Real Name
John A Rickard
About Me
I began writing at the age of 11. Schooling, and the need to contribute
to the family coffers from the age of 14 in a variety of jobs, followed
by six years service as a soldier, meant that I was 23 before I was able
to take up writing full-time – as a journalist. I've written millions
of words during my working life – but 'The Golgotha Gate' was my first
full-length work of fiction. My recently completed second book, the first
in a trilogy, is 'Lydia's Lives: Beyond Pride and Prejudice'.

As well as promoting and marketing my books I am currently researching
and writing notes for two novellas. 'Lipstick Samurai' is about the
fortunes and misfortunes of Soviet master spy Richard Sorge as seen
through the eyes of a Tokyo night club hostess. In 'Dogenzaka Musume'
three sisters share the affections of a young journalist -- in a manner
of speaking.

I worked as a journalist for nearly 40 years, including 15 years in the
Far East, based in Japan/Korea, and four years in the Middle East in the
Sultanate of Oman.

I was with Reuters News Agency for three years, including time as a war
correspondent. Then worked for a variety of newspapers and publications
full-time and as a freelance in a number of countries. Posts included
reporter, sub-editor, columnist, editor, publisher, and newspaper owner.
Among the many publications he wrote for were the Chicago Tribune,
London Daily Mail, Melbourne Herald, South China Morning Post, Singapore
Strait Times, Tokyo daily Shipping & Trade News, Liverpool daily
Journal of Commerce.

Also had experience as a radio journalist, news and features, delivering
programmes and writing scripts.

My first newspaper job was with the New York Times at its wartime Fleet
Street bureau – as a messenger boy in the photographic department.
At 13 received 1 guinea for sale of short-short story to London evening
paper The Star. First sale ever!

I worked for a number of companies after leaving school at age 14. Then
spent six years in the Army, including service in Korea (South and
North) with Commonwealth Public Relations Unit and as a news
editor/broadcaster with the US Armed Forces Radio Service (Tokyo).

Special interests Japan. Korea, China, the Middle East, the United
States – past, present and future. General interests – anything and

Merseyside, UK