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Enablement: Good Deals on FS books (4)

This is a continuation of the topic Enablement: Good Deals on FS books (3).

Folio Society devotees

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Sep 30, 4:27pm Top

The auction has two days left, but the Rare Paradiso at $300 CAD (180 GBP)


I picked up a copy today, in fact, so my gain is your gain. NO AFFILIATION with seller.

Oct 2, 3:44pm Top

It looks like that copy of Paradiso went for 266 GBP.

Oct 3, 2:35pm Top

>2 const-char-star:

Hope someone here got it! Fess up if you did :)

Oct 7, 11:44pm Top

There appears to be another copy of Paradiso up for auction at 204 GBP with 3.5 days left:


Edited: Oct 8, 2:36pm Top

There have been an unusual amount of the 1982 red leather Malory sets listed recently, but the below listing at GBP 100 is by far the cheapest:


The description lists some defects on this copy (the discolored spines are very common, about 3 out of 4 listings I see have this damage)- but even considering this damage, the price seems fair.

As usual, no connection with seller.

Edit: This one lasted about 10 minutes...

Oct 8, 2:41pm Top

And it's gone already. That deal would have been no-brainer for me

Edited: Oct 13, 8:47pm Top

Folio Press Fine Editions (1987-1991).

A bookseller in the Netherlands is offering the complete set of FPFE books (20 in all) for 1200 euros ($1,323 or 1,048 GBP). They are described as 'very good' condition but from the one photo of the book spines they appear to be better than that and they still retain their original dustwrappers. At about $65 or 51 GBP per book this is an exceptional bargain and, equally important, it will save an avid FSD collector many years of effort in acquiring the complete set. Link is given below. I do not know this bookseller but his listing on Biblio.com would seemingly indicate that this is a reliable bookseller.


Oct 14, 1:59am Top

>7 dlphcoracl: I know the bookseller from experience, bought several books from him. He has good quality books and ships fast with proper packaging. No further connection to him though.

Oct 14, 5:17am Top

>8 Fierylunar: >7 dlphcoracl: I did as well. Gallagher is a dependable seller and his listings are accurately described. I also traded some books with him, went of without a hitch. He will answer additional questions you might have per e-mail in short order. There are also Devotees from Germany who ordered books from him. I have no connection to the seller other than being a satisfied customer.

Edited: Oct 14, 5:46pm Top

Folio Society Special Bindings: The Decameron (1969).

Amongst the FS books given the Special Binding treatment (see link below)..........


.........the 2-volume set of The Decameron in the cream-colored full leather and gilt binding is one of the most attractive. It is also one of the most difficult to find in fine condition. Well.........

A listing on the U.K. eBay from a bookseller in France has a set in mint condition for 249.95 GBP (about $ 310). This is not a screaming bargain but it IS a fair price for this set in this condition. If this has been high on your Wants List you will not find a better copy.


Edited: Oct 14, 6:49pm Top

>10 dlphcoracl:

I'm not sure I ought to endorse the oracle's assessment of value too warmly, as I acquired my fine set at extreme bargain price, but I am happy to report I bought another of these special bindings from this seller just a couple of weeks ago and am very satisfied: The Bible designed to be read as literature, in fine condition, for £200 - that is also difficult to find in the best condition.

I notice the seller is also offering the Doctor Faustus from the later series of special bindings for £100 more than the Decameron - all of this series are scarce. Folio 60 reckons this book 'one of the best Folio books of the period', and the Nigerian goatskin and Cockerell hand-marbled paper binding make it even better. This is also no bargain, but round about the market price for this series.

Edited to clarify.

Oct 14, 7:16pm Top

>11 affle:

The key to the offering I listed and my reason for listing it, i.e., The Decameron in the full cream-morocco leather binding, is its exceptional condition. These Special Binding sets do not appear all that often and, yes - with a bit of patience one can find and purchase this set for less money, but NOT in fine condition. Invariably, the spines are darkened, etc. I still maintain that this is fair value for a set in this condition and, if you are a serious FS collector interested in acquiring the FS Special Binding sets, condition is everything. You will wait quite a while to find this set in fine condition for significantly less money.

P.S. There is considerable fading of the spine in the special binding Doctor Faustus which is why I did not mention this offering. Despite its rarity I consider it borderline collectible and at its asking price of 350 GBP it is not an attractive offer - for me, anyway.

Oct 14, 8:00pm Top

>12 dlphcoracl:

I don't really doubt your assessment of the value of the Decameron: it just doesn't sit well with me to agree that value when I paid less than 20% of that price. The point of my post was rather to imply that the seller seemed reliable.

I hadn't looked too closely at the Marlowe as I have a fine copy; fine was not claimed for it.

Oct 14, 11:47pm Top

>7 dlphcoracl: >8 Fierylunar: >9 NLNils:
Thank you for pointing out the FPFE offering and sharing your prior experiences with Gallagher. I ordered the set today.

Edited: Oct 15, 11:49am Top

>14 Powderfinger69:

Aside from the excellent average price per book, you have saved yourself considerable time and effort by acquiring the entire set with one purchase. Equally important, you will be pleasantly surprised at the high quality of these small, slim editions. From the careful letterpress printing by Giovanni Marderstieg, the mould- made paper by Magnani paper mill and the elegant bindings by Legatoria Torriani of Milan (as an example), everything is top drawer - what one would expect from a true private press book.

Congratulations on a major acquisition.

