SiFi, portal, two symultaneous earth futures

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SiFi, portal, two symultaneous earth futures

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Jun 8, 2013, 8:09pm

Let me start by saying that you folks are wonderful.

Looking for Si-fi book involving portals to a hugely powerful "other". The story goes forward (I think) on two separate earth timelines. On one future there is a lot of technology and someone gets tricked (possessed) into having the portal reopened in a dangerous way creating problems. On the other future a very bright young woman visits her grandmother on Rhodes and gets some sort of key to the gateway. She goes to Egypt to enlist the aid of the female ruler who sends her off to (Siberia?) in search of the earth coordinates of the portal. Just as her party is attacked by (Moguls?) the portal opens and..................

Jun 8, 2013, 10:24pm

This has a number of elements that sound like the 2nd novel of the Eon Series by Greg Bear called Eternity. Separate earths, a granddaughter that visits her grandmother then leaves on a quest:

She (the grandmother) passes her otherworldly artifacts of technology to her granddaughter, Rhita, who appears to have inherited her gifts. Rhita moves away from the academic institute the "Hypateion" (a reference to Hypatia) which Patricia founded and to that world's version of Alexandria. Patricia's clavicle claims that a test gate has been opened onto this world of Gaia, and that it could be expanded further.


On Gaia, Rhita persuades the aging queen to support her like the queen had supported Patricia. Their expedition leaves for the location of the test gate somewhere in the barbarous hinterlands of Central Asia in the nick of time,

Jun 9, 2013, 12:54pm

That must be it. Thanks. Great service.