3 comments
greeneyed_ives. What's the happiest, most feel-good book you've read? Because that's what I'm looking for! Pick the books that have given you the most joy. The books which made you grin from ear to ear. I read most genres, though my tags and ratings will give you an idea of my favorites.… — 6 comments
the4otts. Historical fiction, History, Pirates, Biographies, classic literature, — 8 comments
jazzyereader. I love memoirs (not biographies), great fiction/literature, poetry, graphic novels/memoirs, knitting books, cookbooks, and romance novels. I have a pretty long wishlist but I am happy to be surprised by something new! — 3 comments
Rosa_Saks. My taste in book is quite versatile. I enjoy classics, contemporary fiction and historical fiction, preferably with a strong female lead. This is not a requirement, though. I have also come to like various forms of non-fiction like biographies on great writers, artists and… — 2 comments
pbirch01. I have been reading a lot of translated works lately, perhaps something you enjoyed that was translated into English. No preference on original language. Alternatively, maybe a book that you picked up randomly or without knowing anything about that totally blew you away. I… — 3 comments
Allyss. I like historical fiction with women protagonists, to allow me a perspective other than my own. I also really like folklore and fairytale-ish fantasy and dystopic genres. I love Naomi Novak and Kristin Cashore's books. YA is fine as long as romance is not a central part of the… — 9 comments
willoughby. Craving really great non-fiction (especially history) and sci-fi lately. Also, I'm always down for a great historical mystery if you know one. — 3 comments
Goodlit. Contemporary living, human relationships, social justice, fiction — 3 comments
readergirliz for My one year old son, Nathan.. Because Nathan was born to a bookworm mother in the midst of a pandemic, I've read him 600 books since he's been born. I love beautiful stories, diverse characters, and/or books with a sly sense of humor. Some of my favorites this year: Accordionly, Baby Goes to Market,… — 4 comments
Peace2. I like fantasy and science fiction. I read a fair amount of crime & thrillers (although a fairly large number of these tend to be audio versions borrowed from the library). I like readable history and books about other places (as in not too heavy duty or formal). Taking a look… — 5 comments
readergirliz. My favorite books are ones with magical realism, but I read just about anything that isn't horror. My top 5 books of the last 12 months were: The House in the Cerulean Sea, The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett, The Anthropocene Reviewed, Gods of Jade and Shadow, and Where… — 2 comments
reedread. I am currently enjoying reading historical fiction, particularly American and UK women. I also love mysteries and general fiction. It’s probably best to select from my just-updated wishlist, to avoid books I have already read. Thanks! — 3 comments
Dylvi. I have been quite enjoying gay fantasy books - Really enjoyed "Lord of Eternal Night by Ben Alderson," and "In Deeper Waters by F T Lukens," - I love gay books with another genre, story driven / adventurous ones are the best for me. I have also enjoyed master/slave stories -… — 5 comments
Dylvi. I would quite like to get into crime/mystery stories, I enjoyed "The Bubble Gum Thief by Jeff Miller" - Also just general fantasy, with a great storyline. A trilogy I enjoyed was "The Elenium trilogy by David Eddings". — 1 comment
Christiana5. I primarily read for entertainment/escape, so I prefer fiction. I generally like mysteries, time travel (not set in alternate universes), and historical fiction the best. I relate most to stories with strong female protagonists. All that said, sometimes it's good to get… — 3 comments
bcrowl399. I like mysteries primarily, but I also like biographies, historical fiction, history, poetry, fantasy, even westerns. Surprise me. I've always enjoyed the books that my Secret Santas have sent me over the years. You can peruse my wish list and my library to get more info. — 5 comments
rb2040. Thank you SantaThing! The set of books is new to me but intriguing. I loved The Night Gardner. It speaks to my soul. Happy Holidays to you! We’ll rendered children's picture books with rich stories; expressive pictures; characters with diverse ethnicities/abilities;… — 1 comment
woody1221. Historical Fiction - especially Medieval and Renaissance time frames. As an example I really enjoyed: - Michelle Moran’s books (the Nefertiti series was awesome!) - Laura Morelli’s books (art + fiction!) - Stephanie Thornton’s books (different characters like… — 3 comments
woody1221 for My 70+ Year Old Mom :-) . Historical fiction - especially WWII. But it needs to be very light (if at all) with romance. She really doesn’t like that! Of late…. Has read a lot of Kristen Hannah and loved the Four Winds - so books similar to that would be good. She had really high hopes for… — 4 comments
QueenOfBookland. Books on my list. Also feel free to look at my profile for more inspiration. I like horror and paranormal fiction as well as the latest YA novels. 1. The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee 2. Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia 3. Hunting Prince… — 2 comments
