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My library is gradually beginning to show that I am an ecologist. I'm slowly building up a collection of popular/historical science books, while still maintaining a decent representation of my other interests: fantasy, spirituality, and (most recently) vegan cooking and nutrition.

I like building up my library, but at the same time, I never pass up an opportunity to read books belonging to other people so I don't have to buy them, which is why I own so few books.

I don't really have an overarching tagging system. If I have quite a few books centering around a certain theme, I make a tag for that theme:
- School - books acquired for classes
- Plants - botanical textbooks, plant keys, and non-scientific plant-themed books fall under this category
- Spirituality - books on religion and meaning
- Evolution - books on evolution, creationism, and everything in between
- Spanish - books in, or originally in Spanish, as well as Spanish textbooks
- Fantasy - books in the fantasy genre
- Popular science - books written about science for the general public
- History of science - books about the history of science or scientists, or historical texts such as Paley's Natural Theology.

I also have tags for unread/unfinished books. I do not place these tags on textbooks or reference books.
- Unread - the book is entirely untouched (or barely touched)
- Partly unread - in books with multiple stories/plays/essays, I have read one or some entire sections, but not all
- Unfinished - I have started this book, and intend to pick it up again someday and read from the point in the middle which is bookmarked
Lawrence, KS
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