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Jan 14, 2010
Real Name
James P. Harvey
About My Library
I've entered about one-quarter of my library into LibraryThing. My library is very eclectic and contains books from my childhood, my time as an undergraduate and graduate student, my time as an assistant professor, and books I've read for pleasure.
About Me
Born into a military family, I've literally traveled my entire life and have amassed a significant set of diverse experiences as a result--cultural and literary. This has influenced, and continues to influence my education and reading habits. I read constantly, with books and magazines spread through the house; I'm never without something to pick up and read. The same is true when I travel. I never leaving the house without something to read in my pocket or briefcase. I usually read two to five books at a time, and they'll usually span a variety of genres.

My love for reading emerged during 7th and 8th grade as I was drawn primarily to science fiction as a result of a busy imagination. Since then science fiction has remained a favorite genre, but I've expanded my list of favorites to include history, political science and theology. In the end, I'll read just about anything.

My wife is also an avid reader and we're raising our son in an environment full of books to enjoy, learn from, and learn to respect.
Las Vegas, Nevada
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