TheDivineOomba. Hello there! I am looking for books that are not so heavy, maybe a bit quirky. Mysteries, comedy’s, non-fiction, etc. It’s been a heavy year, and I want to stay away from anything depressing. I like graphic novels, but they have to be high quality. New to me authors are… — 3 comments
poppyreads. My favorite genres at the moment are psychological thrillers, contemporary, and true crime. This year I've really enjoyed books by Lisa Jewell, Colleen Hoover, Fredrik Bachman, Sally Hepworth, and Jennifer Niven. I also read YA books from time to time. The genre will… — 2 comments
NerdForHire. I like Manga cook books and Harry Potter scrapbooks. I also really love Alvin Schwartz horror stories, those are spooky and amazing. I recently got into Riley Sager and his thrillers. Those are epic. — 2 comments
library_mistress. I like science fiction and social fiction; british "classics" (Austen, Brontë, Shelley, Wilde, Maugham and the like); books with librarians as characters or in a library setting (I already have a lot, e.g. cozy mysteries); ancient history (also fictional); books about… — 5 comments
andersonden. Any genre, but focusing on Indegenous (broadly defined) authors this year; my LT pages are up to date for an idea of what I've read or is on my Wishlist-To Read; but happy to get a surprise - that's the best part about SantaThing every year! — 4 comments
Northern_Light. I do read lots of historical fiction. Big fan of the Outlander series so have all of them. Don't get the new one either. Like romance but avoid as too much sex scenes. Would like to explore Christian fiction more but there's very little in my country. Surprise me with… — 4 comments
Aula. I'm on a fiction kick at the moment: humor is good (black humor excellent), fantasy, magic realism, contemporary fiction... Books I've really enjoyed: "Uprooted" (Naomi Novik); "Johannes Cabal, Necromancer" (Jonathan L. Howard); "Hotel Du Barry" (Lesley Truffle); "The Folly of… — 3 comments
LynnW. Surprise me with poetry. I like cookbooks too but only catalogue my poetry books. I am eco-conscious and also will not mind used books in good condition. — 5 comments
JopLee1. I like decent-sized books, at least 250 pages. I would like non-fiction, early American adventurers, frontiersmen, exploration books like Lewis & Clark, Thomas Nuttall, Kit Carson, and Daniel Boone (I've read many books on them) should be similar adventurers. I'd really like… — 4 comments
sarahlovesromance. I will read absolutely any sort of romance, whether contemporary, historical, or otherwise. But please do not purchase anything that ISN'T romance! :) — 3 comments
Capybara_99. This year: letters /diary of a single person (i.e., no collections of great letters, etc. Exchanges between two specific people are fine); memoirs/ biography/ autobiography; graphic novels or any book interesting as a book; drama or about performing arts; something you love;… — 5 comments
Cfraser. I love science fiction, fantasy, literary fiction and historical fiction best. My library is pretty much up to date (especially from 2012). Please feel free to look at my wishlist for inspiration but I also love to discover something/someone new. — 2 comments
HuberK. I have tons of books in the genres that I like. I read 300+ books per year. Too many to get them all on LibraryThing. The best way to get books that I like would be to pick from my wishlist here on LibraryThing. Paperback preferred. If I have one book in a series, assume… — 3 comments
jen_meier. I love books by Tami Hoag, John Hart, Tess Gerritsen, Michael Connelly and John Grisham. Psychological thrillers are always good too. I also really enjoyed books like Ready Player One and Two and Where the Crawdads Sing. — 1 comment
Jessie_Lynne. I love YA novels. I love dystopian books, science fiction, and murder mysteries. Recent favorites include Maureen Johnson's, "Truly Devious" series, Hunger games starter, "Ballad of Song Birds and Snakes" and Doyle's "Storm Keeper's Island". I would love one of your… — 3 comments
yolana. Surprise me 😃 — 3 comments
ElSee. Literally any book i do not already own. My library may give ideas of my tastes, but i cannot narrow it down ~ i will read anything. — 1 comment
woody1221. This is a bit of a different request. I'm a high school teacher and I am part of the student book club at school - many of our faculty are part of the club to model reading for our students. Each semester we are asked to set a "reading goal" and I would like for YOU to pick… — 2 comments
watson11. As indicated by my library, I have varied tastes. I'm especially fond of mysteries and thrillers, including cozies and humorous mysteries. I also love literary fiction. — 5 comments
camelama. I would like to explore “cozy” mysteries, but i don’t need it to be romantic (it’s ok to have it, tho). I just don’t like gore & horror & violence but i do like the process of figuring out a mystery … which these days leaves me with cozy mysteries, it seems. (I enjoyed Poirot… — 2 comments
SouthernKiwi. I love historical fiction (especially regency England, Jacobite Scotland or settler USA/Canada settings), and fantasy with great world-building and strong characters. I read lots of romance but a good plot and character development are essential, think Susan Elizabeth Philips,… — 2 comments
Sarah.Couchman. My library has the books I currently have in my bookcase, I haven't put the books I've read over the years, but I'll get there. I love Sci Fi & Fantasy and anything with a strong female lead, give me magic, vampires, Fae and I am a happy girl. I also like the fluffy romance… — 3 comments
