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Enablement: Good Deals on FS books (4)

Sep 30, 2019, 4:27pm

The auction has two days left, but the Rare Paradiso at $300 CAD (180 GBP)

I picked up a copy today, in fact, so my gain is your gain. NO AFFILIATION with seller.

Oct 2, 2019, 3:44pm

It looks like that copy of Paradiso went for 266 GBP.

Oct 3, 2019, 2:35pm

>2 const-char-star:

Hope someone here got it! Fess up if you did :)

Oct 7, 2019, 11:44pm

There appears to be another copy of Paradiso up for auction at 204 GBP with 3.5 days left:

Edited: Oct 8, 2019, 2:36pm

There have been an unusual amount of the 1982 red leather Malory sets listed recently, but the below listing at GBP 100 is by far the cheapest:

The description lists some defects on this copy (the discolored spines are very common, about 3 out of 4 listings I see have this damage)- but even considering this damage, the price seems fair.

As usual, no connection with seller.

Edit: This one lasted about 10 minutes...

Oct 8, 2019, 2:41pm

And it's gone already. That deal would have been no-brainer for me

Edited: Oct 13, 2019, 8:47pm

Folio Press Fine Editions (1987-1991).

A bookseller in the Netherlands is offering the complete set of FPFE books (20 in all) for 1200 euros ($1,323 or 1,048 GBP). They are described as 'very good' condition but from the one photo of the book spines they appear to be better than that and they still retain their original dustwrappers. At about $65 or 51 GBP per book this is an exceptional bargain and, equally important, it will save an avid FSD collector many years of effort in acquiring the complete set. Link is given below. I do not know this bookseller but his listing on would seemingly indicate that this is a reliable bookseller.

Oct 14, 2019, 1:59am

>7 dlphcoracl: I know the bookseller from experience, bought several books from him. He has good quality books and ships fast with proper packaging. No further connection to him though.

Oct 14, 2019, 5:17am

>8 Fierylunar: >7 dlphcoracl: I did as well. Gallagher is a dependable seller and his listings are accurately described. I also traded some books with him, went of without a hitch. He will answer additional questions you might have per e-mail in short order. There are also Devotees from Germany who ordered books from him. I have no connection to the seller other than being a satisfied customer.

Edited: Oct 14, 2019, 5:46pm

Folio Society Special Bindings: The Decameron (1969).

Amongst the FS books given the Special Binding treatment (see link below)..........

.........the 2-volume set of The Decameron in the cream-colored full leather and gilt binding is one of the most attractive. It is also one of the most difficult to find in fine condition. Well.........

A listing on the U.K. eBay from a bookseller in France has a set in mint condition for 249.95 GBP (about $ 310). This is not a screaming bargain but it IS a fair price for this set in this condition. If this has been high on your Wants List you will not find a better copy.

Edited: Oct 14, 2019, 6:49pm

>10 dlphcoracl:

I'm not sure I ought to endorse the oracle's assessment of value too warmly, as I acquired my fine set at extreme bargain price, but I am happy to report I bought another of these special bindings from this seller just a couple of weeks ago and am very satisfied: The Bible designed to be read as literature, in fine condition, for £200 - that is also difficult to find in the best condition.

I notice the seller is also offering the Doctor Faustus from the later series of special bindings for £100 more than the Decameron - all of this series are scarce. Folio 60 reckons this book 'one of the best Folio books of the period', and the Nigerian goatskin and Cockerell hand-marbled paper binding make it even better. This is also no bargain, but round about the market price for this series.

Edited to clarify.

Oct 14, 2019, 7:16pm

>11 affle:

The key to the offering I listed and my reason for listing it, i.e., The Decameron in the full cream-morocco leather binding, is its exceptional condition. These Special Binding sets do not appear all that often and, yes - with a bit of patience one can find and purchase this set for less money, but NOT in fine condition. Invariably, the spines are darkened, etc. I still maintain that this is fair value for a set in this condition and, if you are a serious FS collector interested in acquiring the FS Special Binding sets, condition is everything. You will wait quite a while to find this set in fine condition for significantly less money.

P.S. There is considerable fading of the spine in the special binding Doctor Faustus which is why I did not mention this offering. Despite its rarity I consider it borderline collectible and at its asking price of 350 GBP it is not an attractive offer - for me, anyway.

Oct 14, 2019, 8:00pm

>12 dlphcoracl:

I don't really doubt your assessment of the value of the Decameron: it just doesn't sit well with me to agree that value when I paid less than 20% of that price. The point of my post was rather to imply that the seller seemed reliable.

I hadn't looked too closely at the Marlowe as I have a fine copy; fine was not claimed for it.

Oct 14, 2019, 11:47pm

>7 dlphcoracl: >8 Fierylunar: >9 NLNils:
Thank you for pointing out the FPFE offering and sharing your prior experiences with Gallagher. I ordered the set today.

Edited: Oct 15, 2019, 11:49am

>14 Powderfinger69:

Aside from the excellent average price per book, you have saved yourself considerable time and effort by acquiring the entire set with one purchase. Equally important, you will be pleasantly surprised at the high quality of these small, slim editions. From the careful letterpress printing by Giovanni Marderstieg, the mould- made paper by Magnani paper mill and the elegant bindings by Legatoria Torriani of Milan (as an example), everything is top drawer - what one would expect from a true private press book.

Congratulations on a major acquisition.

Oct 15, 2019, 6:57am

>15 dlphcoracl:

I should have thanked you for your contributions to B&V, too. I re-read them before pulling the trigger. More than once you have enabled me or given me pause. Much appreciated.

Oct 24, 2019, 3:36am

A fine copy of the lovely early LE 'Bird Paintings of Henry Jones' was just listed on Abe by an Australian seller for 300 AUD:

Although I am on the lookout for this book, I am sure the shipping cost to Europe will offset this seemingly good price. So, I hope someone closer can profit from this.

Oct 24, 2019, 3:58am

>17 F.Trier:
Always wary when no pictures are supplied.

Oct 24, 2019, 4:35am

>18 LesMiserables: In this case, I usually ask the seller to send some via mail and most have been happy to do so. It's also a sign of reliability if the seller responds promptly and provides honest images.

Oct 24, 2019, 7:47am

>18 LesMiserables: I find that Abe sellers rarely list anything from Folio Society with photos, which is certainly better than sellers who use a standard stock photo from (some other publisher) of the book. As mentioned by >19 SebRinelli: I would also just write to the seller asking for some photos.

Edited: Oct 31, 2019, 3:20am

Edit: Gone.

UK shipping only, but The Once and Future King for £15 plus shipping is a lot cheaper than I usually see it. A cracking read, too.

”Book condition: Fine, would be As New but for date written in ink on ffep. Slip-case condition: As New.”

Oct 31, 2019, 3:10am

>17 F.Trier:
>18 LesMiserables:

Its from Berkelouw Books. A wonderful place to visit. They have thousands of books and a delightful café come restaurant. I have three folio books from them, including "The Earliest Chemical Industry". From past experience they are reputable and accurately describe their books.
Could someone please get this book? If its still there in 24 hrs my credit card may not be able to resist!

Oct 31, 2019, 6:58am

>22 SimB:
Your credit card will stop resisting.

Oct 31, 2019, 7:58am

> 23

O! Most Supreme Enabler!

I suppose its always better to have a bird in the hand!

and only $14.00 postage from 300 km away from me..

and thanks to F.Trier to drawing it to attention.

Oct 31, 2019, 8:56am

>24 SimB:

No problem, just glad it went to someone apreciative of it on the forum.

Edited: Oct 31, 2019, 2:59pm

An affordable LE Travels in Arabia Deserta on eBay for those who missed out not once, but twice. Upper left corner of the slipcase has a small tear, otherwise fine. The books are in fine condition.

Oct 31, 2019, 4:21pm

>26 NLNils:

I bought a couple of things from this guy last weekend. Haven't received them yet (he's in France) but he was helpful and friendly and shaved a bit off his already low prices for me. I can give him a cautious recommendation at this stage.

Oct 31, 2019, 6:17pm

not so much enablement, but i just picked up the three volume Hours in a Library by Leslie Stephen in like new condition for less than a tenner (plus postage) on ebay.
its a really nice edition

Edited: Nov 2, 2019, 6:27am

>28 stumc:

Could be quite a good enablement, as Abebooks is awash with sets at around £10: there's even one from Ardis at a tad less. I think my own was rather less than £10 a while ago. Somehow the set seems to stand out for unwantedness / unfashionability among Folio's productions, but I've never been one to be put off by that.

Nov 1, 2019, 5:52am

Good one, just bought self one as well from Ardis.

Nov 2, 2019, 5:14am

>29 terebinth:
>30 ironjaw:
i hadnt heard about this set until about a week ago, when i came upon it by chance.
having now received it, and in such a great condition, I think every devotee should get themselves a set, especially at the price it seems to be generally going for on ardis/ebay
I think it would appeal to all fans of FS, due to both its aesthetic, subject matter and title. What devotees wouldnt want to spend Hours in a Library, especially their own folio one!

Nov 8, 2019, 2:36pm

Master and Margarita for GBP 20. Fine in fine slipcase.

Nov 8, 2019, 6:52pm

>32 teppi2: missed it!!
although this is a book i appreciate as a classic, rather than love, so im not too upset.
this book must be on FS radar for a LE though, im sure at a Dracula price point, it would fly off the warehouse (unfortunately not Eagle Street) shelves!

Edited: Nov 11, 2019, 2:42pm

>17 F.Trier: Another copy of this early LE has just been posted on Abebooks for GBP 225.