Oct 15, 6:57am Top

>15 dlphcoracl:

I should have thanked you for your contributions to B&V, too. I re-read them before pulling the trigger. More than once you have enabled me or given me pause. Much appreciated.

Oct 24, 3:36am Top

A fine copy of the lovely early LE 'Bird Paintings of Henry Jones' was just listed on Abe by an Australian seller for 300 AUD:


Although I am on the lookout for this book, I am sure the shipping cost to Europe will offset this seemingly good price. So, I hope someone closer can profit from this.

Oct 24, 3:58am Top

>17 F.Trier:
Always wary when no pictures are supplied.

Oct 24, 4:35am Top

>18 LesMiserables: In this case, I usually ask the seller to send some via mail and most have been happy to do so. It's also a sign of reliability if the seller responds promptly and provides honest images.

Oct 24, 7:47am Top

>18 LesMiserables: I find that Abe sellers rarely list anything from Folio Society with photos, which is certainly better than sellers who use a standard stock photo from (some other publisher) of the book. As mentioned by >19 SebRinelli: I would also just write to the seller asking for some photos.

Edited: Oct 31, 3:20am Top

Edit: Gone.

UK shipping only, but The Once and Future King for £15 plus shipping is a lot cheaper than I usually see it. A cracking read, too.

”Book condition: Fine, would be As New but for date written in ink on ffep. Slip-case condition: As New.”


Oct 31, 3:10am Top

>17 F.Trier:
>18 LesMiserables:

Its from Berkelouw Books. A wonderful place to visit. They have thousands of books and a delightful café come restaurant. I have three folio books from them, including "The Earliest Chemical Industry". From past experience they are reputable and accurately describe their books.
Could someone please get this book? If its still there in 24 hrs my credit card may not be able to resist!

Oct 31, 6:58am Top

>22 SimB:
See http://www.librarything.com/topic/299517
Your credit card will stop resisting.

Oct 31, 7:58am Top

> 23

O! Most Supreme Enabler!

I suppose its always better to have a bird in the hand!

and only $14.00 postage from 300 km away from me..

and thanks to F.Trier to drawing it to attention.

Oct 31, 8:56am Top

>24 SimB:

No problem, just glad it went to someone apreciative of it on the forum.

Edited: Oct 31, 2:59pm Top

An affordable LE Travels in Arabia Deserta on eBay for those who missed out not once, but twice. Upper left corner of the slipcase has a small tear, otherwise fine. The books are in fine condition.

Oct 31, 4:21pm Top

>26 NLNils:

I bought a couple of things from this guy last weekend. Haven't received them yet (he's in France) but he was helpful and friendly and shaved a bit off his already low prices for me. I can give him a cautious recommendation at this stage.

Oct 31, 6:17pm Top

not so much enablement, but i just picked up the three volume Hours in a Library by Leslie Stephen in like new condition for less than a tenner (plus postage) on ebay.
its a really nice edition

Edited: Nov 2, 6:27am Top

>28 stumc:

Could be quite a good enablement, as Abebooks is awash with sets at around £10: there's even one from Ardis at a tad less. I think my own was rather less than £10 a while ago. Somehow the set seems to stand out for unwantedness / unfashionability among Folio's productions, but I've never been one to be put off by that.

Nov 1, 5:52am Top

Good one, just bought self one as well from Ardis.

Nov 2, 5:14am Top

>29 terebinth:
>30 ironjaw:
i hadnt heard about this set until about a week ago, when i came upon it by chance.
having now received it, and in such a great condition, I think every devotee should get themselves a set, especially at the price it seems to be generally going for on ardis/ebay
I think it would appeal to all fans of FS, due to both its aesthetic, subject matter and title. What devotees wouldnt want to spend Hours in a Library, especially their own folio one!

Nov 8, 2:36pm Top

Master and Margarita for GBP 20. Fine in fine slipcase.


Nov 8, 6:52pm Top

>32 teppi2: missed it!!
although this is a book i appreciate as a classic, rather than love, so im not too upset.
this book must be on FS radar for a LE though, im sure at a Dracula price point, it would fly off the warehouse (unfortunately not Eagle Street) shelves!

Edited: Nov 11, 2:42pm Top

>17 F.Trier: Another copy of this early LE has just been posted on Abebooks for GBP 225.


It is listed as a special presentation copy with two extra proof plates, which makes it quite interesting. However, the description lists a total of 6 plates while this book should contain 24. I hope that they just forgot a 2 (as the total should come out to 26 with the two extras...). As condition is only listed as very good, requesting pictures would probably be prudent.

Nov 11, 3:57pm Top

>34 teppi2: thanks, I also just got an email about it from my abe want list of this. I likewise stumbled over the '6 plates', but will mail them asking for some photos.

Yesterday, 1:32pm Top

The Master and Margarita listed as fine for £30 on abe:


No connection with seller

Yesterday, 5:24pm Top


If anyone is selling a FS copy of Lolita or Paradiso, please, do let me know!

Unlikely, I know. But I have good faith in everyone here, and this thread is a testament to how
helpful and friendly all are when it comes to snapping up deals.

Thank you, as always.

Yesterday, 8:45pm Top

>37 RATBAG.:

I sold my Nabokov a while ago to my lasting regret.

Edited: Today, 9:15am Top

There's a fine (though pricey) copy of LOLITA with a near fine slipcase available at Stella & Rose's.
A couple of photographs show a very nice copy indeed.
No connection with seller.

- ed.for specification -

Today, 12:21pm Top


Thank you, Andrew14

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