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Jason Henderson
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I like to read mostly fiction, but also philosophy, biographies or history. i'm also a college student so there's some textbooks in there from time to time.
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J.C. Henderson grew up in the remote California farming town Rio Vista, where he often contemplated and reflected on his thoughts while overlooking the American River and the rolling yellow hills. He also spent his time writing-- because there was nothing better to do, but also because the ideas would never leave him alone unless he started writing them down.After high school he moved to Stockton to study at San Joaquin Delta College for music and psychology, and then moved to Sacramento, for literature and creative writing. He writes about the underdogs, the weirdoes, losers and rebels we all know or wish we could be. He likes breaking the fourth wall, parenthetical phrases, and building soundtracks to listen to while he writes. He self-published Halfway To Nowhere in 2011, and Say It Ain't So, a novella, in 2013.
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