KallieGrace for Kennedy, my 5 year old. Kennedy recently started enjoying easy chapter books. We have read all of Captain Underpants, Dogman, and her current favorite is the Eerie Elementary series. We tried Princess in Black but it was only so-so. She loves superheros, adventure, creepy things, magic, and humor.… — 3 comments
KallieGrace. I love mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, and classics. My library isn't very up to date (since early 2020 I think), but for the most part my new books are Book of the Month books. I really enjoyed the Japanese mysteries "The Devotion of Suspect X" and "Salvation of a Saint" this year.… — 3 comments
saskia17. I read a wide variety of genres and would love to be recommended one of your all-time favorites or what you've enjoyed reading this year! Current reading trends include fantasy, poetry, books about books, myth & fairy tale, cultural histories, and mysteries. Random favorite… — 2 comments
susanna.fraser. I'm omnivorous, though in fiction my taste skews to fantasy, science fiction, and romance. In nonfiction, I tend to favor science, history, and memoir. My favorite authors include Lois McMaster Bujold, Naomi Novik, Ben Aaronvitch, Seanan McGuire, Martha Wells (Murderbot… — 4 comments
Importantverbs. YA books with suspense or mysteries ala Neal Shusterman, YA books with humor ala Adam Rex, adult suspense/mysteries, especially with stakes involving family members, literary fiction with main characters over 30. Recently read Ann Leary's The Good House and LOVED it. — 3 comments
Elle1970. Novels based on mythology; historical fiction; mystery or thriller fiction; non-fiction about traveling or food. — 2 comments
balbs. Surprise moi... — 2 comments
misskitty17. Love true crime, mysteries, thrillers (especially with a psychological element). I also like YA fantasy. Big Harry Potter fan. I'm open to pretty much anything! — 3 comments
TxYanky. Mystery, horror, suspense, biography, history. — 2 comments
tarshaan. fantasy, or science fiction, or poetry. — 1 comment
LibraryCin. I read pretty widely, though favourite genres include historical fiction, mystery/thrillers, memoirs, history... — 5 comments
aurorapaigem for My 1.5 year old daughter. She loves books with unique illustrations and bold coloring choices like the board books by Sophie Beer (She already owns all the ones that are out by her). Board books are a must and the stronger the binding the better. Manners and feelings are great topics for her and bonus… — 2 comments
Limelite. This year I have a small wishlist to help my Santee: A Passage North by Anuk Arudpragasam Our Mathematical Universe : My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality by Max Tegmark. ==> COULDN'T WAIT. ALREADY HAVE. A Place of Greater Safety by Hillary Mantel (Please… — 2 comments
SoniaDrabek. Look at my list and it give you a good taste for what I would like. Catholic books are great and a great novel that is character building. I also like police detective type of books, just not anything that involves sex. — 5 comments
finnleygeorge. I really like pop up books or the ology book series. I also really like JK Rowling books. I really love insight edition books, like the tiny harry potter books. Recently my Cousin and I started learning cooking asian dishes, like food wars recipes, so I'm a big fan of that. — 6 comments
andejons. I like many things: generally history, classics, essays, poetry, some fantasy and science fiction, comics, historical fiction. — 3 comments
IMBOS. I love current popular fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction, chick lit, thrillers, memoirs, quirky nonfiction, coming of age, time travel, stories based on real people or events. I really like strong female characters any age. Please check my book list as I read a… — 3 comments
bardbooks. Mysteries, historical fiction, urban fantasy, books set in libraries or "word" worlds (see wish list, please). — 4 comments
ccatalfo for juliancatalfo. Currently reading YA realistic fiction. Some interest in mysteries, fantasy and sci-fi. Loves history, mythology, science. — 1 comment
ccatalfo for elliecata. Reads a lot of realistic fiction. Nonfiction about science, animals or history. Likes some fantasy but not gory. — 2 comments
reading_fox. Varied genre fiction, plus a select mix of non-fiction:See my library! Genre fiction - SF and Fantasy, crime, adventure and thriller....mostly. Non-fiction: I do read some. I like travel and adventure, especially caving related (not many available - although there's some… — 2 comments
guido47. Unusual history. Current SF/Fantasy, Asian Art - HOKUSAI - The Wave? - and perhaps India/China/etc. :-) African art. Both Modern and ancient. Cartoons, of course Please use/read my library — 1 comment
suzilynn. I am an eclectic reader. I enjoy fiction and non fiction. I love a good “who done it”. Other books I love are memoirs, biographies, historical fiction, true crime. I also enjoy reading about other cultures. (I’m a straight white female.) I have a fascination with the history… — 3 comments
pammab. I'd love an excellent vegetarian or vegan cookbook for people who already know how to be vegetarian/vegan and who enjoy cooking. An ideal cookbook would have tons of recipes with protein sources that are neither soy nor cheese, and it would rely mostly on ingredients someone's… — 2 comments
