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The World of Darkness

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Aug 17, 2006, 3:06pm

I'm just curious how many people here actually play the White Wolf games.

Which do you prefer, New or Old world of darkness?
What do you think of the fact that the next game after Promethians is going to be Changeling in the New World of Darkness?

Aug 18, 2006, 6:31pm

See my post here.

I am definitely an old world fan of Mage and Changeling. I've never played the new versions, but the consensus among the few people I've talked to who have is that the old editions are better.

My friends who still LARP with the Camarilla would disagree.

That said, if this new (old school Vampire) game gets off the ground in the next month or so, I'm seriously thinking about picking up Promethians and giving it a go. Changeling, it would have to be SPECTACULAR for me even consider it.

Edited: Dec 27, 2006, 10:12am

Okay, having not gotten the tenterhooks of the Camarilla out of my skin as of yet, I can understand that players there are trying to say the games are good.

The newer Vampire is good. Fiddles with a few things (extended torpor can hurt memories and powers. Means a 300 yr old vamp can challenge a 20 yr old one and get its tale wiped.)

The newer Werewolf... needs lots of work. Especially a consolidation of information.

The new Mage is Shiny! It's fun, it can be epic, it has the cheese factor. It is good gaming fun. (Just wish my closest game was not 2 hours away.)

Just my opinions. The Cam has their own, of course.
(Did you play in the Cam, elvendido?)

Aug 21, 2006, 5:25pm

Several years ago I was a member of a Vampire LARP troupe associated with Boston University called the Van Helsing Society. Every now and then we did Changeling one-shots. That troupe dissolved because we ran out of student members who were willing to be officers - all 3 years I played alumni and alumni associates far outnumbered actual students. Once the students dried up, so did funding and location. Some of the old-schoolers were also members of the Camarilla, and much of the rest soon joined so they could keep getting their fix.

They invited me to an ongoing Cam Mage: Laws of Ascension LARP, but I never got around to joining (I don't even know if the game is still running).

So the short answer is no, I haven't. Mostly that's because the people I started LARPing with back in the day had horrible things to say about it. But now most of those people are in it!

Aug 23, 2006, 1:05pm

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Aug 23, 2006, 1:07pm

I prefer the old version at this point simply because I own the books. I'm looking forwad to see what's done with Changeling, it really needed a facelift. I love the series, but I find the kith system a little limiting. I hear it will be a bit like Dark Ages: Fae but I haven't read that book either and it's all rumor and innuendo at this point anyhow.

I love Mage and I've been meaning check out the revamp.

7Uffer First Message
Aug 27, 2006, 5:08am

We've had a fairly extensive oWoD Vampire game running for a while now (though we're taking a break at the moment for various reasons, mostly uninteresting ones). I've only seen the demo campaign stuff for Vampire and Werewolf in the new WoD. At this point, I'm reluctant to go near the new stuff, simply because we haven't squeezed the last drips of fun out of the old yet. There's so much left we haven't used, met or eaten!

Sep 1, 2006, 5:46pm

I own each of the core books for the oWoD but rarely get a chance to play, so I am loathe to start picking up the new stuff until my old stuff gets more play. This week I sat down with Mage: the Awakening and liked it enough to consider checking it out some more. I do not like the big tie with Atlantis, though, but it's easy enough to drop a detail like that if the rest of the book is solid enough.

I love Changeling: the Dreaming. I was thrilled to hear about the nWod getting a Changeling book until I read what little there is to read about it. I love the bittersweet, melancholy whimsy that C:tD has to offer, but the new one looks to be firmly distancing itself from the idea of "whimsy".

Oct 26, 2006, 4:43pm

I came across a link to the World of Darkness Wiki on an LJ group I frequent. Looks like there's plenty of room for development...