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Mar 9, 2010, 6:41pm

I just posted a similar introduction on the Missouri Readers board, to which I also belong. I am doing this because this group also invited me to join, and I did so, but was so inconsiderate as to fail to introduce myself. This note is my attempt to correct that mistake. My name is Tom Nutter, and I am an intellectual property lawyer in St. Louis. I grew up here (my parents moved here from Jeff City in 1952), and I have also lived in KC ('76-92). I have been practicing law for 30 years, and received my JD from UMKC. I liked being in school----as you can tell from the fact that I obtained a BA, MA and Ph.D. from MU in Columbia. My library is just about entirely on military history, the topic on which I read and write the most (although I have many other interests). My wife of 24 years and I have three children (14, 16 and 21) all of whom are still in school. We also have two German Shepherds (Caesar and Cleopatra). I could go on with this drivel forever, but won't. Just wanted to thank you for your courtesy and excuse myself for my lack of consideration. Kind regards. Tom