It is listed as a special presentation copy with two extra proof plates, which makes it quite interesting. However, the description lists a total of 6 plates while this book should contain 24. I hope that they just forgot a 2 (as the total should come out to 26 with the two extras...). As condition is only listed as very good, requesting pictures would probably be prudent.

Nov 11, 2019, 3:57pm

>34 teppi2: thanks, I also just got an email about it from my abe want list of this. I likewise stumbled over the '6 plates', but will mail them asking for some photos.

Nov 13, 2019, 1:32pm

The Master and Margarita listed as fine for £30 on abe:

No connection with seller

Nov 13, 2019, 5:24pm


If anyone is selling a FS copy of Lolita or Paradiso, please, do let me know!

Unlikely, I know. But I have good faith in everyone here, and this thread is a testament to how
helpful and friendly all are when it comes to snapping up deals.

Thank you, as always.

Nov 13, 2019, 8:45pm

>37 RATBAG.:

I sold my Nabokov a while ago to my lasting regret.

Edited: Nov 14, 2019, 9:15am

There's a fine (though pricey) copy of LOLITA with a near fine slipcase available at Stella & Rose's.
A couple of photographs show a very nice copy indeed.
No connection with seller.

- ed.for specification -

Nov 14, 2019, 12:21pm


Thank you, Andrew14

Nov 15, 2019, 12:39pm

Fahrenheit 451 for £16 and according to listing still in shrinkwrap. Alone based on the illustrations by Sam Weber this should be a no brainer.

No connection with seller

Edited: Nov 17, 2019, 3:45am

A Three Kingdoms set for $100 in excellent condition according to the description.

No connection with the seller.

Nov 28, 2019, 4:59pm

To the Dutch Devotees: A Game Of Thrones sealed copy on Marktplaats for the equivalent of £76.75 (€90,-).

I have no connection with the seller (who is located in Maastricht).

Edited: Dec 1, 2019, 7:24am

Surely this counts as a good (UK-only) deal:

(£71.99 plus £8 for courier for the great ancient philosophers set described as ”As new”.)

Edit: Sold, hopefully enabled.

Dec 5, 2019, 4:30am

The entire Patrick O-Brian's 20 volume set is up for grabs in today's auction:

Edited: Dec 6, 2019, 9:36am

The Master and Margarita on eBay UK, "as new", ending Sunday, currently £25.57. No connection etc.

Edited to add: Just noticed, also on Sunday, The Deptford Trilogy, currently £24.31, "superb condition". Different seller, no connection.

Edited: Dec 6, 2019, 8:11pm

>10 dlphcoracl: Same seller now has listed the leather Malory for gbp 130. Unfortunately, the problem with fading/spotting on the spines is present in this copy, at least it hasn’t lost any gilding. Seller seems to have adjusted the price to take this into consideration.

Dec 8, 2019, 3:23pm

Thanks for the tip, folio_books! I picked up The Deptford Trilogy at a very respectable £33, but was left in the dust for Master & Margarita, which went for £117, - seems a lot for a book which is bound to be reprinted sooner or later ...

Edited: Dec 8, 2019, 3:54pm

>48 red_guy:

I'm far from sure that Master and Margarita will be reprinted. At the time it was still in print, it was put on sale at a rather low price more than once so I doubt it was that a good seller even when it didn't have to compete with an earlier print run.

Dec 8, 2019, 3:59pm

Well, I suppose you never can tell. The reappearance of things like the Detmold Arabian Nights surprised me, as Ebay is crawling with copies under £20. Still, I'm more than happy with my Deptford Trilogy, which I think is even more unlikely to be reprinted.

Dec 8, 2019, 4:00pm

>48 red_guy:

You paid less for Deptford than I did, so well done.

>49 SF-72: I'm far from sure that Master and Margarita will be reprinted.

I share your doubts. I'm guessing it's one of those that many people had on their wanted list but figured it would hang around forever based on its underwhelming performance. Suddenly it's gone, and in high demand. I was fortunate to get mine from a Devotee who was unloading some of his collection.

Dec 9, 2019, 8:24am

>50 red_guy:

In the case of Arabian Nights I assume they were aiming at people who buy these as gifts and I think in that case, new would be what you want if at all possible.

Dec 9, 2019, 8:54pm

Does the group allow members to post their own folio books they wish to sell? Provided that I disclose my interest of course. I'm not sure whether that sort of thing us allowed, and if so, whether this is the correct place to do so?

Dec 9, 2019, 11:36pm

>53 KeppetFS:
The LT terms of use prohibit the selling of merchandise on the LT site.
However, long term users of FSD are tolerated when they sometimes (not regularly) direct others to their profile where they may list books they may wish to "swap" (sometimes for money). Negotiations must be via private personal messages and certainly not openly in the forum.
This toleration depends on the goodwill of the FSD community, and is not tolerated if you are new member who has contributed little or nothing to the forum, or if it is suspected that you are a commercial bookseller.
As you have had an FSD membership for less than a month, I suspect any attempt to sell books through LT would not be tolerated in your case. You may wish to try again in a year or so after contributing actively to this forum.

Dec 10, 2019, 4:32am

Thanks for the information, that's exactly what I was hoping to find out. Much appreciated!

Dec 10, 2019, 9:31am

>54 wcarter:

Great explanation--if only there was some way to post it permanently at the top of the page, like Dante's warning chiseled over the gates of Hell, "Abandon all hope ye that enter here."

Dec 10, 2019, 9:53am

>54 wcarter:
>56 podaniel: Great explanation--if only there was some way to post it permanently at the top of the page.

I fully endorse the praise. A prominent notice in the Wiki, perhaps?

Dec 11, 2019, 12:03am

>57 folio_books:
Added to the FSD wiki here.

Dec 11, 2019, 2:54am

>58 wcarter:

Well done! Thanks.

Dec 11, 2019, 4:43am

>58 wcarter:

Excellent. Cheers, Warwick.

(Now all we have to do is persuade the newbies to read the Wiki!)

Dec 16, 2019, 12:37pm

Dec 19, 2019, 10:42am

Dec 21, 2019, 4:56am

If anyone would be so kind as to point me in the direction of Folio's 2015 Paradise Lost, I would be most grateful.

Dec 21, 2019, 5:35am

>62 red_guy:
Very nice - one of my favourite FS, enjoy whoever picked it up.

Edited: Dec 23, 2019, 5:13am

2014 War and Peace (with the Pevear translation) for gbp 75 on Abebooks UK. Seller notes shelf wear to slipcase.

As usual, no connection to seller.

Dec 24, 2019, 5:02am

Thank you hugely, have been waiting on finding a reasonable price on this after i missed it with folio - have picked it up.

Jan 1, 10:51pm

Queen Mary Atlas with starting bid of a ridiculously low US$200

Jan 2, 1:26am

>67 wcarter: Missing the solander box, back cover scuffed and bottom spine looks like it may be detaching. Certainly should be discounted, we'll see how much.

Jan 2, 1:38am

>68 kdweber:
Sorry, didn't note these details. Probably not worth more than $200 in that condition.
But how could any owner do all that to such a beautiful book?

Jan 5, 12:44pm

Some interesting LE lots here at auction - although I guess you have to add on various fees and postage. See lots 395 (Eric Gill, Four Gospels) and 482 (Pomona, Winchester psalter and benedictional of st aethelwold). The latter lot looks potentially good value to any church-going fruit enthusiast - although limited detail on condition,the-library-sale_153.htm

Seems to be viewing opportunities tomorrow and Tuesday, if you live anywhere near Cambridge...

Jan 6, 7:59am

Here is a listing for everyone trying to complete the Myths and Legends series (although there is some debate if this one should be included):

Irish Myths and Legends:
Abebooks UK for GBP 35:

Or same seller over eBay to the US for $45.50 without additional shipping:

Note the flaws to condition in the description. I have ordered from the Seller before, and in the past most of their condition assessments were conservative. However, their business model is geared towards quantity sold, so I assume they have multiple people assessing books, so this could vary.

Jan 6, 3:20pm

>67 wcarter: Wow, it sold for $200! A good deal even with its downsides.

Jan 17, 9:13am

The two rare Carre volumes were just listed on Abebooks in the UK at GBP 27.50 each:

The Honourable Schoolboy

Smiley's People

Looks like the price for them has been dropping overall and they are not that thought after anymore, but this is still by far the cheapest listing out there, particularly for Smiley's People. Marked as very good, so it might make sense to request pictures.

Edited: Jan 26, 12:36am

I guess this is a good deal if you’re on the right (left? western!) side of the pond:

Edit: Sold.

Jan 25, 11:58am

>74 GusLogan:

Too right. £57 postage to the UK?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited: Jan 26, 10:31am

>74 GusLogan: I wish whoever has bought this book well, but my experience is that this book is extremely unlikely to be the Folio Society edition. The seller in question is a notorious megaseller, and the vast majority of their apparent bargains turn out to be something else entirely. There's a hint in the title (Master i Margarita) that this book will not be in English.

Personally, I only purchase FS books from megasellers if they explicitly mention a slipcase in the book description.

Edited: Jan 26, 11:02am

>76 TheEconomist: 100% agree. I never buy a folio book that lists an ISBN, as this listing did. Mega sellers don’t have to be all bad, I have some that I do trust more than others. This listing however is very likely inaccurate.

Jan 26, 12:45pm

>76 TheEconomist:

>77 teppi2:

This is likely a Russian edition that keeps getting listed as the FS edition on amazon and elsewhere. I contacted a seller about it to make sure I would get the right book, and they removed it after checking what they were actually selling, but others keep on doing the same.

Jan 26, 2:16pm

>76 TheEconomist:

Thank you for this education! I let the stock photo get the better of me.

