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Works by Kaplan

Kaplan TOEFL iBT with CD-ROM (2002) 109 copies
Kaplan GRE Exam Verbal Workbook (1999) 101 copies, 4 reviews
Kaplan GMAT Premier 2007 (2000) 71 copies
Kaplan GRE Exam Math Workbook (2006) 65 copies, 3 reviews
Kaplan GMAT 800, 2006-2007 (2002) 40 copies
Kaplan GRE Exam Subject Test: Psychology (2003) 38 copies, 1 review
Kaplan GMAT Premier 2011 (2010) 34 copies
Kaplan GRE Premier 2014 (2013) 34 copies
Kaplan SAT Math Workbook (1998) 33 copies
Kaplan GRE Premier 2013 (2012) 32 copies
Kaplan ASVAB 2011 Edition (2003) 28 copies
Kaplan GRE Premier 2015 (2014) 26 copies
Kaplan PSAT/NMSQT (2007) 23 copies
Kaplan GRE Exam 2003 (2002) 23 copies, 1 review
USMLE Step 2 CK Qbook (2005) 22 copies
Kaplan GRE 2011 Premier (2010) 22 copies
Kaplan GMAT Verbal Workbook (2003) 21 copies
Kaplan Reality 101 (1998) 21 copies, 1 review
Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook (2006) 20 copies
ACT for Busy Students (2016) 20 copies
Kaplan SAT Subject Test U.S. History (2007) 20 copies, 1 review
Kaplan GRE Biology (2002) 20 copies
IELTS (1991) 16 copies
Kaplan GMAT Premier 2014 (2013) 16 copies
Kaplan LSAT 2005 (2004) 14 copies
Kaplan ASVAB (2011) 13 copies
Kaplan GMAT Premier 2015 (2014) 13 copies
GRE Prep Plus 2021 (2020) 10 copies
Kaplan Portable GRE Exam (2008) 10 copies
Kaplan Portable GMAT (2008) 10 copies
Kaplan AP Chemistry (2005) 9 copies
Kaplan SAT 2013 (2012) 9 copies
LSAT Prep Plus 2020-2021 (2019) 8 copies
KTPA MCAT Biology (2010) 8 copies
GMAT Prep Plus 2021 (2020) 8 copies
Kaplan PRAXIS 2008 (2004) 8 copies
Kaplan GMAT 2005 (2004) 7 copies
Kaplan MCAT Lesson Book (2015) 7 copies
Kaplan GRE Vocabulary Exam in a Box (2007) 7 copies, 1 review
Kaplan PRAXIS (2010) 6 copies
Kaplan LSAT 2000-2001 (2000) 6 copies
Kaplan New SAT 2005 (2004) 6 copies
GRE Pocket Reference (2014) 6 copies
Kaplan LSAT Lesson Book (2016) 6 copies
Kaplan PCAT 2013-2014 (2013) 5 copies
Official Guide to OET (2018) 5 copies
LSAT Online Companion (2011) 5 copies
GMAT Verbal Workbook (2020) 5 copies
Kaplan OAT (2005) 5 copies
TOEFL for the computer (1999) 5 copies
LSAT Mastery Practice (2006) 5 copies
GMAT Math Workbook (2020) 5 copies
MCAT Quicksheets (2016) 5 copies
The RN Course Book (2012) 5 copies
Kaplan LSAT 180 (2002) 5 copies
Kaplan PCAT 2012-2013 (2011) 4 copies, 1 review
Kaplan SAT Flashcards (2011) 4 copies
