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Shah Wharton is a speculative fiction author and ghostwriter based the UK. She favours paranormal fantasy, horror, and science fiction, but enjoys ghostwriting romance and erotica. She has authored the short stories "Journal of Decline: A Post-Apocalyptic Life," and "The Dead Party - A Dark Yet Humorous Tale," a novella entitled, A Slow Burn, and assorted poems. Her debut novel, Finding Esta: The Supes Series Part One and Two, blends paranormal mystery and urban fantasy genres, perfectly highlighting her love for the supernatural.

Her literary career began when her father introduced her to the world of poetry, which led her to a deep appreciation of the written word. This was the catalyst for a lifetime love of reading and writing. It wasn't a smooth road--her world was upended when diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2005. Despite this struggle, she continues to flourish as an author, and shows no sign of stopping. She is now an advocate for mental health awareness and uses her blog to speak out on the issue, especially concerning her personal life.

Her friendliness and lively love of literature contribute to her zesty character. Even though she deals with the glum and macabre, she approaches it with the utmost fervor and enthusiasm. She loves learning from other authors and supports their work on her blog. Shah also offers author services, such as ghostwriting and ebooks cover design. Currently, she is working on Finding Luna: The Supes Series Part Two, the rousing continuation of Finding Esta.

Shah loves reading fan mail and enjoying a great movie with a glass of Merlot while snuggling with her husband David and their mammoth, longhaired German Shepherd, Bobby.

Outside of reading and writing, Shah enjoys theatre, movies, zombies, varied music from old jazz to rock, travel, great food ... and dogs.

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