Jan 26, 4:02pm

>73 teppi2:

I have these two John LeCarre volumes still new and sealed. If anyone is interested and wants to trade, PM me.

Feb 2, 10:11am

The Lantern Bearers - Abe - US seller - £37+£9.50 P&P to UK.

Usual disclaimers.

Feb 2, 8:18pm

>76 TheEconomist: I was the one that purchased it and, to be honest, I regretted my hasty decision upon reading your observations and seeing the ISBN numbers listed. However, I received the book yesterday and am happy to report that what I received was the correct FS edition in original shrink wrap.

Feb 3, 12:37am

>82 const-char-star:

That’s a relief! Thanks for posting.

Edited: Feb 3, 2:25am

Search "Folio Society limited edition" on Ebay, select "recent" as your filter, and you will find an amazing collection of FS limited editions (including Letterpress Shakespeare) that have never been removed from their boxes. Prices are reasonable but not cheap, but an opportunity to get an untouched sold out LE. They are in the UK.

Feb 3, 5:19am

>82 const-char-star:

Excellent, I'm glad this worked out for you.

Feb 3, 6:39am

>82 const-char-star: Excellent, I am glad to be proved wrong this time!

Edited: Feb 3, 8:18am

Vincent van Gogh - The Sketchbooks. Currently at €229. No reserve. Auction closes in five hours or so. No connection.

Edit: hmm the shipping costs are ridiculous

Feb 7, 3:07pm

On the shelves of my local bookstore: Finnegan's Wake, shrinkwrapped, for $250 Canadian (slightly less than £150. AFAIK it hasn't yet been put on their website or Abebooks. Website, and they do ship abroad.
They also have a shrinkwrapped 2-vol History of Japan for the same price.

Feb 7, 3:42pm

>88 Jayked: Someone better grab that up quick! That may be the most elusive book on the second hand market published in the last ten years.

Feb 9, 12:46pm

C.M. Doughty - Travels in Arabia Deserta Folio Society Ltd Edition.
£220 - Buy it now ebay UK.

Usual disclaimer - No connection with seller.

Feb 9, 1:41pm

>90 bookfair_e: ….and it's gone, an absolute bargain for someone.

Feb 9, 6:03pm

>88 Jayked: I emailed them immediately upon reading your message and received a lovely reply from Cassandra. Unfortunately I'd missed the boat - hopefully someone else here got in first! I couldn't really afford it after many recent splurges, but needed some retail therapy to offset my current FS delivery anxieties...!

Feb 9, 6:57pm

>92 plasticjock:
Ouch. I posted within an hour of seeing it, in an enormous, practically empty store, which hadn't advertised it yet. Either someone with deep pockets walked in off the street, or some fast-fingered devotee beat you to it.

Feb 12, 6:20pm

The Lord of the Rings set on Abebooks us for $75, described as “fine” and “near mint”. If correctly described, this is a very recent edition (18th printing, 2018, which sounds accurate based on a recent thread in this forum).

Never dealt with this bookseller, though.

Feb 13, 3:25am

I have found a set locally of both Icelandic Sagas volumes for approx $300 USD (in Canada). No connection with seller except that I go to his physical store occasionally. He doesn't list online, but if anyone is interested then I can pass along his contact information - PM me.

Feb 13, 2:48pm

>95 EclecticIndulgence: Is this a good price? I picked up volume 2 for £50 just before Christmas so assume these were settling down

Feb 13, 7:00pm

>94 teppi2: Thanks for the tip - I was extremely interested in this set at this price, but baulked at the $87 shipping to Australia.

This looks a great offer for someone a bit closer to the Empire State (once it gets relisted for sale...)

Feb 13, 7:59pm

>96 DMulvee:

You did very well. Volume one you can frequently get for under $100 USD but Volume two will set you back $200 USD and is more often paired with volume one then as a stand alone. It was produced in reduced quantities in comparison to volume one.

Be careful when purchasing a volume one that you dont buy a newer buckram bound version, else your books will NEVER match.

Feb 14, 12:20pm

The Disasters Of War LE on Ebay UK with an opening bid of £300 and no bids so far ending in 2 hours. Seems in fine condition baring a spot on the solander box label. The listing goes under the ambiguous title 'Folio Society Books' hence the absence of bids.

Possibly better posted on the 'Best Folio Austen set' thread to dilute the O/T discussion there, but I am also preferring the Joan Hassal set. A copy of the 1996 blue leather special binding is also available at the moment:

no connection with both sellers.

Feb 14, 2:13pm

>99 F.Trier: Great price! I paid over $800 US for it and feel it was well worth it. A gorgeous albeit depressing volume.

Edited: Feb 16, 3:44am

The Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy Le Carre ending on Ebay UK in 2 hours currently at £7 (with 4 bids so far). Condition looks to be fine.

Usual disclaimer - No connection with seller.

Feb 22, 5:05pm

Travels in Arabia Deserta LE (Fine condition) listed on eBay for 495 GBP:

No connection with seller.

Feb 23, 9:12pm

Someone is selling the most recent edition of The Great Gatsby on eBay and listed it for $1000. But there is free shipping - so get it before it’s gone :) No connection to the seller (thank God).

Feb 27, 12:46pm

2014 War and Peace in semi-sealed condition currently at $76 bid located in the US. Note high shipping cost to ROW.

No connection with the seller.

Feb 27, 1:03pm

>104 F.Trier:

Finished at $124.10.

Feb 27, 4:56pm

>105 folio_books: good price for someone I would say. Especially considering the £300 currently asked for by Aldersley on the uk ebay.

Feb 28, 5:06am

>106 F.Trier:

Said dealer is, shall we say, somewhat unreliable as a guide to reasonable prices.

Mar 4, 12:47pm

Beowulf, Seamus Heaney, "as new", £130 BIN or best offer:

I have bought from this seller quite recently, a book listed at £225 for which seller accepted my best offer of £150. Just sayin' ...

Edited: Mar 5, 4:03pm

>103 vmb443:

That copy sold for a best offer price of $81.47
Goes to show that it is always worth it to try.

Edited: Mar 5, 1:19pm

>109 duonkha: isn’t that a normal price for Beowulf? I thought £50 was cheap, £70 fair value and £90 was expensive?

Mar 5, 2:21pm

>109 duonkha: That copy sold for a best offer price of $81.47

How do you know what the accepted price was? I find it hard to believe the seller went for an offer less than half of the asking price.

Mar 5, 4:07pm

>111 elladan0891:

Sorry for some confusion, took some time for me to figure how to tag the post I meant to reply to.

I meant the $1000 listed Great Gastby one.

I followed a suggestion and used WatchCount to check for the "Best Offered" price of a sold item. Now that I've checked some items that I myself utilized the best offer options, I see that it is not correct.

Mar 7, 5:06pm

East of the Sun, West of the Moon ending in a few days starting at £25. Correct me if I'm wrong in thinking this edition is fairly scarce these days.

As usual, no connection with seller

Mar 10, 2:22pm

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary LE "Like new". Two volumes, currently £350, no bids, ending Thursday.

No connection with seller.

Mar 10, 5:26pm

>114 folio_books: It's truly beautiful, but I can't bring myself to commit the money or space to an object d'art that I might look at but never read.

For the curious, this dictionary was featured as Folio Archives 94:

Mar 10, 5:38pm

>115 ubiquitousuk:

Great price for the LE, but I already own the one volume facsimile published by Times Books in 1979. Cost me $50 and is good enough for me.

Edited: Mar 10, 5:41pm

I'm not sure if this will be considered a good deal or not, but the Letterpress King Lear is currently £115 (plus £9.50 postage) here: Ends on Saturday.

It's been on the site for a while, so the seller might entertain an aggressive offer.

I have pretty good data on the UK market for these volumes over the last 18 months. The average price in this period was £209 (£174 if we ignore two editions that were listed for a ludicrous £400).

I have no connection to the seller.

Mar 10, 5:43pm

>114 folio_books: The fact that the listing has misspelled 'dictionary' is somewhat ironic.

Edited: Mar 13, 8:29am

Limited Edition Brooke poems from a German seller. It looks like they have two copies, and they claim those are new in shrinkwrap. I don’t know the store, so not sure how reliable they are (and why they would have two new copies). The pictures appear to come directly from the Folio Society webpage, not their own.

Abebooks link at 92.50 Euro:

Buchfreund link at 90 Euro:

Mar 16, 10:58am

LE of Pepys Diary - but condition might put some people off:

Mar 16, 11:16am

>120 DMulvee:

I would definitely buy it but it's UK only delivery. Is this b/c of the travel ban or does oxfam only deliver local?

Mar 16, 11:39am

Oxfam will not deliver outside of the UK. I have tried before without success, I'm in Ireland

BTW I have never seen this on sale before , a lovely volume and a great read. The Third Policeman

Mar 16, 9:59pm

The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations:

One of Folio’s Special publications. I got my copy on Abe last year, snapped it up for £75; a binding like this would be a few hundred £s if Folio were to publish it now. I believe there are variations of shade of the full-leather binding, my copy is a warm, rich brown, with lovely hand-marbled endpapers.

I had a slip case made for it, as I have with a few other of these Special Publications, which were published without them.

Usual disclaimers – no connection with the seller.

Mar 16, 10:45pm

>123 bookfair_e:
The Folio Society has at times bought in book leaves from other publishers and rebound them for members. Many of these were Oxford University press publications. Nowhere in the book or on the binding does the name or logo of the Folio Society appear. Some of these are listed in the Appendix of Folio 60, but as they cannot be identified as Folio Society publications, they are difficult to identify. A list of these books, photos and discussions about them can be found here.

