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What stars mean:

1 = Books that should not be read.
2 = Books that are bad or forgettable, but more worthy than one star.
3 = Books that are enjoyable, but nothing to write home about.
4 = Books that are hard to put down, and can’t wait to pick up again.
5 = Books I would like to read again.
Update 12/31/2021
Entire Collection
Stars Count Percent
1------- 22-- 3.45%
2-------167-- 26.18%
3-------264-- 41.38%
4-------137-- 21.47%
5------- 48-- 7.52%
Average Rating 3.03448275862069

Books read before joining LibraryThing
Stars Count Percent
1------- 7-- 1.78%
2-------126-- 32.06%
3-------152-- 38.68%
4------- 67-- 17.05%
5------- 41-- 10.43%
Total-- 393--100.00%
Average Rating 3.02290076335878

Books read after joining LibraryThing
Stars Count Percent
1--------16-- 5.88%
2--------42-- 15.44%
3-------120-- 44.12%
4--------76-- 27.94%
5--------18-- 6.62%
Average Rating 3.13970588235294

First part of June 2021 update: I need to stop eating so much! Gaining weight, so much I can't run anymore. Hurts my knees. I have been walking a lot. I am going to join YMCA to exercise and hope that will help. END OF JUNE 2021 UPDATE No change :(. Due to covid did not keep YMCA membership. Holiday pictures show me as a "round old man." I want to be a "little old man." I am not giving up though.

Enough about that. Here is update about the last six reading months: The Good: Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King. I liked the audio version, which I listened to 10+ years ago, better than my inner voice version I heard durig my 're-read.' Hope to re-listen to it again, so keeping it at five stars. The other five star book read over the last six months was The Institute. Guess what? It was also by Stephen King! Looking forward to reading and re-reading his stuff. Here are the four star King books I read over the last six months: Gwendy's Button Box, If It Bleeds (short stories), and The Outsider.

I cannot say, "you can't go wrong with Stephen King" though. One of the short stories in "If it Bleeds" was not that good. That one was called "Ratt." I gave "Elevation" by Stephen King one star. King failed doing his researh about road races, resulting in my low score.

Due to Elevation, one star books went up by one. The Entire and After one star percentage went up. Bummer. Two and three star books increased in both Entire and After collections. However, due to increases in one, four, and five star books, percentages of two and three went down! Nice. Also positive, percent and number of four and five star books moved in the right direction, up for the Entire and After collections.

The Overall rating went up to 3.03448275862069 from 3.03025477707006. That is 0.004227982, so that is cool. The last three six months update has improved each time!

The spreadsheet that shows many books read each six months, and also how much the overall rating average moves, since joining LibraryThing, shows this: The number of books read over the last six months was in the upper middle, tied for 10th of 23 places with June 2016 and June 2018. Increase of average rating was fifth place. Good reading.

See About My LibraryThing Library for previous updates.

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