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Library book sales

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Oct 23, 2007, 5:57pm

I have volunteered at library book sales (the ones where all the books are donated, sold cheap and the proceeds go to support the library). I have found a lot of stuff in the books I have bought at these sales.
I found several old newspaper clippings about town citizens - I mailed them the clippings (amazingly enough, most of the people still lived in town.)
I found some painfully sweet pictures of a child with Down's Syndrome, taken at school where he was learning to write. He was adorable. I wondered if anyone missed the pictures.
I've found more photographs than I can count. Some end up on my refrigerator.
I found a beautifully written letter from a woman thanking an American family for their hospitality to her Spanish sons. They were part of an exchange program, I guess.
Lots of pressed stuff.
A love letter.
A letter from one woman thanking another woman for something, then going on to discuss her relationship with a man and his problems and her hopes for the future.
If you want to find this kind of stuff, volunteer to sort books at one of these sales and simply empty out all the paper and items stuffed in the donated books. They are fascinating stories all in themselves....

Nov 1, 2007, 10:28am

Again from a book bought at a library book sale (the books are donated): the book is El Sentimiento de Soledad (Ensayo de Psicologia Descriptiva), Mexico 1947. Inside, a little wallet-size picture of a very pretty woman, black and white photograph, portrait, (to me, she looks like a Mexican movie star, so lovely!) and on the back, written 'Maria Salinas, Mexican, April, 1948)'
These book sales are great for buying books in Italian, French, and Spanish when usually those books can be quite expensive.

Jan 15, 2008, 4:50pm

I found a day pass for the London tube in a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which my husband purchased at a used bookstore in Easthampton, MA.

I've never found a photograph in a book, but I did find one in a large box of stationery that I bought at an estate sale. (The woman having the sale was my kindergarten teacher. The photo was of her mother, who had just died. I brought drove back to her house later, thinking she'd want this memento; she said she had actually been looking for this particular picture.)

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