List of Male Romance Authors (Some Using Feminine Pseudonyms)/Please add your additions to this list.

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List of Male Romance Authors (Some Using Feminine Pseudonyms)/Please add your additions to this list.

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There are some romance authors I love because they seem to really find the voice of their male characters. Nora Roberts is one. I love her trilogies that focus on male friends or brothers because she seems to really capture the dynamic between males; how they can gather around a younger male figure and "show him the ropes" on what it means to be a man and/or what it means to be family, whether they brawl or deck each other in an argument and then quickly move on to the handshake, or just in how they speak to each other when they have to discuss something serious. It feels real to me. It seems like how real guys would interact with each other. How does she do that? I assume she has learned from watching her husband and sons and possibly their male friends.

Then I started thinking about male romance writers. I was wondering if their take on the male friendship dynamic would be obviously different or if Nora is just a genius and has nailed it. This led me to the discovery that there are a lot more male writers out there than I was aware of. One site said 1%. Another said from 5% to 40% were male!! Really?

Out of curiosity, I would like to know which authors are actually male. When I read their books, I'd like to possibly learn from them what a real (masculine) "romantic voice" sounds like and not just how the typical female reader wants them to sound like.

This is what I've come up with. Do you know of any more?

I did NOT verify any of the Touchstones, by the way.

Roberta Ackworth (Robert Ackworth)
Devin Vaughn Archer (R. Barri Flowers)
Andrew Ashling
Jean Barrett (Bob Rogers)
Will Belegon (sometimes teams with Alessio Brio)
Emma Blair (Iain Blair)
Jessica Blair (Bill Spence-served in WWII)
Obren Bokich
Madeleine Brent (Peter O'Donnell)
James Buchanan
M. L. Buchman
F. D. Caldwell - writing 50 U.S. states serial romances
S. L. Carpenter with writing partner Sahara Kelly
Tori Carrington (Tony and Lori Karayianni)
K. N. Casper aka Ken Casper
Brindle Chase
Emma Darcy - (Frank & Wendy Brennan)
Serge de Moliere
Deanna Dwyer (pseudonym used by Dean Koontz in the early 70s for five gothic novels)
Peter Golden
Victoria Gordon for romance novels/uses real name Gordon Aalborg for suspense novels
Leigh Greenwood (Harold Lowry)
Rupert James
Wayne Jordan
Madeleine Ker (Marius Gabriel, Marius Gabriel Cippola)
Fabio Lanzoni (Yes, THE Fabio. Sometimes writes with Eugenia Riley and Wendy Corsi Staub)
Laura London (Tom & Sharon Curtis)
J. W. McKenna
Edison Marshall
Bob Mayer and Jennifer Crusie - write jointly
James Miller
Dorothea Nile (Michael Avallone)
Sylvain Reynard
Lorraine Roberts (Rob Billeaud)
Fay Robinson (Carmel Thomson)
Nico Rosso
Gill Sanderson (Roger Sanderson)
V. K. Sykes (Collaboration between Vanessa Kelly & her husband)
Jessica Stirling (Hugh C. Rae)
Chris Tanglen
Vashtan (not-for-profit pseudonym for Aleksandr Voinov)
Dorothy Vernon (appears to be a pseudonym for C. L. Pearce, Charles Louis St. John Pearce)
Fran Vincent (Vince Brach)
Claudette Virmonne (Claude Virmonne)
Wynn Wagner (former ordained priest and archbishop who now writes erotica)
Lee Williams also uses Leigh Ann Williams (Billy Mernit)

Alison York (Christopher Nicole)
Also uses these other pseudonyms:
Mark Logan
Simon McKay
Christina Nicholson
Leslie Arlen
Robin Cade
Andrew York
Daniel Adams
Peter Grange

Robyn Anders (Rob Preece)
Also uses:
Amy Eastlake
Rob Preece

W.E.D. Ross
also used numerous other pseudonyms such as:
Lydia Colby
Rose Dana
Ross Olin
Clarissa Ross
Dan Ross
Marilyn Ross

Monica Barrie, Jennifer Dalton, and Marilyn Davids (names used by David Wind)

Thomas Elmer Huff or Tom Huff used these pseudonyms:
Edwina Marlow
Beatrice Parker
Katherine St. Clair
Jennifer Wilde

Caroline Farr (Richard Wilkes-Hunter) gothic romances He used over a dozen pseudonyms, including these:
R. Wilkes-Hunter
Todd Conrad
Alex Crane
Bradley Ross
Diana Douglas
Shauna Marlowe
His work is sometimes incorrectly attributed to Allan Geoffrey Yates.

Edited: Aug 7, 2015, 4:07 am

I went through the male or female author stats for my library and found that Emma Goldrick is a husband & wife writing duo.

ETA: Lucy Clark, another husband-wife writing duo.

Aug 7, 2015, 5:31 pm

>2 starlightgenie: Thank you. I never thought to do that (look at LT's stats). Doink! I do everything the hard way! :)

Aug 11, 2015, 1:43 pm

A.E. Maxwell Is Ann Maxwell (aka Elizabeth Lowell) and her husband Evan Maxwell

>3 AddictedToMorphemes: Not all the authors are marked as male/female/etc, so this might be a good post for verifying!

Aug 12, 2015, 1:27 pm

>4 lesmel: Thank you. I read a lot of Eliz. Lowell. I didn't know about the correlation with A.E. Maxwell.

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