Mar 16, 11:51pm

>124 wcarter:

Most are identifiable as Folio Society editions by the binding alone – the designs were commissioned by them and are unique to their Special Publications - not available anywhere except from FS, and only to members.

Roget’s Thesaurus, also in the Special Publications program has the FS logo on the spine and title page. The full-leather Chambers Thesaurus and Chambers Biographical Dictionary (1991 ed) both have the FS logo blocked in gold on the front board.

Mar 17, 12:24am

>125 bookfair_e:
I agree that the bindings are special and beautiful, and the books are worth collecting, but of the 47 books in this series, the two you mention are the only ones with any identifying FS markings.

Edited: Mar 17, 10:18am

>126 wcarter: Actually, add two more identified as Folio by the logo (although only in the book, not on the binding): there is a version of Brewers Dictionary of Phrase and Fable that has the folio logo on the title page. That is why in Folio 60 it shows up both in the main section as 366.3 (version with logo) as well as in Appendix A as A9 (version without logo). The earlier Chambers (the one from the mid 70's, not the 1991 mentioned in >125 bookfair_e:) also has the logo on the title page.

The book pointed out in post >123 bookfair_e: has probably my favorite Folio binding, unfortunately there seems to be some foxing present in this book, which is a shame as the condition of the binding seems quite good. The same seller also has listed the Roget's - again not in perfect condition, but a lot better than my copy pictured in the thread lonked in post >124 wcarter:.

There are also a number of the Oxford Companions to Literature out on the market right now. I have been monitoring the listing below for a while, as I wanted to compare the leather to mine, it seems quite different. The price is low, alas, shipping to US is high:

Based on the light blue leather, I think this is from the first Folio issue of this book, mine have a slightly different shade of leather, but I could be mistaken.

Edited: Mar 17, 10:09am

Just a note....8x bonus nectar points for UK Ebay.

Nothing for US....:(

Also, I would like to know what kind of cultural/marketing analysis led to 'Ebay Bucks' for USA and 'Nectar' points for UK...

Edited: Mar 17, 10:39am

>127 teppi2:

The one you've linked to is the fourth edition of OCEL; the fifth edition of 1985 was a major update, edited by Margaret Drabble, also issued in a special binding by the FS - same design, but in red not blue leather. I have this fifth edition, as well as the earlier Companions to French and American Literature; the spines of all three have some fading, but good text blocks - I don't much like the look of the block of the book you've linked to.

Edited to add that of course you know all that, but also to remind you that Folio 60 at the entry for A2 specifically refers to the shade of morocco varying 'quite substantially' during the currency of the offering.

Mar 17, 10:43am

>129 affle: The fifth edition published in 1985 is indeed completely different (A23 in Folio 60). I have shown a comparison between this and the blue leather one (A2 in Folio 60) here: However, even just for the blue leather bound fourth edition, there seem to be differences in the leather used. Folio 60 lists under A2: "As the various companions were reprinted, and new stocks were bought in and bound up, the shade of morocco used for the bindings varied quite substantially". Also note that even for A23, there might to be two separate versions. The special publications brochure shows a maroon variant, while mine is bright red.

For A2, I have frequently seen the grey blue leather variant that I show in the linked thread, but I have rarely seen the light blue one in the listing. Of course this could just be fading, but honestly I don't think it is. I was considering to buy it just to compare the bindings (thus I had not focused on the text block), but if I add shipping it is just too expensive for that.

I probably should focus less on minimal differences in binding, though...

Edited: Mar 19, 9:38am

This is probably not a very thought after item, and everyone looking for a perfect slipcase might not be in love with this. However, GBP 5 for the later 3 volumes of the 2003 Arabian Nights seems like a great price. Each book has a different illustrator, and luckily you don't need all books present to have an enjoyable read. A cheap way to spend a couple of hours cooped up at home.

Same bookseller also sells the first three volumes individually without slipcase for GBP 9 each.

Mar 20, 11:38am

A note to all US based devotees:

The GBP is weakening vs USD; thus it is now even cheaper to have someone buy in the UK and mail it to you in the US. Granted you will want to spend a few hundred pounds to make shipping worthwhile.

Mar 20, 12:45pm

Box of Delights - John Masefield for £55 + postage
Seems to normally be in the £200+ range.

No connection with seller etc

Mar 20, 6:47pm

>133 stopsurfing: probably not a smart idea, but I got an Abe wants notification and ordered this. I don’t know if it will make it to Canada safe or at all. But it has been on my wants list for a long time (no idea why it’s usually so expensive...)

Mar 21, 2:09am

>134 RRCBS: Good to hear. And it’s a good experiment, let us know how it goes...

Mar 31, 6:09am

Good deal?

The Grey Fairy Book on Abe - £195 NO slip case.

Recently sold copies on ebay were £400 & £500.

Usual disclaimers.

Mar 31, 7:43am

>136 bookfair_e:

Am I glad I bought the later titles right when they were published, and with a nice discount, too. Those prices!

Edited: Mar 31, 8:51am

>136 bookfair_e:

Prices make zero sense. You can get a first edition Grey Fairy Book (illustrated and heavily decorated with gilt, early 20th century) for less than that.

Mar 31, 11:17am

>138 MobyRichard:

Exactly right. In several instances, it makes far more sense to acquire the 1st edition/1st printing of the Andrew Lang Fairy Books.

Mar 31, 2:33pm

Is someone able to explain the appeal of the fairy books? I'm completely ignorant about them, but see that they attract a lot of discussion and high prices.

Edited: Mar 31, 4:49pm

>140 ubiquitousuk:

The appeal of the original Andrew Lang Fairy Books goes far behind the childhood fairy tales many people grew up with. Lang collected these stories from around the globe and, perhaps unintended, they are an indirect window into many cultures and ethnicities not well known in the United Kingdom at that time. The twelve original Fairy Books, published in the U.K. by Longmans, Green & Co. (London) from 1889-1919 are delightful. They are octavo-sized, perfect to hold and read, with all edges gilt and elaborate, beautiful gilt designs and illustrations on the front cover and spine. All of the books are liberally illustrated by H.J Ford, a combination of beautiful color plates and B&W illustrations. His illustrations are as important and perfectly matched to these books as the illustrations by Robert Seymour and H.K. Browne ("Phiz") are in the Dickens editions published by Chapman & Hall.

Incidentally, a 21st-century reprise of Andrew Lang's groundbreaking set of book was published by the Thornwillow Press in 2019 as part of a Kickstarter campaign - the 7-volume set entitled Seven Towers of Wonder. Nearly fifty folk tales and myths from around the world were collected by folklorist and storyteller Bill Gordh and extensively illustrated throughout by John Hutton, with nearly an illlustration per page. The premise was ingenious, with each of the seven volumes containing seven stories which pertain to an important human characteristic, value or trait - Courage, Hope, Justice, Faith, Wisdom, Temperance, and Love. The books were printed letterpress and the series in paper bindings with letterpress illustrations on the covers was an excellent value at $840 for the seven books. However, the prices have increased significantly once the Kickstarter financial target was met. (see link)

Apr 1, 2:34am

>141 dlphcoracl: Thanks for the insight. The Thornwillow editions indeed look handsome, as usual. It's a bit sad to see so few backers, especially for those lovely half-leather editions, although $3,000 is a lot to put down for a set of fairy tales, I guess.

Apr 9, 11:48am

The Holkham Bible at 88GBP seems very fairly priced. Marked as VG, no more details on condition, but seems to include the companion volume and solander box. Not sure if I am missing anything on this one...

Apr 9, 12:29pm

>143 teppi2: ... and it’s sold. Someone got a steal on that one!

Edited: Apr 9, 1:14pm

>144 ChampagneSVP: what was it listed at?

Edit- I don't know how I missed teppi2 saying 88GBP. Great deal!

Apr 9, 4:36pm

>143 teppi2:
That's a bargain. I wish I had purchased my copy at that price!

Edited: Apr 10, 1:11pm

Hey, I have not been here in ages, but I thought these books might interest some of you. (full disclosure, these are from a friend of mine, but when I made a similar post a few years ago no one was bothered by it and as far as I know everyone was happy with the books).
Because I am a forgetful person I could not recover the old account, but some of the veterans here might remember me from my passionate discussions on capitalism, Rand, regulations, and being a general pain in the youknowwhat.

If things changed around here and that is no longer considered ok, I'll delete this comment asap. Cheers!

I posted links from the UK version of ebay in case that helps

In case some of the old-timers here care, I decided to stop coming here because we had a child and my bad impulse control would lead to me spending too much time and money on Folio books and this forum, which I simply don't have.

Apr 10, 3:54pm

>147 Susanne-24:
Hi Susanne
Good to hear from you again and congratulations on the new new family member! I can wholeheartedly say that you were not a p.i.t.a. and I used to enjoy reading your economic points of view and thoughts on society.

Apr 10, 4:12pm

>148 LesMiserables: I'm glad to hear that! Now that the schools are closed down and I have more free time on my hands I might lurk around the forums again. I hope everyone here stays safe and healthy during these difficult times.

Apr 15, 3:01pm

It came to my attention that during this difficult time, many physical bookstores are having sales.
Physical stores also might still have some copies laying around of sold out titles.

For example:

Apr 16, 2:04pm

Re: The Holkham Bible - >143 teppi2:

Thank you for posting this. I bought it immediately after reading your post.

I’ve waited until receiving the book - which arrived today - just in case it turned out to be other than described, but, I’m happy to report it to be the real thing, having no faults, as good as new, complete with its companion volume and solander.

A real bargain at an unbelievable £90.99p inclusive.

