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I have read: none (335), genre: non-fiction (213), relevance: unknown (181), fits my theme: unsure (99), fits my theme: sure (98), spiritual interests: astral plane (71), I have read: some (69), spiritual interests: reincarnation (64), animal spirituality (63), relevance: high (61), relevance: low (55), genre: fiction (54), I have read: all (53), otherkin (47), spiritual interests: magic (44), secular interests: transhumanism (38), shape-shifting: shamanic and mental (36), spiritual interests: shamanism (36), relevance: medium (31), spiritual interests: totemism (29), creature: werewolves (29), creature: elves fairies and changelings (26), vampires (26), spiritual interests: fairy faith (25), star seeds (25), animal behavior and psychology (23), animal communication (21), spiritual interests: New Age (20), species reference (20), creature: dragons (19), spiritual interests: Pagan and Wiccan (18), extraterrestrials (18), secular interests: future (17), therianthropy (15), mythology (15), human-like animals and furries (15), spiritual interests: walk-ins (15), for adults (14), mythical creatures (13), secular interests: psychology (13), creature: angels (12), spiritual interests: Christian (11), weres (11), philosophy (10), (10), secular interests: folklore (9), secular interests: environment and nature (9), secular interests: cryptozoology (8), supernatural ancestors (7), secular interests: gender and sexuality (7), fictionkin and soulbonds (7), animal rights and vegetarianism (7), draconity (7), genre: art and poetry (7), phantom limbs (6), paranormal (5), for children (5), secular interests: glamour bombs (5), spiritual interests: spirits and spiritualism (5), shape-shifting: physical (4), creature: unicorns (4), clinical lycanthropy (4), secular interests: dreams (4), for beginners (3), for teens (3), secular interests: masks and costumes (3), genre: humor (2), genre: comic books (2), warning: racist or antisemitic (1)
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Sep 7, 2006
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Otherkin and Therianthrope Books
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This library is not a catalog of books that I own, but rather a bibliography of books oriented around certain themes:

Books about or useful to otherkin, therianthropes, draconic people, vampires, weres, shifters, fae, soulbonds, fictionkin, incarnate elementals, incarnate angels, starseeds, starpeople, furries, animal totemists, transhumans, posthumans... etc. Although there are differences between those groups, we have some ideas in common, and we can all learn from each other. Use this book list to get started with your own research. Spread out, and find something new and thought-provoking that makes you ask who and what you are. Soul-searching is what it's all about. The books are there to show where other people have gotten with their exploration, and maybe some of their discoveries and ideas will be helpful to you.

I started this otherkin and therianthrope bibliography as a webpage in 2004, and I've been working on it all the time ever since then. I saw that if I mirrored the book list from its web page onto LibraryThing, I could use the tags and other sorting methods to find out about more books that fit this theme. Using LibraryThing, I can more quickly and easily find, add, comment upon, and perhaps remove books for my booklist. It's a marvelous tool for research and organization.
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I'm Orion Scribner, but this isn't about me. This isn't my personal library.
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