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Adrian Plass is one of today's most successful Christian authors. He has written more than twenty books in the last eighteen years, including bestsellers Seriously Funny and Bacon Sandwiches and Salvation.


Works by Adrian Plass

The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass, Aged 37 3/4 (1987) 397 copies, 8 reviews
The Horizontal Epistles of Andromeda Veal (1988) 153 copies, 1 review
An Alien at St.Wilfred's (1992) 127 copies, 1 review
The Theatrical Tapes of Leonard Thynn (1989) 120 copies, 3 reviews
View from a Bouncy Castle (1991) 115 copies, 1 review
Jesus - Safe, Tender, Extreme (2006) 93 copies, 1 review
The Growing Up Pains of Adrian Plass (1986) 92 copies, 1 review
The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass, on Tour (2004) 83 copies, 2 reviews
Stress Family Robinson (1995) 77 copies, 2 reviews
Cabbages for the King (1993) 73 copies, 1 review
The Final Boundary (1987) 72 copies, 2 reviews
Ghosts (2001) 69 copies, 2 reviews
Broken Windows, Broken Lives (1987) 67 copies, 1 review
A Smile on the Face of God (1990) 64 copies, 2 reviews
Why I Follow Jesus (2000) 61 copies, 1 review
Clearing Away the Rubbish (1988) 60 copies, 1 review
Blind Spots in the Bible (2006) 53 copies, 1 review
Seriously Funny (2010) 51 copies, 1 review
Father to the Man and Other Stories (1997) 37 copies, 1 review
Seriously Funny 2 (2012) 28 copies, 1 review
The Shadow Doctor (2017) 21 copies, 3 reviews
Silver Birches: A Novel (2009) 21 copies
The Visit and Other Short Stories (1991) 19 copies, 1 review
Silences and Nonsenses (2010) 14 copies, 1 review
The Shadow Doctor: The Past Awaits (2019) 8 copies, 1 review
Die gesammelten Chaoten (2001) 8 copies
Learning to Fly: (1996) 8 copies
Fountains in the Dust (2008) 7 copies
Day by Day (1995) 6 copies
City of Gold (1997) 5 copies
Darky Green : Roman (2006) 3 copies
Spoken / druk 1 2 copies

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Common Knowledge



A light-hearted and relatively quick read. A middle-aged husband and father shares ~6 months of life in diary format, mostly focused on church activities.

Anyone that's spent any time in or around churches can relate in some way to many of the characters and issues.

I was expecting a bit more of a laugh - I found the tales mildly amusing.
PhillipThomas | 7 other reviews | Oct 28, 2021 |
A positive and thought-provoking sequel to the author's book 'The Shadow Doctor'. This one answers most of the questions that were left open at the end of the first book, and so is best read after it.

There's less of a story in this one - notwithstanding a dramatic encounter with a church leader, and a budding romance - but Jack learns a great deal through discussion and spending time with 'Doc', learning something of how he works, and beginning to be able to trust that he, too, can listen to God and say the right thing.

It's not all serious - there's banter and plenty of meals, and some delightful encounters with significant people. But there's more of an obvious agenda, to help people (in the church or just observing) to question their preconceived ideas and terminology, and to see life and faith in more flexible terms.


Longer review here: https://suesbookreviews.blogspot.com/2021/06/shadow-doctor-2-by-adrian-plass.htm...
… (more)
SueinCyprus | Jun 20, 2021 |
Not just one of my favourite Adrian Plass books - one of my favourite books altogether! I nearly died of laughter
wallymeadows | 2 other reviews | Feb 18, 2021 |
I wonderful book that deals with grief in what feels like a real and honest manner. The author approaches the subject from a Christian perspective, but it feels neither preachy or full of the usual platitudes. Maybe not for everyone, but I think well worth the read.
Skybalon | 1 other review | Mar 19, 2020 |


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