PSAT/NMSQT prep 2020 (2018) 4 copies
LSAT Lesson Book (2010) 4 copies
ACT prep 2020 (2019) 4 copies
Kaplan MCAT 45 (2002) 4 copies
KTPA MCAT Physics (2010) 4 copies
SAT premier (2015) 3 copies
Kaplan Scholarships 2011 (2010) 3 copies
TOEFL Idioms Flashcards (2006) 3 copies
Kaplan New PSAT 2005 (2004) 3 copies
ACT lesson book 3 copies
MCAT Flashcards (2020) 3 copies
Kaplan ACT in a Box (2009) 3 copies
Kaplan Portable SAT (2008) 3 copies
LSAT : Lesson Book 2009 (2009) 3 copies
Kaplan GMAT in a Box (2010) 3 copies
LSAT Endurance Practice (2010) 3 copies
Kaplan MAT (2005) 3 copies
Kaplan LSAT 1999-2000 (1999) 3 copies
TOEFL Listening Practice (2004) 3 copies
PCAT Prep Plus 2020-2021 (2019) 3 copies
Sat in a Week (1995) 3 copies
Kaplan Scholarships 2013 (2012) 3 copies
Kaplan MCAT in a Box (2008) 2 copies
Evidence (1992) 2 copies
Kaplan SAT & PSAT 1999 (1998) 2 copies
Kaplan mcat quick sheets (2012) 2 copies
Kaplan High School 411 (1999) 2 copies
Kaplan SAT & PSAT 2002 (2001) 2 copies
Kaplan Sat Psat 2001 (2000) 2 copies
GMAT prep plus 2018 (2017) 2 copies
Inside the TOEFL iBT (2008) 2 copies
MCAT 2015 Lesson Book (2014) 2 copies
Kaplan TOEIC Exam (2008) 2 copies
Kaplan LSAT 2003 (2002) 2 copies
SAT 1600, 2004 Edition (2004) 2 copies
Gmat Prep Plus 2020 (2019) 2 copies
PCAT Prep for the New CBT (2011) 2 copies
Kaplan AP Biology 2006 (2005) 2 copies
Kaplan Scholarships 2012 (2011) 2 copies
Intro to SAT (2012) 2 copies
Kaplan GED, Fifth Edition (2001) 2 copies
GED en Espanol (2005) 2 copies
Grammar Source 2 copies
Kaplan LSAT 2003 (2002) 2 copies
SAT in a Box (2005) 1 copy
Sat Prep Plus 2020 (2019) 1 copy
GED Test Prep 2018 (2018) 1 copy
Kaplan's Study Strategies — Publisher — 1 copy
Acca Exam Kits F8 (2007) 1 copy
GRE Complete 2021 (2020) 1 copy
GMAT Flashcards (2020) 1 copy
LSAT Prep Flashcards (2020) 1 copy
MCAT Quicksheets (2017) 1 copy
Fast track SAT & PSAT (2001) 1 copy
MCAT 45, 2004 Edition (2004) 1 copy
Kaplan PMBR (2009) 1 copy
VARIETY WHOS WHO PB (1983) 1 copy
Kaplan ASVAB 2005 (2004) 1 copy
Kaplan Fast Track ACT (2001) 1 copy
Medias électroniques (1993) 1 copy
Kaplan Guide to NYSTCE (2001) 1 copy
KAPLAN GED 2000 (1999) 1 copy
Kaplan AP Biology 2005 (2004) 1 copy
Kaplan MCAT Review (2016) 1 copy
TOEFL 1 copy
GRE Prep (2018) 1 copy
Polishing Diamonds (2005) 1 copy
Gmat Prep Plus 2021 (2020) 1 copy
Trial of Jack Ruby (1965) 1 copy
DAT Lesson Book (2011) 1 copy


