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Fiona Avery
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Books are an enormous part of my life and I don't feel a room in any part of the house is complete or comfortable until it has its share of books. Books are some of my favorite companions. I prefer hardcover books to paperback when I can find them. I love rare volumes and have a precious few rare and first edition books in my collection. I have read all the fiction and poetry on my shelves. I don't believe in owning a book you haven't read unless it's on your to-do list. My non-fiction far outweighs my fiction shelf for a reason: I'm an author and pull from real life to write fiction. Others's passions and research are my inspirations. I have an archaeologist / historian's love of ancient documents, of old correspondence, and even of yesterday's paperwork. I'm also a huge proponent of social etiquette, kindness, and of course there are tons of books related to my favorite hobbies. Welcome to my shelves.
About Me
Fiona Avery is a writer. Her work ranges from prose to screenwriting, with everything in between. Previous television credits include work on Babylon 5, Crusade and Earth: Final Conflict. The foremost news magazine in the industry, Wizard Magazine has listed Fiona Avery in its exclusive Top Ten Creators list. She has worked on titles such as Spiderman, X-Men and won the Big Apple Award for Marvel Comic's Araña in 2005. In 2001, her short story Luring the Tiger Out of the Mountains earned an honorable mention in The Year's Best Science Fiction, published by St. Martin's Press. Her first novel, a historical tale, The Crown Rose, was published in May 2005 through Prometheus Books. Paul Di Filippo of the Washington Post says, “The Crown Rose is a rarity in the fantasy field, in that it's a stand-alone volume, completely self-contained, and also mainly a historical novel with a subtle yet integral thread of fantastical content. Both qualities raise it above the herd, as do Avery's pleasant, limpid style, attention to detail, ingenious plotting, deft character development and canny core conceit.”
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