Returns the Common Knowledge data for an author.
This method does not require authentication.
api_key (required)
Your API key. See your LibraryThing developer profile to get a key.
You must supply at least one of these arguments in your request.
If you supply more than one of the arguments they will be tried in the order listed here until a valid response is generated.
id (optional)
The LibraryThing author ID number.
example: 216
authorcode (optional)
The LibraryThing text-based authorcode for an author.
This can usually be found in the URL of a LibraryThing author page.
example: clarkesusanna
name (optional)
The name of the author in "LastName, FirstName" format (without quotes)
example: Clarke, Susanna
Example Request
Example Response
Here is an example REST response for the author Susanna Clarke