Thanks for the tip-off.

Apr 16, 7:16pm

>151 bookfair_e:

Nice. I bought mine used/fine for double that and considered it a good deal. Well done.

May 5, 2:01pm

Aubrey/Maturin, complete set of 20 on eBay UK, ending Friday, £800 no bids.

Usual disclaimer.

May 5, 2:54pm

>154 folio_books: Collection in person, but only essential travel is meant to be happening at the moment

May 5, 3:32pm

>155 DMulvee:

Good point. I might ask him that question, not that I'll be bidding.

May 5, 5:51pm

>155 DMulvee: wouldn’t someone travelling to pick up the books be the same as someone going to the post office to ship them though? Still nonessential travel

May 5, 6:20pm

>157 RRCBS: As you can go out to exercise you could drop the books off as part of your walk, or when you were doing your weekly shop (if driving). In which case this would be ok. If the buyer liver a couple of miles away I don’t think will be an issue but if they lived 200 miles away then it is non-essential travel and they shouldn’t be doing it (according to the current rules).

May 5, 6:24pm

Oh ok true see your point

May 5, 7:11pm

>158 DMulvee:

What if buying a certain publishers books was part of, say, an addiction? Wouldn't sometimes alleviating that burden that you carry be as essential as a nicotine patch? I say 2 or 200 miles shouldn't matter. 2000 though, might be costly.

May 6, 4:57am

>154 folio_books:

So I asked the question and he replied he'd be happy to hang onto the books until lockdown ended. Or maybe use a courier.

May 6, 9:14am

May 8, 11:41am

Here is a listing for the 1970 Brewers Dictionary of Phrase and Fable in the special leather binding for GBP 15. The book itself is not particularly rare - one of the easiest to find and cheapest of the special binding category. However, normally there is a huge amount of fading (olive green to brown instead of the original blue-green). Based on the picture, this one is quite close to its original color on the boards and shows less than usual fading to the spine. Bookseller describes the condition only as good, so the picture might be misleading... still, a very inexpensive way to get to know the special bindings...

May 8, 12:32pm

>163 teppi2:

Had it in my shopping basket but before I could pull the trigger it was sold. You're quite right, they're usually rather more faded than that particular specimen claimed to be.

May 8, 3:17pm

>164 folio_books:

Apologies, Glenn, that was me, making an instant decision as the moment I clicked on the link to look at the volume my wife came in to say we were two minutes from dinner...

>163 teppi2:

... so many thanks for the tip-off, a Brewer more recent than our extremely thick and unwieldy Victorian volume will be a welcome addition here, and I look forward to encountering a Folio special binding and will be sure to shelve it where the sun barely shines.

May 12, 1:15pm

The four volume 2010 Chekhov set For less than Gbp 20, described as “as new”. Although this is not one of the high demand books right now, it usually seems to sell for a multiple of the listed price. To my understanding, seller bookbarn international is a mass shipper, but not one of the disreputable ones.

May 12, 1:20pm

As soon as you click through to buy it, the price changes to £149.95 .... Bah!

Edited: May 12, 1:47pm

>167 red_guy: Thanks for pointing that out. Same happens with me now - still showing at the low price on the listing, but the higher one at check-out. This is the first time I have encountered this on Abebooks, I will check in the future before listing here.

Edit: Now the listing also reflects the higher price. I think the bookseller caught their mistake and fixed the price, but it took a couple of minutes to show in the actual listing. This lag also appears to happen when a book is sold - still shows as available in the listing, but add it to the basket and it shows as sold.

May 12, 1:41pm

You weren't to know; I've always found Abe very good, and I have had similar eye-popping bargains before now. It must just be something wrong with the listing applet.

Still, a brief flash of excitement on a dreary afternoon is always welcome.

Edited: May 13, 8:45am

>163 teppi2:

Somehow the photo is a little flattering: boards are a tad faded, the spine much more so, and there's a broad brown drip stain starting near the top of the spine and culminating near the base. The book gives the impression of having been much handled. All in all, then, G seems as much as can be said for its condition. Very happy to have it, though, especially at the price, both as a useful addition to the library here and as indicative of the quality of the bindings Folio commissioned for these offerings.

May 13, 8:57am

>170 terebinth: Sorry to hear about the condition, it looked quite decent in the picture and the stain wasn’t visible at a quick glance. What you describe is indicative of the condition this book can usually be found in, I thought this one might be the exception.

Edited: May 14, 4:22am

Montaigne's Essays (the new one) on eBay UK ending Saturday, currently at £25. Hardly likely to stay at that price but a potential bargain.

Edited to add: I came back to add the link that I'd forgotten but I see it has now been sold - for £25. No longer a potential bargain but a definite 24 carat bargain.

Edited: May 13, 10:09pm

The rare 6 volume Dahl set is on Abebooks U.K. for 90GBP. Described as fine in near fine slipcase.

May 20, 10:04am

The Kelmscott Chaucer LE in cream goat with one bid of £199 and ending at 6.30 today might be worth keeping an eye on.
I only recently bought the standard edition, so daren't look at it too much, or I shall know Temptation and possibly, Wickedness.

Edited: May 20, 11:20am

>174 red_guy:

Looks lovely and would be a fabulous bargain at the price. I might have been greatly tempted except for "There are no certificates or any sort of paperwork which I believe there originally would have been." and none of the photos show a limitation page. Even though the seller states "this is number 892" I'd like to see some evidence of that. Shame - I'm quite likely talking myself out of a bargain, and a Limited Edition I would dearly like to add to my collection.

Edited to add: I take it back. Having cleaned my glasses I can now see the limitation number. Less than two hours remaining. Hmmm.

May 20, 12:21pm

>174 red_guy: Looks like pretty minor flaws. Great price. Doesn't ship to the US.

May 20, 12:53pm

I think if it were me, I'd go up to £300. They don't throw goat about with quite such abandon nowadays, do they?

May 20, 1:15pm

£415 ! That took of in a hurry. Probably still a good deal, though.

May 20, 2:01pm

>177 red_guy:
>178 red_guy:

Yes, I was watching. I put in a bid of £350 which I thought would be low but I still had my doubts about the book. At £415 I think the buyer will think he has a bargain. Given this book typically goes for £800+ I think he should be pleased.

Thanks for the tip. I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.

May 20, 2:25pm

These great FS deals always seem to be in the UK, with no post to USA :(.

May 20, 3:39pm

>180 MobyRichard: I use a forwarding service Forward2Me. If you're buying say 15 books and send them all at once, it works out to ~$3/lbs and DHL took only 3-4 to deliver to your door from the US.

May 20, 3:47pm

>181 duonkha:

I'll have to look into that thanks!

May 21, 3:41am

>180 MobyRichard: Exactly how I feel about LEC deals in the US. But most US sellers at least seem to be signed up for eBay's global shipping programme, in which the seller posts to a US address and eBay takes care of bringing it to the UK. Do UK sellers not usually sign up to that service? I thought it was enabled by default.

Edited: May 23, 2:05pm

> 172 folio_books:

I was the one who was lucky enough to snag this deal, so I just wanted to thank you for the heads up. I would not have even thought to inquire on eBay for the Essays, as it was such a new release. It had been on my wish list since it was released by Folio last year.

To be fair though, I paid 35 GBP, not 25;)

It was however, in mint condition and still in the original shrink wrap. Arrived yesterday and couldn’t be happier so thanks again.

May 23, 2:22pm

>184 Akes: Arrived yesterday and couldn’t be happier so thanks again.

You're very welcome. You have yourself a real bargain there, as I'm sure you realise. It's a lovely book and I don't begrudge a penny of the £125 I paid for my copy. Enjoy, and figure out which Folio book, or two, you're going to buy with the £90 you've just saved :)

May 23, 2:55pm

>185 folio_books: Enjoy, and figure out which Folio book, or two, you're going to buy with the £90 you've just saved :)

A true addict commits to retail price. Any money saved on last order, is money well spent on the next :)

Edited: May 29, 1:36pm

Anyone looking for Folio Collectables, this seller has seven available at £7.50 each +P&P.

Usual disclaimers.

ETA - also five OUP/Folio Shakespeare at £8 ea.

May 30, 2:23am

>187 bookfair_e:

Thank you, picked up King Lear and very pleased about it.

May 30, 6:47am

>188 GusLogan:

I’m pleased that someone here found something. Most of the other titles seem to have sold.

May 30, 3:12pm

>187 bookfair_e: thanks from me as well, appreciate you bringing this to my attention. Got the Frankenstein (Collectable version with the Brockway illustrations, I’ve given up searching for the lightning-bolt-covered version for a reasonable price!) and The Meaning of Hitler by Sebastian Haffner. Have read something else by him, in German though, (Geschichte eines Deutschen) which brought that era alive for me so have been meaning to get this one. Have yet to receive confirmation though so here’s hoping...

Edited: Jun 25, 8:01pm

This message has been deleted by its author.

Edited: Jun 25, 8:01pm

This message has been deleted by its author.

Edited: Jun 2, 5:53pm

The Red Fairy Book is listed in "Very Good" condition for less than $40 USD with free shipping. There are only a few pictures and it's coming from what seems to be the online market of a thrift bookshop, but the description states it is "overall a clean solid copy with minimal signs of use." This might be enough to take a chance for some collectors.

No connection to the seller, etc.

Jun 2, 6:05pm

Why on earth was that listed as Perrault's fairy tales limited edition with the wrong illustrator? I'm guessing someone picked the wrong stock image or listed the wrong book.

Jun 2, 7:25pm

>194 Fierylunar:: Great question. I can't believe I missed that; I went off the pictures alone - rookie mistake! Certainly a caveat which should be addressed by the seller.