acbt. I'm a toddler! And I'm really into books. I love being outside. I'm always excited to point out the moon and trucks and bugs/bees and bikes and outdoor kitty cats walking by. I love to bake and cook. My parents wish I were more interested in the potty. I really like rhymes… — 2 comments
flusteredduck. Fantasy, urban fantasy, mysteries, poetry, historical. — 1 comment
Elzbeth. I love anything post-apocalyptic. I'm also very into historical fiction, especially about strong queens who went on to make history. Comic books like Foxtrot, Garfield and the like are also wonderful. I own pretty much of all Marie Lu's books and I love every one of them.… — 2 comments
Sigyn_the_Faithful. I’m currently into true crimes, mysteries, romance books and I’m also working on the Disney twisted tales and the villains one. I have the first book for each. I haven’t met a book I don’t like. I like books I can sit and just get lost in. — 1 comment
seaweedotter. I would really like to fill out my R.A. Salvatore collection. It isn't as much of a surprise, but I know I will love them all. (And if there is any money left over, just find a kid's book about otters and I will be happy.) These are the R.A. Salvatore books that I am… — 2 comments
mellymel171328. I have always been a big fan of young adult. Though I've recently branched into not shutting romance novels. Typically if the relationship happens naturally and not really love at first sight. — 3 comments
fionaanne. Currently really into graphic novels and Asian literature (particularly Japan so manga would be awesome) Generally speaking, I'm a diverse and voracious reader; every genre except erotica is of interest. — 7 comments
erinclark. I enjoy Fiction, Historical Fiction, Psychological Thrillers, Coming of Age, basically just a good story. What I love about SantaThing is that my past Santa's have gifted me with wonderful books I would never have know about. Surprise me with one of your favorites:) — 5 comments
Familyhistorian. My reading preferences encompass historical fiction and mysteries and I have a particular fondness for all things family history. Graphic novels and nonfiction also grace my shelves which are already pretty jam packed but I love to receive new and shiny tomes. — 1 comment
VickySaintAnge. I'm a Male/Male fiction fan. I read a lot of LGBT stories. I read a lot of crime novels or LGBT romance. I like steampunk stories like the Gail Carriger ones. I love Fred Vargas, Agatha Christie, Gail Carriger, KJ Charles, Alice Oseman. — 5 comments
leisjenn. I enjoy a couple different genres and like to switch between them often. Right now I've been reading a mix of romcomish romance novels, high fantasy, and every once and a while a cozy mystery. For reference I'm working through the Wheel of Time books right now if that helps.… — 3 comments
shearon. 2 comments
ehough75 for Cassie McNabb. I am getting this for my wife. Her username on here is CassieMcNabb. There are very few books that she has read that she has not enjoyed. — 1 comment
msemmag. I enjoy SFF and weird fiction the most, which you can probably guess from my "Favorites" shelf- with queer fiction/non-fiction in a close second. If you can combine the two? Like chocolate and peanut butter- a perfect combo. I've been reading quite a bit of science-history… — 5 comments
Romonko. I love historical fiction- all eras, but especially European history. I have an extensive book collection and keep track of it on Good Reads. I really enjoy UK mysteries as well. I also enjoy literary fiction and memoirs and biographies. Some of My favourite authors are… — 4 comments
miketopper for Harriet Topper-Curtis. Harriet is 6 years old and just started reading. Any early reader books would be great and/or books for us to read together. Some chapter books she’s been loving are: Ramona quimbly, dori fantasmagori, ivy and bean, princess pink, Arabels raven — 5 comments
Macbeth. Ancient and Medieval History and/or Historical Fiction I've started to become interested in geography books in the style of Tim Marshall (I have all of his though) — 2 comments
normandie_m. Looking at what I've read this year, there has been what I'd call the usual mix in my reading - Japanese lit, a few graphic novels (all memoirs), fantasy/sci-fi (mostly Terry Pratchett), the odd historical mystery and a few YA novels. I think the best book I've read so far… — 4 comments
TexLiz19. Love historical fiction (European mostly, before 1900), fantasy, paranormal, romance, mystery, fairy tales (twisted and regular). Authors I love: Alexandre Dumas, Oscar Wilde, Gail Carriger, Charlaine Harris, Stephanie Garber, Sherilynn Kenyon, Neil Gaman, Christina Henry,… — 4 comments
CryBel. I like to read anything Fantasy or Science Fiction that involves librarians or people who work in libraries or just with books who tries to save the day. — 5 comments
kalafudra. Love feminist fiction, #ownvoices books by marginalized authors (BIPOC, disabled, neurodiverse, non-binary, trans and any combination thereof), preferably Fantasy and SciFi. Queerness in all forms a definite plus. Romance is welcome, but not a must. — 7 comments
mrsandersonut. Amish fiction is my top interest. I would be thrilled with any chosen from my LT Wishlist, as I've already read most other works published over the past two decades. Also cozy mysteries with bookstores, libraries, coffeehouses, bakeries, etc. as a theme. — 1 comment