Common Knowledge

Disambiguation notice
If your book appears on this page and is not by the educational testing service, please edit your information to include the author's full name. Your book will then appear on the correct author page. Do not combine this page with any of the authors who share this surname. Thank you for your help.



This was very helpful when I was preparing for graduate school. It gives you several strategies to annihilate that monster of an exam, and does so in a way that is very easy to understand.
sealford | 3 other reviews | Apr 10, 2024 |
Do not read this assuming this comes even close to the material on the Psych GRE. You would be better off reading all the psych books individually which is luckily what I did.

The guarantee that they offer assumes that they are the cause of a higher score as opposed to confounding variables which would be in play if a student had to retake the Psych GRE which remember is only offered three times a year. If that assumption is made and one falls for it, I would assume that they probably did not do too well on the research section of the exam.… (more)
melsmarsh | Sep 23, 2018 |
~ Review Copy ~

>> Don't be afraid of the ACT. Why? Because we know what's on the exam,
and we know exactly how you should prepare for it.>>
((yay, comforting words))

Our Girl-teen will be the first of our kids to take the ACT. Currently she's a sophomore so next year the 'excitement' officially begins and right now her guidance counselor is suggesting the ACT for her, rather than the SAT.

At one point the SAT was king, but now more universities are turning to the ACT. You would think the two tests would be similar but they're not-- Although it should be noted that the SAT is changing to be more ACT-like. One of the major differences that persists is that you can take the ACT without the writing part. Other differences include the science section that the ACT has, and I've been told, and read online, that the reading selections are more straightforward and less tricky than the SAT.

AS FOR THIS BOOK, this is the first Kaplan ACT book that I've examined. I'm more than familiar with their SAT and GED books, but the only other ACT I've perused is by Grockit. Taking all this into consideration I can say that this book is different. It's approach is more streamlined. The other KAPLAN study guides include DVDs (not all), online access to tests, and a lot of introductory chit-chat. This book has none of those things.

What you get is 8 tests, score pages, and the pages with explanations. Unlike the other Kaplan I've seen there is no pre-test. You just begin with the first test, figure out what you don't know, study up if needed, and then take the second test... and so on.

Surprisingly, I find that I actually like this approach. Or I would for myself. I'd rather just get started than have to take a pretest which will try to divine what it is I don't know. This approach though won't work for everyone. I think it will for my daughter because her dad and I are going to be helicoptering around, ready to do the analysis for her. Others may prefer another approach.

Each test, by the way, is provided in a way that mirrors the real thing. You are told to stop when you finish a section and no go on to the next. This will hopefully make the whole testing situation seem familiar, when the time comes.

A straight forward streamlined approach. Tests and Answers and Explanations. I can actually see using this book in conjunction with other books or programs. Or for the more competent student, as a means to get into the test taking frame of mind.

~ Review Copy ~
… (more)
PamFamilyLibrary | Aug 2, 2016 |
**review copy

My life is currently filled with young people in college preparing for various degrees and careers. My own children, nieces and nephews and family friends. As a consequence I have looked at, read and reviewed quite a few of these Kaplan test prep books. (Along with those of Grockit and others.)

THIS book, more than any of the others focuses on HOW to take the exam, and after reading through the book it's clear why. Unlike your SATs, CATs, and even tests you take in nursing school, the NCLEX-PN is not about measuring intelligence. It's about integrating the knowledge you gained in school and using it. Therefore the exam won't be divided into topic sections, and it will require knowing what to look for and how to interpret the questions.

There will be questions like 'which of the following would indicate gestational diabetes is likely': and then you are given the test results which range from 40mg/dL to 180 mg/dL.

But there are also questions about what should take priority in assessing a patient.

--THIS BOOK is well written and very clear. To me these authors gave the clearest and best explanations for test strategies that I've ever run across in the Kaplan line.

The authors take into account how people learn and try to lead the student through the process of identifying their best approach to the NCLEX-PN material.

THE ONLINE EXPERIENCE was nothing if not frustrating. Theoretically you can download an e-version of this book onto your mobile device. You will be using Adobe Reader to do this. I found an explanation for how to download Adobe but no links nor instructions for how to download the book. Unless you are luckier/smarter than I you will probably have to call their number. It is an 800 number.

The online experience also gives them the opportunity to up-sell you to classes and other products.

Note that when I signed up that the online aspects are only free for 3 Months. So from April to July.

After reading this book and sharing it with a student, I have to say that I can't imagine taking the NCLEX-PN without some sort of assistance. This test is not your standard SAT exam. And I would think almost everyone would benefit from reading about and learning the testing strategies.

That said, you might also want to pick up a book with more sample tests.

The reasons that this book did not get 5 Stars is two-fold. First, the online part expires in just 3 months. (So don't go online until you have to.) The other reason was that the online experience is not straightforward. One problem I faced was that the silly process could not recognize that my email was the same in the first slot as the second. (And yes, refreshed page and began again, and then had my husband make sure there was nothing I was missing.) I had to use his email to sign up. Go figure.

Overall... RECOMMEND.
… (more)
PamFamilyLibrary | Apr 4, 2016 |


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