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A one night stand leads to some courageous choices for two people to make

This is the second book of the series Sharing Spaces, the first book was V-Card, which was also a fun read. This one starts off with Chloe who was the spoiled brat who was rich had clothes in her closet that still had tags on them, she didn't even have enough room in her closet for all the clothes she had. She never had to work for anything everything was handed to her from her parents and in this continuing series she learns what real love is, all she has ever had were one night stands. She also learns that money isn't all there is to life. She ends up having another one of her one night stands only this time she ends up pregnant and this is when the book really starts getting even better. Her and the babies daddy make some very hard, courageous and unselfish choices at this point in their lives. You just have to read it to find out what is going to happen next. It is an awesome second book in the Sharing Spaces series, trust me you will love this second book, it is just as good as V-Card was.… (more)
JKJ94 | Jul 27, 2023 |
Excellent book

I love how the story flowed and the twists and turns the book had in it. I really thought that Jenn and Dain were going to get together and stay together, they seem so perfect for each other. The ending is really a surprise ending, what a wonderful book! I look forward to reading more of Alicia's books.
JKJ94 | Jul 27, 2023 |
Very satisfying blend of mystery and romance, with two ghostly sisters spurring on Bellamy and reclusive Tate to find out who murdered them. Supporting players are all interesting and there's a scary twist near the end that fits well.
sennebec | 3 other reviews | Dec 16, 2021 |
This Beauty and the Beast retelling is contemporary with some paranormal ghost stuff mixed in.

Bellamy McGuire is used to being whispered about. Her father’s tendency to see ghosts has him labeled as the town lunatic. When Bellamy takes a summer babysitting job at the mysterious Baldwin mansion, she realizes her father may not be the only one seeing things. First, there are the rose petals on the staircase leading to the forbidden third floor. Then, the ghosts appear.

And that’s not the only mystery the house is hiding. Tate, the Baldwins’ oldest son, hasn’t been seen outside in two years due a rare degenerative disease causing a gruesome facial deformity. What’s more, he can see the ghosts too. Bellamy and Tate team up to try to help the murdered women get the justice they’re seeking, growing closer in the process – and also getting deeper in danger.

I thought this was a really unique take on the classic story. It has a diverse cast of characters, including African American, Asian, and disabled characters who are all very likable and real, capable of making mistakes and changing for the better. I loved all the relationships – healthy, supportive and understanding even though some are more flawed than others. It felt well-paced, the murder mystery was interesting and the romance was cute and had plenty of kissing! The paranormal elements made it that much more intriguing.

Definitely going on my list of favourite fairy tale retellings!
… (more)
vvbooklady | 3 other reviews | May 12, 2021 |

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