gypsysmom. I have a pretty eclectic taste in books. I do really like historical fiction, mysteries, Canadian literature and science non-fiction. — 5 comments
tealadytoo. I have fairly broad tastes. I read primarily historical fiction, romantic fiction (particularly inspirational), and mysteries, but I also read fantasy, classics, history, etc. I'll try almost anything except those listed below. — 3 comments
Ashlyn07. I thoroughly enjoy mystery, suspense, and historical romances or romance, general - but I do prefer more smutty romances. I love Mary Higgins Clark, Tess Gerristsen, Johanna Lindsey, Vicki Lewis Thomason, Jane Green, I have attached an Amazon Wish List - these are books… — 1 comment
sflores81. Historical fiction; love books by John Grisham, Tom Clancy, Danielle Steele, Debbie Macomber, David Baldacci. Like the new releases — 4 comments
SPSON-SI for JD Lee. Graphic novels, art books, mushrooms, nature — 1 comment
LadyoftheLodge. I like cozy mysteries that feature lady sleuths, quirky careers, unusual locations, librarians or libraries, bookstores, and cats, and I like classic mystery novels. I also read historical novels, Regencies, biographies of historical people or authors, travel narratives, pop… — 1 comment
LadyoftheLodge. I like cozy mysteries that feature lady sleuths, quirky careers, unusual locations, librarians or libraries, bookstores, and cats, and I like classic mystery novels. I also read historical novels, Regencies, biographies of historical people or authors, travel narratives, pop… — 3 comments
lindapanzo. I've been reading more historical fiction, both mysteries and non-mysteries, and would enjoy those set during the WW1 to WW2 period. Ice hockey history or biographies would be terrific. I'd also love to get some cozy mysteries from authors I haven't read before. — 4 comments
Daedalus.. I read novels (EN, FR, IT), contemporary and classic (but not too classic!). Calvino and Borges are among my favourites (I have most of their books, but you see the kind of literature :). And Rebecca Solnit. Crime stories and, occasionally, sci­fi, why not. I love art… — 1 comment
ehough75. Fiction mostly. Don't mind a good biography. — 1 comment
avanders. I’d love something speculative (sci fi, fantasy, techie, not-too-distant-future, alternate history/reality, magical realism, etc.) or gothic/modern gothic. I’m happy with anything on my Litsy tbr (avanders) or goodreads tbr (avanders) or LT wishlist *or* (even better)… — 4 comments
mooingzelda. I read quite widely! In fiction, I like: - deep, absorbing, character-led fantasy/sci-fi/speculative fiction (for example, Robin Hobb's Elderlings series is my all-time favourite. Also N K Jemisin's Broken Earth trilogy and Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy) -… — 4 comments
KimberBarber. Complex mystery thrillers (such as the story in the film 'An Inspector Calls') True life investigative reporting (e.g., Tom's River by Dan Fagan) Nonfiction (scientific topics) — 3 comments
crazy4reading. I love to say surprise me! I love receiving books and I do enjoy a surprise. I love a great mystery, romance, science fiction, paranormal etc. I am a huge fiction reader. I do enjoy a few non fiction books. I do enjoy books about WWII. I also enjoy True Crime stories. … — 3 comments
thornton37814. For fiction, I prefer mysteries (police procedurals and cozies) or historical fiction. I also enjoy English village fiction (like Miss Read--although I've read all those). For non-fiction, I enjoy books on genealogy, history and social history as it pertains to my ancestors,… — 2 comments
Eneila. Fantasy with a bit of romance (can be start of a series), good biography and memoir and historical fiction books (can be based on legends too). — 5 comments
Marlane. I love character driven historical fiction and historical mysteries, but am a bit burned out on the WWII era. I also enjoy food history and old cookbooks. — 3 comments
thebookmagpie. I'm really into literary and classic fiction, but I also like sci-fi and fantasy. I also like young adult a lot, both contemporary and fantasy. I tend to care more about quality of prose and characterisation than plot (though all are important, just that my tastes tend to… — 5 comments
deaflower. I really enjoy middle grade, adventure, steam punk, light fantasy, and non fiction genres. Merry Christmas🎅🤶 — 4 comments
ejmam. I like SF and fantasy, but also enjoy historical romance, action books like Jack Reacher, and cookbooks. I love getting books that are favorites of my Secret Santa, even if they are outside what I usually read. — 3 comments
jeshakespeare. I’m dreaming of Master Wycliffe’s Summons by Mel Starr to be up to date. I’d love the latest from Cheryl Honigford, the first in one of the series by Tessa Dare, and/or Death in the Garden City by Jeanne M. Dams. It’d be cool to receive the Rocky Horror Picture Show FAQ or… — 2 comments
rodneyvc for MaggieVC. Food, travel, gardening. The books tagged 'cooking' in my catalog are Maggie's. Maggie's wishlist is at — 2 comments
rodneyvc. If you look at my catalog the technical books are mine. I like family history, travel, space, music. I've updated my wishlist a little. I sing in a choir that performs major choral works. I'm happy to be surprised! — 2 comments
jamieschecter. I love romance (except "inspirational" or cop/military romances), YA contemporaries, mysteries, true crime, royal history (Tudor and Romanovs are particular favorites). Would love books written by BIPOC and/or queer authors. — 5 comments
