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Michael Pearl has been ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ for over 55 years. He and his wife Debi are international best-selling authors and have written over thirty titles published in more than 50 languages. Their worldwide book sales have surpassed the 2 million mark. They are the founding show more directors of No Greater Joy Ministries. show less

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Works by Michael Pearl

To Train Up A Child (1994) 715 copies, 14 reviews
No Greater Joy, Volume One (1997) 213 copies, 1 review
Good and Evil (2008) 180 copies
No Greater Joy, Volume Two (1999) 163 copies, 1 review
No Greater Joy, Volume 3 (2001) 150 copies, 1 review
Holy Sex - Song of Solomon (2002) 94 copies
By Divine Design (2009) 38 copies
Kingstone bible. Volume 1 (2012) 27 copies
Repentance (2000) 19 copies
Romans 1-8 (2009) 19 copies
Elijah (2009) 18 copies, 1 review
Good and Evil Part 2 (2007) 16 copies
Moses (2009) 11 copies
Pornography-Road to Hell (2001) 9 copies
Baptism in Jesus' Name (2003) 5 copies
Marriage God's Way (2003) 5 copies
Exodus (2009) 5 copies
Joy Of Training DVD (2003) 5 copies
The Gap Fact (2018) 4 copies
Who Is the Antichrist? (2016) 3 copies
Elias (2013) 2 copies
El Principio (2013) 2 copies
Teaching Responsibility (2007) 2 copies
Child Training 101 (2009) 1 copy

Associated Works

The Tell-Tale Heart [short story] (1843) — Narrator, some editions — 894 copies, 28 reviews


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Under King Ahab and his wicked wife Queen Jezebel, the people of Israel had reached a low point morally and spiritually. The demonic god Baal was being promoted as the true God, prophets of Baal had been appointed in the land and the words and law of God were being neglected throughout the nation. But to counter this reign of wickedness, God raises up one of the most powerful and fearless prophets of the Old Testament Elijah.
MohicanChurch | Mar 5, 2022 |
This book has killed kids, children have been starved and malnourished because of this book. Nobody should ever support child abuse. I'm not joking, look it up, there's deaths tied into this book.

This is a book suggesting you find as many ways to hit your child and pull your babies hair is horrid. This is a deep hellish nightmare of a book that is blatant child abuse. Trying these techniques can get you put in jail or cause you to lose your children. CPS should be on the lookout and see owning this book as a red flag! If you don't get reported, your children will be raised in fear and terror as this couple's has been.

Why raise a kid when you can train them to fear you like you train a pet? That's not me being sassy, the book repeatedly compared children to pets and making them 'fear and respect' their abusers.

Then comparing it to other abusive things like breaking in a mule or joining the army and being put through the ringer.

"Hitting your child won't kill them", nah, they'll just hold onto it the more it happens. Abuse lingers into the fragile mind of a child. They don't forget painful experiences growing up, they get shaped by them.

Literally this book falls on the mentality of I was abused and I turned out just fine. Chances are, you didn't turn out fine. If you did, you wouldn't continue that abuse down onto your children.

One instruction is literally put eye-catching things around them, then hit them if they try to touch them. As infants. This is abuse and more likely to make them become withdrawn. "Through this repetition, the child will come to associate being told no with the memory of pain." Obedience through fear is how kids

"Even newborns can feel pain and this must be exploited."

There's documentation of them using a willow switch on their four-month-old baby. Chasing them up and down the stairs and whipping the infant! How did nobody call CPS? Gross.

"Why don't you give him a spanking and make him happy?" Is something they have actually said to a complete stranger. The way that made my blood turn to ice.

There's no justification for abusing tiny children. Wtf.

Do not read unless you desire to peer into the void and feel utterly scared for kids.

0 stars.
Those poor kids!
… (more)
Yolken | Jan 3, 2020 |
Horrible and disturbing descriptions of child abuse. That someone would pick a book like this as a guide for raising their kids is beyond me. Because you think all the other books on child raising are linked to an alarming number of cases of child abuse and kids DYING at the hands of their parents?! Nope. Just this one!
1 vote
ralu1150 | 13 other reviews | Jul 15, 2016 |
"Another couple found guilty of murder for parenting by "To Train Up a Child"
1 vote
Tala2cubs | 13 other reviews | Sep 3, 2014 |


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