Another reason to support Romney

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Another reason to support Romney

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Edited: Oct 24, 2012, 11:16pm

I just encountered a news article about Obama's and Romney's choice of meals before the latest debate...not sure why that's considered news, but it still caught my eye. Barack Obama and his supposedly health-conscious wife went for steak and potatoes, the same meal they shared before the second debate. Romney chose to have a veggie burger and (spicy) Cajun fries.

One choice demonstrates a tendency to continue with a path that isn't good for anyone, and the other shows a fresh approach to trying something beneficial for all of us. Or something like that.

(Edit: Lest anyone misinterpret this post, it was merely a lighthearted observation of what counts as "news" lately. I'm not really suggesting you form an opinion on either U.S. presidential candidate based on their choice of pre-debate meal. I'll be honest, though--anyone who appreciates Cajun fries gets a few points from me).

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