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Blake Crouch is a bestselling novelist and screenwriter. He is the author of the novel, Dark Matter, for which he is writing the screenplay for Sony Pictures. His bestselling Wayward Pines trilogy was adapted into a television series for FOX in 2015. With Chad Hodge, Crouch also created Good show more Behavior, the TNT television show starring Michelle Dockery based on his Letty Dobesh novellas. He has written more than a dozen novels that have been translated into over thirty languages and his short fiction has appeared in several publications including Ellery Queen and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. (Bowker Author Biography) show less
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Works by Blake Crouch

Dark Matter (2016) 6,063 copies
Recursion (2019) 3,157 copies
Pines (2014) 2,014 copies
Upgrade (2022) 1,115 copies
Wayward (2013) 1,113 copies
The Last Town (2014) 914 copies
Abandon (2009) 619 copies
Run (2011) 415 copies
Desert Places (2004) 373 copies
Summer Frost (2019) 303 copies
Snowbound (2010) 293 copies
Serial (2010) 268 copies
Draculas (2010) — Author — 208 copies
Locked Doors (2005) 208 copies
Stirred (2011) 189 copies
Good Behavior (2016) 164 copies
Serial Killers Uncut (1688) — Author — 135 copies
Eerie (1900) 114 copies
Serial Uncut (2010) 99 copies
Break You (2011) 82 copies
Perfect Little Town (2010) 79 copies
Famous (2010) 67 copies
Ultimate Thriller Box Set (2012) 60 copies
Bad Girl (2010) 57 copies
Killers (2011) 46 copies
Sunset Key (2013) 46 copies
Birds of Prey (2011) 42 copies
*69 (2010) 36 copies
Unconditional (2011) 34 copies
The Pain of Others (2011) 32 copies
Shining Rock (2010) 31 copies
On the Good, Red Road (2010) 29 copies
The Meteorologist (2011) 28 copies
Remaking (2010) 28 copies
Four Live Rounds (2010) 27 copies
Forward Collection (2019) — Editor & Contributor — 21 copies
Killers Uncut (2011) 19 copies
Vestal Virgin 17 copies
Six in the Cylinder (2011) 15 copies
Grab (2013) 9 copies
Confidence Girl (2013) 8 copies
Wayward Pines: The Complete First Season (2015) — Author — 7 copies
The Fear Trilogy (2013) 6 copies
Kite (2013) 5 copies
Wayward Pines: The Complete Second Season (film) (2018) — Author — 4 copies
Cemetery Dance Issue 67 (2012) 3 copies
Reset (2019) 3 copies
Ginsu Tony 1 copy
Dark Matter [TV series] — Author — 1 copy
Summer Frost (film) — Author — 1 copy

Associated Works

Thriller 2: Stories You Just Can't Put Down (2009) — Contributor — 230 copies
Hint Fiction: An Anthology of Stories in 25 Words or Fewer (2010) — Contributor — 132 copies
Pushed Too Far (2012) — Introduction, some editions — 114 copies
The Serial Killer's Wife (2011) — Introduction — 80 copies
Recursion (film) — Author — 1 copy


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Five Star Entertainment from Start to Finish!

I listened to the audible version of this. Very entertaining, every time I thought I had it figured out, something else would happen going in another direction. Excellent character development, and an original story unlike any I've ever read.

Kind of reminded me of a cross between Michael Crichton and Stephen King (the **good** Stephen King, the one who wrote The Stand and The Shining, not the body snatcher from another planet currently occupying his body, churning out crap like "The Dome"...).

I've read Blake Crouch before but nothing that made an impression on me. This, however, was different and I couldn't stop until I finished it. I've already purchased the sequel and look forward to listening to it.
… (more)
davidgloer | 136 other reviews | Feb 21, 2024 |
This is a fast-reading science-fiction thriller, and every time I picked it up, I sped forward in reading it. Without any doubt, Crouch did an absolutely stellar job with his concept, and for the most part, he made believable characters. I was rooting for the protagonist throughout, and enjoying the twists.

That said, it was an oddly stressful read because it moved so fast and things remained so desperate throughout. There were also some loose ends that I'd have preferred be cleared up, although I understand why they weren't, given the POV, and so those don't even bother me particularly. But all told, I'm not sure when/if I'll read more Crouch work. It was almost too much, too fast, and too open-ended for me to be 100% satisfied.

Still, it's a fantastic book worth reading. I'm just not sure I want more of the same flavor.
… (more)
whitewavedarling | 535 other reviews | Feb 18, 2024 |
hfgd | 78 other reviews | Feb 15, 2024 |
[2024] picked up an unwelcome (are they ever welcome?) virus on a recent trip - a virus for which I had been vaccinated against, at least a few variants of, and haven’t had the brain for the heavier stuff as I convalesce. I decided to revisit some Crouch works. I saw this one has been adapted to a series coming out later this year so picked it first have a gift/curse of being able to dump things I no longer need (and unfortunately, of course, some things I do) so rereading something I’d read as recently as six years ago … even something I liked - can still seem fairly new. Reading this again after some other Crouch bits, I can see the television chops. The perspective is a little different but still nonetheless a thriller. This time I caught “Like a half-remembered dream.” I like to listen to some soundtracks and one I’ve listened to (literally) more than 200 times is Hans Zimmer’s great score for Inception and one segment is called “Half-remembered Dream”

[2018] This was in one of my book suggestion emails ("Since you read Ready Player One, you might like..."). I'd read the other three recommendations (Andy Weir's The Martian and Artemis, and Cline's Armada) and liked them, so...

I don't like to spoil plots in fiction in my comments/review, even with a warning disclaimer. My notes are observations and impressions...others can spoil it for new readers. I finished this a couple of days ago and have been trying to find the words to describe those observations and impressions without giving away more than the published description. I found the book to be what some would call a "thriller." The early parts were deliberately disconcerting as Crouch laid the groundwork for the impossible situation his lead character Jason finds himself in, and Crouch did that very well. What follows is that main character trying to return to the life from which he was plucked, and again, without giving anything away, I thought of a popular science fiction television show which this paralleled somewhat (before the show shark jumped partway through its third season...you'll know which I mean if you've seen it.) In one part, early on, the character's actions were at odds with the logic of the development, but later, completely consistent with frustration and futility expected. The pace accelerated, crescendo-ing into an unexpected fugue (the surprise was real for me, which is a rarity). Vague? I said I didn't want to spoil it.

A serendipitous find...okay, suggestion.
… (more)
Razinha | 535 other reviews | Feb 7, 2024 |



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