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Robert Trevor Twinem
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I love books from my early years reading Enid Blyton and Ricmal Crompton to the present where I am an avid reader of crime, intelligent horror, and anything else that grabs my fancy!

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I am divorced and live in Bristol I have 3 daughters Vicki 33, Bex 31,Lucy 21 and living with her mother in Cwmbran Wales, and also one lovely grandson Harry, I love running, cycling, computing reading and listening to music ( a little jazz in the background, a cup of tea, and a good idea of bliss) I am a runner. Four or five mornings a week I awake at 6.00am, anoint my feet with Vaseline and adorn my sleepy body with running gear. It is a kind of worship involving holy breathing, obtestation, participation, atonement, sacrifice, exorcism, karma, asanas and meditation. It is an attempt to find God, a means to the transcendent....I have power, power that propels me cross country, puts me intimately in touch with nature, strengthens me..I own the day! (Holistic Running Beyond the Threshold of Fitness by Joel Henning) visit my website at and blog
Bristol UK
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