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David L Norris
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My library consists of books I have collected over my lifetime. These include books from my grandmother and great grandfather's collections. I've been programming computers for most of my life as can be inferred from the bulk of my collection. I like to find interesting books at flea-markets, thrift stores and yard sales. I collect mostly historical UNIX works and programming and operating systems references. However I do like reading the classics and ancient texts now and then.
About Me
I enjoy decent restaurants, watching movies, wandering through antique stores and thrift shops, hanging out with friends and lots of other things. I've been known to take a road trip on the weekends now and then. I enjoy going to concerts and museums and for walks in a park. I like trying new things. During the warmer months I enjoy spending a weekend here or there volunteering with various organizations.
Irvington, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
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