Charon07. I like literary fiction, science fiction, mysteries, and horror. I have a Wishlist collection if you need ideas! — 2 comments
radiojen. I have a broad interest in books, which I think make me easier to buy for. I love historical fiction, general fiction, women's fiction, memoirs, essays, comedy/humor, young adult. I enjoyed both Harry Potter and the Virgin River series. I grew up on Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys,… — 2 comments
jahdub. I would be grateful for novels that are very humorous and unusual. I like books that have also dark or fantastical elements. I enjoy very philosophical and contemplative moments for my characters. I like plot and character development to be fairly equal. I like narrative… — 4 comments
joyjohnston. Poetry, Memoir, Thriller, LGBTQ literature, Short Stories, Animals — 4 comments
mountainsandlace. Love fantasy, YA fantasy, books with strong quirky female leads, perhaps a bit of romance or historical fiction. I also enjoy discovering new authors from around the world. — 3 comments
booksaplenty1949. 2 comments
mountainsandlace for Jamie (my 1 year old son). Board books - literally - he's loves to chew them :) We'd love to discover new favorites and are open to just about everything. — 8 comments
alo1224. Poetry, plays, Jewish books(fiction and non-fiction), short story collections, thoughtful sci-fi (i.e. Le Guin, Octavia Butler, Kurt Vonnegut), history/microhistory — 3 comments
shedgeco. I'm annoyingly ecumenical and read all kinds of things, both fiction and non! But one of my favorite things about this Secret Santa is receiving books my Santa loves that I may not have even heard of. I'd love for you to pick some favorites! — 2 comments
voconnell. I really like mysteries - particularly featuring interesting detectives! I haven't read much new fantasy or sci-fi recently, but I also love that genre. I also enjoy nonfiction - history of science being my genre of choice. Everything I own is on LibraryThing, and everything… — 8 comments
catgirl_luna. I really enjoy Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Classics, Folk Lore, Retellings, Paranormal Romance, Nonfiction about the ocean, ghosts, animals, ect. I enjoy Adult, New Adult, YA, and Middle grade. I also enjoy graphic novels in all the same genres. — 3 comments
ateolf. I like literary fiction, especially modernist and post-modernist. I like variety and surprises and new discoveries and such. — 3 comments
agotte11. I have eclectic reading tastes. I read a bit of almost everything. Feel free to check out my Goodreads list for suggestions. My TBR includes both books I have purchased as well as ones I haven't though. — 2 comments
bragan. I'm particularly partial to science fiction/fantasy and science-y non-fiction, but my tastes are genuinely really broad, and I like discovering new things I might not have picked up on my own. So as long as you think something is a good read, I'm open to it! — 2 comments
SunshinyShoes. Into mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction -- any good page turners really. Also collects banned books and working through classics that have been banned. Anything newer that's been a identified as a "problem" would be neat to add to the collection. — 2 comments
jeanie0510. Contemporary fiction, psychological thrillers and suspense, fiction based in Hawaii — 2 comments
KWharton. I'm interested in religion, popular science, history, biography, linguistics, peace, people, perspectives that are not mine (white, middle class straight cis woman), contemporary literature, classic literature - lots of stuff! I read English, French, and Spanish (slowly). — 2 comments
dianeham. I mostly read fiction - although I read any nonfiction about the Amazon rainforest especially about the Yanomami. I don’t want to read about the Amazon burning up - too depressing. I’m also interested in indigenous peoples in the Arctic regions around the world. I read… — 2 comments
Karen.Holding. i love scifi, fantasy, horror, crime, true crime, manga — 2 comments
revsusan. I enjoy mysteries, science fiction and fantasy, historical fiction. It is always fun to discover a new author. And its fun to discover another part of the world in a book I'm reading. I've also been enjoying books about libraries and bookstores, especially mysteries set in… — 1 comment
shelbyb. I love complex world-building (both fantasy and sci fi) and contemporary fiction by women authors (Ling Ma, Ottessa Moshfegh, NK Jemisin, VE Schwab). Recent things I've read and loved: Arkady Martine's A Memory Called Empire and A Desolation Called Peace; Andreas Stewart's… — 4 comments
faerywings. When it comes to physical books, I primarily collect graphic novels right now. Most "regular" books I read lately are ebooks and audiobooks. Every graphic novel I currently own should be listed in my books here, tagged as "graphic novel" (still working on logging… — 4 comments
AngelClaw. I love history (fiction and nonfiction), fantasy, chick lit, literary fiction (as long as it's not super dark and depressing), and narrative nonfiction (especially if it's about a lesser known event/thing). — 1 comment
jll1976. I love history so historical fiction or non-fiction is always welcome. I also love the chance to learn more about 'other' cultures so books from non-anglophone and/or non-Western authors are also highly prized (translated to English). Also any book that is a bit 'out of the… — 6 comments
