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Dr. William Klein joined the faculty of Denver Seminary in 1978. He is professor of New Testament and served as associate academic dean from 1994 until 2001. He is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society. Society of Biblical Literature, and Institute for Biblical Research. Dr. Klein earned show more a BS from Wheaton College, an MDiv from Denver Seminary, and a PhD from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. He served Calvary Baptist Church in California as associate pastor and has served as an elder in three local churches during his years in Denver. show less

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The Expositor's Bible Commentary: Ephesians through Philemon (1978) — Contributor, some editions — 1,088 copies


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“Introduction to Biblical Interpretation” covers a wide range of topics in a very and concise way yet without, in my opinion, missing any areas necessary for a thorough discussion of such an important topic. Every possible area is covered from the need of hermeneutics to its history, various approaches, the Canon and text translations, the qualifications and goals necessary for proper interpretation, etc. Genre of texts and general rules of interpretation within each genre are discussed; the section on poetry texts is very, very interesting and enlightening. This book is helping me to be more careful in my reading of Biblical texts and is a great reference tool. There is an annotated bibliography at the end where you can find a list of various “hermeneutical tools” to assist in gaining a proper understanding of the Bible. There is even a “Scripture Index”, which I use as reference to help guide me when attempting to get a general idea on how related verses or verses within a certain genre that are not listed ought to be interpreted. This book was easy to read and comprehend. Yet, although it says it is an introduction, it covers a lot of ground even if concisely. No words are wasted. I highly recommended it to those serious and willing to put the effort required for studying the Bible intelligently and responsibly.

Another very excellent book to read is “A Basic Guide to Interpreting the Bible”, by Robert H. Stein, ISBN#0801021014.
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atdCross | Mar 7, 2013 |
If you have found yourself praying repeatedly about something, no doubt you've wondered: 'How long should I persist? Why doesn't He answer?'
kijabi1 | Jan 1, 2012 |
Excellent survey examining the appropriate and controversial Biblical (and a few extra-biblical) texts showing that the majority, if not all, affirm divine election to be not individual but corporate and contemplating not salvation but appointment for service.

An illuminating aspect is the author's discussion that the act of God calling does refer to an invitation to salvation but reflects what the people of God are, that is, they are "the called". He contends that that nuance of the Greek verb "call" is in the sense of "to give a name" (p.274).

The author provides a thorough examination of all the relevant texts. This study is a serious and scholarly (although not overly technical) refutation of the Calvinistic doctrine of election and affirms the Biblical proclamation of Christ's saving work being accomplished for all men although only believers experience its benefits.
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atdCross | Oct 13, 2011 |


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