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Numismatic library, heavily skewed towards the third century AD. Started to form it when writing my thesis on the archaeology of the Gallic Empire and continued to add to it ever since.

Currently interested in the reign and archaeology of the Romano-British usurper Carausius.

Besides the books there are many journal offprints (not catalogued here, and indeed my own card file sytem has become defunct over the last couple of years meaning that I cannot find things when I need them).

I am also a very keen collector of electronic antiquarian numismatic texts from sources such as Google, posessing several hundred volumes stored on just a few DVD's. It doesn't replace having the actual book "in hand", as it were, but the storage requirement is so much smaller!

The photo is the overspill onto the landing out of the study and is now a current photo as of June 2007. Also (if anyone cares) the "antique plum" colour that was on the walls of the landing has now been replaced by white! The next job is to replace the light with a spotlight onto the shelves.
About Me
I live in York and turned 40 in late 2006. Love the idea of Librarything and must make a decision soon whether to upgrade this account to a full one as many more books need adding when I find the time. Thankfully my partner likes having shelves of academic and esoteric books around.

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