AurumCalendula. I'm very fond of historical romance and sf/f (especially when they have queer main characters). Some of my favorite authors include KJ Charles, Aliette de Bodard, Yoon Ha Lee, Rose Lerner, Courtney Milan, Terry Pratchett, Cat Sebastian, and Martha Wells. — 2 comments
strongstuff. I prefer to read fiction, particularly historical or literary fiction. But I also love compelling, narrative non-fiction. What did you read this year that you loved? Every year I count on Santathing to surprise me with something that hasn’t crossed my path. Please check my LT… — 3 comments
kauaisurfer. Cozy mysteries, Jewish topics, Books set in France, Vegetarian cooking, and Travel essays. — 6 comments
olegalCA. This is my nonfiction Santathing! I like a wide variety of nonfiction as you can see from my books. I used to be a Christian and even though I don't call myself that anymore, I still enjoy reading some of my favourite authors like Philip Yancey. My all-time favourite books… — 3 comments
stephivist. Fantasy! This is mostly a new genre for me, but something I'm really interested in jumping into after Madeline Miller books rekindled my childhood love of Greek mythology. I don't know what I would like, so you really can't go wrong here. Surprise me! — 5 comments
Jtactor. Mysteries, histories, fantasy are my preferences. Love Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle, Jim Butcher.. would love some Mysteries from China. — 4 comments
Pat_Bunk_Malecki. I love books that have continuation from one generation to the next. A generational saga, Jeffrey Archer . I love a good mystery. Victorian mysteries are good. I love legal mysteries or books about the law or legal stories. I dont mind love stories like Barbara Delinsky,… — 3 comments
tweetybugshouse. Fantasy adult, middle grade or ya Some fav books of this year have been vespertine, winterlight, all of us villains, the book binder daughter, the color of dragons kingdom of wicked to name a few. — 2 comments
xenophon. literary essays and literary history — 3 comments
olegalCA. This is my fiction Santathing! I read mysteries, historical fiction, psychological thrillers, YA books (I'm not really crazy about fantasy but if there is a book out there that you think is excellent, feel free to introduce me!!!). My wishlist is up to date (and massive, I… — 5 comments
Charli333. Fantasy, fiction, light romance, light sci-fi, some historical (not war) Favourite authors/book series: Deborah Harkness, VE Schwab, Ben Aaronovitch, Vivian Shaw, Laura Barnett. — 4 comments
MBMG. Not Sci Fi or fantasy but anything else is ok. Check my page on Goodreads Margaret Galbraith for ideas. I like Christmas stories too but have read a lot so any new ones are ok. Bio/autobiography, chic lit and many more like crime too. — 2 comments
susiehk. I probably sound like a hobbit, but here goes.... I like Fiction based on folklore and mysticism... and... Cookbooks based on foraging and wild foods... and... Brewing dark beers — 5 comments
msliz_31. African- American literature and contemporary fiction; dystopian YA; historical fiction; biography/autobiography; ethnic and POC fiction — 5 comments
KateBaxter. I am a huge fan of well crafted/well researched historical fiction. Also enjoy historical mysteries, regular mysteries, espionage, suspense, knitting, fine art, European travel, baroque and classical music. — 3 comments
schwesterbeth. 2 comments
laurak. mostly into scifi, fantasy, oddball (Jasper Fforde) and historical fiction these days. Need some escape from the news. See my library for ideas. — 3 comments
Yells. Just about anything goes. I love world literature and follow quite a few global book awards. Everything I've read or own is logged (anything marked RLD is my husband's stuff). I don't read as much sci-fi/fantasy/horror as I should. Non-fiction is fine - I love social… — 3 comments
genesisdiem. (non-fic) Teach me something new! This worked so well last year and I received some great choices. So please recommend a book about something that interests you. Also, cozy mysteries work in a pinch. :D Thank you!! — 4 comments
Daniel.Estes. Surprise me! My favorite books tend to be non-fiction, history and the occasional sci-fi novel. My hope is that you, dear Secret Santa, can look at my favorites en masse and then pick something truly remarkable just outside of my preference zone. And don't feel like you need… — 2 comments
thorold. Broad tastes including (but not limited to): classics, European literary fiction, Africa, crime, poetry, language, history, biography, engineering, travel, LGBTQ+, politics, most things really… Have a look at my threads in Club Read to get a flavour. — 4 comments
literatefool. I read everything from noir mysteries to cozy mysteries, sci-fi and fantasy, general fiction, lesbian fiction, non fiction, American history, European history, history of anywhere/anytime, suspense, thriller, biographies, autobiographies, fairy tales, classics, gardening… — 4 comments
majkia. science fiction, sff, period mysteries, mystery/thrillers. I enjoy complex plots, lots of character development, and hard science in my sci fi. I like some military sci fi, but not the blow them up and let God sort them out kind. I like thoughtful, smart and principled… — 3 comments
