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Marissa Meyer received a bachelor's degree in creative writing and children's literature from Pacific Lutheran University and a master's degree in publishing from Pace University. After graduation, she worked as an editor in Seattle before becoming a freelance typesetter and proofreader. Under the show more penname Alicia Blade, she wrote over forty Sailor Moon fanfics and a novelette entitled The Phantom of Linkshire Manor, which was published in the gothic romance anthology Bound in Skin. Meyer is the author of The Lunar Chronicles. In 2015 she made The New York Times Best Seller List with her titles Cress and Fairest which are books 3 and 3.5 of the Lunar Chronilces. Marissa's novel, Heartless, made The New York Times Best Seller List in 2016. (Bowker Author Biography) show less

Includes the names: Marissa Meyer, Marissa Meyers


Works by Marissa Meyer

Cinder (2012) 11,787 copies
Scarlet (2013) 6,993 copies
Cress (2014) 5,691 copies
Winter (2015) 4,595 copies
Heartless (2016) 3,447 copies
Fairest (2015) 3,204 copies
Renegades (2017) 2,663 copies
Archenemies (2018) 1,327 copies
Gilded (2021) 1,086 copies
Supernova (2019) 987 copies
Wires and Nerve, Volume 1 (2017) 849 copies
Cursed (2022) 537 copies
Instant Karma (2020) 349 copies
Glitches (2011) 345 copies
The Queen's Army (2012) 284 copies
The Little Android (2014) 185 copies
Serendipity: Ten Romantic Tropes, Transformed (2022) — Editor — 124 copies
With a Little Luck (2024) 43 copies
Cinder: Chapters 1-5 (2011) 28 copies
Renegades: Books 1-3 (2020) 28 copies
Scarlet: Chapters 1-5 (2012) 18 copies
COVID-128 18 copies
Winter: Chapters 1-2 (2015) 15 copies
Cress: Chapters 1-5 (2013) 11 copies
Heartless: Chapters 1-4 (2016) 6 copies
Sin corazón (2021) 5 copies
Apocalyps (Renegades) (2020) 3 copies
Let It Glow (2024) 3 copies
Kresa (2018) 2 copies
Kalpsiz (2000) 2 copies

Associated Works

Because You Love to Hate Me: 13 Tales of Villainy (2017) — Contributor — 494 copies
How to Fracture a Fairy Tale (2018) — Introduction — 167 copies
The Fierce Reads Anthology (2012) — Contributor — 87 copies
Kisses and Curses (2015) — Contributor — 87 copies
Modified: Cyborgs, Mutants, and Dystopia [first chapters] (2012) — Contributor — 18 copies


2013 (100) 2015 (121) 2016 (108) adventure (131) audiobook (205) Cinderella (271) cyborgs (464) dystopia (453) dystopian (424) ebook (371) fairy tale (344) fairy tale retelling (289) fairy tales (980) fairy tales retold (141) fantasy (1,955) favorites (301) fiction (1,141) goodreads (148) goodreads import (116) graphic novel (106) Kindle (174) library (127) Little Red Riding Hood (101) Lunar Chronicles (465) own (205) read (360) read in 2016 (110) retelling (659) romance (760) science fiction (2,632) series (631) sff (104) short stories (148) steampunk (112) superheroes (103) teen (177) to-read (5,123) YA (1,128) young adult (1,873) young adult fiction (178)

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Other names
Blade, Alicia
Places of residence
Tacoma, Washington, USA
Pacific Lutheran University
Pace University



The Lunar Chronicles in Book talk (May 2022)
Cinder - Marissa Meyer in Fairy Tales Retold (February 2022)


3.5 stars. Maybe 4? Really conflicted on this one.
escapinginpaper | 206 other reviews | May 18, 2024 |
The sequel to Renegades is about a couple of teenagers with superpowers, each of whom has a publicly-known alias and a secret identity. Publicly, they’re on the same team; secretly, they’re enemies.

In a different story I could easily be uncomfortable with, and frustrated by, characters keeping such big secrets from each other -- but their reasons are understandable, and their dynamic feels equal, somehow, because they’re both doing it. Or maybe just like this thing which they don’t realise they have in common will ultimately help them to reconcile when it all comes out? It’s an example of a time when I prefer dual POV.

I found this book easy both to put down and to pick up again. I could remember clearly what had happened so far, and while I wasn’t desperate to find out what happened next, what did unfold wasn’t what I expected.

It was fun. I have borrowed Supernova.
… (more)
Herenya | 31 other reviews | May 18, 2024 |
In the grand scheme of things, the novella gives you a lot of good background to Levana. Her character is much more complex and richer than she was ever was in the main series, which was provided by her own narrative taking place before the events of the main series. However, it doesn't necessarily further the plot in any way that I deem necessary before reading Winter.
clougreen | 149 other reviews | May 4, 2024 |
Middle School
Probably one of my favorite books of all time, this book is about Nova who is growing up in a world where superheroes and super villains exist. She grows up as the niece to the most powerful super villain and is given the task of infiltrating the superhero organization and the story that follows is incredible.
Another super fun read for middle schoolers! This book is also super fun because it allows the kids to self-reflect on their own experiences and viewpoints.
Cbonham21 | 72 other reviews | Apr 23, 2024 |



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