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Radclyffe is a retired surgeon and now author of over 30 lesbian novels and anthologies. She is the recipient of the Lambda Literary and Golden Crown awards. She has also received the 2003 and 2004 Alice B. Readers' award. Radclyffe is the president of Bold Strokes Books, one of the world's largest show more independent LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) publishing companies Radclyffe lives with her partner, Lee, in the state of New York. show less

Includes the names: Len Barot, L.L. Raand

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Works by Radclyffe

Above All, Honor (2002) 190 copies
Fated Love (2004) 163 copies
Safe Harbor (2001) 145 copies
Honor Bound (2002) 132 copies
Honor Guards (2004) 131 copies
Shield of Justice (2002) 128 copies
Passion's Bright Fury (2003) 119 copies
Innocent Hearts (2002) 118 copies
Honor Reclaimed (2005) 117 copies
Turn Back Time (2006) 116 copies
A Matter of Trust (2002) 115 copies
Love & Honor (2003) 111 copies
Night Call (2008) 111 copies
The Lonely Hearts Club (2008) 110 copies
Justice Served (2005) 104 copies
When Dreams Tremble (2007) 101 copies
Justice in the Shadows (2004) 100 copies
Beyond the Breakwater (2004) 97 copies
Storms of Change (1900) 97 copies
The Midnight Hunt (2010) 95 copies
Tomorrow's Promise (2003) 95 copies
In Pursuit of Justice (2003) 94 copies
Honor Under Siege (2007) 93 copies
Promising Hearts (2006) 93 copies
Trauma Alert (1782) 91 copies
Word of Honor (2008) 91 copies
Love's Masquerade (2003) 86 copies
Winds of Fortune (2007) 83 copies
Love's Tender Warriors (2002) 80 copies
Love's Melody Lost (2001) 78 copies
Shadowland (2004) 78 copies
Secrets in the Stone (2009) 70 copies
Justice for All (2009) 63 copies
Desire by Starlight (2010) 55 copies
Blood Hunt (2011) 50 copies
Crossroads (2012) 43 copies
Stolen Moments: Erotic Interludes 2 (2005) — Editor — 40 copies
Homestead (2013) 40 copies
Night Hunt (2008) 36 copies
Against Doctor's Orders (2014) 36 copies
Sheltering Dunes (2011) 35 copies
The Lone Hunt (2013) 34 copies
Code of Honor (2013) 33 copies
Price of Honor (2015) 32 copies
OMGQueer (2012) — Editor — 30 copies
Best Lesbian Romance 2009 (2009) — Editor; Contributor — 28 copies
The Magic Hunt (2014) 27 copies
Radical Encounters (2009) 26 copies
Women of the Dark Streets: Lesbian Paranormal (2012) — Editor; Contributor — 25 copies
Wild Shores (2016) 24 copies
Best Lesbian Romance 2011 (2011) — Editor; Contributor — 22 copies
Prescription for Love (2015) 22 copies
Myth & Magic: Queer Fairy Tales (2014) — Editor — 21 copies
The Color of Love (2016) 21 copies
Romantic Interludes 2: Secrets (2009) — Editor — 20 copies
Love on Call (2016) 20 copies
Heart Stop (2017) 19 copies
Best Lesbian Romance 2012 (2011) — Editor; Contributor — 18 copies
Breathless (2010) 18 copies
Best Lesbian Romance 2010 (2009) — Editor; Contributor — 17 copies
Passionate Rivals (2018) 17 copies
Dangerous Waters (2018) 16 copies
Shadow Hunt (2015) 16 copies
Love to the Rescue (2019) 15 copies
Secret Hearts (2017) 15 copies
Best Lesbian Romance 2013 (2013) — Editor — 15 copies
Best Lesbian Romance 2014 (2014) — Editor — 12 copies
Love Burns Bright: A Lifetime of Lesbian Romance (2013) — Editor; Contributor — 9 copies
Treacherous Seas (2020) 8 copies
Amor and More: Love Everafter (2013) — Editor — 8 copies
Best Lesbian Romance of the Year, Volume 1 (2015) — Editor; Contributor — 7 copies
Love on the Night Shift (2020) 6 copies
Unrivaled (2021) 6 copies
Only This Summer (2022) 6 copies
Rogue Hunt (2019) 5 copies
Nick of Time (2017) 4 copies
By the Light of the Moon (2017) 3 copies
Honor (2005) 3 copies
Freedom Rides (2017) 3 copies
First Sight (2017) 2 copies
Cinnamon Secrets (2017) 2 copies
The Queen of Hearts (2016) 2 copies
Palabra De Honor (2015) 2 copies
Always Next Summer (2017) 2 copies
Rubber Sex 1 copy
Justice for All (2009) 1 copy
Training Op (2017) 1 copy
Clinical Trials (2018) 1 copy
Sax et Jude (2007) 1 copy
Erotica 101 (2017) 1 copy
Helplessly Hers (2018) 1 copy
All About Us (2018) 1 copy
Staying Power (2017) 1 copy
Secrets of the Heart (2017) — Author — 1 copy

Associated Works

Best Lesbian Erotica 2007 (2006) — Contributor — 67 copies
Best Lesbian Erotica 2008 (2007) — Contributor — 51 copies
Best Lesbian Erotica 2006 (2005) — Contributor — 49 copies
Best Lesbian Erotica 2009 (2008) — Contributor — 44 copies
Lesbian Cowboys: Erotic Adventures (2009) — Contributor — 35 copies
Romance for Life (2006) — Contributor — 27 copies
Fantasy: Untrue Stories of Lesbian Passion (2007) — Contributor — 15 copies
Stripped Down: Lesbian Sex Stories (2012) — Contributor — 11 copies
Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year, Volume 1 (2016) — Contributor — 7 copies
Saints + Sinners 2018: New Fiction from the Festival — Introduction; Introduction — 1 copy


