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Nov 15, 2005
About My Library

"I forgot to say that the whole place was just one mass of books, and people reading them till they were so silly, they didn’t know what they were doing. And there were cheats, and doctors, and thieves; I was really very glad to go away."

- Aleister Crowley

"If you want to know the people around you, find out what they read."

- Stalin

‎"Books for everybody are always malodorous books: the smell of petty people clings to them."

- Nietzsche

"I should go mad with loneliness were it not for my books - those tongue less but eloquent friends - friends who never accuse or betray!"

- Clark Ashton Smith

"You believe that I run after the strange because I do not know the beautiful; no, it is because you do not know the beautiful that I seek the strange."

- Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

You would be wrong if you thought that I love books. I am a machine condemned to devour them in order to vomit them up in a new form, like manure on the soil of history.

- Marx in a letter to his daughter Laura, 1868

About Me
"We must not be ashamed of our own point of view or pretend that we ought to respect and be tender towards some other."

- Aleister Crowley
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