Sensory. Mystery and thrillers (such as Ann Cleeves). Historical creepy reads (loved The Historian and I have the following books by Elizabeth Kostova but am NOT crazy about The Shadow Land which is different), and just creepy books in general with twisty bits (I liked Shadow of the… — 5 comments
AbigailAdams26 for Mary Ann (my mother, who is in her 80s). Blockbuster mysteries (such as James Patterson), political biography (especially presidents) — 5 comments
ablachly for Petra (13 year old daughter). Petra is 13, and she's looking for YA, graphic novels, maybe some dystopian fantasy? Bonus points if it's LGBTQ+. She recently read and loved Scythe by Neal Shusterman, — 6 comments
conceptDawg for Kate Holland. An 13 year old girl who reads well above her age level. She loves books about fantasy, magic, mythology, adventure, and especially dragons. She's read all of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Artemis Fowl, and many other series so it's getting harder and harder for me to point her… — 17 comments
AbigailAdams26. Children's books of all kinds—historical and contemporary, vintage and new. Children's Literature Studies. On the adult end, I want to read El Cid sometime soon, or The Romance of Reynard the Fox. Also, "Of Reynaert the Fox: Text and Facing Translation of the Middle Dutch… — 1 comment
katemcangus. Adam mostly reads non-fiction and sports memoirs, but he's recently gotten into some fiction and I'd like to direct him to more! He loved Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann, The Martian by Weir (but did not like Weir's latest), and Station Eleven by Mandell. He's read… — 1 comment
kristilabrie for Finnegan (my 2.5 year old son). He's really into dinosaurs and anything with a motor in it. But really any favorite children's book would be good! Be sure to check his collection that I have cataloged first. — 5 comments
knerd.knitter for Sara (my 3-year-old daughter). She loves Sandra Boynton, Elephant & Piggie, Berenstain Bears, Snoopy & Woodstock, Mickey and Minnie; also Spanish picture books are great — 6 comments
katemcangus. Mysteries (Tana French), literary fiction (Normal People, The Great Believers), and lighter fantasy (The Magicians, Ninth House). — 4 comments
conceptDawg for Ashley Holland. best sellers, historical/chic lit fiction, mystery (example reads from this year incl Anxious People, The Huntress, The Alice Network, The Nightingale, Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom, Sythe, All The Light We Cannot See, The Giver of Stars, Remarkable Creatures, The Great Alone,… — 5 comments
kristilabrie. High fantasy, mystery, suspense/thriller, new and interesting science-based reads — 4 comments
ablachly. I've been into mysteries/police procedurals lately—Ann Cleeve's Two Rivers series, Elly Griffiths' Harbinder Kaur, Kate Atkinson's Jackson Brodie, and… — 7 comments
timspalding for Liam (my son). My son is 15, but a young 15, so a lot of more "adult" graphic novels are of little interest to him yet. So I wouldn't go for something heavy or involving a lot of sex. No horror, no zombies. Religious (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc.) themes are fine; no fundie-ism. History… — 2 comments
timspalding for Liam Spalding. I'm looking for role-playing books, especially new games, especially futuristic ones. He has Starfinder, Traveller. He also has a (the only) cryptozoology RPG. He loves the Adventure Zone podcast and has the graphic novels. — 2 comments
knerd.knitter for Casey (my husband). YA books, books on languages (Spanish in particular), fantasy, books about video games; he also loves Richard Lederer's books; also, he likes Zorro! — 4 comments
Alfrazier21. I really enjoy mystery / thrillers, fantasy novels (although I’m fairly new to the adult fantasy genre) and have recently discovered I don’t mind a romance book now and then. Mystery/thrillers are my go to reads typically. It doesn’t have to be the most believable story, just… — 2 comments
Soubhiville. I love fantasy, historical and contemporary fiction, LGBTQIA+, memoirs. I’m willing to try almost anything with great reviews. — 2 comments
Dvd. Trout Kilgore books, David Sedaris and Amy Sedaris, Andy Cohen's books, Debbie Harry, Andre Leon Talley, Carrie Fisher, Andrés Vidal, Han King, Mark Childress, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Gordon Merrick, Augusten Burroughs. I've read all their books, but love books that are similar. — 2 comments
IheartYA. Young adult, magical realism, gothic, ghosts, witchy, contemporary, (not high) fantasy; my Goodreads is most up to date — 2 comments
OrneryOcelot . Young adult, fantasy, romance. Maas is a favorite author. I’ve read a lot of young adult, romance. Been reading a lot of smut. Zodiac academy was good. I’m not picky :) — 1 comment
Julie548. Contemporary lit, psychological thrillers — 1 comment
SeaToSkyes. Mystery, psychological thriller, romantic comedy, fantasy, paranormal romance, historical fiction, true crime, horror, science fiction — 3 comments
Lara.Tomme. Science Fiction, Magical Realism, Who Done It, books about zombies, fairytale retellings — 1 comment
iampaula. I love horror novels, suspense, mystery. Some favorite authors include Steven King, Neil Gaiman, Dean Koontz. As far as books and authors outside that genre, I recently read The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, All The Pretty Girls, and Project… — 2 comments
Tiffiney. psychological thrillers mostly — 2 comments