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Everyman's Volume Availability Dates on Amazon

Jul 25, 2017, 12:26 pm

11/17/2017 Marguerite Duras: The Lover; Wartime Notebooks; Practicalities

Sep 9, 2018, 12:30 pm

Main Series Only:
9/18/2018 Erich Maria Remarque: All Quiet on the Western Front
10/2/2018 Samuel Pepys: The Diary of Samuel Pepys
11/6/2018 Alexander von Humboldt: Selected Writings
4/16/2019 Henrik Pontoppidian: Lucky Per
5/14/2019 James Ellroy: The Underworld U.S.A. Trilogy, Vol. I: American Tabloid; The Cold Six Thousand
5/14/2019 James Ellroy: The Underworld U.S.A. Trilogy, Vol. II: Blood's a Rover
5/24/2019 James Ellroy: The L.A. Quartet: The Black Dahlia; The Big Nowhere; L.A. Confidential; White Jazz

Dec 28, 2018, 9:11 am

Amazon has been displaying Five Great Novellas by Michael Ondaatje for a couple of years now, but pushing back the release date (UK version is September 3rd at the moment), so not sure how accurate this is.

9/3/19 Oscar and Lucinda : Peter Carey

Got to admit to being completely underwhelmed with Lucky Per. Hopefully this is just ignorance from me, and it will be great.

Edited: Apr 15, 2019, 12:28 pm

9/3/2019 Peter Carey: Oscar and Lucinda; True History of the Kelly Gang
10/14/2019 Elizabeth Bowen: Collected Stories

Jun 4, 2019, 1:16 pm

Three James Ellroy volumes became available today, June 4, 2019. They are large volumes - 583, 1144, and 1378 pages, and the bindings appear to be sewn.

Sep 8, 2020, 4:53 am

I picked up Independent People by Laxness on the weekend in the U.K. it seems Amazon is becoming untrustworthy for release dates, Babur Nama should be released in the U.K. in early October.
Notes from a Dead House appears as Feb, but Amazon have the Great Gatsby being released in Jan (it has been in the list since 1991

Jan 17, 2021, 4:06 am

Upcoming U.K. release dates:

Jan 28 Notes From a dead house Dostoevsky
Sep 7 Famished Road Okri
Oct 5 Selected Stories de Maupassant
Oct 5 The Bridge on the Drina Andric

Famished road won the Booker prize in 1991, whilst Andric won the Nobel prize for literature in 1961

Jan 17, 2021, 5:14 am

Thanks for the info! Looking forward to them. I really like their choices, wish they published more books!

Jan 17, 2021, 8:20 am

I was also pleased! Books that I haven’t read that sound enticing

May 13, 2021, 6:25 am

Feb 1 Rebellion Roth

May 13, 2021, 9:14 am

The Andric is a remarkable novel—what a great addition.

Jun 16, 2021, 3:14 pm

Mar 1 The Sun Also Rises - Hemingway

Edited: Jul 5, 2021, 4:52 pm

The Oct 5 release date for Bridge on the Drina is the US release. The U.K. version will be Sep 2nd

March 1st has gained another release next year with two works by Nancy Mitford (Pursuit of love, Love in a cold climate).

So the upcoming release dates are:

Sep Bridge on the Drina - Andric
Sep Famished Road - Okri
Oct Selected Stories - de Maupassant
Feb Rebellion - Roth
Mar The Sun Also Rises - Hemingway
Mar Pursuit of Love; Love in a Cold Climate - Mitford

Aug 6, 2021, 5:47 pm

April 5th Life and Fate - Grossman

Jul 19, 2022, 4:16 pm

Sep 22 The King Must Die; The Bull and the sea, Renault
Nov The Autobiography of an ex-coloured man, Johnson
Nov Reunion, Uhlman
April Never Let Me Go, Ishiguro

Jul 19, 2022, 7:05 pm

>15 DMulvee: Haven't even seen Renault's name for a long time. Have the Johnson in Library of America, just read the Ishiguro in paperback. But what of Uhlman? This is a real surprise. Anyone read him?

Jul 20, 2022, 3:07 pm

Uhlman is new to me. What I find surprising is that 2 of the 3 Autumn releases will be slim works (Uhlman, Johnson), it seems like a long time (over 15 years?) since the last release was less than 200 pages and I am pleased that smaller works are being considered for release

Jul 30, 2022, 5:35 pm

April will also see the complete fiction of Nella Larsen

Oct 26, 2023, 11:03 am

In addition to the recent Nella Larsen, Oliver Sacks, and Rabindranath Tagore releases, here is what is coming from Everyman's Classics and Contemporary Classics over the next few months:

Nadezhda Mandelstam, Hope Against Hope (Nov. 14, 2023)
Colson Whitehead, The Intuitionist (Nov. 28, 2023)
Virginia Woolf, Orlando (Jan. 2, 2024)
Mikhail Bulgakov, The White Guard (Feb. 6, 2024)
Sandra Cisneros, The House on Mango Street (Feb. 20, 2024)
D.H. Lawrence, Lady Chatterley's Lover (Apr. 16, 2024)
Alexander Pushkin, Novels, Tales, and Journeys: The Complete Prose (P&V translation) (Mar. 5, 2024)
Lord Byron, Byron's Travels: Poems, Letters, and Journals (Mar. 26, 2024)
James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time; Nobody Knows My Name; No Name in the Street; The Devil Finds Work (Jul. 9, 2024)

Edited: Jun 2, 7:06 pm

A few more:

Chester Himes, The Essential Harlem Detectives (Feb. 6, 2024)
Jonathan Lethem, Motherless Brooklyn; The Fortress of Solitude (Sept. 3, 2024)
Ha Jin, Waiting (Sept. 10, 2024)
Haruki Murakami, End of the World and Hard Boiled Wonderland (Sept. 24, 2024)

Edited: Dec 28, 2023, 3:51 am


I’m just going to point out that the U.K. and US versions have different release dates, as I already have Orlando and The White Guard

I also see Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own scheduled in the U.K. on August 1st

Edited: Jun 2, 7:08 pm

Edward St. Aubyn, The Patrick Melrose Novels: Never Mind; Bad News; Some Hope; Mother's Milk; At Last. (Feb. 11, 2025)

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