How Authors Can Use LibraryThing

There are many ways authors can participate in the LibraryThing community.

Become a LibraryThing Author

The best way to begin connecting with readers on LibraryThing is to become an official LibraryThing Author.

See the full list of current LibraryThing Authors, or participating authors like Diana Gabaldon, David Brin, and Laurie R. King.

If you haven't yet, search for your LibraryThing author page. When you're there, you'll see an "Is this you?" box in the upper right corner. Click the link there to request Author status. If you don't find your book by searching, you may first need to add it to LibraryThing.

Make yourself look good

  • Spruce up your author page. Add a photo and links to your website.
  • Edit your profile page. Add a photo, describe yourself and your library, and link to your website.
  • Contribute to the "Common Knowledge" on your author page and all your work pages. Common Knowledge captures details about yourself and your books, from series information to where you went to school.

Other things to do

  • Catalog your books. Your readers want to know what books they have in common with you. Rate and review books to let your fans know what you think.
  • Join the Hobnob with Authors group and discuss your work with interested members.
  • You can participate in our Early Reviewers program, distributing copies of your new and/or forthcoming book to LibraryThing members in exchange for reviews.

Tread lightly ...

LibraryThing is a place to connect with readers, not a place to advertise. As we say in our Terms of Service, "Do not use LibraryThing as an advertising medium. Egregious commercial solicitation is forbidden. No matter how great your novel, this does apply to authors."

With that, just a few things to keep in mind:

  • Do not send out friend requests to hundreds of people, even if all of them happen to have a copy of your book.
  • Do not send unsolicited profile comments to everyone who has listed a book similar to your book.
  • Do not post messages in Talk advertising your book. You can promote your book in Hobnob with Authors, but posting a blurb about your book and never coming back to discuss it is still seen as overt advertising.
  • While you can review your own book, be aware that the review will be marked as the author's.

Contact us

Contact us ( with any questions, or try the Author FAQ.