Jun 4, 9:02am

I found George Orwell’s Reportage for $15 aud in like new condition at a second hand shop the other day best find for a while.

Jun 4, 3:15pm

Made an offer on Dukes Children LE a couple weeks back. Got it for $150. Looks to be in like new condition. My first LE. Very exciting.

Jun 5, 3:43pm

Not sure if anyone on this board is still trying to complete the red leather (Nonesuch) Dickens set from the early 2000's. There is a new listing on ebay UK for The Mystery of Edwin Drood, which to my understanding is one of the hardest to find in this series. Bookseller claims this to be new in shrinkwrap for less than GBP 30, which seems very low to me.

As usual, no connection with the seller, and I have never dealt with them before, they do not seem to sell a lot of Folios.

Jun 5, 4:15pm

Im missing barnaby rudge and christmas stories from red leather dickens. Always high price whenever they do come on the market.

Jun 5, 4:23pm

>198 teppi2:

Apparently this deal was dead before it hit the floor :)

Jun 11, 4:22pm

17/20 of the FS Maturin collection in "good to very good condition" now up for bidding on eBay; current bid is well short of $100, though there are almost seven days to go. Something to keep an eye on for many of you, I'm sure. Usual caveats and disclaimers apply.

Jun 11, 5:06pm

Interesting to see that the set is from the library of Felix Dennis. Could even a man as wealthy as him not afford the full set of 20?!

He must have had quite an impressive collection - I think quite a few of his FS books were for sale in one of the Charing Cross road bookshops ...

Jun 11, 5:55pm

>202 jranstead:

I think it was not economy that prevented Dennis completing his set. He died about a year after the last three books were published, having been ill with cancer.

Jun 11, 6:15pm

Both Icelandic Sagas for $124, described as fine in fine slipcase.

As usual, no connection to seller.

Jun 11, 9:35pm

One of the 3 missing from the 20 for the O’Brian series is a common one as well - Desolation Island. It’s a bargain at the moment but after 6 days and shipping and import customs fees maybe not.

Jun 12, 1:12am

>204 teppi2: Somebody got a steal.

Jun 12, 1:35am

Oh dear - that teaches me to check before attempting humour.

Edited: Jun 12, 4:52pm

This seller has listed several purportedly MINT Letterpress Shakespeares, including the popular and sold-out Hamlet and Macbeth, at sub-retail price: $375 + $25 shipping (USA) + tax per edition (companion book & original box included), which is still about 20% cheaper than what the in-stock Shakespeares go for. Usual caveats and disclaimers apply.

Jun 12, 5:25pm

>208 PatsChoice:

Those are pretty normal prices. The FS Letterpress Shakespeares don't tend to keep their values sadly.

Jun 12, 5:30pm

>209 MobyRichard: I see. Thanks for the clarification. Any particular reason they depreciate quickly as opposed to a lot of (genuine) fine/private press?

Jun 12, 6:56pm

>210 PatsChoice: The limitation is too large and the list price is too high at $495 a copy. The FS has put them on sale for $395 many times which should have been the list price. These are very nice, high quality books.

Edited: Jun 12, 7:08pm

>211 kdweber: Makes sense. Since the Hamlet and Macbeth are OOS/P, perhaps someone will find value in the "discounted" price for those two.

Personally, I'd like to eventually acquire a VG+ LEC Hamlet; I haven't found a more handsome production.

Jun 13, 2:31am

>212 PatsChoice:

The Gill one? I won’t argue with that. The Edy LeGrand one in the ’39-41 set is also lovely. And I like my Valenti Angelo-illustrated Peter Pauper Press 1950 Hamlet a great deal, but I’ve never seen one with an unfaded spine.

Jun 13, 3:51am

>208 PatsChoice: The other thing to bear in mind is that the Letterpress Shakespeares listed there are all copies that were issued with a 3750 limitation. The later editions with a reduced limitation of 1000 tend to hold their value much better. If you're interested in the series, I have lots more information here:

Jun 13, 1:53pm

>213 GusLogan:

I'm too lazy to check my shelves, but I believe the Gill is Henry VIII.

Edited: Jun 13, 2:16pm

>215 MobyRichard: For the 1939+ Shakespeare series, your memory serves you right: Gill illustrated Henry the Eighth and Edy Legrand illustrated Hamlet. I think the Gill one refers to the 1933 standalone volume. In VG+ condition that would obviously exceed the price of the Folio Letterpress by a multiple, but I personally and subjectively agree it is the better buy (I am not the best to judge as I have the LEC but not the Folio, but the Gill LEC is wonderful).

Jun 13, 3:40pm

>213 GusLogan: The very same!

The PPP production is very handsome; I hadn't seen it until just now. I'll embed some pictures for others who are also unfamiliar with this edition.


>214 ubiquitousuk: Excellent article—thoroughly didactic! I don't own any of the Letterpress Shakespeares yet but you are certainly testing my patience. :)

As an aside, it is quite interesting how driving the optics of limitation/exclusivity are. FOMO is all too real!

Jun 13, 11:05pm

By any chance, did you also do a video on YouTube going through pretty much what’s in your article?

Or possibly I’m getting confusing your article with a video I saw around the same time.

Edited: Jun 14, 3:20pm

>218 WishIReadMore_: Yes, the video (which was indeed by me) and the article both contain essentially the same information. Going forwards, my plan is to produce companion videos to most articles, with a bit more information in the text of the article.

Jun 14, 3:49pm

>219 ubiquitousuk: Going forwards, my plan is to produce companion videos to most articles, with a bit more information in the text of the article.

You've made a splendid job of this one. I hope you'll keep us informed of additions to the video series and, of course, to the blog articles. Thoroughly polished and professional. Thank you.

Jun 15, 4:45pm

>219 ubiquitousuk: It was very well done, great job!

Edited: Jun 15, 5:52pm

For collectors of Lang's Fairy Book series, a seller has listed The Blue Fairy Book in (purportedly) excellent condition with an opening bid of £39.00. Based on my research, this may prove to be a good deal if bidding does not get out of hand.

Another seller has listed the same book with a starting bid of only £27.00 - no doubt due to the notably damaged top portion of the spine. Still, this may be palatable to collectors. This seller is also open to offers until bidding is under way. In my experience, this usually means the seller is willing to part with the item for less than the minimal price: £27 in this case.

Usual caveats and disclaimers apply.

Jun 16, 7:24pm

I am looking to find copies of the following Lang's Fairy Books at a reasonable price. I am in California and if you have any leads, I would appreciate hearing from you? Olive, Lilac, Violet, Brown and Orange.

Thanks for any help,

Jun 23, 2:08pm

Two of the Folio Fine Press editions - De Profundis and Motley.

Very good starting prices but I imagine they will go higher. I hope so, or I will be annoyed at having paid a lot more! No connection etc etc

While we are at it - the 8 volume Shakespeare set, shrink wrapped. Same seller.

Jun 24, 3:25pm

Hey folks,

I though that maybe someone out there would be interested in 'The Pink Fairy Book' going for 29.90GBP on the UK amazon site. I have no connection to the sale.

All the best,

Jun 24, 3:38pm

>225 AHub: I would be rather wary of this listing. The image shows the FS edition in its shrink wrap, but the description doesn't mention the Folio Society, refers to "wear to the cover" and describes the condition of the pages - which wouldn't be possible if the listing referred to the book in the image. The listing claims that postage in the UK is just £2.79, and yet the seller's address is in the US. I wouldn't be confident about this one.

Jun 24, 3:44pm

>225 AHub: And after a little more investigation, I note that the same seller allegedly has two more copies available with an identical photo, but this time at £48.70:

And this seller has more than 100,000 titles listed on Amazon. All in all, rather suspicious...

Jun 24, 3:56pm

>227 CLWggg:

Great skills, Sherlock :) If you have a bargepole ....

Jun 24, 3:59pm

>228 folio_books: Indeed - my bargepole will be going nowhere near!

Jun 24, 4:09pm

PS: >225 AHub:

I see that you're quite new to LibraryThing, and if no one else has welcomed you, I'd like to do so. Welcome! And I hope you didn't take my comments as any kind of criticism against you for highlighting this listing!

Jun 24, 4:20pm

>225 AHub: I wanted to extend my welcome as well! Thanks for bringing this listing to our attention, even if it may be smoke and mirrors. This thread is an invaluable service to members who are much more likely to cherish a bargain than they are to resell for a profit.

Jun 24, 5:19pm

>220 folio_books: >221 WishIReadMore_: thank you both. I don't want to spam the board with self-promotion, which is why I haven't posted about each video/blog post I've made unless I see someone asking a question where I think they might help. But the full set of videos available can always be seen in this playlist:

and the blog posts are indexed here:

Jun 24, 7:28pm

232 Thank you so much for that! I hope you have a lot of beautiful books to cover and you'll persevere. Books are largely being sold online nowadays yet there is almost no way to actually see them before buying, the way you would in a store. The amazon view option always raises my blood pressure because it has completely different editions to view than I look for. The publishers themselves show about 2 illustrations of the lot, like it is supposed to remain a secret. It wouldn't be in a physical store, would it? As someone who's only about discovered FS, I obviously have to go backwards and track whatever I would like to own that was printed in the past. Even though a lot of it was clearly in the internet age the only way to see photos of the actual books' content is through a few blogs or this group and then ironically ebay photos of the books that are to be sold (blurry and in the dark, ideally). You're doing something great (amazing quality of presentation, too) and it's very much appreciated!