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Barot, Lenora Ruth
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Raand, L. L.
Barot, Len
Rand, L.
plastic surgeon
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Radclyffe Provincetown Series in Lesbian Bookworms (January 2017)


This book had the potential to be good - and different from what Radclyffe usually puts out - but it ended up being pretty much crap. If all you're looking for are the typical Rad sex scenes, there were plenty of those. If you were looking for a follow through on the story arcs that seemed so promising in the beginning, you'll get none of that. Very disappointing. Very. She just seemed to decide about half way through that she just didn't care anymore and turned it into a clone of the rest of her serial books.… (more)
amcheri | Jan 5, 2023 |
Only This Summer by Radclyffe

Lovely summer romance between two women perfect for one another – but – might there be the possibility for more than the summer?

What I liked:
* Lily: ER physician during covid pandemic, burned out, looking for something, hopes a slower pace will give her insight regarding her future, attracted to Chase
* Chase: Ranger with the Department of Environmental Conservation, strong, healthy, had to adjust her life goals due, loves being outdoors, works hard, attracted to Lily
* Watching the relationship develop between Lily and Chase, their maturity and that they communicated honestly and openly with one another
* Sarah: Chase’s sister and Lily’s best friend, runs a summer camp for teens that includes survival training, good person, meddles a bit but wants what is best for others
* Marty and Ford: campers that forge a friendship at camp – enjoyed getting to know them
* The activities the camp provided
* Learning a bit more about the job that Chase was required to do as a ranger
* The location – sounds beautiful
* All of it really except…

What I didn’t like:
* Who and what I was meant not to like
* Not a dislike but perhaps would have liked to have a bit more information than the epilogue provided

Did I enjoy this book? Yes
Would I read more by this author? Yes

Thank you to Bold Stroke Books and NetGalley for the book – This is my honest review.

4-5 Stars
… (more)
CathyGeha | Dec 22, 2022 |
3 1/2 stars

I'm not usually one who goes in for medical dramas (well ... I like House), but Wynter and Pearce are interesting characters and have good chemistry together. I think Radclyffe could have done more conflict with Pearce's father - we only get to see him through Pearce's (flawed) view point and it would have been interesting to see how he thought, but other than that little quibble, not a bad read at all.
fuzzipueo | Apr 24, 2022 |
Cameron Roberts, a Secret Service Agent, has physically recovered from the assignment that killed the woman she loved, but she's not sure she'll ever be the same emotionally. She's initially frustrated when she's assigned to protect Blair Powell, the daughter of the President of the United States, thinking it'll be little more than a babysitting assignment and a waste of her skills. She soon realizes that guarding Blair is a lot more challenging than that.

The First Daughter has had so little privacy most of her life that she now does everything she can to achieve moments of freedom. Although she behaves perfectly at public functions, she rarely tells her Secret Service agents her personal plans ahead of time, and she can be nearly unrecognizable when she wants to be. It's not unusual for her to slip off for one night stands with women who have no idea who she is.

Cam intrigues Blair, but the agent is too tightly controlled and professional to let her own reaction show. However, keeping emotionally distant becomes more difficult when Blair finds herself the target of a stalker.

I got this from a used bookstore two or three years ago and attempted to read it back then but found that my disgust with the presidential administration at the time made it impossible to enjoy a story about even a fictional First Daughter. Thankfully, it was an easier read this time around.

I've been meaning to try one of Radclyffe's books for years. Some review I read somewhere described her as the Nora Roberts of lesbian romance in terms of quality and output. While I thought this book was decent, that description set up a few expectations I'd have been better off without.

For one thing, although I'm sure the series as a whole qualifies as lesbian romance, this particular book didn't follow the romance conventions I'm used to. Cam and Blair had sex quite a bit throughout, but almost all of it involved other people. I was initially okay with this, but one instance in particular threw me - Blair had sex with one of her Secret Service agents, primarily because she was upset that Cam rejected her. They weren't a couple, and didn't become a couple until the end of the book, but I still wasn't a fan of the way Blair behaved.

In general, I didn't really like Blair. I get it, she hated that her position meant she had people watching her all the time. She couldn't be open about her sexual orientation (although I'd be surprised if the tabloids didn't at least speculate about it, considering her frequent one night stands), and she felt fenced in. Still, she came across as bratty and childish. She knew her Secret Service agents had a job to do, and she largely made it as difficult as possible for them to do it properly. Thank goodness she at least cooperated at public functions and, somewhat, after it became evident that she had a stalker, or I wouldn't have been able to put up with her at all. I thought Cam was remarkably patient with her, considering.

I was disappointed with the stalking subplot, which was barely developed and never fully resolved. It felt like it was introduced mostly to make sure the book wasn't entirely about Blair doing her best to have sex with nearly any woman who caught her eye while Cam did her best not to show any reaction. Maybe the next book ties that thread up? As it was, this didn't feel like a complete book.

I'm not sure yet whether I'll continue on with this series. The writing was decent, and I'd definitely be willing to try another one of Radclyffe's books, but Blair and Cam didn't work for me as a couple until nearly the end.

(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)
… (more)
Familiar_Diversions | 6 other reviews | Oct 24, 2021 |



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