P.S. I know wcarter adds lots of perfectly scanned books with descriptions here which I am thankful for (his contributiom actually propelled me to get Paula Rego's stuff!), it's just that the more people help to cover the vast collection the better.

I'm not sure if this is being OT again, I go retrospectively through a lot of discussions here and half of it seems to be just people randomly making jokes so not sure how strict the expectation of adhering to the topic even is.

Jun 25, 6:35am

>226 CLWggg:

Do not worry no offence taken whatsoever, in fact, thank you for the course correction of my late night enthusiasm. When purchasing second hand Folio books for myself (I'm very new to all this) I've been more careful, as I shall now be when alerting anyone to a possible bargain. Apologies if I inadvertently led anyone astray!

And to both you and >231 PatsChoice: thank you for the warm welcome, it's fun to be here.

All the best,

Jun 28, 2:00am

Entire set of the 50s/60s/70s FS Shakespeare set.

List price is £185 but as someone who watched it I got a message saying the seller would accept £135, which might mean seller would accept even less.

Clearly some of them are not in perfect condition but at £3.65 a book it could be interesting. Rather like my previous post (224), this is rather a better price than I have paid myself in trying to finish the set ..

Edited: Jun 28, 4:45pm

Someone has the complete set of fairy books up for auction on eBay - all in sealed condition. One bid at $799.00. No connection with the seller.

Jun 28, 8:05pm


Thank you for this heads up!

Edited: Jul 1, 8:19pm

The FS LE facsimile of The Door in the Wall is available on AbeBooks for $330 plus shipping. It is listed as being in fine condition apart from a "slight splay to upper board." The available pictures don't clearly depict a "splay" and the seller does not have a pristine rating, so I would highly encourage anyone interested in buying this copy to request more pictures and greater clarification. However, provided the described issue is palatable, this is a great bargain—the production retails for $75 more at the moment for American buyers when accounting for mandatory express shipping ($60).

Edit: You might be able to shave a little more off the total price by contacting the bookstore directly so they don't have to bake in the Abe premium.

Second edit: Found the listing on Bromer's official website.

Usual disclaimers and caveats apply.

Jul 1, 9:13pm

>238 PatsChoice: I've only had good experiences buying from Bromer's. Their prices are always slightly cheaper on their website as opposed to Abe.

Jul 4, 1:03pm

For someone who missed out on The Golden Bough in the FS sale, there is a dealer on ABE Books selling a set at a mark up on the full price but still at a lot less than the other sellers.

The seller called Cornell Books has a mint set for £145.

I have no connection with this seller and have not bought anything from them but they are 5 star whatever that means.

Jul 6, 2:18pm

24 hours left on the 2004 Frankenstein. Current bid is £27/$33.66; international buyers should be wary of the hefty shipping cost.

Usual caveats and disclaimers apply.

Jul 6, 2:32pm

Anyone looking for a "Deal of the Year" candidate? The FS LE "Door in the Wall" facsimile is going for $250 USD. The catch: one of the corners of the presentation box is slightly crushed; otherwise seems to be in FINE condition. Only $15 shipping. For American buyers, this amounts to about $150 in savings over Folio's retail + S&H!

Caveats, disclaimers, etc.

Jul 6, 8:37pm

Yeah that copy went quick.

Edited: Jul 16, 3:52pm

There is a new listing for the 2014 War and Peace on Abebooks for GBP 65. Marked as fine, but without pictures. It does note the illustrations by Igor Karash, so sounds like it is indeed the right version.

I have not dealt with this seller before.

Edit: well, that didn't last long.

Jul 16, 3:11pm

I've bought from them before, and they're OK.

Jul 16, 4:49pm

Just purchased the Jane Austen 7 novel set (1975 18th printing) for $200 with shipping from Abe for my birthday. I was debating picking up the rest of the current editions as I already own Pride and Prejudice, but realized I preferred the size and appearance of the 1975 more. I’m so excited, it appears to be in excellent condition for its age.

Edited: Jul 26, 1:10am

I’m not saying it’s dirt cheap, but collecting a subset of the early 00’s Folio/Nonesuch Dickens I found A Tale of Two Cities one of the hardest to come by, and even with a bit of patience mine cost more than this one, which ships for free - but UK only:

Edit: Sold.

Aug 5, 7:36am

John Le Carre - The Honourable Schoolboy - £25+shipping:

Usual disclaimers.

Aug 5, 8:25am

>248 bookfair_e:

That's the cheapest I've seen it. I doubt it'll last very long.

Aug 5, 10:43am

Aug 9, 2:35pm

Not cheap but ever so scarce:

Micrographia - R Hooke. £425

Usual disclaimers.

Aug 9, 3:03pm

>251 bookfair_e: Not cheap but ever so scarce

You'll rarely see that particular seller offering anything cheap. His prices tend to be very similar to Ardis. On the positive side, both offer some hard to get Folios.

Aug 9, 4:48pm

>251 bookfair_e: the last one that was on eBay sold for £250 so this definitely doesn’t seem a good deal, though the lockdown has inflated a number of prices so maybe this will be the new normal?

Aug 9, 5:18pm

>252 folio_books:

Also, there's a cheap Gryphon classics leather bound edition. Great reproduction for the price.

Edited: Aug 10, 2:46pm

On ebay UK, the blue leather Jane Austen set (1996) was just posted for GBP 120. Books marked as near fine in very good slipcase. Seller noted this as faux leather.

I have recently ordered another Folio set from this seller (the blue Narnia set), which was also very well priced and it was accurately described.

Aug 10, 2:58pm

A Facebook group has been created for buying/selling/trading FS books, thought I'd mention.

Aug 10, 2:58pm

>255 teppi2:

Sold! I would have had it in a flash. This is my "local" bookshop, too.

Aug 12, 8:31am

>255 teppi2:
>257 folio_books:

Aw, the one day I don't check LT ... Missed :)

Edited: Aug 17, 7:41am

If anyone in Australia is looking for the 2014 War and Peace, there is a copy on Abebooks for 48 Australian Dollars. They mention a mark on the first volume, and don’t mention the slipcase, so it might be worthwhile to inquire about that. Shipping only to Australia.

Edited: Aug 17, 8:04am

>260 teppi2: That went quickly :-(

Aug 17, 9:49am

260> Thanks for the tip! If it arrives as listed will be thrilled with it at that price especially.

Aug 17, 11:46pm

>262 Charon49:

What! I got it as well! That is not going to go well for one of us...

Aug 17, 11:54pm

>263 Jobasha:
Congratulations are in order to you I got an email to refund my money saying that it was sold but the listing wasn’t taken down. The seller said it was sold on another site though. It Is quite a miss as whenever I see it come up it can go upwards of 400 which is a hefty price.

Aug 18, 12:16am

>264 Charon49:

I'm afraid not, I have just received a similar email. Someone got a good deal, but it was not me!

Aug 18, 4:16pm

Perhaps when they received a couple dozen orders within hours of listing it, they realized they made a mistake in the list price, and decided not to sell it at all.

Aug 20, 10:43am

The 2013 FS Great Gatsby is listed with a starting bid of 30£/$40. A point of caution: the seller has listed the publication date as 2004, which I assume is a clerical error. It's probably worth contacting the seller to make sure it's the right book but this is certainly a great price if so.

Edited: Aug 26, 11:21am

There is a listing for the Folio Society Dracula (the standard edition, not the limited one) for GBP 45, described as new in shrink wrap.

It looks like non-shrinkwrapped copies have sold in the $100-200 range recently on ebay, so I guess this would qualify as a good deal. Unfortunately the listing only comes with a stock photo so there is some risk, but so far I did not have problems with orders from double-B-books. I have no connection with the seller.

Edited: Sep 22, 11:47am

This message has been deleted by its author.

Edited: Aug 26, 5:18pm

This may not be the right place to ask, so my apologies in advance if it's not, but does anyone know of any current discount codes for FS? I didn't get a birthday coupon for some reason this year, which I had been holding out for.

Aug 26, 6:40pm

>270 KeppetFS: I did receive a birthday coupon yesterday (for the first time, I think), so worth an email to ask?

Aug 26, 9:37pm

I believe somebody did ask, and was told that birthday coupons are given out randomly.

Aug 27, 4:27am

Thanks - I did contact them to ask, but failing that I was hoping maybe there was 10% off coupon or something floating around.

Aug 30, 4:11am

Folio Fine press edition bulk lot of eight books!

Currently £165 with eight hours left on eBay

Aug 30, 12:30pm

>274 Juniper_tree: Thanks for posting! That was a great auction; I’m glad I got outbid as I really don’t need to own those. Even though they are fine editions, I couldn’t imagine when I would actually pick them up to do anything other than admire them Happy for whoever won it!

Edited: Aug 30, 1:17pm

>275 WishIReadMore_: Were you sniping? Was leading the auction for the final 8 hours then with a few seconds to go multiple snipers stepped in and I lost.
Using snipers on charity listings is a really crappy thing to do

Edit: Sorry if this sounds aggressive. To be honest I was fairly indifferent on missing out, as I really only wanted one of the books (Rape of the Lock)

Aug 30, 1:17pm

>276 DMulvee: Using snipers on charity listings is a really crappy thing to do

lol why? I'm curious.

Edited: Aug 30, 1:24pm

>276 DMulvee:

Lol...yes why? I usually just avoid auction style listings entirely, but using a sniping tool is a defense against shill bidding which is rampant on EBAY.

Aug 30, 1:58pm

You use snipers so that someone (the person currently with the highest bid) doesn’t have time to respond, this enables you to pay (potentially) less. If it is a charity that is selling the item, this seems mean spirited.

Aug 30, 2:37pm

>276 DMulvee: there is a single listing up for that, not sure if you want to pay that much for only a single book mind

Aug 30, 2:58pm

>276 DMulvee: It’s best I don’t respond to that, as I’d likely end up being quite rude myself.

Edited: Aug 30, 3:50pm

I’ve never used automatic snipers, but I will often wait till the last 10 seconds on auctions that are at the limit of what I can afford. This then prevents me from putting a second bid in, if I don’t win it with my personal maximum, one minor win for impulse control.

Edited to add - I’ve lost many an auction by either forgetting they were finishing at 7pm or being unable to find my phone at 18:58. Ah win for my poor wallet.

Aug 30, 9:54pm

Can’t you just set the maximum bid you are willing to pay when you make the initial bid then you can never be sniped unreasonably.

Aug 30, 10:29pm

You can most certainly do that.

Aug 31, 12:13am

>283 Charon49:
The problem is that people aren't very good at actually determining the amount that they're are willing to pay. Often after someone posts their maximum bid and it is beaten, they reconsider and raise their bid. If you post your maximum bid at the very last moment then no-one can reconsider.

Aug 31, 3:06am

The other problem is it is not the optimum strategy. Auction is at £5 and you put your bid of £100 on day 1. It registers a bid at £5. Someone comes along on day 2, not knowing how everything works, and bids £10. Ebay tells them they are outbid and it stands at £11. So they go again, at £20, and it brings your bid up to £21. And so on.

Result is either you lose, or you end up paying perhaps £91.

Whereas, if you snipe, the day 2 bidder will only put one bid in, at £10. Your last-second bid means you get it at £11.

Ebay isn't really an auction, but a time-limited bidding platform. Were it an auction then sniping would be impossible; the auction would be thrown open for a little longer.

Edited: Aug 31, 6:02am

I do a mixture of the two - put the item on my watch list and then maybe 20 mins before the auction is about to end (maybe less), when I can see the lay of the land, put in my maximum bid, even if it is way higher than the current bid. That way I'm not tempted to enter a bidding war, but I won't be sniped either.

Aug 31, 6:18am

>287 red_guy: Exactly. I don’t really see the issue. If you “lose” to a sniper; it means you likely were trying to get the item at something less than the maximum you were willing to pay.

Aug 31, 11:45am

I am glad i have bought and have control over all of the sought after volumes (that would make me cry if i lost out on) from FS in particular that i would normally pursue secondhand.

The likes of Moby Dick and Leaves of Grass to name a few out of many

The standard volumes i have seem to have lost out on i would rather hope for FS to republish someday

One day i will sit on the other side of the table, and sell rather

Sep 2, 12:28pm

Edited: Sep 2, 12:28pm

This message has been deleted by its author.

Sep 2, 12:58pm

There seems to be a real bubble over almost anything published by FS over the last 10 years and is out of print. I am pretty convinced it won't last, and that prices of most OOP volumes will plummet to historic norms (typically £10-20 per volume). There will always be notable exceptions à la Paradiso, but I believe they will be the exception to the rule. I am almost tempted to sell some of my fairly standard sets / volumes that are fetching ridiculous prices at the moment, and re-buying when the bubble bursts.

Edited: Sep 2, 1:50pm

>292 Conte_Mosca:
Over the last 3 months I’ve sold a stack of books for silly prices. Some won’t bother me if they are never reprinted, but am gambling that the Foundation Trilogy will be, otherwise I’ll be sad.

Maybe the reduced limitation numbers of the more recent releases are causing the prices to rise above initial purchase point rather than decrease as most used to do.

Sep 2, 2:34pm

I think publishing sci fi is a major reason for price inflation. It's one thing to bring out an edition of, say, Gogol or Freud, they're one edition amongst several, and book collectors would be after first editions anyway. But sci fi seems to attract completionists, who will collect every edition of a book they can find.

The same type of people who will by an FS limited edition of a book they already have in Penguin Classics, perhaps?

But it means the market for a sci fi book is not just FS devotees - it is also sci fi devotees...

Sep 2, 4:19pm

I think there are a few reasons for the bubble:
1. The much-debated publication decisions over the past couple years, attracting new customers.
2. The pandemic, and there generally not being much to do other than stay at home.
3. Linked to the point above, the FS Facebook group has blown up over the past few months. All it takes is one pretty picture of a publication to make all the editions on sale across the internet to get sold, and for prices to rise. Good luck trying finding Pinocchio.

These aren't all necessarily exact or exhaustive, just my thoughts.

Edited: Sep 20, 9:38am

A copy of The Duke’s Children LE – the full-bound leather LE-within-a-LE i.e. 480 copies of the 1980 limitation – seems a steal at £275:

Usual disclaimers – no affiliation with seller.

edited to fix link

Sep 20, 9:39am

Oct 2, 10:52am

A Special Edition Jane Austen set (presumably 1996) has just been listed on Ebay. £85 BIN with free UK delivery.

No connection with seller.

Oct 2, 11:06am

>298 Hrodberht:
Thanks for the heads-up :)

Oct 2, 11:54am

>299 folio_books: Did you get lucky?

Oct 2, 12:06pm

>300 NLNils:

Yes, I did :) I was surprised to see it still there tbh.

Oct 2, 12:16pm

>301 folio_books: Marvelous!! Your patience got rewarded.

Oct 2, 12:43pm

>302 NLNils:

Indeed. Thank you. For me it's one of the best bargains I have acquired in a long, long time.

Oct 2, 3:12pm

>299 folio_books:
Glad it worked out for you

Oct 2, 3:33pm

>304 Hrodberht:

Thanks again. I wouldn't have seen it if it wasn't for your post. Mega happy :)

Oct 3, 12:14pm

Oryx And Crake just listed on Ebay UK - £20 BIN New & Sealed (no connection with seller)

Edited: Oct 18, 11:06am

Middlemarch still sealed for £60 from Oxfam:

Oct 18, 11:31am

>307 ubiquitousuk:

It's high on my wanted list but the price has to come down before I'd be tempted.

Oct 18, 12:20pm

>308 folio_books:

How did the Jane Austen set turn out, Glenn?

Edited: Oct 18, 3:12pm

>309 affle:

Oh, it's splendid, Alan. Thanks for asking. Very nice condition. I was half-expecting something seriously wrong with it, given the price. But no. Highly satisfactory. And of course based as it is on the 1975 edition it retains the Joan Hassall wood engravings which complement the text so well. It's sat on one of the shelves now, smiling coquettishly at me.

Oct 18, 7:05pm

>9 NLNils: Do you have a specific link to this seller? These listings are no longer there.

Oct 19, 5:24am

>311 Frank_Zwolinski: I do. He did however reduce his overall and FS stock considerably.

Oct 19, 5:53am

>310 folio_books:

Then that is indeed a bargain. And if I know my man, you'll have slid your old set on to ebay, and recovered a significant slice of the cost. Well done.

Oct 19, 6:32am

This user has been removed as spam.

Oct 19, 7:26am

>313 affle: you'll have slid your old set on to ebay, and recovered a significant slice of the cost.

Ah, you know me too well. It's on eBay right now, doing better than expected. I start auctions low, and if someone grabs a bargain good luck to them.

Oct 19, 9:21am

>310 folio_books: congratulations Glenn on acquiring that long-sought special-binding limited edition, and what a fine price!

I cherish the standard set of the FS first ed thus issued in 1975 with grey cloth spines and (unlike all the subsequent re-printings) with the boards of each title bound in a different colour patterned paper. It's one of my favourite Folio sets of all time.

Oct 19, 9:34am

>316 cronshaw:

Thanks, Russell . I do agree with you about the 1975 edition. Sadly the set I'm selling is the 1989 sixth impression with the uniform orange paper boards, the so-called "Grey Edition".

Oct 19, 9:47am

>310 folio_books: >317 folio_books: They grey set is the first FS item I bought in 1978 when it was a joining offer, and so has great sentimental value for me as well. Sadly, the dusty gold spine titles do not seem to wear well, but I still love it. Letterpress to boot, I think.

Oct 19, 10:09am

>318 red_guy: Letterpress to boot, I think.

If you bought it in 1978 it would be.

Oct 19, 11:11am

>315 folio_books:

I like your description on ebay - "Probably unread" - but then many of us buy Folio editions of books we already have read and know I suppose, or even have reading copies!

Oct 19, 11:36am

>321 folio_books: many of us buy Folio editions of books we already have read and know

That's true. I buy many books I have read previously, maybe I already have them in a different edition, but I want the Folio edition. As for dear Jane, I started reading her at school and even had a previous Folio edition before the one I'm now selling. I can say, hand on heart, it's definitely unread by me and is in pretty good condition, but I could never swear to "unread".

Oct 22, 8:08am

Can anyone speak to The Anatomy of Melancholy set? I noticed that the three volumes are for sale on eBay, which is tempting, and would appreciate any feedback on the FS edition of this set. Thanks!

Oct 22, 9:56am

>322 TroyKenny:

It's solid from what I remember. Sold my copy years ago. I wouldn't overpay for it. You're not going to go goo goo gaga over it, but you won't be disappointed either.

Oct 22, 10:05am

>322 TroyKenny: It's a very nice and well done set and you couldn't go wrong buying it. I think if I remember correctly it was one of the first sets I bought from Folio and have spent god knows how much money from them since. The biggest question is if I'll ever get around to read Burton's 1000 page plus book.

Oct 30, 10:16pm

Cream leather Decameron set just listed on US Ebay (as part of a lot) - current bid $29.95 (no connection with seller)

Nov 8, 12:41pm

Folio Poets Byron on UK Ebay for £67.75 at the moment if anyone needs it to complete their set!